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Sunlight® Facial Sunscreen

Combat the sun’s harmful rays and nourish your skin with Crunchi's Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Sunscreen without the dreaded white cast that most sunscreen can leave behind. Sunlight® is a lightweight and effective formula with an inviting, refreshing citrus scent. Help decrease your risk of skin cancer and early signs of aging by using Sunlight® daily, rain or shine, along with your other preventative sun exposure strategies.

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Customer Reviews

Jessica T. Jul 21 2020

Overpriced, expectations not met

I love that this is a mineral sunscreen. However! You can purchase similar sunscreens at Walmart because this one has nothing special. It leaves a white cast on my face, exposes every piece of slightly dry skin, and makes my skin sensitively itchy - if a piece of hair flies on my faces it’s so itchy! I will not be buying this again. I’ll stick to ThinkSport.

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Lindsay C. Dec 03 2019

The worst!!!!

I absolutely hate this product. It’s greasy, leaves a white cast and extremely hard to rub in. I don’t know if I got a dud or what but this is the worst product I’ve ever used. So sorry! Love the other products

Julie F. Nov 29 2019


I was so excited for this product to come out. I can’t say I will buy it again. It is very thick and the rub in is extreme. It doesn’t glide on your skin so there is tugging especially at delicate areas. The smell is bit off-putting for me, it’s not gross, just not pleasant. I wear sunscreen every day and had high hopes that this would be my two-for, but I will use this up and try again elsewhere.

Phyllis S. Nov 11 2019

Not for me!

The price was way too high for what you get. This left my face very greasy & white even tho my wonderful Crunchi hostess told me to only use a small amount. I felt it was very hard to rub in since it has zinc oxide in it (the same thing as in Desitin baby cream.) I am also very sensitive to smells so the flowery smell was a negative for me. I will continue to use it since it cost so much but I won't be buying it again.

Evelyn L. Jul 03 2019

It's my favorite for our while family

This has been super easy to apply on our whole family!! I use one pump and put it on all five finger then apply dots to my face and kiddos face and easily rub in. It's all we use for our face!

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Erica T. Jun 28 2019

Greasy and Ghostlike residue

Sorry, to leave this negative review. I LOVE your foundation, safe ingredients, mission, and customer service. Just not your sunscreen. I am olive complected and this left me with a definite white, shiny face. All day. Used alone was not good. When I added your foundation over it, I had a greasy face all day. So this is not workable for me.

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Lindsay H. Jun 24 2019

Unfortunately not a fan

I love Crunchi's Daylight moisturizer, primer, foundation, and concealer, but I unfortunately do not like this product. It's very think and hard to apply. But the bigger issue for me is the very unpleasant odor that I end up smelling the rest of the day. I experienced a similar smell with the night cream. I'm not sure which ingredient does not not agree with my sense of smell, but hopefully others might not find it as unbearable.

Claudia S. Jun 09 2019

Great Protection but does leave skin Pale

Protecting my skin with sunscreen is extremely important since I had a basal cell removed years ago. The toxic free ingredients, smell, and protection are wonderful. But ever since I purchased this, the application hasn’t been easy as it leaves my skin looking pale (ghost like). I’ve tried different ways to apply and nothing works. Still love it though!!

Erin  Jun 02 2019

Thick and white

Pro: smells much better than your average sunscreen! Ingredient conscious. Cons: thick and white, hard to rub in. Even using the smallest amount - a smidge of a pump. It’s hard to blend into your skin. If you’re willing to deal with the white cakeiness you’re good. Layering it with lotion helps a little bit you still need a good amount of time to let it settle it.

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Kris M. May 27 2019

Loving it

I am so thrilled with Sunlight's performance!! I had a trip to the Bahama's and was out in the boat & sun for a couple of days. I wore Sunlight the whole weekend and did not burn on my face. A little goes a long way. For women who feel it may cause their skin to break out are probably putting to much on. I used another Sunscreen (organic mineral based one) on my body and it did not perform as well. I was burnt on my chest. Love that we have such a safe and high performing Sunscreen.

Kitty  Apr 18 2019

Love the ingredients but not the feel

As much as I love Crunchi's overall mission and ingredients, I'm not loving this sunscreen. I've been wearing it for the last 4 or 5 days, usually under the Crunchi foundation but today I'm only wearing the sunscreen with no other makeup. Like the 1-star review on here, I've noticed a minor breakout on my face, but not bad. Like maybe a couple pimples. But what really turns me off is the tackiness of my skin all day. The target brand felt better on my skin at a fraction of the cost.

Khristin  Apr 08 2019


Got this as a sample from a friend who sells Crunchi products. Smells great and I love that is healthy for the environment, makes me feel confident about what I am putting on my face. It does take some rubbing in to get it to absorb into skin I noticed- otherwise you get white residue.( My Reason for the 4 stars.)Is not greasy at all and I noticed it has brightened my skin and glow!

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Kim C. Mar 29 2019


Once again, I am thrilled with Crunchi products! This SPF is everything I've been looking for and more! It is hydrating and silky and clean, and I honestly forget that it is even on my skin. I look forward to applying my Crunchi products every morning, and am so excited I've gotten the opportunity to add Sunlight to my daily routine! Thank you, Crunchi, for quality, safe products that show you care about our world and leave my skin smooth and happy!

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Nicole S. Mar 28 2019

Mama Approved

With all the hormones from pregnancy causing sun spots I have to be even more cautious in the sun. It's important that I can trust the ingredients that I put on my skin especially while my baby is developing. Crunchi Sunlight is definitely mama approved! Lightweight on my sensitive skin and no strong smells to irritate my mama nose.

Sheena K. Mar 28 2019

Sunlight SPF

For years I haven’t worn much sunscreen on my face because it either feels too thick and pasty or too oily! That all changed when a friend introduced me to sunlight. It smells great, it’s lightweight and I wear it everyday before I apply my makeup.

Sarah C. Mar 28 2019

Sunlight 365 Days a year!

5 Stars! I have been waiting for Sunlight to be launched since becoming an advocate 9 months ago! I absolutely LOVE the product and how it performs! it is light weight, non-greasy, fast absorbing, and NO GHOST WHITE SUNSCREEN FACE! I have added Sunlight to my daily routine followed by Daylight, Primer, and Foundation! It is a must now for me now 365 days a year! Thank you Crunchi!

Allie  Mar 28 2019

This is life

I couldn't be more excited to finally find a truly safe facial spf!! It goes on smoothly and leaves no streaks whatsoever. This product is life!!!

Blyss V. Mar 28 2019

The daily SPF of my dreams!

I have really sensitive & fair skin, and need to use SPF daily, especially since skin cancer runs in my family. Finally a SAFE clean SPF that goes on smoothly and non-greasy ... I wear it both under my make up, or alone, and it's never heavy or leaves that white ghostly residue. 10/10 would recommend!

Rachel R. Mar 28 2019

Reef Safe!

Not only does it smell great(citrus), but it protects my face and neck from harmful UV rays and its ocean safe. Sunlight is my new daily staple! It easily rubs in and doesn't leave your face looking chalky.

Taylor S. Mar 28 2019

Seriously amazing!

This is the only SPF I've found that you can't even tell you're wearing. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and I wear it under my makeup and really can't tell a difference! I love knowing my face is protected from sun damage, without making my face greasy.

Christine B. Mar 27 2019


Wow this is so moisturizing! It also soaks into the skin like a dream! And a little goes a long way. I'm in love!

Andrea H. Mar 27 2019

Never Again!

Never Again will I skip my SPF!! I am guilty of not wearing it because I could never find a safe brand that was not greasy AND didn’t leave me pasty white! Absolutely love how well this SPF blends in, no greasy feel, no pasty white! I am in love!! I won’t leave the house without it!!

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Devon G. Mar 27 2019

Best Mineral Sunscreen Ever

I had yet to meet a mineral sunscreen that I wanted to put on my face...until now! Sunlight is amazing! I love that it doesn't leave my face white, or make me feel greasy. Customer 4' Life - thank you Crunchi!

Meghan S. Mar 27 2019

I love this stuff!!

I am very picky, especially when it comes to products I wear on my face. I am so pleasantly surprised by this sunscreen! I cannot feel or see it at all!! It doesn't cause me to break out or have clogged pores. I'm not greasy and oily like all the others I've tried. It's really light, moisturizing and absorbs quickly. Everyone needs this spf, I'm obsessed!! (Even my husband loves it!)

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Jennifer P. Mar 27 2019

Sunlight for ALL!!!!

Amazingly light, yet full coverage protection! I have used Sunlight every day for the last two months and I am blown away by how hydrated and refreshed my skin appears. Most days it is my final product I apply before walking out the door, but on the days that I wear makeup, it layers perfectly without that heavy, greasing feeling that many other Daily SPFs have. Even my husband has committed to using it daily!!! Sunlight for ALL!!!!

Stacie K. Mar 27 2019

Great for my sensitive skin!

I have acne-prone, sensitive skin, and this SPF is the only one I can wear without clogging my pores or causing irritation. It's so light and doesn't leave that "filmy" feeling on your skin like other facial SPFs I've tried. I love that it's reef safe too! Definitely ahead of the curve!

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Angel G. Mar 27 2019

Lightweight & PEREFCT for under makeup

I love how quickly this SPF absorbs and how light it feels on my skin. I’ve been using it on my face, neck & hands! I also appreciate ALL the organic & nourishing ingredients used to formulate. Total game changer!

Amy Z. Mar 27 2019

Sunlight Sunscreen

I love how this feels on my face. So much better than any other sunscreen

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Lisa W. Mar 27 2019


I am amazed at how wonderful this feels! Typical sunscreens are heavy and feel very greasy, the Sunlight Facial Sunscreen blended in so nicely, and I was able to wear my make up over it! Total game changer!

Staci H. Mar 27 2019


Received a sample of this from my friend and have to say...it’s amazing! No ghostly white, no grease (at all, even 10 hours later!), a very light scent. It’s not too thick or thin. Highly recommend!

Kristen B. Mar 27 2019

The search is over!!!

I am SO crazy about this SPF moisturizer. It layers beautifully and leaves absolutely no white appearance on my face. So thankful Crunchi came out with this amazing product. Get yours NOW! You won't be disappointed!

Lindsay B. Mar 26 2019


This is the first sunscreen I've ever used that didn't burn my eyes out irritate my skin! And, as a beach/ocean lover, I feel so good about this product because it's reef-friendly. For the first time ever I'm actually excited about my sunscreen!

Maeve S. Mar 26 2019

So hydrating and safe

I love this! It feels so good on my face and I have been happy to see that it is coral reef safe! I have really sensitive skin and it was not irritated at all with this sunscreen facial

Jenny W. Mar 26 2019


Sunlight is the best facial sunscreen I’ve ever tried! Not only does it absorb quickly, but the list of ingredients are incredible—AND safe! No harmful ingredients or frangrance to worry about! So thankful for this clean option that is also nourishing! Thanks Crunchi! I’ve been wearing this every day!

Jen K. Mar 26 2019

Love Love Love it!

Sunlight is the facial SPF I’ve been waiting for!! It’s perfect- light, not greasy, and goes on smooth. I wear it every day under my make up for protection from the sun and it’s been a great addition.

Verified Purchase
Melisa J. Mar 26 2019

Amazing Product

I absolutely love all the Crunchi Moisturizers and Sunlight is no exception! The smell is amazing and relaxing. It doesn't leave your face looking white. It's so light you forget you even have it on!

Britney B. Mar 26 2019

Sunlight daily spf

I cannot express my love enough for this facial spf! The battle was real finding a safe high performing one. My face was either ghostly white and would not rub in, or it was so greasy my makeup would slid all over! I am so grateful for this product and would recommend it to everyone!

Kelsey S. Mar 26 2019

Sunlight is amazing!

I am a red head and have had to wear sunscreen my whole life. Over the last few years, I have tried to find a safe option that wouldn't leave me looking like a ghost (since they never rub all the way in). Finding sunlight has been amazing. It doesn't even feel like I'm wearing sunscreen when I mix it with daylight. I am excited to see how well it keeps in the summer, but even in the spring sunlight I don't get my normal shade of pink !

Marcia  Mar 26 2019

Pleasant surprise!

I have struggled for a long time to find a mineral sunscreen I could wear under my makeup. This works perfectly!!

Melissa  Mar 26 2019

Finally, an SPF that feels & looks amazing!!!

I love my Sunlight, it doesn’t make my skin look ghostly after a fresh application (I have medium beige skin tone) , it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on my skin (combination skin) and it moisturizes lightly and deliciously! Wow thanks for THIS crunchi!!!

Lisa S. Mar 26 2019

Sunlight Facial Sunscreen - Thank you Crunchi!!

I sampled Sunlight a couple of weeks ago and was so incredibly impressed! I ordered it immediately! It arrived yesterday!! This morning, I put it on after Daylight. The feel of it is amazing!! No greasiness, no nasty smell, and it feels even better on top of Daylight! Finally, a sunscreen I can put on my face without the yuckiness and break outs!! Thank you so much!!

Verified Purchase
Brandy G. Mar 26 2019

Say hello to my little friend...

I've always heard that if you only do ONE step in your beauty routine, it should absolutely be sunscreen! Thanks to Crunchi, I can now safely use my secret weapon guilt-free! I love that the Sunlight pairs perfectly with Crunchi's Daylight, Smart Primer, and Beautifully Flawless Foundation. There's no ghost, no grease, and I'm executing my daily anti-aging regimen with my "Crunchi Confidence". I love that I don't have to compromise my beauty for my health, or my health for my beauty.

Laura S. Mar 26 2019


I am really impressed. I tried this because i ran out of my favorite spf cream and thought I should try something new. I love how it blends into the skin and doesn’t leave a white cast and also your face doesn’t feel oily at all.

Amanda R. Mar 26 2019

I'm addicted it's SO Good!

Finally I have confidence to wear sunscreen daily without fear of toxin exposure. I'm blown away by how lightweight and effective this SPF 30 is. I love how it applies so effortlessly after Daylight and doesn't mess up the appearance or application of my Beautifully Flawless Foundation! It doesn't leave a shine in photographs and doesn't feel greasy on my skin. I'm completely in love!

Verified Purchase
Taylor C. Mar 26 2019

A Necessity for Everyone!

Seriously, is there another facial SPF (or any SPF) out there that you can't even tell you're wearing, AND layers perfectly under makeup?? I didn't know it was possible to not feel greasy and yucky with a SPF on my face, but Crunchi hit this one out of the ball park! Recommending it to everyone I know!

Verified Purchase
Seema J. Mar 26 2019

Worth the Wait! Reef safe! River safe! Me Safe!

I have been using Crunchi makeup and skin care over a little over a year now and love it! I have been waiting for SPF. I am in dermatology and have used many high end sunscreens that were very expensive but full of awful toxic chemicals. I have olive/tan skin and Sunlight does not leave any white residue, after 5 min it absorbs, it has the the most amazing ingredients like glycerin, aloe, and Tamanu seed oil - and it's REEF safe! I am going to Hawaii in June and can't wait to bring it!

Verified Purchase
Kristi F. Mar 25 2019


Sunlight Facial Sunscreen is a must have! Non-greasy, smooth, light feel and no strong scent. I absolutely LOVE IT!!!

Kerri W. Mar 25 2019

First Sunscreen to Not Make me Breakout!!

I have never met a facial sunscreen that didn’t break me out until now. I used to just put up with the acne, but I can now have the best of both worlds! Thank you Crunchi for finally giving me the SPF I have been waiting for!!

Eileen K. Mar 25 2019

Acne Prone

I have acne prone and sensitive skin, I always avoided sunscreen because it broke me out and caused a lot of redness. My dermatologist keeps stressing sunscreen with me so I’ve been searching for the right product that meets my skins needs and also my high ingredient standards. I’m SO happy I found a sunscreen that not only doesn’t break me out but it’s decreased my redness, doesn’t cause me to break out and works wonderful under my foundation. I look forward to using this product every morning!

Melissa D. Mar 25 2019


I loved that there was little to really no smell to the sunscreen and no white residue left on my skin!!! Usually the sunscreen products I’ve used left my face burning, Crunchi not at all. Loved it!!

Angela R. Mar 25 2019

Wearing daily SPF again!

I actually stopped wearing a daily spf because I didn't want a chemical one and I didn't want to worry about having white on my face and not be able to tell. That all has changed with Sunlight! It's really light for a mineral sunscreen and goes on really well. I only did part of my face and I couldn't tell where I stopped. No white residue! Just make sure you blend it in well, and I don't think you'll have any issues with it. Glad I'm protecting my face again!

Verified Purchase
Amy W. Mar 25 2019


I absolutely love Crunchi's SunLight SPF. I have been using it daily for 2 weeks now. It melts into my skin quickly and smells delightful! It does not leave my face feeling greasy or look ghostly. My face has never looked better with using the 4 recommended steps (DayLight, SunLight, Primer, Foundation)!

Verified Purchase
Taylor Z. Mar 25 2019

Love This Non-Toxic Face Sunscreen!! I had high standards.

Not going to lie...I was pretty happy with a different non-toxic face sunscreen that I had been using. It took me forever to find something clean that I actually liked, but I decided to try Crunchi’s version after reading some testimonials. My standards are high. I like non-toxic products that perform. Crunchi’s sunscreen blew my away! It leaves no white cast, it absorbs well, it is moisturizing, and it does NOT break me out whatsoever. Winning!! This will definitely be part of my daily routine.

Elizabeth A. Mar 25 2019


Love Sunlight! My husband who is an outdoors guy is actually putting this stuff on!! He says “it rubs in so well and it actually works, it isn’t greasy, & it doesn’t have a nasty smell!” I love how versatile the product is...I can use it, my husband, my kids. Not only does it protect against the sun it really is a great daily moisturizer!

Verified Purchase
Cepeda C. Mar 25 2019

Beautifully Safe!

I love the sunscreen. It feels a lot like sunscreen which weirdly enough I was not expecting, but it rubbed in so nicely and didn't leave my skin looking extra shiny and greasy. I love all the benefits it comes with and I am so happy that I have it before summer because my body already tried to get sunburned!

Andrea T. Mar 25 2019

Great product!

I love that Crunchi now has a facial sunscreen. It’s lightweight, fast absorbing, and doesn't leave you looking ghostly. As a skin cancer survivor this is a must have in my daily routine!

Verified Purchase
Christina P. Mar 25 2019

The BEST I have used.

All it takes is one look at the ingredients list to know this sunscreen is different from all the others on the market. No phenoxyethanol or fragrance which are both BIG no's in our house. So thankful for a clean option that is also hydrating!! Thanks Crunchi!

Verified Purchase
Kimberly J. Mar 25 2019

LOVE to be in the SUNLIGHT

Crunchi has just created a product that has not only changed my life, but my eight year old daughter's as well!! We all wear SPF 30 when we leave the house each day, but she has already developed varicose veins on her cheeks from sun damage. Since Crunchi's release of Sunlight she has been not just willing, but asking to use my "safe sunblock." We both love how it quickly absorbs and is non greasy. Thank you for helping this mom encourage facial sunscreen not only for myself, but my kids as well

Jennifer G. Mar 24 2019

Love the Feel and Scent

I love the feeling of this on my face! It's great to find products that are good for you made with safe ingredients! Not to mention the scent....AMAZING

Cindy B. Mar 24 2019

Sunlight SPF30

I'm always on the look-out for new and improved ways to protect my face from the sun. I was thrilled to try Sunlight SPF. I was delighted to see how easy it was to apply and especially happy that it was not greasy on my face. The younger members of my family have helped me be mindful of searching for make-up that is toxin free. The Crunchi brand meets my needs. Cindy B.

Verified Purchase
Sara W. Mar 24 2019

Love Sunlight!

I absolutely LOVE adding Sunlight to my daily routine! Safe for me and the ocean! Daylight, Sunlight, Primer, Foundation has made a noticeable difference on my skin this year!!! My face has never looked so clear, I've been getting tons of compliments!

Jen B. Mar 24 2019

Sunlight Facial Sunscreen

I really like that this absorbs quickly onto the skin and has more than 10% zinc oxide as well as being toxic free. An added bonus is the inclusion of aloe and goji berry which both help reduce redness in the skin as well as soothe the skin.

Stephanie M. Mar 24 2019

Fear not the sun!

I am so glad I found Crunchi! This product is the perfect addition to my makeup routine and gives me added peace of mind beyond what Crunchi already brings with it's safe products. Now I don't feel afraid to bask in the glow of the sun as my bronzer shimmers and shines. I can't wait to buy more !

Stephanie M. Mar 24 2019

Fear not the sun!

I am so glad I found Crunchi! This product is the performed addition to my makeup routine and gives me added peace of mind beyond what Crunchi already brings with it's safe products. Now I don't feel afraid to bask in the glow of the sun as my bronzer shimmers and shines. I can't wait to buy more !

Sheena J. Mar 24 2019

Sunlight - feels so good!!

It feels so light - easy to spread around - no white look and blends so easily! doesn’t feel too thick or heavy either! I’m obsessed!!!

Verified Purchase
Nichole E. Mar 24 2019


Sunlight to the rescue!! I have struggled to find a clean facial SPF that did not cause my skin to breakout and leave a white clown-like residue. I am in LOVE with this product for so many reasons, including the protection it provides while allowing my makeup to stay nicely in place over top of it!

Stacy  Mar 24 2019

Best zinc sunscreen I’ve tried!

I initially wasn’t sure if this was something I could use every day, but I think I was being too stingy with the application ;) I thought it was a little too tacky feeling when rubbing in the first time, but now I feel like it blends quickly and easily. Best of all, it doesn’t feel oily on the skin or leave the white “layer” like most zinc sunscreens. I absolutely love that it’s reef safe as well!

Stacy  Mar 24 2019

Best zinc sunscreen I’ve tried!

I initially wasn’t sure if this was something I could use every day, but I think I was being too stingy with the application ;) I thought it was a little too tacky feeling when rubbing in the first time, but now I feel like it blends quickly and easily. Best of all, it doesn’t feel oily on the skin or leave the white “layer” like most zinc sunscreens. I absolutely love that it’s reef safe as well!

Taylor S. Mar 24 2019

This stuff is gold!

Layers perfectly on top of Daylight + underneath the Flawless Foundation! You can’t tell that you’re even wearing it... I can’t say that about ANY other SPF!

Barbie D. Mar 24 2019

So impressed!

I am so impressed how easily this sunscreen can be applied! One and a half pumps covered my face and neck...don’t forget the neck!! It’s great to have a good facial sunscreen that can be trusted to protect my skin and not cause a breakout. Love all things CRUNCHI!!

Jenny W. Mar 24 2019

Safe Skin is IN!

I love that Sunlight is not only moisturizing, but also a broad spectrum SPF to keep my skin properly protected!

Verified Purchase
Kelly M. Mar 24 2019

Thankful for a facial sunscreen!

I have recently added all of the Crunchi products to my clean journey! The primer, foundation and flat-top brush sold me! I have added the other products over time. I like the non-greasy formula of the Sunlight facial sunscreen. My only wish would be to have the Daylight and Sunlight in one product instead of another product to add to my daily routine.

Taylor S. Mar 24 2019

Love this Everyday SPF!!

So glad to finally have a facial SPF that doesn’t feel greasy & oily, or pasty white, and doesn’t leave your face with breakouts. AND it’s MADE to go under your makeup! This is truly an everyday must-have item for everyone!

Marissa H. Mar 24 2019

Love it!!

I have never been able to use a sunscreen on my face cause it would make my face breakout...I love that I can use this on my face and protect it

Megan L. Mar 23 2019

In love!!

I am in love with the protection and performance that Sunlight provides! I love how it pairs perfectly with my Daylight, Primer, and Foundation as well as all of my other Crunchi products. I love that it is never greasy, it doesn’t leave my face white, and I love that my skin is protected all day long! Thank you Crunchi for yet another amazing high performance toxin free product!

Megan L. Mar 23 2019

In love!!

I am loving having a toxin free sunscreen that pairs amazingly with my other Crunchi products! I love that it is not greasy, doesn’t make my face white, and that I am being protected all day long! Thank you Crunchi for yet another amazing high performance toxin free product!

Heather R. Mar 23 2019

Love Sunlight!

Sunlight is the perfect addition to my morning routine! It goes on easy, smooth and leaves my face feeling great - not greasy or ghostly! I feel so confident knowing my skin is protected and yet I can still easily layer my other products over it for a finished look! Absolutely a must-have in your daily routine!

Verified Purchase
Marilyn J. Mar 23 2019

A little goes a long way...

Love that I only need 1/4 pump for my entire face! The bottle will last me forever at this rate. I also appreciate that it completely absorbs into my skin and is designed to be layered underneath the entire Crunchi line of makeup. Nice job!! A++

Verified Purchase
karen f. Mar 23 2019

No Tears for Me!

I love everything about Sunlight, the no ghost face, the healthy ingredients, the protection, how smoothly the product glides on; however, I am especially enjoying the no face breakouts and no tears! My eyes would always tear up and burn when using other brands.

Haley  Mar 23 2019


I received my sunlight before we headed to Punta Cana for vacation and let me tell you this stuff works! I never felt greasy from using this and I did not feel like it was clogging my pores putting it on. It honestly felt like I wasn’t wearing anything at all but had great coverage and protection!

Brandi F. Mar 23 2019

Finally Something I Trust!

I have been in search of facial sunscreen that I can trust for most of my adult life! This sunscreen is light and covers easy. I know that I’m not going to get sunburned and that I’m not putting questionable ingredients on my skin. I highly recommend this product!

Jenny W. Mar 23 2019


I absolutely LOVE this product! Not only does it smell refreshing and divine, it has the Broad Spectrum of SPF 30 to SAFELY protect my skin from the sun’s powerful rays. I love that I can wear this every day and that it’s compatible with wearing make up too!

Kathy C. Mar 22 2019

Sunlight Facial Sunscreen

Amazing new sun protection that is light and not greasy. I love it!!!

Verified Purchase
Tiffany C. Mar 22 2019

Been waiting for the sunscreen!

Love that Crunchi now has a sunscreen in their line of great products. Even better that it's reef-safe.

Elizabeth  Mar 22 2019

No grease

By far the best facial non toxic spf moisturizer I’ve ever used! My makeup doesn’t run off my face! It actually moisturizes while protects my face from the sun. A little goes a long way so it’s definitly worth the investment!

Mollie M. Mar 22 2019

It’s Perfect!

Love this stuff! It’s light weight and you can’t even tell you have it on under your makeup.

Verified Purchase
Erin S. Mar 22 2019

My rosacea face LOVES Sunlight.

MANY years ago, when I was diagnosed with rosacea, my dermatologist told me that mineral sunscreen was the only sunscreen I should use. I went through several versions trying to find one that did not leave my face looking like a greasy, ghostly mess. There wasn't one. I just used what I could find and tried my best to hide the white cast with makeup. Until NOW! Sunlight is my SPF holy grail! NO white cast, NO greasy appearance AT. ALL. It is a dream come true! My skin loves it, and I do too!

Peggy D. Mar 22 2019


Love this sunscreen! So light and not greasy.

Nicole P. Mar 22 2019

This stuff is amazing!

I have been using Crunchi products for almost a year, and I was so excited to have a trustworthy SPF! This is the only facial SPF I’ve ever used that blends perfectly, doesn’t stink, or burn my face. PLUS it performs! It is a great addition to my skin routine.

Carole C. Mar 22 2019


I’ve never been able to put spf on my face without irritation until now! Sunlight is amazing for any skin but a game changer for those with sensitive skin. One pump will cover the face & neck just fine. I’ve had to deal with melanoma recently and I’m so happy to have a sunscreen that is safe for the planet as well as protecting me! Thank you Crunchi!!

Brittney D. Mar 22 2019


I love this product so much! I mix a bit of this into my Smart Primer and I love that it doesn't make my skin look unpigmented!

Lynsey  Mar 22 2019


Love this product so much. I just add a little onto my daylight. No grease. No ghost. Great protection. Thanks again Crunchi!

Katie R. Mar 22 2019


I just received my sunlight in the mail last night. So of course, I'm wearing it this morning. I applied it with my daylight and I am impressed with how non-greasy and lightweight it feels. I cannot even tell that I have an on. Hoping to get outside this afternoon when I get off work and feel the warm sunshine on my face, safely, thanks to your awesome product!!

Heather S. Mar 22 2019

Happy skin

I have been amazed at the protection this SPF 30 has given my skin. I am a runner and not only does it perform during physical activity outdoors it also layers flawlessly under my foundation. Bravo, CRUNCHI!

Jessica  Mar 22 2019


Absolutely obsessed. Not only is my skin protected from the harmful FL sun, but it is SAFE for my skin too! Is there a better win win?

Catherine K. Mar 22 2019

Safe sunscreen!

A little goes a long way! Love that it’s safe and non toxic. Works well under my makeup, non greasy, lightweight, and feels good knowing my skin is safely protected!

Paige C. Mar 22 2019

Best Sunscreen EVER!!

I am in love with Crunchi Sunlight!! I had stopped wearing sunscreen altogether due to not being able to find one that wasn’t toxic, smelly, greasy, heavy and didn’t leave my face looking white and sweaty. Sunlight actually gives my skin a healthy GLOW. A little goes a long way too, so it’s a great value as well. I am so glad I found this product! If you’re looking for a great sunscreen, look no further. You won’t regret it!

Kristin H. Mar 22 2019

Wish I loved it

I really wish my skin loved Sunlight from Crunchi. However I wore it one day and I had 5 pimples by the end of the day. I also did not care for the smell. I kept thinking there were pancakes somewhere because my face smelled like syrup. So bummed I didn’t like it.

Jessica F. Mar 22 2019

So smooth!

I love this product! It is light, not at all greasy, and I'm amazed at how well it soaks in. When I rubbed it into my hands, I thought, "Uh-oh! Here we go again with a pasty white sunscreen." But NO! Not a chance! It soaks in so nicely and doesn't leave a white film at all. And it smells amazing!

Allie  Mar 22 2019

Life saving!

This is a total game changer! Safe + high performing, you can't get any better than that!!

Andrea  Mar 22 2019

Best sunscreen

This was my first Crunchi product I’ve ordered. I am so impressed with this sunscreen. It rubbed in well, had very little scent, and wore so nice under my makeup. I didn’t even feel like I was wearing anything extra! So excited to have found such a great product.

Bryn D. Mar 22 2019

Love it!

Sunlight is great! It is not greasy and it does not leave my face oily like most sunscreens. It is also lightweight and smells better than the other sunscreens on the market.

Sunny H. Mar 22 2019

Sunlight facial sunscreen

I am in love with this product, it’s light enough to be an every day moisturizer under my primer and strong enough to protect my skin...I was on a trip in FL and spent a lot of time outside with no sundamage!! Yea!

Ashley M. Mar 22 2019

Best Sunscreen Ever!

As a nurse who worked for years in a skincare practice, I have tried A LOT of sunscreens over the years, and Sunlight BY FAR surpasses them all! It is so lightweight, absorbs quickly, does not leave your skin feeling greasy, and does not cause breakouts (a frequent problem with other sunscreens I have tried)!

Jessica C. Mar 21 2019


Absolutely love this facial cream. Living in Florida, I need extra SPF protection and this feels truly amazing on my face!

Bonnie S. Mar 21 2019

Show me the Light!

Sunscreen has always been such an issue for my skin...and many make me super oily followed by acne. I have always hated the toxin free ones because of the white ghostly cast that it gives your skin..or how hard you have to rub it in. Nobody wants to to be Casper. Nobody wants skin cancer either so its a huge push and pull. NOT ANYMORE!!! Not only does this apply like a DREAM, it smells amazing, it NOT greasy fell. Smells great with amazing performance.

Verified Purchase
Diane A. Mar 21 2019


I love the sunlight facial sunscreen. I love the texture and the way it feels on my face! It doesn’t feel greasy or heavy with my other crunchi products!!

Cristina C. Mar 21 2019

Best ever!

Facial sunscreen was the one the one thing missing in my routine.... until SUNLIGHT. I am in love. It absorbs easy, no leftover whiteness, and it’s not greasy!

Jenn M. Mar 21 2019

Super Psyched!!

Looking forward to trying this sunscreen. I’ve just begun my Crunchi journey and I can’t imagine not loving this product as well. The lotions, primer, and foundations are amazing, so I’m confident this will be too!!! Yay!!

Kristen K. Mar 21 2019

Best Ingredients

Love the ingredients and that it's non toxic and reef safe! Good quality ingredients and safe!

Kristen K. Mar 21 2019

Best Ingredients

I love the ingredients, love that it's non toxic and safe for our reef also! Good quality and safe.

Beth  Mar 21 2019

Love it!

I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this lotion because I love Daylight. It's a little thicker, but goes on very smoothly and doesn't leave any residue like other sunscreens. It's not heavy at all.

Jennifer S. Mar 21 2019

Super excited

I’m really excited for Sunlight to finally be here. I am happy to have a non-toxic lightweight sunscreen I can wear everyday.

Jessica P. Mar 21 2019

Sunlight perfection

I have to say, Sunlight is the best sunblock I've ever used! No greasy, stickiness! No ghost like residue appearance! It simply feels like a great moisturizer that is also protecting my skin. You can't go wrong with this product.

Verified Purchase
Lindsay M. Mar 21 2019

Fully Impressed!!

So excited to have found a sunscreen that is safe for me, my family and the world around me!! I love how it feels! It nourishes my skin without feeling greasy or making me look pasty!

Verified Purchase
Diana H. Mar 21 2019


I used to be worried about wearing a daily SPF because I wasn't sure what was worse: sun damage or toxic ingredient exposure? And then God created Sunlight... This SPF is SO lightweight and doesn't leave my face feeling greasy or looking ghostly. I also love that it doesn't make my face feel "sandy" or "chalky" like most SPFs do. The best part is that it actually WORKS, too! I'm so glad that I finally found a safe SPF that I can wear every single day!

Verified Purchase
Betsy H. Mar 21 2019

Loving this SPF!

I love the extra protection that sunlight provides for my skin! It is so light weight and absorbs so easily in my skin. Love how it goes on clear and not white!!

Sandra M. Mar 21 2019


I NEVER wore sunscreen on my face before I got my hands on Sunlight!! I didn't like the way traditional sunscreen felt on the rest of my body, and I sure didn't want it on my face! So exciting to have a facial sunscreen that absorbs right away, and doesn't feel like I have any on.....no greasy yucky feeling! And now I have the peace of mind that my face is protected against those harmful UV rays!! Bravo Crunchi!!!

Mili M. Mar 21 2019


Having darker skin I thought Sunlight would leave my face white, but it doesn’t! The whiteness fades away quickly, and leaves my skin feeling so smooth! I love it! I’m excited to have found a safe and moisturizing SPF to protect my skin! Thank you Crunchi!

Lisa S. Mar 21 2019

Sunlight Facial Sunscreen - Thank you Crunchi!!

I must say I was skeptical to try a new product. You always hear that facial sunscreen won't bother your skin, or be greasy, or make you breakout. I sampled the Sunlight and I could not believe the difference!!! It is absolutely amazing!! I recently started purchasing the Crunchi products and I have never been so impressed!! I fell in love with the Daylight and Nightlight and after sampling the Sunlight I ordered it immediately!! My skin feels great! Thank you Crunchi!

Verified Purchase
Bethany J. Mar 21 2019

Lightweight & Flawless

I was so surprised with this SPF. It is so lightweight and does not leave a greasy feel. The little bit of white color you get from it fades away quickly and leave your face feeling moisturized. It doesn't clog your pores, it just leaves your face feeling nourished and protected!

Erica D. Mar 21 2019

SPF delight!

I absolutely love this SPF protection! It smells so pretty. Mixing it with my Daylight in the mornings before my Crunchi foundation gives my face the prettiest glow and lift along with taking me on a relaxing trip to the beach with a mimosa X3 in my hands with its ever so perfect scent of restful beauty! Yep! It’s magic. Highly recommend.

Yolanda S. Mar 21 2019

These products are amazing!!!

The SunLight cream is fantastic! It is not greasy at all, leaving your face fresh & protected. It doesn't leave your face with film & is super lightweight. These products make you look stunning! They are great quality but most of all, they are healthy & nontoxic! Why settle for less when you can look your best!!!

Vickie L. Mar 21 2019


Waiting on mine to arrive!! So important as I’m going to Florida for a month and I’ll be so happy to know my face is safe from that intense sun!!

Debbie M. Mar 21 2019

Love it!

I am a natural red head with very fair skin and freckles. I love how I get full coverage from Sunlight but it’s not greasy st all! It goes on so smooth and nourishes my skin as well.

Tiffany S. Mar 21 2019


I love the sunlight because a little goes a long way, it’s good for my skin, provides all day protection and doesn’t clog my pores!

Tiffany N. Mar 21 2019

Love the Sunlight Suncreen

This new product is absolutely amazing! Lightweight, goes on smooth and I can feel the moisture soaking in. It is not greasy at all and the smell is just delightful. This is a fabulous addition to the primer and daylight regimen. Nothing like knowing that my beauty regimen isn’t harmful and it’s nuritioning and protecting my face as it works. My daughter is even using it! I love knowing there are options for my young girls. Thanks Crunchi for continuing to provide honest and quality products.

Vanessa R. Mar 21 2019

Not greasy!

I love this sunscreen! My face used to always break out whenever I put on any type of sunscreen. Fortunately this sunscreen goes perfectly with the crunchi foundation and primer. My face always feels so light afterwards. Highly recommend.

Gretchen Q. Mar 21 2019

SPF365-So Good

SPF is a must have for me everyday. I was thrilled that Sunlight was created and I use it everyday and love it.

Charity H. Mar 21 2019

Sunscreen Perfection!

Finding a good sunscreen with safe ingredients has been one of the hardest things in my green beauty journey so far. Many had a weird whiteness and were very greasy. I have oilier skin and was concerned this would be too much, but I’ve used it for a week now, and it has been amazing! No white cast, not greasy, and very lightweight on my skin! Plus it layers perfectly under my foundation. The smell is very light and citrusy so I love that. So happy to have found this, highly recommend!

Terri D. Mar 21 2019

Sunlight Sunscreen

I purchased this sunscreen and am so excited to finally have a toxin free sunscreen coverage. The day after receiving we went down to the river and spent the day. After a whole day of glare off the river I didn’t get sunburned. I had a hint of tan so I would say it protected me just as it should. It also goes on nice without any greasy residue and a refreshing light scent! This should be a must buy product added to your skin care regimen. I give it five stars and a big thumbs up!

Carmen K. Mar 21 2019

It’s the Holy Grail of SPF!!!

This is it, your SPF facial search has ended. Amen! No more feeling like a grease ball, in eager anticipation to wash your face....or painted like a white flag. You don’t have to surrender to protect your skin any longer! Crunchi’s product line is like Christmas morning on repeat... the excitement never ends. It can go under makeup or as is. It’s light and nourishes your skin. You need this in your life! 13 year old daughter is requesting giant bottles for her whole body:-) Is this possible??;-)

Marlise  Mar 21 2019

Another stellar product!

This is without question the best toxin-free sunscreen I've ever tried--and I have tried many. This goes on so easily, blends in beautifully, and layers smoothly under my Crunchi makeup. As promised, there is no ghosty or greasy look to my skin when I'm wearing it. I also love that it is not harmful to the environment--it's safe for the reefs and packaged in a lovely glass bottle. Thank you, Crunchi, for another fabulous product!

Debi V. Mar 21 2019


I’ve used so many other sunscreens and they didn’t cover under my makeup as well as Crunch Sunlight. The non-greasy formula makes it adhere to skin and makeup. I love it!

Bee S. Mar 21 2019

Runner Momma

Between being outside all the time with my boys and running long distances, I know I can count on the Sunlight Facial Sunscreen to protect my face from the harmful UV rays. I have fair skin and lots of freckles, this sunscreen has protected my face every day this week without being greasy or causing breakouts on my face by clogging up more pores. Love this stuff and highly recommend!

Verified Purchase
Meghan D. Mar 21 2019


Applying sunscreen used to be such a drag! Hated having a greasy face with a white residue so I wouldnt always use it. Sunlight is by far the best sunscreen I've ever tried. Goes on so nice, no greasy film and soaks into my skin without having to rub it in forever and the smell is soooo good!

Tasha D. Mar 21 2019

SPF Love!

I just started using crunchi products! So far I LOVE them! I incorporate the SPF into the primer and I love the non-greasy. soft feeling it leaves on my skin! Can’t wait to try the sunscreen on my daughter!

Christine S. Mar 21 2019

Finally an amazing sunscreen for my face!

I have been on a hunt for a face sunscreen that didn’t feel like the thick sunscreen for my body. It goes on smooth and I mmediately blends into my skin. Once on, it doesn’t have the white look like many other safe sunscreens. And by the way, I’m even more thrilled to have found a company that makes a product that won’t ruin our oceans for the next generations!!

Stacey  Mar 21 2019

Nothing else like it!

I love how light weight, non-greasy, and quick to absorb Sunlight is! I would give it 5 stars if it weren’t so expensive. I know that good ingredients, quality packaging and production practices are expensive.

Jenny  Mar 21 2019

Sunlight sunscreen

I love this sunscreen and the fact that it’s toxin free!

Jamie R. Mar 21 2019

Best sunscreen

I love this sunscreen. It doesn't feel greasy after I put it on and it doesn't make my eyes water. Great product!

Rachel S. Mar 21 2019

So light!

I just received my bottle of Sunlight and I was amazed at how light it felt on my skin! I was hesitant to order at first because so many other facial sunscreens have left my skin feeling heavy, greasy and gross. Not Sunlight though! Just a half of a pump was enough to cover my face. This stuff is awesome!

Sarah A. Mar 21 2019

Smells like heaven/feels great on my skin

SunLight has become one of my most loved products! It smells amazing and goes on so smooth. Some recent sunshine here in CA put this to the test, and it worked great! I love that I can put it on my kids faces too. I feel confident that is safe and effective for my whole family.

Verified Purchase
Samantha P. Mar 21 2019

Great feel

Live how it’s not greasy and heavy feels amazing and not like sunscreen !!

Verified Purchase
Samantha P. Mar 21 2019

Great feel

Live how it’s not greasy and heavy feels amazing and not like sunscreen !!

Esperanza  Mar 21 2019


I have heard from Emília Gomez of this amazing product and loved it so much I bought some so happy with it . Thank u

Meridith D. Mar 21 2019

Easy application

I have a love hate relationship with sunscreen but I will never go without on my face again thanks to sunlight. It applies super easy, smells good and I don’t look like a ghost after application. So happy to have a safe easy option!!

Verified Purchase
Jenny S. Mar 21 2019

Protection without even knowing it's there!

Knowing you need to wear a daily SPF and actually doing it are two different things. It always seemed thick and greasy. When applying Sunlight it is quick to absorb right in and is so light weight! I love the fact that I now have sun protection without the performance of my makeup being compromised! Another amazing Crunchi product!

Lisa J. Mar 21 2019

Love this!

This is wonderful to have a sunscreen especially for your face! No oily, greasy feel, goes on easy! Love having this protection in a safe, non-toxic product!

Olyvia  Mar 21 2019


Crunchi blows me away every single time. I am in love with this product. I never knew how important a daily SPF was and i am committed to using this stuff forever!

Heather S. Mar 21 2019

Best I've tried

The Sunlight is not greasy or heavy and wears well under makeup.

Verified Purchase
Amy N. Mar 21 2019

SPF Year Round is Now My Reality!

I've always had great intentions of wearing a daily SPF but have never been able to find one that performed well with my cosmetics and skincare. And then came Sunlight. GAME CHANGER!!! This is absolutely hands down THE BEST daily SPF I have ever used! No greasy feel, no ghostly white face, no more excuses! SPF 365 days a year for me forever! And its a great size to take with me and use on my kids when I'm in a pinch! I'm in love!

Audrey E. Mar 21 2019

Dream Come True

Thank you Crunchi for creating this amazing product. I live in Colorado Springs and sunscreen is a must for me and my family every day of the year. This amazing sunscreen is so light weight, while still providing amazing protection. I love the fresh airy smell, the smooth texture, and the wonderful conscience packaging. As someone who is super passionate about green living and zero waste, I feel like I hit the jackpot... And it’s perfect for my hubby and 3 year daughter!

Verified Purchase
Desiree A. Mar 21 2019

Great Sunscreen, without the white

I love this sunscreen. It is hands down the BEST mineral sunscreen out there. It goes on a bit thicker than daylight, but it's as to be expected for a sunscreen. It blends in better than any mineral sunscreen over every used, and leaves no white residue. It it fine under makeup. It is a great sunscreen., and performss better than all other sunscreens I've tried. But, it's still mineral based sunscreen, and must be washed off with soap and water. I liked to use oil based facial scrub, to remove

Bre  Mar 21 2019

Best sunscreen I’ve ever used

This sunscreen applies beautifully and blends right in with my skin tone. Layered with the daylight and primer, it’s give me a leightweight flawless start before my foundation goes on! I’m in love with this product!

Karli T. Mar 21 2019

Absolutely No Comparison

I'm so incredibly thankful Crunchi created an SPF moisturizer! I'm fair-skinned with hundreds of freckles, and I've never fully enjoyed sunshine out of fear of getting skin cancer. This product has changed my world!! It easily and quickly dries without any ghostly residue like every other SPF. I'm so excited for summer! I highly recommend this product. My skin has never looked healthier than it does now that I'm using Sunlight!

Kody R. Mar 21 2019

Concrete worker turned Green beauty lover

My fiancé let me try her new Sunlight (she’s an advocate for Crunchi) and I’ve been using it for awhile now. I really like it. I work outside a lot so finding a good, safe sunscreen is really important. It goes on with no white residue and works really well.

Amanda P. Mar 21 2019


I have not used sunscreen in years because after use I would wake up with cystic acne the following morning. I have been using Sunlight for a week now without a single breakout! My skin feels great without the greasy heavy feeling other brands leave.

Judy B. Mar 21 2019

Sunlight in the Snow

I've been using Sunlight while out skiing on sunny days. Its been fantastic. No more snow/sunburn.

Beth C. Mar 21 2019

Necessary & PERFECT!

I live in Florida, and spf is key! It’s so difficult to find a safe and effective sunscreen to wear daily that doesn’t leave you with the “white mask” or clogged pores. The Crunchi Sunlight SPF is perfect for these sunny days!

Linda  Mar 21 2019

Yup. It’s perfect.

Simply perfect. I’ll admit I’ve skipped SPF because I did not want to have a greasy face on which to apply my makeup. No more!! Thanks to Sunlight I don’t have to choose between protection and makeup.

Maureen C. Mar 21 2019


Obsessed with this SPF! My skin is protected without being greasy, ghostly or tacky. I love how light it is and that the it’s all good ingredients. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Jenny B. Mar 20 2019

Smoothe & Does not leave skin white!

Loving the Sunlight so far! I’ve been using it a few days. It goes on smoothly. Does not leave your skin white. Thankful to have a non toxic facial spf that I can use daily!

Stephanie S. Mar 20 2019

Love Crunchi

I am so impressed with sunlight. I have used many sunscreen products and they all left me feeling greasy and dirty. This product is light and wears well under makeup. I have not been disappointed with any product I have tried.

Stacy V. Mar 20 2019

Absorbs and applies well!

Love that I don't have to rub and rub this product in...it actually absorbs with minimal effort. I like to smooth it and warm it up in my hands and press into my skin. Works so well with my makeup as well!

Ashley  Mar 20 2019

Love it!

Perfect everyday moisturizer

Verified Purchase
Lindsay B. Mar 20 2019


I’m so excited sunlight is here! I absolutely love it. At first it seemed pricy for a sunscreen, but I only need 1 pump to cover my whole face, so it will last a LONG time. It also is so much better than other mineral sunscreens I’ve tried. It’s non greasy and actually rubs in! Definitely would recommend.

Neen  Mar 20 2019

Crunchi has done it, AGAIN!

Being diagnosed with Melanoma at a younger age, spf is very important to me! I have dreaded wearing it on my face because of how thick and greasy it was and it would make me break out! UNTIL NOW!!!!... Crunchi Sunlight has blown me away! It’s light, not greasy, moisturizing and doesn’t make me break out! I AM IN LOVE! If you don’t own it, do yourself a favor and buy it! You won’t be sorry!

Verified Purchase
Amber P. Mar 20 2019


I'm so glad that Crunchi has come out with a human and reef safe SPF! My dermatologist told me that I need to make sure I'm wearing an SPF every day on my face. So yay!! And I love the smell and the fact that I don't feel like I'm wearing it. It is awesome!!

Korbin K. Mar 20 2019


Just when I thought I couldn't love Crunchi more than I already do, I try the sunlight and I am in love even more! Sunlight is very light weight and not greasy! Perfect with the daylight moisturizer and primer as well!

Jane S. Mar 20 2019


So light and feels great on my skin. I have super sensitive skin and was timid at first, but like all Crunchi products, I have not had one problem and being able to use an SPF product daily, for me, is amazing!

Holli S. Mar 20 2019


Finally, finally, finally! I have a toxin free sunscreen that I can wear daily without leaving my face covered with white goop! I love this product so much and cannot say enough about how wonderfully it works with my Daylight and Primer!

Verified Purchase
Krystan C. Mar 20 2019

Love this product

I've used lots of facial sunscreens and this one is the best I've found! Just a little bit is all you need, and it works great with Crunchi's foundation. Yay!

Diana  Mar 20 2019

Blends nicely !

I first tried the Crunchi Facial Sunscreen at a party I was hosting! I applied a small amount onto my face and it was so easy to blend it and did not feel heavy at all. It also had a very light and pleasant scent to it! Of course I had to have it! So excited to use it this summer!!

Verified Purchase
Pamela B. Mar 20 2019


I absolutely LOVE Sunlight!! Crunchi has knocked it out of the park! It absorbs so quickly, No Grease No Ghost! The ability to layer daylight, sunlight, primer and foundation and STILL not feel heavy is AMAZING!! Perfection!!

Katie B. Mar 20 2019

Like it’s not even there!

I only recently learned the importance of wearing a daily SPF. This one is unlike any other! Not greasy, not ghostly white. It doesn’t affect the application of my makeup at all. I’ve combined it with Daylight some days, Smart Primer other days, or worn it alone. Very impressed!

Verified Purchase
Allison K. Mar 20 2019

Perfect for prevention!

Before Sunlight, I intentionally avoided facial sunscreen because I would look like a ghost! I no longer have to compromise and can have daily complete preventative coverage. No ghost, applies and blends so well - I do not feel like I have added another layer to my face. Just lightweight and amazing! Highly recommend to use daily, makeup wearer or not!

Erika H. Mar 20 2019


I am obsessed! Sunlight is so refreshing as a facial sunscreen. I cant wait to try it out on vacation, it rubs in SO easily and doesn't leave me looking like a ghost!!

Verified Purchase
Wendy D. Mar 20 2019

Finally a safe SPF!

I used to wear sunscreen every day in my late teens / early 20’s because I knew the importance of protecting my skin from the sun... but after learning about all the harm from sunscreen I stopped (which also isn’t any good) NOW I can finally get back to my safe skin routine and I am ever greatful! I love how lightweight it is and that it doesn’t white me out! Just another nourishing step to help my skin be the best and safest it can be. Thank you Crunchi!!!!

Allie M. Mar 20 2019


I am beyond ecstatic to finally have an all around safe facial spf! Not only is this product completely safe, it is super moisturizing + the bomb.com Seriously amazing. The thought that went into the packaging is also spectacular. Thank you Crunchi!

Chelsea M. Mar 20 2019

Incredible daily routine addition!

I absolutely love the way Sunlight makes my skin feel! It rubs on so smoothly and leaves no white residue behind like most sunscreens do. It pairs perfectly with my Daylight and foundation as well and feels so light weight. I’m so glad I have added this to my daily skincare routine.

Verified Purchase
Ashley A. Mar 19 2019

My skin is glowing!

This is the BEST SPF I've ever used-safe or not. I forget it's on but it is totally making my skin more beautiful as well! It stays hydrated longer and it looks gorgeous under my primer and foundation as well. I am so so thankful I found this! I'm excited to be able to go on walks this spring and have something I can use as protection for myself and my little girls that I won't have to spend 20 minutes trying to rub in!

Kayla A. Mar 19 2019

Will never leave this step out again!!!

I was so excited when Crunchi came out with an SPF that is actually good for our skin! It's smoothing and does not leave a white film. It's a great addition to the rest of the crunchi line!!

Verified Purchase
Kris M. Mar 18 2019

The Best

Finding a safe SPF that is toxin free and works great without feeling heavy, greasy, or worse yet something you can't rub in completely has been impossible! Until now! Crunchi has created the best sunscreen I have ever worn. I'm go grateful, it blends in nicely, and protects beautifully. Highly recommend.

Sharon  Mar 18 2019

Great Product

Coming from someone that has had cancer removed from my nose, I can appreciate a good facial sunscreen. I love that this is light weight, not greasy and is free from toxins.

Verified Purchase
Kristi K. Mar 16 2019

Sunlight Review

Prior to finding Crunchi Sunlight I haven't been able to use SPF moisturizers in years due to allergic reaction to chemical sunscreens. I am thrilled to have a product that I can use to protect my skin!

Jeanine  Mar 16 2019


This spf is light, non greasy and SAFE! It pairs perfectly with the daylight, primer & foundation! I am so excited to be able to have a new Crunchi product to add to my routine.

Katie N. Mar 16 2019

Nothing short of magical!

I just got my Sunlight in and I CANNOT believe how amazing it is! Only one pump covers your whole face! It did not give me a pale cast nor was it greasy!! It layers beautifully over Daylight and under the Primer, then the Flawless Foundation!! Along with my Crunchi routine, you will never feel like you're wearing makeup! I am over the moon impressed and in love!

Megan M. Mar 16 2019

Every day SPF perfection

I love Sunlight because I know I’m getting the SPF coverage I need and it goes on smooth without the white hue I usually get from non-nano zinc sunscreen. Crunchi did it again!

Lara  Mar 15 2019


When you think of zinc oxide , you think of that lifeguard with a white nose ! But not Sunlight- no white mess or stickiness ! I’m sooo happy it’s finally available!

Lora  Mar 14 2019

A MUST HAVE for your holiday + every day!

I was so excited when Crunchi revealed that they were releasing a safe facial sunscreen that was also reef safe! It was just in time for our upcoming trip to Maui. It is so perfectly clean for the family and does wonders even on my hubby’s exposed scalp! Crunchi all day long so we don’t have to worry about our skin being harmed or the precious ocean life we are interacting with! Thanks Crunchi!!

Claire M. Mar 14 2019

Breakout Buster

Facials sunscreens have always been a desirable step in my daily skincare routine HOWEVER, finding one that could ALSO cooperate with my skin was starting to seem impossible... UNTIL SUNLIGHT. Not only does it protect against the suns harmful rays, I’m pretty sure the tamanu oil and other clean ingredients are also protecting my face from BREAKOUTS! This is the holy grail of wins! So super-uber satisfied! Thank you!

Lauren R. Mar 13 2019

Best sunscreen hands down!

I just tried sunlight today and totally forgot I was wearing it! It's THAT lightweight! All the other sunscreens I've tried over the years would make me break out, sting my eyes to where I had watery eyes all day, or was so heavy I felt like my face was suffocating...NOT the case for Sunlight! I'm hooked!

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Roxanne U. Mar 13 2019


Thanks to Crunchi, I now understand the importance of wearing a daily facial SPF. I am thankful for this education and this knowledge but I am equally thankful to have a product I can wear that is completely safe for me and for my babies that I am always hugging on. It is also safe for the reefs which makes me incredibly happy. And on top of all of that, it works beautifully! It layers perfectly on top of the DayLight daily moisturizer and under the incredible Smart Primer that I love!

Ginny E. Mar 13 2019

My favorite!

I want to take better care of my skin and never realized how important daily SPF is. Finding a facial sunscreen I’ll actually wear every day has been a struggle because the safe ones always leave me white. I had to wear a full face of makeup just to look normal with other brands. I have been soooooooo happy with Sunlight. It rubs in easily and my face isn’t white or greasy! Love that I can wear it every day, even if I’m just putting on mascara and lipgloss and running out the door!

Kelly R. Mar 13 2019

Finally an SPF that feels good!!

A diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer definitely opens your eyes to the importance of daily SPF. However, in my search to find a safe one that works, I realized not all are created equally. I’m so thankful that I’ve finally found the one that checks all the boxes! No toxic ingredients, no ghost white face, and no yucky, greasy feel. It’s super lightweight, easy to apply, and fast absorbing. Once again, Crunchi pulls through with another incredible product!

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Joan H. Mar 12 2019

Blends and Works Well with Skin Care Line

I am new to using a facial sunscreen and am thankful for Crunchi’s smart SPF30. There seems to be an unusual after-scent, however, that, from a sensory perspective, diminishes the enjoyment of the Daylight, Primer, and Foundation. I am trying to get past this. Otherwise, I highly recommend. Works into skin nicely and does not take away from cosmetic application.

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Stephanie G. Mar 08 2019

Life Changing

I have THE MOST temperamental skin. It has been an uphill battle trying to find an SPF moisturizer with quality ingredients that is not greasy or cause me to break out or get irritated skin. Until now. Thank you so much for providing a clean, high preforming SPF that works well with my makeup. It is exactly what I've been looking for!!

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Laura S. Mar 08 2019

Love It!

I am so excited to have safe every day SPF. I'll be honest, I was excited but nervous to try it! Previous 'safe' sunscreens have left me looking chalky or dried my skin out. Sunlight is actually moisturizing. No chalkboard or flakiness at all! So glad to have it everyday, but also rock it on Spring Break in a few weeks.

Andrea G. Mar 08 2019

Sunlight Facial Sunscreen

I AM IN LOVE! <3 Super excited to have been able to try this facial cream already! It is perfect over my Daylight Facial Cream. One PUMP is just enough, not greasy and it covers your face without feeling like you have white residue left all over your hands and face. My skin truly feels AH-mazing!

Kayt S. Mar 08 2019

Here Comes The Sun

I struggled to find a toxin-free facial SPF that didn't feel incredibly greasy on my face or make me as white as a ghost! Then Crunchi did the thing that they always do: they made an incredible product that performs AND is free of concerning chemicals found in traditional facial sunscreens! And I love that it's loaded with ingredients that are nourishing and help protect your skin!

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Sarah B. Mar 08 2019

Best. Sunscreen. Ever.

I must confess that I have not been a daily sunscreen wearer because I couldn't find a toxin-free one that didn't feel terrible on my face. Crunchi Sunlight has won me over! No white residue, easy to rub in, smells amazing, and I can't feel it once I have it on. I also love the way that it works so nicely with my Daylight, primer, and all my other Crunchi products. Crunchi has done it again!

Kelsey P. Mar 08 2019

Lightweight Safety!

There is no excuse to not protect your skin with the brand new Sunlight! This product is lightweight and blends into the skin without that greasy feeling. Sunlight pairs perfectly with Daylight, Primer & Foundation for a beautiful complexion!

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Wendy B. Mar 08 2019

So Thrilled!

I was so thrilled at how nicely it applied and worked with my Daylight Moisturizer, Primer, and Foundation! I still had a smooth, flawless look that lasted all day. So thankful I can safely protect my face with or without makeup on!

Maria R. Mar 08 2019

Love, Love, Love

A perfect addition to the primer and foundation! They really are a dream team. I was an avid user to another luxe brand facial sunscreen. This runs circles around that one!

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Jessica K. Mar 07 2019

Best SPF ever!

If I'm honest, I didn't expect joy using SPF because Crunchi Sunlight. The ones I tried either left me with breakouts and tingly skin, or didn't absorb into my skin, leaving me with a ghostly white appearance - GROSS. Not the case with Sunlight! It's so lightweight that I can layer it with my other Crunchi face products, and I've not had a single breakout since I started using it. I'll never use another SPF and hope Crunchi comes out with a full body sunscreen soon!

Chelsea B. Mar 07 2019

Sunlight Review

I am so glad that this product is available because it's important to be protected. I love that it does not leave a white ghost cast on my face. It is also lightweight and fast absorbing like the description mentions. I've been very pleased and thrilled with all of the ingredients inside of it.

Rachel P. Mar 07 2019

Feels amazing on my skin!

I am beyond thrilled that Crunchi developed a daily facial sunscreen! It smells and feels amazing! It leaves my skin feeling nourished, protected, and refreshed. I love this product!

Dr. H. Mar 07 2019

Best toxin-free sunscreen ever!

I absolutely love this SPF 30 facial moisturizer! It feels good on, has an amazing subtle sweet orange smell (unlike the yucky smell of most sunscreens), and gives me peace of mind knowing I'm protecting my skin! Thank you Crunchi for giving me protection without the toxins!

Lisa D. Mar 07 2019

Sunlight review

That moment when you realize that you found the perfect sunscreen....Sunlight actually spreads, it blends in invisibly, it doesn’t pill on my skin, and fits beautifully underneath my primer and foundation. It’s all I could ask for in a sunscreen!

MeredithB  Mar 07 2019

Transparent protection

For so long I struggled to find a sunscreen that didn’t: 1.Make me look like a ghost or 2. Trigger my rosacea. Sunlight seamlessly and transparently fits into my routine while nourishing my skin.

Julia P. Mar 07 2019

The Holy Grail of facial sunscreen!

Such a gift to have an entire routine formulated to work TOGETHER! I have been BLOWN away with how amazing Sunlight works with Crunchi Daylight, Smart Primer & Beautifully Flawless Foundation! It's like another perfectly fitted puzzle piece. Great job Crunchi! You've done it again!

Verified Purchase
Amy N. Mar 07 2019


I am in love with this product. SunLight is like no other. It's lightweight, not greasy, doesn't make me look like a ghost, and best of all..no toxins! It pairs perfectly with the DayLight, Smart Primer and Beautifully Flawless Foundation. Beauty AND protection, a winning combination. Finally a facial sunscreen I can get behind!

MACKENZIE M. Mar 07 2019

The perfect balance

I was able to get my hands on this product before it was released to the public and WOW! I am impressed with the non-greasey application, no ghost effect and the TAMANU oil! I will forever be ordering this product every couple months. 1/2 pump does my whole face :)

Alicia R. Mar 07 2019

Perfect answer to SPF!

I have long struggled with finding an SPF that wasn't greasy and didn't cause breakouts for my acne prone skin. I FOUND THE ANSWER!! Sunlight is the best lightweight facial SPF that I have found. I haven't experienced ANY breakouts from the use of Sunlight. It absorbs so quickly and doesn't leave the horrible ghostly white color others can leave behind. It goes on so smoothly over Daylight. It is the perfect addition to my everyday skincare routine!

Verified Purchase
Lily B. Mar 07 2019

The ultimate SPF!

I am so grateful to FINALLY have a facial sunscreen that is not only completely safe, but also allows me to layer my cosmetics on top without feeling thick, heavy, or sticky. It truly is “pure spf perfection”!

Jenn  Mar 07 2019

SPF perfection

Crunchi has knocked it out of the park again. I absolutely LOVE Sunlight and so does my husband. It absorbs so quickly that he doesn’t complain ;) and I’m loving how easily I was able to incorporate an SPF into my daily skincare routine. No grease, no weird whiteness. Perfection!

Tonya W. Mar 07 2019

Sunlight spf 30

I am thrilled to be using a sunscreen that doesn’t harm our oceans coral reefs, but what makes Sunlight unique is the ingredients that don’t leave my skin pimplely. My 16 yr old son and I have used It for a month now and our skin is feeling hydrated with out the greasy feeling we had before. Thanks Crunchi for my safe skin regimen!

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