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Smart Primer™

Everyday toxins have met their match with our iconic Crunchi Smart Primer™. Rich in Jojoba, Avocado and Rosehip oils, and packed with antioxidants, this ultra- light primer promotes radiant, healthy skin. Balanced enough for use on both dry and oily skin, our Smart Primer™ fills in fine lines and wrinkles while adding lightweight moisture that will last throughout your day.  Our Smart Primer™ hydrates, smoothes and prepares your skin for perfect makeup application with our Beautifully Flawless Foundation.

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Customer Reviews

Megan M. Mar 11 2020


This primer is seriously legit! love how it feels on my skin and it helps my foundation stay on so perfectly. Flawless!

Anita M. Jan 21 2020


I don't know how describe how soft this primer leaves my face feeling. Like a babys bottom maybe? Or like silk sheets, idk. But its amazing. the smell isn't the best but it works out because I just put on the foundation right on top and the crunchi foundation smells lovely. I will never put on make up without the primer ever again.

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Lindsay C. Dec 03 2019

Very good!

I really like this primer. I’ve tried a lot of primers in my life and this one is my favorite!!

Clarissa  Nov 29 2019

Do I look younger?

I swear this product makes my pores look smaller, which in turn makes my skin look tighter, which in turn makes me look younger. I hope this formula never changes.

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Erin R. Jun 18 2019


As a critical care nurse and mother of two busy little boys, I have earned some worry wrinkles...and this has been a godsend! It's what I like to call the "caulk." It is velvety smooth and makes my skin feel divine! My foundation flows right on without leaving heavy-settling in my smile and worry lines! And I've found I require much less foundation when I wear the Primer. One of my favorite Crunchi products!!

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Maria M. Mar 26 2019

Love it!

This is the best primer I have ever used. It goes on so lightly and is not greasy at all. It keeps my foundation on all day! I would highly recommend this primer to anyone.

Jill C. Mar 21 2019


I actually see a quite noticeable difference when I wear this. Not only does it feel amazing, but it really prepares your face to evenly show make up that is applied. A friend of mine purchased as well. I can ALWAYS tell when she's wearing it because she looks that much better. Definitely be making this a staple in my routine!

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Desiree A. Mar 21 2019

Love the silky feel

Wow! I've used a few primers, but none were toxin free. This one is toxin free and feels AMAZING! I love it. It goes on smooth. It feels plumping. No greasy, or oily residue. Once dry, it's just soft, silky smooth skin. I love it!

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Jane B. Dec 06 2018


I love the feel of Crunchi primer on my skin. It is velvety and really provides such a great base for my foundation, giving me a much younger look.

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Frances W. Dec 06 2018

Forever a fan of primer

I have never been a primer user until now. I have always hated how heavy primer would feel on my skin. But this baby right here is silly, smooth, and bouncy on my skin! Mixed with the foundation, it seriously keeps my makeup on all day without any wear. Tge best part of it is that I dont feel cakey or feel like I have any makeup on. The coverage is so good and flawless I am just blow away!

NJmomOf3  Dec 06 2018

Prime me up!

I love the Crunchi Primer. It goes on super smoothly. I have very sensitive skin and had excellent results with it. Highly recommend!

Holli S. Dec 05 2018


This primer is what I look forward to most in the morning...even before my coffee! It leaves my skin feeling so healthy! My 13 year old daughter has mentioned she’d like to use it as a body lotion!

Samantha  Dec 05 2018

Worth it!!

Amazing!! I never skip the step of priming anymore!!

Michele B. Dec 05 2018

Fell in love at first touch

The very first time I applied this to my face I was in LOVE! The magic in this bottle made my face feel amazing and created a wonderful palette for my makeup.

Cristy L. Dec 05 2018

Best Primer!

I love this primer! It's light, works perfectly with the foundation, and smooths my skin! A must have!

Julia  Dec 05 2018

So Silky!

I love how silky smooth my skin feels when I use the primer. It's light and absobs quickly. My skin feels refreshed as soon as I put it on.

Linda K. Dec 05 2018

Smart Primet

I love the way the smart primer feels on my face! It helps keep it soft and my foundation goes on so smooth too. The only thing I wish is that it came in s bottle with a wider too so a person could get every last drop out. This is the only reason I gave the smart primer and foundation a 4.

Verified Purchase
Melinda P. Dec 05 2018

Love this Primer!

I am so impressed with Crunchi's primer! I didn't use a primer before and now I use it almost daily! It smooths out my fine lines and fills in my pores, making the amazing foundation go on better. It feels so good on the skin too, making it silky soft! It's incredible.

Verified Purchase
Catherine N. Dec 05 2018

Primer from the Heavens

This primer is a must-have! It's a godsend. I can't imagine the foundation without it. It fills in my pores and gives my face that airbrushed appearance. It's improved my skin so much! It's my favorite Crunchi product!

Shelle Y. Dec 04 2018


I have never found a primer that I liked... until now! I love this primer. Makes my skin feel great. It smells wonderful and my makeup stays on all day. It's also wonderful to wear on it's own. I will never use any other primer or foundation now!

Verified Purchase
Melanie G. Dec 04 2018

So smooth & lightweight!

I have always been skeptical to try a primer because I was worried it would be heavy and not let my skin breathe. This primer is so smooth and lightweight but it's now I must have in my makeup drawer.

Leslie S. Dec 04 2018

Leslie S

I can't get enough of this primer! It is smooth as silk and not greasy. I love to mix this and the foundation, together, on the back of my hand for a very light coverage. My skin has improved so much with Crunchi!

Verified Purchase
Tatiana T. Dec 04 2018

Best primer ever!

I didn’t know how much I needed to use primer until I started using Crunchi primer. Smells amazing and keeps my foundation looking smooth and polished.

Megan D. Dec 04 2018

Must have!

This primer is a must have item for me! I have tried several different primers, but they all pale in comparison to the Crunchi Smart Primer. I love that such a small amount goes a long way when applying. The primer is super soft and velvety and provides a nice, smooth base for my foundation.

Verified Purchase
Diana L. Dec 04 2018

Excellent Primer

This primer not only does a great job smoothing out fine lines and pores, but it also is very soothing on the skin! It has a silky feel without being too oily.

Brenna  Dec 03 2018

Light and hydrating

I can’t say enough good things about this primer. It has eliminated the need for me to use a setting powder and creates the perfect surface for applying the foundation and concealer. It is hydrating, lightweight, and lovely.

Teres C. Dec 03 2018


I was not prepared for the performance of this primer. It's the best I've ever used. It's moisturizing without being heavy and creates a flawless canvas to apply the Crunchi foundation. I'm thoroughly impressed and would highly recommend it to all my friends!

Verified Purchase
Vicki S. Dec 03 2018


I have never used a primer, and am so glad I found this one! This primer is so light weight and goes on so smoothly! It has a very light fragrance and makes my skin feel wonderful! I highly recommend the Smart Primer!!

Amanda D. Dec 03 2018


I was never really a primer user until I found Crunchi. It has made my skin so soft! I use it all over my face, right before applying my Crunchi Foundation! This stuff is so silky soft, has been a life saver for these cold, dry winter days!

Hannah C. Dec 03 2018

Great primer!

Natural, light weight, nourishing to the skin, and it’s vegan! Love the look and feel!

Verified Purchase
Ashley F. Dec 03 2018

Smooth and Soft

It is the silkiest primer I have ever used. It makes my skin feel so soft. Love it!

Alessandra D. Dec 03 2018

Never Really Used Primer

I never really used primer before and BOY am I glad I started with Crunchi's Smart Primer! It REALLY makes a difference in how my makeup lays on my face (especially since I'm in my late 40's now). I even use it under my eyes and it's so gentle and feels like silk which allows my foundation or concealer to go on silky smooth and no creases! LOVE it!

Jessica D. Dec 02 2018


I am in love with this primer. It feels amazing on my face. I don’t go a day without it.

Zeidy V. Dec 02 2018


First time using this primer and I am in love! I had heard so many great things and they were right. I wish I had tried it sooner. I mixed it with their daylight cream and got glowy and hydrated skin. Perfect base for my foundation.

Verified Purchase
Cristina C. Dec 02 2018

Perfect Primer

Never thought I needed a primer. This one pairs perfectly with the foundation, helping diminish the appearance of my fine lines and increase the stay of my makeup. I love that it also has nourishing ingredients.

Verified Purchase
Deanna R. Dec 02 2018

New to using primer

I wasn't really someone who used primer before, but I thought I would give it a try and now I am hooked. I love the smooth feel of it and it makes my foundation go on smoothly and look great.

Amanda P. Dec 02 2018


My skin is super sensitive and breaks out easily. This primer makes my skin so soft and smooth. I cannot go a day without it!

Jennifer E. Dec 02 2018

Perfect Primer

This primer is so perfect. It leaves my skin so soft and filled in and ready for foundation.

Verified Purchase
Nancy E. Dec 01 2018


I love this primer! I am constantly amazed how silky and smooth it is without heavy silicones! I wear it everyday whether I wear foundation or not. It is a must have!

Verified Purchase
Linda B. Dec 01 2018

My favorite product!

I have pretty much everything from Crunchi and this Primer is my all time favorite! It is a must! Makes my face super soft , has helped with troubled spots, and makes my makeup look flawless all day. Big fan and would recommend every women using it

Verified Purchase
Ashley N. Dec 01 2018

Best Primer Ever

I have been using this primer for a week and I love how it makes my skin feel! I also notice less pores and my foundation goes on better!

Katie P. Dec 01 2018


This is my favorite Primer! I love, love the way it smells and it makes my skin feel so smooth, I’ve used others and they’ve never felt this good

Verified Purchase
Janet H. Dec 01 2018

A New Experience

I am over 60 and had never used a "primer" before! I didn't even know there was such a thing. I love it because it keeps my makeup "on" all day long. It is smooth and creamy. The best thing about all the Crunchi products is that they are natural! I feel so good about putting something on my face that I know is not full of things that potentially could harm me!

Linda  Dec 01 2018

Evened out my combination skin

Since using this amazing primer my combination skin has become happier and more even. No more dry/oily patches. Makes for a Flawless Foundation application!

Beth Z. Dec 01 2018


I absolutely love my Crunchi Primer!! My skin is silky smooth and has a beautiful looking finish. It totally diminishes my fine lines. The Primer is one of my favorite products!!

Amy A. Dec 01 2018

Priceless Primer

Hands down the best primer I have tried! And this is toxin free—better yet!!!

Michele B. Dec 01 2018

Perfect primer

I love how the primer feels so light on my face! It’s great!

Kelly M. Dec 01 2018

Perfection is right!

Absolute perfection! My skin feels so soft after i apply and My makeup still looks amazing after hours of wearing. One of my favorite Crunchi products!

Leslie C. Dec 01 2018

Primer is a must

Crunchi’s Smart Primer is amazing! It is so velvety smooth and leaves my makeup looking good all day. I won’t ever stop using this.

Peggy D. Dec 01 2018


This primer is absolutely wonderful! It goes on so well and is not greasy. My foundation stays on so well and I believe it is because of the Smart Primer.

Emily A. Dec 01 2018


I honestly never understood why people used primer. I had tried them before and always felt like my fine lines and blemishes became more pronounced. NOW I understand what an amazing primer can do! My face has not only been healing because of the fantastic ingredients, but creates a smooth surface to apply my beautifully flawless foundation!

Kylee B. Dec 01 2018


Best primer I’ve ever used. Goes on smooth and helps my make-up stay in place all day.

Verified Purchase
Isabelle M. Dec 01 2018

The. ABSOLUTE. Greatest.

This primer was my first Crunchi product and I fell in complete and total love with it upon first application. It’s hydrating, it’s soothing, it smells amazing, it’s toxin free, and it’s everything I didn’t know I needed. I will never be without this beauty product because it makes me feel good, it makes my skin feel good, and I have so many heart thumps for it!

Katie C. Nov 30 2018

Best primer!

I love this primer!! I honestly didn't understand the purpose of primer until I started using this one; it goes on so smoothly, makes my makeup look great, and leaves my face feeling so healthy! As an added bonus, it smells awesome too. If you're new to Crunchi, DEFINITELY buy this!

Verified Purchase
Jean N. Nov 30 2018

Smart Primer is the Best!!!

I have long known the reason to use primer before makeup application and have for years, but Smart Primer is the very lightest, smoothest, and hardest working primer ever! It moisturizes my skin and smells wonderful!

Hannah  Nov 30 2018

Lasts all day!

I’ve had a tough time finding a primer that would help hold my foundation for the whole day without having to touch it up, but this combined with crunchies foundation is amazing and I am very impressed by how long it lasts!

Verified Purchase
Amanda F. Nov 30 2018

Makes my face feel smooth

I like this primer. I never used primer religiously before but I do now. Everyday! Makes my face feel velvety smooth.

Verified Purchase
Ashley S. Nov 30 2018

Amazing primer

Amazing product!!! My makeup looks totally different when using the primar!!

Susan S. Nov 30 2018

Susan Smith

I absolutely LOVE this primer. I never thought I needed primer, didn't really think it could make that much difference. I have been using this product for a year now and it has reduced the redness in my face and increased moisture which makes my make-up application look that much better. Highly recommend using this product - alone or under the foundation!

Shelly B. Nov 30 2018

Perfectly smooth

This primer is the perfect compliment to foundation. My skin is soft and smooth!

Rebekah P. Nov 30 2018


This is my favorite Primer! I love the way it smells and it makes my skin feel so smooth!

Nancy S. Nov 30 2018

It didn’t go unnoticed!!

I have only been using Crunchi for 1 week. OMG! OMG! OMG!!! I was just in a clients office and the receptionist went out of her way to ask me if I’ve been doing something different with my skin and make-up because it was noticeably more vibrant and healthier looking! I let her know about using Crunchi only the last few days and how great my skin feels! She immediately wanted more information on the products! Just Awesome!

Verified Purchase
Whitney P. Nov 30 2018

Primer Love

I have gone back and forth using different primers...never finding one that I couldn't live without, but, not anymore Perfect Primer is a TOTAL KEEPER!

Flossie M. Nov 30 2018

Great Primer

I've previously tried primers but wondered why, because I didn't notice any difference. I almost didn't try this one, but glad that I did. It smoothes and allows foundation to go on even and with less product.

Verified Purchase
Corrina W. Nov 30 2018

Smart Primer Review

I never used a primer before I tried Crunchi's Smart Primer....and I am IN LOVE!! It makes my skin feel so hydrated and refreshed. Foundation application is just not the same without it! BONUS: The smell is AMAZING!

Karen W. Nov 30 2018

Love this Primer

I love this primer. I use it all the time even without foundation or powder, it really protect the pores. Also, it helps hold the mascara when applying. Very light, can't feel it other then leaving my skin feeling soft.

Vivien  Nov 30 2018

So in love

I have tried many conventional primers in the past and felt like they made my troubled skin worse. I love how light and soothing this primer feels on my skin while evening out the texture of my skin for a perfect makeup application

Abby S. Nov 30 2018

Love it!

This primer is amazing! I have never been a primer girl...I've tried so many different brands and I never felt like they did anything, it just seemed like a gimmick to get you to buy products. But, Crunchi Smart Primer is different! It smoothes my completion, I could even just wear it by itself! And it helps the foundation wear longer. Definitely worth it!

Kayt S. Nov 30 2018


I've been using this primer for over a year now. Not only does it leave my skin feeling like velvet, but it aids in flawless makeup application. It doesn't feel greasy or waxy like most primers I had tried before. And honestly I feel as though the ingredients in the product have helped give my skin a healthy glow! This product is a must!

Ashleigh R. Nov 30 2018


I have only used the primer once when my Crunchi advocate put some of their makeup on my face but I really liked it at that time! I was waiting for the Black Friday sales to detox my makeup bag and the primer was one of my very first purchases! I cannot wait for it to get here!

Ashleigh B. Nov 30 2018


Love this primer! It is super light weight and I love how smooth it makes my face feel. It makes it super easy to apply the rest of my makeup.

Verified Purchase
Beverly H. Nov 30 2018

Best Primer Ever!!!

I absolutely love this primer! It makes my skin feel so incredibly smooth and it helps my makeup look seamless. My super sensitive skin has thanked me for switching to Crunchi!

Verified Purchase
Jessica F. Nov 30 2018

So soft!

I love how soft and silky this primer is on my skin. I had never used a primer before and was really skeptical that it would make a difference, but it's really been amazing and I feel like it's taken my makeup game to a whole new level.

Brittany K. Nov 30 2018

Silk in a bottle!

I have always used a primer but none compare to Crunchi's Smart Primer. It leaves my skin so smooth and the ingredients have healed the blemishes on my skin so quickly! I wear it everyday whether I wear makeup or not! A must have!

Rebecca V. Nov 30 2018

This primer is the magical unicorn of primers! Simply the best!

I am REALLY impressed with this primer. By far it is the most moisturizing and non-greasy primer I have ever tried. Store-brand and prestige brands of primer all just dried out my combination skin and made it gross to put on makeup afterward. I was at the point where I thought primer wasn't worth the hassle. But I was SO wrong because Crunchi's primer is the magical unicorn of primers that I thought didn't exist, but it is rich and soothing and doesn't make me breakout. IT IS SIMPLY AMAZING!

Ashley M. Nov 30 2018


I never knew what primer was until I was introduced to Crunchi. Let’s just say I was missing out. This stuff is amazing, it goes on light and my makeup lasts all day. I also love the orange scent too.

Verified Purchase
Jennifer J. Nov 30 2018

Best Primer Hands Down!!!

Can’t get enough of this. Love the way it feels under the flawless foundation! Such awesome products!

Megan  Nov 30 2018


I wear this every day...even the days I don’t wear makeup!

Katie L. Nov 30 2018

Light and effective

It felt like I wasn’t even wearing any. A little really goes a long way and made my foundation look so much smoother. I love it!

Lisa H. Nov 30 2018

Best around

I can’t say enough about this primer. It feels great, it’s safe, organic and I love that my routine starts this way - Crunchi is the best!!!

Verified Purchase
Allison K. Nov 30 2018

Must Have!

When first using Crunchi, I thought "psh, primer what's that for?" Now - I wouldn't use my Crunchi without it! Soft, smooth, hydrating - Smart Primer is everything you want for your face, to prep and make your beauty layers last!

Kristina L. Nov 30 2018

The best one ever

I have tried them ALL. None of them really worked. This company was right up my alley. No chemicals actually good for you-- not green washing, and it WORKS!! No joke I have tried drug store, high end, and other direct sales none compare. I will even wear this all by itself it makes my skin feel so good. I don't feel like I am wearing a mask-- my skin can breathe!

Verified Purchase
Allie M. Nov 30 2018

Great buy

I have never been one to wear primer and this is totally a game changer! Couldn't be happier!

Pamela H. Nov 30 2018


I have never had my face feel so smooth after using this product (Primer) My face feels so soft and smooth and I wont ever buy anything else. Thanks Taylor for getting involved in these products so "we" can use them

Verified Purchase
Sandra R. Nov 30 2018

Crunchi Primer

I switched my primer to Crunchi and never looked back. This Primer has amazing performance and is never greasy. I work in the entertainment industry and Crunchi Primer holds my makeup all day and night on the set. It’s a definite winner!!

Marilyn J. Nov 30 2018

The perfect base for the foundation

I've tried with and without the primer and it really does make such a difference with. Gives me such a beautiful airbrushed finish by the time I'm done.

Shelly H. Nov 29 2018

Weightless and moisturizing

I’ve always been a fan of the silicone based primers that would fill in all my pores and wasn’t sure I would like this option but knew I was needing to switch for the health of my skin and removing toxins is very important to me. I shouldn’t have worried because I love this primer and its moisturizing quality. I did find that it works best when it is completely dry before using foundation. Will repurchase for life.

Jennifer D. Nov 29 2018

Smart Primer

I never used a primer in the past, but absolutely love this one! It makes my skin feel so silky and smooth. An added benefit is it smells wonderful!

Wendy B. Nov 29 2018

Perfect start

I never used a primer before Crunchi, and I just LOVE this product! It is the perfect start to my face. It's smooth and rich and makes pitting on the foundation a dream.

Rachel M. Nov 29 2018

The best primer!

The smoothest, most lightweight primer I have ever used. Balances my skin helping my foundation look flawless. I love wearing it even when I don’t wear foundation for the smooth and even look it gives to my face.

Verified Purchase
Kimberly M. Nov 29 2018


I love how moisturizing this primer is! It makes such a huge difference in how my foundation looks and lasts!!

Verified Purchase
Brianne S. Nov 29 2018

Brianne S.

I absolutely love this primer and to be honest with you I use it as my morning moisturizer every day! Even on the days that I don't wear much makeup I will put this on my face and it is so light weight but so amazing for my skin. I live in a very dry area and my skin just drinks this primer right up! I would highly recommend using this primer, it makes my makeup look wonderful and my skin happy!

Stephanie  Nov 29 2018

Bye bye redness

I have tried multiple name brand, high price primers. And by far crunchi is absolutely the best. I was turned on to this product by my hairdresser because I was constantly complaining of my rosy, rosy, rosy red cheeks. No product that I have ever tried has been able to disguise the redness or it clumped up and it was heavy feeling. I tried this product and immediately fell in love. If you are searching for a lightweight product that not only disguises redness, but nutures your skin...buy this!

Brianna  Nov 29 2018

First & Forever

I had never used a primer before Crunchi, and will now keep this in my makeup bag forever! It's smooth, and is great for all day stay! LOVE IT!

Sara W. Nov 29 2018


Best Primer out there! Favorite product!

Kimberly M. Nov 29 2018

Smart Primer is outstanding!

I love this primer! I am on my second bottle of it. I wear it even if I don't put on foundation. It feels so light and fresh on my face. I was worried it would aggravate my rosecea,but it actually helps it!

Verified Purchase
Katie L. Nov 29 2018


I never knew I needed a primer until I was introduced to Crunchi. Let me just say this is my favorite product! My skin feels amazing when I use the primer.

Larissa B. Nov 29 2018


This primer is nothing short of miraculous. It has completely evened out my skin tone, minimized my huge pores and feels SO soft and smooth. It’s amazing with the foundation but I wear it everyday now, even if I don’t plan to wear makeup. It’s my favorite product and I’m obsessed!

Aimee  Nov 29 2018


I love this stuff! It feels so silky and smooth on my face. It is a great addition under the foundation for a flawless look.

Erin M. Nov 29 2018

Mind blown

I never really gave into "you need a primer or your foundation won't look as good" but once I tried this one from a friend, I was amazed. Not only did it feel so good on my skin, my foundation looked great.

Verified Purchase
Erin R. Nov 29 2018

Amazing and Smooth!

I LOVE this primer! It glides on silky smooth blurring lines and pores. I also love wearing it on no make-up days.

Andrea A. Nov 29 2018

So smooth

This stuff makes my face feel so smooth! Love it

Cepeda C. Nov 29 2018

Silky Soft

I love the Primer! I like the way it smells, how thick it is, how good it feels on my face, and how well it makes my skin feel. I don't fee like it stuck on my face. It doesn't leave it greasy. I use it as primer and sometimes even as my moisturizer if I don't have my daylight. It has helped with my scars so much. Scars give me tons of dark spots and I had a lot of them, but this really helped me especially for before my wedding day! I recommend it!

Darlene T. Nov 29 2018


I had a problem with wearing liquid foundation because it would pool in the pores on my nose and chin. No more! With Smart Primer I now have a smooth finish to my foundation! Thank you Crunchi!!!

Verified Purchase
Jordan M. Nov 29 2018


I’ve struggled to find a primer that doesn’t leave my skin more oily than what I start with! This is amazing stuff!

Kaley M. Nov 29 2018

Best product ever

I love the way my skin feels now after using the primer for about 9 months. I even wear it on my no make up days. My skin is softer and more even using it.

kandee f. Nov 29 2018


Love this it is my first experience with a primer and I am in love. Feels lightweight like your skin can breathe.

Verified Purchase
amber c. Nov 29 2018

Amber C

I absolutely love this primer!

Stephanie D. Nov 29 2018

Love the feel and performance!

Definitely helps my skin look it’s best and it feels soft as silk! Great as a hand cream as well!

Cary T. Nov 29 2018

A must have item!

I’m on my 3rd bottle!!! Love this primer. It’s a must have because it makes my foundation blend so much better. I mix the primer with the foundation to make it more like a BB cream or a lighter foundation coverage.

Amy G. Nov 29 2018


When you put a spot of on your face it feels like a tiny satin pillow! It's amazing! Very lightweight and moisturizing. I do think it's way overpriced, but it really is a great product!

Jess R. Nov 29 2018

Smart Primer

This is a must have! Best primer I have ever used, and it’s toxin free!! Love it!

Verified Purchase
Alex R. Nov 29 2018


I had a sample of this stuff and had to order some RIGHT when I finished it. This primer leaves my face feeling so smooth and keeps my makeup on for hours!

Verified Purchase
Rachel G. Nov 29 2018

Perfect Primer

There is NOT one thing I would change about this primer. From the ingredients to the way it feels on my skin... my primer search has a perfect ending!

Amber  Nov 29 2018


This primer has changed my life and only three months if I could post pictures so you could see if you could tell a difference I have lupus a stay home mom of four children I was not wanting to leave my home because my face was so broken I look like a monster now today I only have a little minimal scarring left thanks to the primer

Kasey S. Nov 29 2018

Prime time!

I just received mine and it feels so light but helps give my skin that healthy flawless look - never going without again!

Ashley T. Nov 29 2018

Best primer I have ever used

Name any brand of primer, chances are I have definitely tried it. Forced myself to love one that everybody else loved for years but it still wasn't for me.. Then I purchased this primer & I will never buy another brand. It's lightweight, nourishing, GOOD for your skin and a little bit goes a long way! Just can't beat it.

Pam B. Nov 29 2018

Primer Excellence!

I love this primer. Creates a smooth canvas to apply my foundation, along with adding moisture to my skin. My complexion has improved as well. The only thing that could make it better was if it had spf added.

Verified Purchase
Carin P. Nov 29 2018

Best Primer Ever!

I have tried lots of primers in the past but only this one has made a significant change. I have dry and sensitive skin- and this primer goes on light but at the same time continues to hydrate and moisturize your skin the entire day!! Love the smell n can’t get enough of this magic in a bottle!

Verified Purchase
Katie K. Nov 29 2018

Love it!

I love this primer! It is so moisturizing and lays the perfect base before putting on foundation!

Natalie  Nov 29 2018

Smart Primer

This primer makes my skin look and feel plump and smooth all day. Love it with foundation or without.

Verified Purchase
Mayara C. Nov 29 2018


This is the only primer I am willing to use. It doesn’t break out my sensitive skin. It is also lightweight and feels smooth and silky.

Cherisse W. Nov 29 2018

Best Primer

I dont wear make up, like ever so when I tried Crunchi for the first time I went all out and purchases the primer. I'm in love! It's so light it doesn't even feel like I'm applying it. It keeps my eye shadow in place all day long and the best part is my skin has never broken out with it!

Danielle  Nov 29 2018

Primer AND Skin Care All in One!

I love the primer, it makes my face feel so soft and supple! I have combination skin so it’s nice to use when I’m super dry BUT doesn’t make me any oiler when my face is on the oiler side.

Jess F. Nov 29 2018

Silky Smooth

I fell in LOVE with this primer the first time I used it! I've never felt anything so smooth!!! I never used to use primer before but I noticed a huge difference in the lasting time of my makeup once I started using the primer with my foundation. This product is now a MUST for me!

Elise W. Nov 29 2018

I won’t go without!

I absolutely love this Smart Primer! Whether I am applying a full face, a “tinted moisturizer “ lol, or no make up at all, this is ALWAYS in my daily routine! It feels like silk going on my face and isn’t shiny or sticky feeling. It’s truly my favorite product to use! I love that it performs wonderfully and I don’t have to worry at all about what I’m putting on my skin!

Tabatha B. Nov 29 2018

Wow wow wow

I cannot believe the difference that this primer makes. I have pretty large pores which stick out like craters on the moon, but this primer fills them in so wonderfully to give me that smooth face finish I’ve longer for! Incredible product!

Verified Purchase
Lindsey W. Nov 29 2018

Silk on My Face!!!!

I love the feel of this Primer!!! I can't believe how healthy it is AND how much performance it provides. My makeup looks so fresh all day with Crunchi's Smart Primer!!!

Verified Purchase
Brittany H. Nov 29 2018

MUST have.

This stuff is the best. I wear it even on days when I'm not doing a full face of makeup, and it has done WONDERS for my skin tone. I've been using Crunchi's primer, foundation & flat top brush for a year now and I'll never ever go back.

Brie G. Nov 29 2018

Best thing ever

I had never used primer before trying Crunchi's Smart Primer and now I'll never stop using it. Before Crunchi had skin care I used this to moisturize my face because I loved how it made my skin feel. Now I use it before any makeup goes on my face after my Daylight and it works so great! My makeup stays all day long, amazing.

Tammy H. Nov 29 2018

Slightly Addicted!

I have become somewhat addicted to this primer! Being an older woman with skin starting to mature this has been a game changer for me! It is so silky and soothing and smooths my skin prior to foundation miraculously! Even when I don’t wear my foundation I find that I want to put this on every day just for the feel and smell of it! I have to remind myself it’s not a moisturizer and that it is a primer but it is packed with so much goodness!

Danyel B. Nov 29 2018

Love it

I got a sample of this to try as I have sensitive skin and pron to acne. When i use any type of moisturizer or make up. I used the primer for 2 days in a row and I couldnt believe how good my face felt or that I didnt get any zits the next day because usually get about 3 and use a cover up for special occasions, but now I feel more confident in using my make up for everyday wear.

Desha L. Nov 29 2018

Love my primer

I've been using this primer for about a month now and I just love it! Along with the daylight cream and foundation, my face feels silky smooth!

Amie  Nov 29 2018


The primer feels like silk on my face. It truly makes a difference to how my make up looks on me. I am so happy I made the jump and will not be looking back at my other make up products.

Verified Purchase
ashley v. Nov 29 2018


This primer is so lightweight and smells amazing & fills in those lines so wel. Even helps hydrate my skin!

Taylor H. Nov 29 2018

Silk primer!

Love this primer!! It creates such a smooth surface for your makeup, and it is so soft and silky feeling on your skin!

Robin B. Nov 29 2018

Love this!

I love this primer - it goes on so easily, and feels so good on my skin!

Susan H. Nov 29 2018

Smart Primer

The primer is so Amazing! Even if I am not wearing any foundation, I put primer on every morning. My skin feels so soft! I use it on my eyelids And lips too!

Michelle H. Nov 29 2018

Feels so good

This primer feels like silk going on. It is a must to wear under the Crunchi foundation

CaitPete  Nov 29 2018


I had never used primer before my foundation and I had no idea how big of a difference it makes! I love the way this primer feels so much that even on days I don’t wear makeup I still put this on! It just makes my skin feel so so soft!

Verified Purchase
Erica U. Nov 29 2018


The Crunchi primer is one of the best I have tried and it makes me happy knowing that it is toxic free. The primer allows me to have a more flawless face where my pores disappear while allowing me to use less of the Crunchi foundation giving a much more natural look.

Alysha  Nov 29 2018

The Best Ever

I love this primer! It has totally helped improve my complexion and I will never go back to anything else! If you mix the Foundation and the Primer together, it also makes a bomb bb cream.

Dina R. Nov 29 2018

Great mixed with foundation

I love using the primer mixed with foundation. Gives it more of a BB cream feel, and the coverage is great. A little goes a long way!!

Melinda  Nov 29 2018

Lightweight and Healing

This primer has been a game changer for me! I have very sensitive/dry skin and have had a hard time not just finding something I can put on my face, but something that won't break my hands out when applying. Love the texture, the smell and the refreshing feeling when wearing this primer.

Stephanie L. Nov 29 2018

The Ultimate Primer!

I am now a loyal lover of primer, but only THIS primer. I had tried several primers that were ok but I was never a huge fan but this primer not only fills my fine lines and pores for smoother foundation application but it feels so amazingly soft too!

Jessica  Nov 29 2018

Lightweight primer comfortable for even oily skin

The primer is the best I have tried thus far in my adventures in make up. I have oily skin, yet it can be dried out by too harsh of treatments. This primer set the stage for a light application of the Crunchi foundation - I only like light makeup and a natural look - and made wrinkles and fine lines disappear. I really noticed how well it hides fine lines and wrinkles after skipping it one day, going all natural, and then a look in a mirror was slightly shocking. Eekk!

Crystal. M. Nov 29 2018

Creamy and Light

The primer I wasnt to sure about to be honest, I live in Arizona and I didnt want heavy cream on my face but my consultant Jenny told me to just try it. It was soft, smooth and creamy I first rubbed it on my hand because I didnt want a heavyweight cream on my face. The consistency was rich yet light I ended up rubbing it on my face and it smelled amazing and Didnt feel heavy at all.

Niya I. Nov 29 2018

I use it daily

I use this everyday, even on days I don’t wear makeup. My skin feels like it is sighing with pleasure when I put it on.

Verified Purchase
Nikki R. Nov 29 2018

Silk for the skin

This is my favorite Crunchi product. It's like putting silk on your skin. My skin has never felt or looked better since finding this game changer. You NEED this. What a difference it makes worn underneath my foundation. This is a must have! Bonus points because it's safe for my daughter.

Jocelyn  Nov 29 2018


I always start with this lightweight primer. Does help foundation last but I do have to still reapply makeup again later in the day if I will be out all day as I can’t get my coverage to last the whole day, but it definitely helps! I go through a bottle of this in a month or 6 weeks at that rate.

Sammi B. Nov 29 2018


I’ve never used primer before this one and I now regret what I have been missing all this time! It’s saving me so much makeup AND nourishing my skin! Win-win!

Sarah B. Nov 29 2018


I love this primer! It feels and smells great. Also, I truly believe it helped dramatically reduce scarring on my face that was left from a skin infection. I wasn’t using it for that reason, but it definitely worked some magic!

Molly C. Nov 29 2018

Game changer! Get this!

I never used a primer in my life. When I made the switch to Crunchi, this was highly recommended. I decided to try it. It makes my skin feel like silk! It smells amazing, feels so moisturizing but also very lightweight! I can do my makeup at 7am and it still looks great that evening thanks to this primer! You will not be disappointed if you buy this!

LaTasha B. Nov 29 2018

Beautifully light and hydrating!

A primer I feel Nourishes my skin rather than harming it. I haven’t looked back since I started using it almost 2 years ago!

Misty G. Nov 29 2018

So smooth and light

I use about a pea size of the primer. This primer is so light and soft. I let dry for a few minutes before applying foundation and I don’t even feel it on my face. Awesome product!

Courtney L. Nov 29 2018

Feels amazing

Crunchi primer is amazing! It is so light weight but makes your face feel so refreshed and hydrated. So glad I found this product!

Kendra U. Nov 29 2018

Liquid Gold!!

The Smart Primer is AhhhMazing and a total game changer! My skin has never felt this great! A day doesn’t go by that I don’t use my Smart Primer!

Verified Purchase
Jennifer K. Nov 29 2018

please make this by the GALLON!

I absolutely love this primer and feel great knowing it's not harming my heath. Before finding Crunchi, I bounced around brands at high end makeup stores but could never find one that didn't clog my pores. My face feels amazing after applying and even wear on days that I don't wear makeup.

Mandy Y. Nov 29 2018


I am so thankful to have found this primer. It not only works magic as a base for the foundation, but it has really helped improve my skin, too! I've definitely noticed my skin tone has evened and pores are smaller.

Courtney  Nov 29 2018


This primer is the perfect start to my make up routine! Some days I only wear the primer. It is so soft on my skin. LOVE LOVE IT!

Abby S. Nov 29 2018

So silky!

I never used a primer before I got this one. It’s so silky and easy to apply! Once, I tested it out by only doing half my face with this primer. The foundation over it looked much more even and lasted longer than the side that didn’t have it.

Verified Purchase
Taylor L. Nov 29 2018

Best product in the line!

This primer is a game changer. Skin looks smooth when this is used under the foundation, and it holds it in place all day! I even use it in my hair as a heat protectant!

Verified Purchase
Lilllith B. Nov 29 2018

Like Butter

It's so silky. You'll want this on your face, even if you don't feel like wearing makeup that day. It helps my makeup last longer too!

Carla H. Nov 29 2018

Smart Primer

This product is amazing. I use it not only as a primer before applying my foundation, but also on my hair to protect it from the heat of my straightener. It leaves my hair amazingly soft.

Verified Purchase
Lisa R. Nov 29 2018


I didn’t realize how necessary using primer really was until I tried this one. I was very surprised and absolutely pleased with the results. I placed my order and I am trying to wait patiently for it :)

Jessica  Nov 29 2018


This is hands down my favorite Crunchi product! It is the most moisturizing, flaw covering, perfecting product I have ever used! I use at least 2-3 pumps per day on my face. I mix it with my Beautifully Flawless Foundation to get the most flawless look ever! This product goes FAR above & beyond! Great for mature skin!

Kara R. Nov 29 2018

primer - love it!

Love the primer! It feels so soft and gives me such a flawless and smooth finish after I apply my makeup!

Mary B. Nov 29 2018


This primer feels so great on my skin, makes my foundation last longer and has improved my skins texture. This is a must have!

Verified Purchase
Bridget H. Nov 29 2018

So Smooth

This stuff is so creamy and smooth ... feels like a treat when I put it on before my daily makeup routine. Not heavy or sticky feeling. Love it!

Erica D. Nov 29 2018

Feels so nourishing!

There is something about this product that makes my face smile! It’s so gentle yet packed with power. I love applying this even on my makeupless days!

Ashley P. Nov 29 2018

Best primer ever!!

This primer is silky smooth and makes my makeup go on smooth and last all day!!

Verified Purchase
Sarah L. Nov 29 2018

Love this primer!

I love the Crunchi smart primer! I had tried other primers, but never used them consistently because I didn't like how they felt. The Crunchi primer is so light weight and feels so good on my skin. It is the perfect base to build on.

Jill J. Nov 29 2018

Smart Primer

Having combination skin and very sensitive skin, Smart Primer works wonders and last all day. I can wear it with or without makeup and a little bit goes a long way. I am very happy with this product and would purchase it again.

Stephanie M. Nov 29 2018

Smart Primer

This is a product I cannot live without. It is so silky smooth and I love how it makes my foundation application look flawless. I use it even on days that i don’t use foundation.

leeza z. Nov 29 2018

nice product

love it! feels good!

Ashley M. Nov 29 2018

Best Primer Ever!

I absolutely love this Primer! It has made such a huge difference in my skin, and my makeup goes on so smoothly with it, and helps to give me that perfect, light coverage that I love!

Shannon G. Nov 29 2018

Little goes a long way

I’m pretty pleased with this primer. It spreads well where I don’t need to use a lot so the bottle has been lasting me a while.

Stacie R. Nov 29 2018

Luxurious & multi purposeful!

This primer is so luxurious and keep my make up looking fresh all day long! Sometimes I wear it just in its own and have even applied it to the ends of my hair after styling! I absolutely love it!!!

Holly K. Nov 29 2018


I’ve always hated primer because it left my face feeling oily... well this is a whole different world. I am obsessed with this Primer because it doesn’t make me feel oily and really hydrates my skin for foundation application. I am in love.

Abby S. Nov 29 2018

So silky!

Love the primer! It’s super silky and makes my skin feel great. I recently tested out half my face with the primer and half without, and the foundation looked so much smoother on the side with the primer, and that side looked better by the end of the day.

Verified Purchase
Elizabeth C. Nov 29 2018

Primer is the bomb

I love this primer! It smells wonderful! It closes up my pores and makes the foundation look even better.

Amy V. Nov 29 2018


This primer feels so lightweight on my skin! It’s so creamy and smooth, moisturizing but doesn’t leave me oily.

Brianna B. Nov 29 2018

Best primer ever!

LOVE this primer. The primers I have used previously were very thin and felt more “oily” to me. This primer feels more “silky” and makes my face feel so soft! Not to mention, I can tell a huge difference in the way my makeup looks and lasts when I use this primer. Definitely a must have!

Taylor S. Nov 29 2018


I love Crunchis primer! It moisturizes and primes and smells AMAZING all in one! Not to mention it covers great and the bottle lasts for a long time. I recommend it with the foundation to all my friends!

Emily M. Nov 29 2018


Love how if makes my skin feel and the smell is amazing!! It makes my foundation go on so smooth!

Rosa U. Nov 29 2018

Love this!!!

Im not a wear primer kind of girl, everytime i went to the beauty counters they would put it on and i would take it off, i didnt like the way it made my face feel, but when i tried this one it was awesome! light weight, absorbs well and leaves my skin shine free for 8 + hours love this product.

AmberNicole  Nov 29 2018

Great primer

I need you seen this primer for a couple of weeks now. I have had no bad reaction to it and it feels very nice on my skin! The only reason I gave it four stars instead of five because if I were to compare it to the Clinique primer I had been using, I like it less. It’s not quite as thick and my make up seems to crease some in my chin area or even look a little dry around my mouth. I’m not sure as to whether it’s the primer or foundation. Best chemical free primer I’ve used though :-)

Verified Purchase
Savannah K. Nov 29 2018

Satin Skin

I have never used primers before because they seemed like a waste of money. However, one pump of this on my skin and I was sold. Who knew something so weightless would be so powerful!

Melissa M. Nov 29 2018

You thought you didn’t need it, but you do!!

I’ve never used a primer, never thought I needed one...but I love this product! It feels amazing going on, your makeup goes on smoother and stays on longer. A must have!

Verified Purchase
Kelsey P. Nov 29 2018

Love this product!

This primer is amazing! I use it every single day (especially on days when I'm not wearing any makeup!) It provides a perfect layer for the beautifully flawless foundation. The smell is wonderful and it's silky smooth!

Verified Purchase
Amy N. Nov 29 2018

Flawless Finish with Primer!

I had never used a primer and when introduced to the CRUNCHI primer, I had NO IDEA what I had been missing! True story - had both the primer and flawless foundation on and used the #1 flat top brush to apply and when I told someone my kids were 3 and 11 months and that I was 45, her jaw literally dropped! She said "wow, you look amazing and your skin is beautiful! I thought you were 35!" I will never go without this combination again. Primer is a MUST for that flawless finish!

Karis  Nov 29 2018

Found THE one

I’ve been using this primer for a couple months now and I’m blown away. I’ve never been a huge fan of primers I never thought they really helped my makeup stay on but this one is completely different. First off it feels amazing on the skin. It’s hard to describe because it doesn’t feel like other primers I’ve tried. It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. It also makes it feel very moisturized. On top of that it makes my makeup even more flawless.

Melissa K. Nov 29 2018

Best primer ever

I love this primer and glad I was introduced to it!! I wear every day and the bottle last a very long time!! Definitely worth adding to your daily routine!

Megan f. Nov 29 2018


I’ve never been able to wear primer! It always makes me break out!! Finally found one that’s actually helped my skin!! Plus it makes my makeup last all day! Love it!

Lily B. Nov 29 2018


This is without a doubt the BEST primer I have ever used! I especially love the soothing organic aloe, and it’s ability to reduce the appearance of my pores!

RaeLynn S. Nov 29 2018

Smart Primer

Cannot say enough about the primer. This goes on so smooth and makes my face feel so soft. Definitely a favorite of mine.

Kristen B. Nov 29 2018

Amazing stuff!

This stuff is magical! I absolutely love the feel of this primer. Smooths fine lines and wears super well. You won't be disappointed!

Katie S. Nov 29 2018


I absolutely LOVE the primer!!! So lightweight and makes my face feel amazingly soft!

Verified Purchase
Carly P. Nov 29 2018

My FAVORITE product!

I love primer and I know the benefits of it. It's been years since I've found a primer that I LOVE. This is what sold me on the whole line of Crunchi. It works beautifully with the whole system but if I could only pick a few products, I would use this one without anything else. The foundation and primer are the WINNING pair. Thanks Crunchi for creating a product I love and feel confident in using. It's been years of research to get me here.

Shannon K. Nov 29 2018

Smart primer

Love this primer! It has helped control my oil so much, plus it feels so smooth and light.

Ana D. Nov 29 2018


I can tell a huge difference in foundation coverage and appearance when I use this primer vs when i skip the step.

Kiara  Nov 29 2018

Liquid silk

Hands down the best primer I've ever used. This slides on like silk and leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft, perfect! I mix a pump with my foundation for a kind of homemade bb cream.

Meredith K. Nov 29 2018

Amazing primer!

This primer is so amazing! It’s lightweight and doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily. I tend to have oily skin and this primer helps keep my makeup in place.

Theresa D. Nov 29 2018

Theresa D

I love how the smart primer makes my skin feel and helps with the way fine lines. I just ordered my second bottle!

Jackie  Nov 29 2018

Smart Primer is a Miracle lotion!!

This Primer is A-Mazing!! It is the perfect base for your foundation and makeup and lasts all day!!

Verified Purchase
Kelly A. Nov 29 2018

Liquid Gold

This primer has made a world of difference for my makeup appearance AND longevity! I'm so happy I found Crunchi!

Lisa D. Nov 29 2018


You can’t just call this primer. It’s an amazing skin-soother and skin-nourisher that I can’t live without, and it helps my foundation go on flawlessly.

Ashley D. Nov 29 2018

Best for healing acne prone skin!

Don’t waste your money, buy this primer and see and feel the difference! Crunchi Smart primer has healed a client of mines acne prone skin like nothing else! She has battled lupus and it was tearing her skin apart, until she found this primer! Now her skin is clearer, and with the foundation she has beautiful coverage for the scars that are still healing! She’s on,y used for three months!

Verified Purchase
Amanda B. Nov 29 2018

Hands down amazing!

I have tried many many primers in my time and this is just a miracle worker! Love the smell, feel, and how amazing my skin looks after putting it on, even without foundation I can tell a difference. I've never had such a great primer that was so healthy for my skin!

Chelsea  Nov 29 2018

Simply the best

This is by far the best primer I have used! So light and doesn’t leave my skin oily

Verified Purchase
Heather R. Nov 29 2018

Love this primer!

I used a very cheap face primer before finding Crunchi and I immediately felt the difference once I tried the Smart Primer! It feels so lightweight on my skin! I just ordered more because I am running low!

Julie Y. Nov 29 2018

Silky smooth!

I love how the primer goes on and leaves my skin silky smooth! It does a good job of filling in fine lines and taking the foundation to the next level!

Verified Purchase
Meredith B. Nov 29 2018


I love the way this product creates a perfect base for my foundation and my eye shadow.

Abby C. Nov 29 2018

Abby C.

This primer is the real deal. I've never used primer before using Crunchi's and cannot imagine going a day without it now. It makes my face feel soft and helps my makeup last longer. Love it!

Veronica C. Nov 28 2018

Smart Primer

This Smart Primer is so amazing! It has a silky feel going on and dries nicely. It can be worn alone to improve the look of your skin or underneath your foundation. It has nourishing ingredients and I would highly recommend this product.

Verified Purchase
Allie M. Nov 28 2018

A must

I have never been one to wear primer but this is a total game changer! Must have :)

Paula  Nov 28 2018

Smart primer

Want to make your skin feel refreshed?? This is the products. Love it

Tracy  Nov 28 2018


My absolute all time favorite!!! I use it even if I don’t wear makeup!! The rose hip in it makes all the difference! It feels and smells good!!

Diana F. Nov 28 2018

Awesome Primer

Crunchi Primer goes on smooth and feels silky. The perfect base for the Crunchi foundation.

Natalie F. Nov 28 2018

Best primer!

I had NEVER used a primer before this one. I guess I am now spoiled! I don't wear a lot of makeup and the primer is the perfect lightweight coverage my face needs.

Jennifer K. Nov 28 2018

Love this primer

I absolutely love this crunchi primer. It made my skin feel so soft and smooth.

Stacey S. Nov 28 2018

Smart Primer

This is the first product I ever ordered from Crunchi and I am so glad it was. Since I have started using this product I have told everyone that they need this in there life! It’s absolutely amazing! I love it!

Verified Purchase
Trisha B. Nov 28 2018


This primer is absolutely amazing, it makes my face so soft! It's actually clearing my acne up!

Ashley G. Nov 28 2018


I have never ever used primer before. .88i n fact. I had no idea what it even was. Kelly gave me a sample as well as a sample of foundation... oh my gosh!!! I did a trial run with and without... what a difference. My make sets better on my face and feels amazing as well. I LOVE this stuff!!

Mary P. Nov 28 2018

This primer is a MUST

Hands down this is the most incredible primer ever! This light weight product aborbs quickly and provides for a smooth flawless finish. I will never use any foundation ever again without this primer! Way to go Crunchi!

Jamie J. Nov 28 2018

My cure all

I love to use this product for everything. It fixes boo boos, heals dry skin patches, and just feels like velvet. I can’t believe how high performing it is. I can never again apply makeup without a primer because of this amazingness.

Clare H. Nov 28 2018

Love using primer now!

I’m 62 years young and have never used primer before this year. I love this product. My face looks younger with less fine lines. My foundation just glides on. Wonderful product! Most days I mix it with my foundation for a quick, lightweight coverage.

Verified Purchase
Deborah H. Nov 28 2018

I love this primer!

I have never been able to use primer before because every one I've tried made my face break out. This primer, combined with the no. 1 flattop brush and the foundation has truly been a game changer for me. I'm 61 and these products have shaved at least 10 years off of my face! Yay! I also love the way the primer keeps the makeup looking great throughout the day! Unlike all the other green brands I've used, this one truly performs like no other. This primer feels like silk on your skin!

Verified Purchase
Stephanie W. Nov 28 2018

Primer...can't live without it!

Even when I'm not wearing make-up I wear the primer! It helps prevent break outs, promotes even distribution of other products and I can't live without it :)

Laci H. Nov 28 2018


Embarrassed to admit that I had never used a primer before! I can’t believe the different it made in the application of my foundation. Love it!

Verified Purchase
Savannah P. Nov 28 2018

Primer for the Win!

This Primer is amazing, not only does it help the beautifully flawless foundation apply smoothly but it also doubles as a heat protector and helps defrizz hair! I call that a win Win WIN! I can't go a day without applying my primer!

Britney B. Nov 28 2018

The most amazing primer!

The moment I tried this primer I fell in love. It not only helps my makeup stay put and look it’s best, but it nourishes and gives my skin so much hydration. I use it even without makeup!

Diane  Nov 28 2018

Smart Primer

Love the silky smooth feeling the primer gives before I apply my foundation.

Angel G. Nov 28 2018


Before Crunchi’s Primer, I thought all primers did was irritate my skin! I couldn’t believe the difference when I first tried Crunchi’s. Not only does it feel super silly & smooth, but it truly brightens my face!!

Hannah L. Nov 28 2018

Love this!

I've never used primer before but what a difference this makes in my foundation. This feel really light and soft and my sensitive skin doesn't react negatively to it at all.

Stacy Y. Nov 28 2018

Can't go with out it!

I had never used a Primer before and now I can't imagine going with out it! It truly sets my overall look and keeps my makeup in place all day! <3

Thereza  Nov 28 2018

Best Primer Ever!

I've never been a big fan of primer until I found this one! It smells amazing, feels great, and works wonders!! Seriously, try it and you will become a believer as well!!

Marci N. Nov 28 2018

All Crunchi Products

I absolutely love all Crunchi products. I literally don't think I could live with out the Smart Primer. My face feels so good with these products and my skin has greatly improved since using Crunchi. Wearing Crunchi makeup is so weightless and feels amazing on your face. I would highly recommend this to anyone!! Love these natural products!!

Verified Purchase
Megan L. Nov 28 2018

The Primer is My favorite!!

I absolutely love this Primer. It is the best Primer I have ever used. My makeup stays on all day. I love how smooth, hydrating, and creamy it is! I even like to wear it on days I do not wear makeup! Great Product!! Highly recommend!!

Christine B. Nov 28 2018

YOU need this!

I never used primer until I found Crunchi and it is now a must have! It makes the foundation go on flawlessly and makes your skin seriously glow!

Verified Purchase
Stefanie M. Nov 28 2018

Love the primer!

It only takes a little bit of this primer. It goes on smooth and feels light.

Verified Purchase
Lori K. Nov 28 2018

Best Primer I've Ever Used!

I love this primer! It goes on very easily, it smells good and it's not oily or even drying like some I've used. I don't feel like I have a primer on at all; rather, it feels like nourishment on my face. The best part is how it hides fine lines and allows my foundation to perform at its highest.

Lori W. Nov 28 2018


I have never used Primer before but wow does this work! It also helps leave my skin so hydrated, but not oily!!

Jillian M. Nov 28 2018

What fine lines??

I had only ever used one other primer before Crunchi’s and did not love it at all. Even though it was a popular and expensive brand, it was oily and made my skin look dull. THIS primer is velvety soft and pairs so well with Crunchi’s foundation. My fine lines are much less noticeable when I use a base of primer as opposed to foundation alone.

Melissa  Nov 28 2018

Only primer I haven’t thrown in my trash can

I tried this primer with low expectations to be completely honest. I’ve never liked primers. In the past I have always felt like primers leave a residue on my skin and make my makeup look like a mask. This primer has changed all that. It feels amazing, it absorbs and makes my pores look more refined. I don’t go a day without it, even makeup free days! Highly recommend this primer. I should also note that I have very sensitive, hormonal acne prone skin and this hasn’t caused any breakouts.

Verified Purchase
Wendy D. Nov 28 2018

Miracle worker!

I am in love with this primer, so smooth and hydrating! It really is a neccesity just like primer for your walls, it helps fill in those pores and allows the foundation to sit so perfectly on my skin! Love love love!

Elizabeth A. Nov 28 2018


The Crunchi Primer is 1 of my favorite products! It is so nourishing & calms my face. The smell is so good too. I suffer from dry skin and this really helps my makeup last all day without falling!

Verified Purchase
Lianne S. Nov 07 2018


Like silk going on my skin- love it so much! Not heavy at all!

Verified Purchase
Hannah S. Jun 29 2018

Wanted to Love It

I’m so sad because I wanted to love this primer. The bottle is gorgeous, the pump top is great, and it feels so good on my skin. Sadly, after several weeks of use, the skin under my eyes started to get dry/patchy/red. I know that the ingredients are all clean, so I’m guessing that it’s the Vitamin E in the primer that is bothering me. I have had contact dermatitis type reactions to Vitamin E in the past, but it doesn’t bother me if it’s a very little bit. So sad!

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Erika M. Jun 07 2018

I was NOT a Primer Girl Until THIS!

I had tried primer in the past and felt like I was wearing a mask. GUESS WHAT!? SMART PRIMER feels like silk as it glides on your skin. It is MAGICAL and makes your face a beautiful canvas on which to apply your BFF!! You will look beautiful and forget you are wearing anything all! Bonus...this primer will help your BFF stay fresh looking all day. What a great find!

Julie T.

Julie T.

I absolutely love this primer! It's so natural feeling and so light weight!

Jill W.

Jill W.

I absolutely love the crunchi primer! It feels good on, keeps my makeup in place all day, and doesn't break out my very sensitive skin!!!

Jennifer B.

Jennifer B.

Love this primer. Lightweight. non greasy. just feels good on my skin.

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Katie G.

Katie G.

This product sold me on crunchi. one of my top favorites. love it alone over sunscreen or under the flawless foundation. truly does everything it claims to do in the description! definitely a must try - you won't want to go back to any department store brand {plus the ingredients will never compare;)}!

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Amy C.

Amy C.

This is an everyday essential, I can't live without it!

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Meagan C.

Meagan C.

I am obsessed with this primer and so are my friends and family I have shared it with. It is so lightweight and makes my skin feel amazing. My only complaint is I wish it came in a bigger bottle! I would literally use it all over!

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I had a forced Hysterectomy two years Ago due to my risk of ovarian cancer. Since Then, my Skin has Changed so Much due to being Forced into menopause. I Started my Crunchi journey With This product and am so grateful I did. It's ability to smooth Out my skin, fill in/plump up my fine lines AND wrinkles AND bring Its texture back to normal Ischedule amazing. I Especially like the pumpkin Earthy scent to It and agree With the Review asking for a Bigger bottle. I'd use This As Daily Body lotion If I could!!!

Laura B.

Laura B.


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Billie P.

Billie P.

I absolutely love love the primer. It makes my MAKEUP go on so great. The product does not make my face breakout and it leaves my face feeling so soft.



This primer is a game changer. A long time primer user I have had difficulty with primers gumming up my makeup. Not with this beauty. I love that it is light on the skin providing moisture while also working wonders under my foundation filling in pores and wrinkles for my flawless foundation application.

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Kris M.

Kris M.

This is a must for perfect application of your makeup &amp; stay on power. Never before has my makeup went on so smoothly plus stays on thru-out the day. Love the way it feels and a little goes a long way.



I NEVER Used Primer Until I TRIED Crunchi. After Being Persuaded By A Friend To Try It Out, NOW I Sometimes Wear IT All By Itself! Yes, I Know It's Meant To BE Used As a Base For Other Makeup (And It Does An Excellent Job At that) But When A Product MAKES Your Face FEEL SO SOFT And Smooth ALL ON ITS OWN, Sometimes That's Enough! I've Been Known To Slather On Some Primer And Head Out The Door! (I'm A Mom Of 4 Young Kids... Don't Judge ME Too Much!) ;)



I only have good things to say about this primer! It's absolutely the best one out there. It smells great, makes my skin feel fantastic, makes my makeup look great, and I feel good about wearing it because it is toxin-free. Definitely a favorite in my makeup bag!



SERIOUSLY.THE.BEST.PRIMER.EVER....and believe me, I've tried a lot of different primers!! My skin loves this stuff, and it keeps my makeup soft, smooth and in place all day! WIN WIN!!

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Bonnie S.

Bonnie S.

this smart primer is top notch. i wish i could bath in it. My face feels so smooth and keeps my make up on all day long. I am always scared of primer since my skin is so acne prone...but i wear this one even on days i dont plan to wear make up. Its an amazing addition to my regime.

Kim C.

Kim C.

This primer is perfect to create a polished look. it makes my skin feel very soft.

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Lauren M.

Lauren M.

Before using crunchi primer i was never sold on it. now i cant apply my makeup WITHOUT it! this primer is the perfect first layer. its extremely soft and light weight. its a must have to make your foundation apply flawlessly!

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Diana E.

Diana E.

This primer goes on so smoothly. it has a silky feel, and yet it is not greasy. it feels very nourishing and, in my experience, it helps makeup stay put for over 12 hours straight. Pair that with the safe ingredients list, and we are all set for a truly flawless face!

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Megan M.

Megan M.

I absolutely love thIs primer. It smells amazing and fills in my pores and fIne lines making a great base for foundation. SOmeTimes i just use the primer with Bronzer and Blush. It is a super versatile product!



I am in love with the smart primer. I love the scent. It goes on so smoothly and makes me skin feel great. No breakouts either on my super fickle skin.

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Kathryn J.

Kathryn J.


Adrienne U.

Adrienne U.

I've never used a primer in my life. this was the first ever and I love it. Makes a great foundation for the flawless foundation. i've worn this in 90 degree very humid weather and it lasted very very well.

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Sandra A.

Sandra A.

The best way to describe the crunchi primer is heavenly! It is so light, non greasy and goes deep into your skin where it works its magic. Like painting a wall you must 1st prime the canvas or in this case your face



This primer is awesome! It is so soft and smooth. There is no sticky feeling and my skin glows with enjoyment after I use it.

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Jessica M.

Jessica M.

I no longer use a moisturizer on my face. This IS my moosturizer! I wear this primer even withoUt foundation!

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Tami R.

Tami R.

this is hands down my favorite product from crunchi. my skin has never felt or looked better.

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I'd like to prime my whole body with this magic potion! Seriously the best primer I've ever used. A little goes a long way. I prime my eyelids &amp; lips, too.

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Karen F.

Karen F.

The Smart Primer feels magical on my face,neck and hands! The rich antioxidant oils feel so light yet provide enough hydrating moisture and the perfect base for foundation.

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Christa K.

Christa K.

The Smart Primer is a must have! It goes on smooth and is not sticky. A great base layer before using foundation but I also use it alone with a little blush then mascara and i am ready to tackle the day.

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I have used other brands And always feel my skin is oily or feels heavy. This primer is perfect and my MAKEUP looks flawless.

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