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Shattered® Mascara

Shattered® Mascara delivers unstoppable length, lift, and volume and has now been reformulated for enhanced lash adherence. 

Designed with drama in mind, Shattered® Mascara adds definition with a glossy, high-pigment finish, giving the eyes the spotlight they deserve. Layer multiple applications for a buildable, high-impact look that will outdo even the best false lashes. The end result: bold, next-level lashes.

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Customer Reviews

Ginny S. Jul 16 2021

Best I’ve ever used!

First time I put it on, I poked myself in the eye with the wand and it didn’t hurt or burn or anything!! That’s a huge deal!! Every mascara I’ve tried over the years has irritated my eyes and this one doesn’t!

Kayt  Jul 14 2021


I had high hopes for the new formula. Within minutes it was flaking off of my lashes. I tried all of the tricks I could think of (setting with powder underneath my eyes, etc.) over the course of several days and each time it flaked right off. I am so disappointed because I love how long and full this mascara makes my lashes look. If you have oily lids like I do, this mascara might not be for you.

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Charity H. Jul 13 2021

Still Flaking Sadly!

I was so hopeful with this improved formula there would be no flaking, but sadly I’m still having a LOT of flaking. I’ve tried using the finishing powder on my lashes, I always wait until my Crunchi skincare sinks into my skin, and I always use the finishing powder around my eyes to set my makeup. I like how black the color is, doesn’t clump, and holds my curl pretty well…I love how my lashes look with this formula, but I cannot handle the flaking as it’s unwearable for me. :(

Kristi  Jul 12 2021


This was a mess to deal with. Too much comes out on the applicator and globs everywhere. My husband remarked multiple times over my two day trial that there was mascara flaking off on my face. Also when I took my contacts out both nights it was all over them. My eye doctor would definitely not approve. I will not be purchasing this again.

B M. Jul 02 2021

Reformulated mascara is everything and more!

The previous formula always left embarrassing black flakes that would land under my eyes throughout the day. I hated it and would often have to check to make sure they weren’t there periodically throughout the day or before an appointment. I was so stoked when I got the announcement that it had been reformulated, hoping those embarrassing flakes where a thing of the past. This new one DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Black flakes no more!!! Even my husband noticed! LOVE

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