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Shattered® Mascara

Shattered® Mascara delivers unstoppable length, lift, and volume. Designed with drama in mind, Shattered® Mascara adds definition with a glossy, high-pigment finish, giving the eyes the spotlight they deserve. Layer multiple applications for a buildable, high-impact look that will outdo even the best false lashes. The end result: bold, next-level lashes.

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Customer Reviews

Danielle P. Jan 27 2021

Flakes off

I gave this mascara an honest try because I wanted to love it. It flakes off so bad, I am constantly worried I have it all over my face when talking to people. Although it is better then the previous Crunchi mascara, I would not purchase again.

Rebecca L. Jan 26 2021

Flakes off

I love the look of my lashes with this mascara but it flakes off easily. I am self-conscious throughout the day that I have black flakes under my eyes...and if you accidentally touch the flakes, it smudges and looks worse. It would be perfect if it stayed on.

Allison S. Dec 31 2020

I wanted to love this!

Received this mascara as a gift. I was so excited that it was non toxic and safe but unfortunately the quality was not there. Throughout the day when catching a glimpse in the mirror, I noticed I had black flakes all under my eyes. I was not rubbing or touching my eyes at all. I was constantly having to reapply concealer underneath my eyes to fix the mess the mascara was leaving.

Amanda C. Dec 29 2020


I gave it 2 stars because its toxin free and does the job. BUT I don’t like that it clumps together my eye lashes. I also hate the fact that it rubs off on my glasses and flakes off on my face. I really loved Lashes for Days. Please bring it back!

Tiffany V. Dec 28 2020

Expensive; flaky and smears

The mascara status kind of wet. It flakes and smears all over the places. I'm really disappointed in this purchase especially considering how much I spent. To instantly not like it and feel like $30 (tax) plus shipping was wasted really sucks.

Rachel S. Dec 23 2020


I absolutely love CRUNCHI products and was hopeful to finally have found a clean mascara. The product goes on amazing and looks beautiful, but it flakes really bad. By mid to end of day I would have flakes of mascara smeared all under my eyes. I gave it a three for great clean ingredients and initial look, but it did not hold at all.

Becky W. Nov 30 2020


I love this mascara! Goes on beautifully..makes my lashes so long and full. No smell or sting to the eyes and doesn’t run or smudge. So easy to wash off. Love that it’s toxin free and cruelty free. Best I’ve ever used!

Bri B. Sep 15 2020

Sub par

I tried this out excited for a healthy water resistant mascara. While this may be healthy it is not water resistant, and it does not apply smoothly. I will be sticking with my current mascara and am very disappointed I spent $40 for this product

Verified Purchase
Ellen C. Aug 26 2020

Not a fan.

It's a little goopy and messy. I have used other vegan mascaras that were not so rubbery. I am also not a fan of the glass container for some reason. I don't think I will purchase this again.

Dawn M. Aug 06 2020


Bought this 2 months ago. Until recently I thought this mascara was great. However, over the last week it has been not only flaking but by the end of the day I can rub my finger over my lashes and it will literally roll off my lashes. Soooo disappointing. At the end of each day my eyes are irritated most likely because of all the flakes getting in my eyes.

Jody N. Jul 29 2020

"Are they real?" is a question I get asked about my lashes all the time when I wear this mascara!

If you're looking for a clean replacement for YSL, Dior or any of those other mega volume mascaras...look no further! This is gorgeous, leaves my lashes soft and fluttery, it lasts all day without flaking yet is easy to wash off at night. It's perfect! My only, only request to Crunchi would be that they make it in more colors (I'm usually a brown or plum color mascara kind of girl), but otherwise...love!

Denise  Jun 08 2020


I love this mascara! It honestly makes my lashes look so much longer and I LOVE the glass packaging!!! Thank you!

Alyssa J. May 23 2020

May Favorite Mascara

This mascara is perfect! It gives beautiful length and volume with zero clumping.

Betsy H. May 09 2020


I'm loving this new shattered mascara. It gives my eye lashes so much extra volume and completes my look!

Tiffani W. May 09 2020

The clean mascara of my dreams

This mascara is everything I've been wanting and needing in my clean beauty make up bag. It's dark pigmented, applies evenly and easily, can be layered for a more dramatic look, and it doesn't feel heavy. Definitely recommended.

Kelsey A. May 09 2020

Best Ever

I decided to give this mascara a try after being a devoted customer to Lancôme and LOVE it. I am now devoted to Crunchi! This mascara is just the right consistency and gentle on my eyes. It does not leave dark circles and gives my lashes a full and lengthy look. So excited to have found these clean products!

Carista B. May 09 2020

Best Mascara

This mascara is one of the best I have ever purchased!

Lyndsey K. May 09 2020

Best Ever

Love how thick and voluminous it makes my lashes! Love how easy it is to clean up off my eye area after it dries! Paired with the translucent powder! Perfect duo!

Kalleigh E. May 09 2020


This new mascara is incredible! It makes my lashes look as if I’m wearing false lashes and it lasts all day! I love using it in combination with the lash curler to really see the full effect.

Amie C. May 09 2020

My favorite mascara

The first time applying Shattered Mascara, I fell instantly in love. It added so much length and volume! But as the weeks went by I noticed my lashes looking longer and longer, like they use to look before I had kids. I’m so amazed and GRATEFUL to have my long lashes back without compromising my health! Thank you Crunchi!

Verified Purchase
Lauren B. May 09 2020


I have had a difficult time finding the right mascara that doesn't irritate my eyes. I am so happy with this mascara! No strange smell. Fantastic packaging. And goes on smoothly. Super bonus for me is I slept with this on and I had no eye issues the next morning.

Verified Purchase
Marilyn J. May 08 2020

Vavoom!! But be aware you may get flaking.

This mascara is vavoom, and super easy to apply. You will get instant results that really makes your eyelashes pop. However, I still get varying degree of flaking throughout the day. I used the dyer formula 'Lashes for Days' before and it never flaked (once it's on, it's on), so I'm still getting used to the New Mascara. Flaking or no flaking, I still love the New mascara and keep it in my rotation along with 'Lashes for Days'.

Tara T. May 08 2020

Crunchi Mascara

I love this mascara! I am so allergic to everything I wear. This was an awesome purchase!

Katelin C. May 08 2020

So impressed!

I have used both Crunchi mascara’s and this one is absolutely amazing! I am beyond thrilled with the performance of this mascara! I have struggled so long with performance and quality and with this one you get both!

Michelle  May 08 2020

New Mascara

This Mascara is absolutely AMAZING!!! My lashes look so long, they are still soft. All of my expectations have been exceeded.

Shauna  May 08 2020

Soooo good!

I LOVE the New Mascara! It’s goes on effortlessly and works wonders on my lashes! I love the mascara wand and it’s toxin And cruelty free! What more could you ask for?

Sheri N. May 08 2020

New Mascara

This mascara is amazing! I have not been able to wear mascara for years - my eyes are too sensitive and nothing has worked without extreme irritation. I also typically have problems with eye makeup holding, so I'd pretty much given up. I was a little skeptical to try yet another mascara, but I am so glad I tried this one. I've not had any eye irritation since I started using this, and it lasts all day. It's very easy to remove too. Best of all, my eyes look fabulous! Highly recommend!

Jessica E. May 08 2020

New Shattered Mascara LOVE

LOVE this mascara! I read some reviews that it flakes/smudges. It does come off easily when I wash my face, but I am avid about NOT touching my face generally. I have ZERO issues with flaking or smudging. No stiff lashes as with other mascaras. Soft, voluminous, lengthened lashes!

Kali  May 08 2020

My new favorite mascara!

Such good all day wear mascara that doesn’t flake or irritate eyes! The formula is super flexible on the lash keeping them nice and soft and natural looking. Absolutely the best mascara I have tried.

Nicole H. May 08 2020

Toxin Free Falsies, yes please!

This Mascara has been a toxin free dream come true! I love the length and boldness you can get from this mascara but also a natural look as well! Very buildable and easy on my extremely sensitive eyes! The glass packaging is amazing!!!

Taylor S. May 08 2020

In love ????

So glad I made this investment! Worth it for sure. Makes my lashes look so much longer and fuller!

Verified Purchase
Ciara J. May 08 2020


My friend let me try it and OMG my lashes were amazing!! On my next order I'm getting it.

Caitlin L. May 08 2020

Zero complaints!

First, I love the glass tube it comes in. When applying coats, it was not clumpy and gave my lashes length and volume. It stayed on all day, yet was easy to remove before bed. Best of all, I feel no guilt applying it to my lashes knowing it is a clean product. This is now my new go-to mascara!

Heather R. May 07 2020

Loving the New Mascara!

Lashes for Days helped strengthen my lashes but the New Mascara has everything I am looking for! Nourishment, length, volume, and a great formula! Thank you!!

Jessica B. May 07 2020


I never thought I could find a mascara that gave me the volume and length that I desire, while also being toxic free. Crunchi has outdone themselves again! I love how my eyelashes feel conditioned when I'm taking off the mascara rather than feeling destroyed like with other mascaras.

Maria  May 07 2020


Crunchi did it again! This mascara is my new favorite! Last all day. No smudges! And the best part is...ITS CLEAN!!! ????? will definitely be reordering! ????????

Alysha B. May 07 2020

My eyes are POPPIN

I have tried so many different mascaras and I have to say that this one takes the cake! One coat gave me nice coverage and some drama so I decided to go over one more time just to see the difference. So much volume! 100% recommend and it’s toxin free so I don’t worry about it irritating my eyes!

Holly A. May 07 2020

Where have you been all my life?!?

Used the same mascara for 20+ years and chucked it in the trash after 1 try with this New Mascara! I have blonde short lashes that scream for help and this my friends delivers in one coat!

Amber P. May 07 2020

Best mascara ever!

Ok, I have tried multiple mascaras in the past. Most were clumpy or flaky, leaving raccoon eyes by the end of the day. Many of them irritated my eyes so much they’d be red and watery within a few hours of wear. This is bold, no flaking or smudging, I wear it all day and have no raccoon eyes or flakes at the end of the night. It is easily removed with a little coconut oil so there’s no harsh scrubbing in the delicate eye area either. This is my absolute favorite by far!

Shelby C. May 07 2020

Favorite Crunchi Product ?

If I could bring one makeup island to a deserted island it would without a doubt be mascara. Let me tell you, this mascara is amazing!! It lengthens, separates, gives volume at the root! The best part is it’s free from all the gross stuff in most cosmetics while not compromising its ability to perform! Love it!

Jan H. May 07 2020

New Mascara

This mascara is the bomb dot com! Makes my lashes come to life! I love it!

Julie W. May 07 2020


Just tried the new Shattered mascara and was so pleased with the performance of this toxin free beauty. One coat is perfect for everyday and two great for a night out. Loved the all day staying power, looked great even after a quarantine nap.

Tay  May 07 2020


not clumpy. Not flaky. Toxin free. Makes my lashes look so much longer than they really are!!

Aleya R. May 07 2020


As someone who has never worn makeup and only uses the sample mascaras that I randomly get as gifts, this mascara is everything! I recently started stepping out of my comfort zone to try new products and I’m so glad I tried this one. It’s easy to put on, doesn’t get all sticky or clumpy, and it makes your eyelashes look like you’re a superstar! So much fullness.

Pam D. May 07 2020


Love this mascara! The difference in my lashes is awesome!

Kasey J. May 07 2020

The BEST Mascara

I’m in love with this mascara. The volume is insane. It’s the best mascara I’ve ever used. The last non toxic mascara I used would burn my eyes and this mascara does not burn at all. I don’t have flaking and I’ve had so many compliments. Go grab yours. You will be so happy you did!

Verified Purchase
Pam H. May 07 2020

A clean mascara that preforms at a high level

I had almost given up on finding a clean mascara until I tried Crunchi's new formula. It's high preforming, applies effortlessly, gives incredible volume and length and lasts all day. At first I was worried it might not hold up under my excessive sweating, but to my surprise, it stayed on my eyes and didn't smear. Thank you for making quality products that function at a high level and make you feel glamorous at the same time.

Hannah  May 07 2020


I love the glass jar packaging, the toxin free clean ingredients and the bold, full, long lashes look it gives me when I first apply it. I want to say I fully love this mascara but I have one down fall 30 minutes to an hour the mascara starts to flake off and have pieces under my eyes. Once I wipe it off once it normally doesn't do it again.

Verified Purchase
Emily S. May 07 2020

Love it!

This mascara is phenomenal! I usually don't wear mascara because I hadn't found one which was toxin free and high performance. This product checked all the boxes for my high standards of what I'll put on my face and delivered on performance!

Michelle  May 07 2020


THANK YOU!!!!! THIS is the mascara I have been waiting for!!!! I used to use Benefit Bang! Mascara. NO MORE!!!!!! The NEW Crunchi mascara is the BOMB! It makes me lashes look full and lengthened WITHOUT being clumpy. I am obsessed!!!!!

Jan H. May 07 2020

New Mascara

This stuff is the bomb dot com! Seriously the best mascara I’ve ever used! My lashes actually go from 0 to 60 with one application! Love it!

Verified Purchase
Joan H. May 07 2020


The first time I used this mascara, I about fell over from the instantaneous volume and definition it gave my eyelashes! For extra long wear and performance, let the mascara get tacky before applying a second coat (if you even need one!) and make sure your lashes and surrounding eye area are free of oils.

Alyssa C. May 07 2020

New Fav!

Once again I've received another AMAZING product from Crunchi! I have Alopecia and lose my lashes in waves, I love that this toxin free formula is gentle throughout the process. The packing is a bonus!

Miriah A. May 07 2020

new mascara

I ordered some new CRUNCHI on Earth day and I added this to my cart to get to the order amount to help turtles!! (thank you CRUNCHI for doing that promo, It makes me so happy!) Anyways, I'm loving this mascara. The packaging is so fancy and the product is great. It really builds my lashes in volume and length. I really am enjoying it!!

Keeley G. May 07 2020

Swap and a mic drop

I’ve used mascara with primer for YEARS and did not expect to be able to find a mascara that cochleae make my lashes look full and luscious but here it is! A couple coats of this awesome mascara and my lashes are full and bold. I can’t believe it and I will not be going back to my old toxic mascara.

Ashley S. May 06 2020


I was so excited to try Crunchi’s new mascara formula, shattered. My best friend and advocate told me “you will love it!” She was absolutely right! I have blonde, short lashes, like almost every other redhead and this mascara completely transforms my entire face! If no other makeup is put on my face, I look “done up!” Each coat amps up the wow factor. I’m excited and proud to be wearing such a quality product and a huge bonus is that it’s toxin free! Highly recommend.

Kim N. May 06 2020

New Mascara is Wow

This mascara is just what I needed! I’m usually sensitive to every mascara I’ve tried in the past and this has just wow’d me! No sensitivity at all and I love how it looks and stays all day without! I love it!

Alexa  May 06 2020


Literally the mascara I always hoped to have with clean ingredients.

Verified Purchase
Sarah J. May 06 2020

Shattered My Expectations!

Crunchi has gone above and beyond my wildest dreams with this new mascara! It is creamy, goes on smoothly, and makes my lashes pop! All day wear- no flaking or smearing! After trying this mascara I quickly tossed out all my others! This is the only mascara for me!

Jennifer  May 06 2020

Great length!

I LOVE the length that this mascara gives my lashes. I’m finding though that even after trying several tricks if I apply more than one layer it flakes off during the day.

Verified Purchase
Amanda B. May 06 2020


This mascara has been life changing for me. I have very sensitive eyes and every drug store option I tried would leave my eyes irritated and red by evening. I was really skeptical to try Crunchi mascara because I didn’t think the performance could match my old water proof brand. This new mascara is so unbelievable. It stays put, no bleeding out for raccoon eyes by the end of the day, and the best part is that my eyes feel great! It’s like I’m wearing nothing. Highly recommend!!

Kelsey R. May 06 2020

Crunchi did it AGAIN!

Hands down the best mascara I’ve ever used. Out of all the toxin filled ones, toxin free ones. This one is THE one.

Natasha J. May 06 2020

Absolutely Love!

This mascara is AMAZING!! It’s lightweight and doesn’t clump! I have long lashes already and I like a dramatic lash; this mascara enhances that length and gives me the dramatic look I love. And for those who like a more subtle look this mascara does that too.

Joni H. May 06 2020

Kinda heavy

I curled my eyelashes, then put on the mascara. I got spider legs lashes, then my lashes went straight. I will try it again and consult my advocate for application tips to see, if I can improve the situation ????????????

Elle S. May 06 2020

The best mascara!!

This mascara provides length and volume without irritating my eyes. Hands down the best mascara I’ve ever used!

Verified Purchase
Lindsey D. May 06 2020

Nothing measures up!

I had been using a VERY popular clean beauty mascara after doing a ton of research and trying a million different clean formulas. I was paying almost $40 per tube and was OVERJOYED when Crunchi launched this new mascara. It blows my more expensive formula out of the water. The length, volume and ability to build it up is unparalleled. I just went back to try my old mascara again and was reminded how much better the New Mascara is! Plus it's in glass which could not make it any cooler!

Janetta M. May 06 2020

Long lashes

Makes my lashes look full and long. 2 coats really makes them pop. Love it!

Iryna G. May 06 2020

Beyond amazing

I absolutely love this new mascara. I have small lashes to begin with and this mascara gives me soooo much volume with only 1-2 coats. I’m so blown away by the performance of this mascara and it’s my ultimate favorite.

Cristina C. May 06 2020

Game Changer

I’m over the moon, I’m loving this new mascara. I get compliments on my lashes and asked if I’m wearing false lashes whenever I’m wearing it.... FYI: I have short lashes! But this mascara gives them length and fullness. I also love the nourishing ingredients to promote healthy lashes.

Katie W. May 06 2020

Love this Mascara

I love this Mascara so much! It's easy to apply and when I want to do extra layers it's so easy to create. Love how it's toxin free as well?

Lacie G. May 06 2020


I just received my New Mascara in the mail & had to try it on even though I had no where to go today. Lol. It is amazing! I have think blond lashes, so mascara is an everyday must for me. This mascara makes my eyelashes look amazing! Even better than the old formula. And the glass bottle! Win win!

Addie  May 06 2020

First Clean Mascara I Love!

I love the consistency and how black it is. Two coats and I’m good to go!

Lina F. May 06 2020


This mascara is unlike any other. Other mascaras would irritate my eyes. And waterproof mascaras would pull out my lashes as I scrubbed countless times to get it off. This mascara here is buildable to your desired length (love!) And is entirely water resistant! I showered and washed my makeup off one day after work but wanted to leave my mascara on to run an errand and didn’t scrub my eyes but still washed around them. It stayed on without giving me raccoon eyes! And lasts through my workouts!

Desteni M. May 06 2020


I am experienced with what is bad for me. I used to buy bad for me mascara, before I discovered Crunchi Mascara. My lashes were thick before I ever got into wearing makeup. I remember people would always comment and ask me what mascara I was wearing, when I wasn't wearing any. My lashes are now really skinny. I just started using this. So far this works great. It stays on my lashes. The mascara does not mark my eye lids, like my old mascara did. I love Crunchi Mascara.

Jessica E. May 06 2020


I am in LOVE with this mascara! It applies smoothly without leaving your lashes feeling heavy or stiff. Stays on, no flacking or running making you look like a raccoon. However, it also removes easily without breaking off or tearing out your lashes. I’m a self proclaimed mascara snob and this mascara is THE BEST I have ever used!

Heather R. May 06 2020

New Mascara!

I am SOOOO loving the New Mascara! The wetter consistency is perfection and it leaves my lashes long and lush! I love knowing that my lashes are being nourished while looking great!

Cami L. May 06 2020

The mascara I've been waiting for

This mascara is the only one I've tried that doesn't make my eyes itchy and watery. It goes on smoothly and doesn't clump! I love that it's buildable and really lengthens my lashes. I recommend this mascara to all my girlfriends.

Kieran A. May 05 2020


I’m in love with this mascara, I was running late for work, didn’t put on any eye shadow, didn’t curl my lashes, it didn’t matter. I put 2 quick layers on in my car and it came out flawless. Game changing mascara!!!

Verified Purchase
Vikki H. May 05 2020

New Mascara

I love the new mascara! My lashes are extremely short, and they look so long now! Easy to apply and lasts all day!

Meagan N. May 05 2020


Our New Mascara is everything I ever wanted in a Mascara and so much more! It transforms my itty bitty lashes into long and luscious lashes!

Verified Purchase
Janet H. May 05 2020


I already have long eyelashes that people often comment on. However, the New Mascara is amazing! My eyelashes literally "come alive" when I apply. Being older, it's important for anything to come alive! LOL The product separates my lashes and just makes them really stand out in a nice way. There is no clumping and it lasts all day! Best mascara I have ever had (including any of the other Crunchi mascaras).

Jen Q. May 05 2020


This mascara has surpassed my expectations! It doesn’t flake and gives my lashes a ton of volume and length! I am in LOVE!!

Verified Purchase
Carol B. May 05 2020

Didn't work well for me.

For the New Mascara, I do love their new packaging in the glass containers. I do like that it is a more dramatic looking mascara as well. However, it didn't do too well with my lashes. It flaked a lot throughout the day. I did try to apply the finishing translucent powder on my lashes first to see if it helped, but it didn't. I really wanted to love it. Please don't discontinue Lashes for Days!I love that mascara!

Verified Purchase
Laura K. May 05 2020

Love the volume!!

This is hands down the best mascara I’ve used! My eyelids are naturally oily and as long as I apply setting powder to my lashes (I apply powder with a brush when I’m setting my eyelids after concealer but before eyeshadow.) then I have absolutely no flaking! It’s very smooth to apply and I always do 2 light layers! It’s perfect!!

Sandra C. May 05 2020

Real, but better!

After trying many different brands, I’ve finally found my favorite mascara! I love that it is toxin-free, but the best thing is that my lashes don’t look like I’m wearing false lashes. Real lashes, but better! No clumping, just length for days:)

Stacie K. May 05 2020

The BEST clean mascara!

I need oomph for my tiny lashes and this mascara delivers!! I can achieve length, volume and deep pigment with just 1 coat! I add a second coat for some extra length for special occasions. It lasts all day and never smudges for me, even through watery eye allergy season. Highly recommend!

Jen  May 05 2020

Shattered Mascara

I've never been able to find a non-toxic mascara that even comes close to performing as well as my conventional option. Hoping to continue using this product as the solution!

Sarah H. May 05 2020

The. Best. Mascara.

I have used the other Crunchi mascara for months now and it has been my favorite non-toxic formula.. until this new mascara came out. It makes me eyelashes so long and full! It doesn’t flake and is great for all day wear! It has lasted me quite some time and I will never go back to any other brand! I’m a lifer.

Maria  May 05 2020

Best mascara ever!

This mascara definitely is my new favorite!! It makes me so happy having a high quality + CLEAN mascara that works so well!

Verified Purchase
Margi C. May 05 2020

New Mascara is Everything!

I liked Lashes for Days but it looked natural and didn’t really give my lashes volume. Enter Crunchi’s New Mascara. In a word-A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! I love how you can apply a few layers and have major volume. It looks like false lashes without the expense or upkeep. It does flake off a bit, but a small price to pay for the performance. Thank you Crunchi for making a mascara that is safe, clean and truly performs.

Verified Purchase
Laura P. May 05 2020


This mascara is absolutely amazing! I have tried so many others and they left my eyes watery and irritated! NOT THIS ONE! I am IN LOVE and OBSESSED! I will never go back to any of my previous mascaras! This is my new one for life!!

Trista  May 05 2020

No more lash extensions for me!

Due to the closing of my salon (I’m a lash extension artist myself) I had to let my eyelash extensions naturally fall off and boy, am I glad I did! This mascara made that a smooth transition because my lashes are almost as full and dark when I have it on. I won’t be going back to lash extensions because this mascara is THAT good!

Judy C. May 05 2020

Beautiful and nourishing

This applies smoothly and evenly. I love how it helps my lashes look defined while being clean and safe for me. Thanks for this product!

Melissa V. May 05 2020

Disappointed with the old mascara? Switch!

I will have to say, the old version that is a dry formula didnt do my any favors. Inspired by a friend, I gave this mascara a chance. Holy Wow. Game changer. This is totally my new date night mascara! The length and volume I get... with no clumping... it's perfect! Give this one a try and you will NOT regret it!

Grace S. May 05 2020

A Love Affair

I love mascara, ones that make my eyelashes long, full and thick. And I didn’t realize that such a thing could exist in a clean mascara until I found this one!! Checks every single box for me and I love that what I’m putting on around my sensitive eyes is toxin-free! It seriously is amazing considering every other “clean” mascara has never performed like this. Heck, NO mascara performs like this, clean or toxic! It’s A-MAZING!!!

Genea M. May 05 2020


I struggled for months trying to find a mascara that didn’t irritate and turn my eyes red. Then I found Shattered, my eyes are clean and my lashes look thick long and beautiful!

Beverly H. May 05 2020

Wow!!! My lashes are longer after wearing this!

This is the absolute BEST mascara ever!!! Two coats make my eyelashes full, thick, and incredibly long! I love how it is buildable and it doesn’t get all over the place, even when I cry. I totally noticed how healthy and long my lashes appear after using this mascara! To know that it is 100% toxin free and gluten free makes this clean girl happy! ????????

Verified Purchase
Jenica S. May 05 2020


I can wear it!! I always have such a difficult time with eye makeup. I can actually wear it.

Shaynee D. May 05 2020

New Mascara

I will admit application took me a couple of days to master because it does glide on a little different. However, after one video on a tutorial it has been so easy! The best mascara ever! My lashes look so long!!

Ann R. May 05 2020

Want to love it...

I really like that this version of Crunchi mascara is not dry. My lashes and eyes like the formula. I’m only going with 4 stars though because it clumps and is not water resistant for me. I’ve also experienced quite a bit of fallout. Brushing some finishing powder on my lashes before application helps that a little. Thank you for making clean products. Crunchi! I would just really like less clumping and fallout as this formulation evolves.

Shadley C. May 05 2020


This mascara is incredible. I’ve always had a hard time finding a mascara that doesn’t make my eyelashes hurt by the end of the day, and this one feels great all day! It’s also easy to build and truly toxin-free, which is really important to me. Love it!

Maria  May 05 2020


This new mascara is my new favorite mascara! Applies evenly and last all day with no smudging! Makes my eyelashes look so full (and I have baby eyelashes). I was excited to try it + when I applied it I fell in love the first time! Crunchi knocks it out of the park again!!

Bethany J. May 05 2020

Shock & Awe!

This mascara blew me away! I loved the lashes for days, and still do but this New Mascara is incredible. I love how it doesn't clump, and goes on so easily! The length it gives my lashes is incredible. This may just be my new favorite product!

Hannah S. May 05 2020

New mascara!

So I love the way this new mascara goes on..really smooth and really gives me length and fullness! Love that it’s toxin-free!! It does flake a little around my eyes, but otherwise it’s perfect ????

Hannah P. May 05 2020

Amazing Product!

This new mascara is hands-down the best mascara I’ve ever owned (not just compared to other toxin free products — compared to all other brands that I’d previously used)!! It doesn’t clump together and adds so much length to my lashes!

Nicole  May 05 2020

Loving this mascara!

This mascara is exactly what I have been looking for! Clean ingredients and it looks amazing!! Thank you Crunchi for always having top notch products that truly perform!!

Kate  May 05 2020

Love love love it!

I had no idea how much I would love the New Mascara! I have sensitive eyes and I have never until now found a mascara that gives my lashes the bold look I’m going for without irritation. Five stars for this amazing mascara!!

Heather R. May 05 2020

New Mascara!

I am so so so happy with the New Mascara!! I am obsessed with the wetter formula and the length it gives my baby lashes!! I will always be thankful to Lashes for Days for help heal my broken eyelashes but can never go back after trying out the New Mascara - seriously love it!! Thank you!

Colleen  May 05 2020

Love this toxinfree mascara

This mascara is amazing. It allows you to have the minimal look when you want it and the voluminous look when its that special occasion. It is amazing! So happy to find a toxinfree mascara that is high performance!!! Thank you Crunchi! Oh and the sleek, glass packaging is on point!

Kaylie S. May 05 2020

Clean and performs so well!!!

I LOVE THIS!!! Just starting out on learning all about toxin free living. I love that I can use this product and not have any burning or itching. And I love knowing it’s clean. I have Celiac disease and finding TRULY gluten free (I am one of the lucky ones that reacts topically too) makeup has been a struggle. I’m a big fan!

Tatyanna B. May 05 2020

Must Have

Loving this amazing new Crunchi Mascara! It makes my lashes look so long and beautiful! This mascara is a must have!!

Taraashley  May 05 2020


This Mascara is wonderful! One coat is great for the casual look and two are more takes your lashes to a whole new level of glam. Work's and stays in place if you dont touch it, and best part, its Toxin free!

Erica  May 05 2020

Great but could be a little better

I love how buildable this formula is. It really helps make my lashes look longer and more voluminous. I love how it never makes my eyes itch, no matter how long I wear it. The only negative is it does tend to be clumpy if you don’t apply it just right. If it was more smooth it would be an automatic 5 stars.

Tina  May 04 2020

Game changer

I have a clean mascara problem and I always end up disappointed.. until this one. Love this mascara so much!

Bobbi  May 04 2020

Love the mascara but...

I honestly love the mascara...it just doesn't love me! I seem to have a mild allergy to something in it. :/ I have the same reaction to WELL people mascara. When I wear it my eyes water like crazy and become red. :( I'll stick with the original mascara for now!

Pam D. May 04 2020


This mascara is absolutely amazing!!!! Better than any other mascara I’ve ever used!!

Stephanie S. May 04 2020

Still kind of clumpy...

I do love the new mascara but it still clumps and sheds onto my face a little. My awesome consultant Laura Knecht suggested using the translucent powder on a clean mascara brush to absorb the clumps. It works really well. Thank you Crunchi and Laura!

Brittany  May 04 2020

Clean Product I can feel good about

I love this mascara and I can feel good about wearing it all day knowing it is not adding to my body burden. Thank you Crunchi!

Allie M. May 04 2020

The Bomb Dot Com!

This mascara is such a game changer!!! Who knew toxin-free mascara could perform BETTER than conventional?! This lash-aholic gal is obsessed!!

Sherry R. May 04 2020

In Love!!

I fell in love with this mascara because of the bold look they gave my eyes! I literally need nothing else on my eyes! I don’t use on the bottom lashes though because they get slightly flaky at the end of the night but the performance is incredible

Verified Purchase
Paulina C. May 04 2020

Best Mascara Ever!!

This mascara adds volume and length! It gives my eyelashes life!! I bought it back in March and wear it everyday for work! I absolutely love it!! And I’m not sure if it has something in it for your lashes, but I feel like it’s made my natural lashes look fuller! It is worth every penny! Best thing, it’s toxin free!

Chelsea M. May 04 2020

Love the long bold lashes!

I love how the mascara looks when it is put on! Incredible length and separation and it’s just gorgeous. It’s taken me some time to figure out best application to avoid fall out, so give it a chance and play with it to find what works best for you, but once you have your application down it’s a game changer for safe mascara

Megan M. May 04 2020


I bought this mascara as soon as it came out. I was excited as I changed all my other makeup to Crunchi. The application was easy and the fullness looked great on my lashes. Throughout the day the mascara flaked off my lashes and would be all over my cheeks/get in my eyes. My lashes were completely clean and no matter what I did it flaked off. I tried it for over a month but eventually switched back to different mascara which I was really bummed about.

Allisyn M. May 04 2020


I absolutely love the new mascara! I finally have eye lashes. I only do two layers and it's still on in the evenings after playing with my kids all day outside and bike rides. It doesn't smear and I can rub my eyes with them not evening burning. It's phenomenal. Hands down my fav

Mariah T. May 04 2020


By far my favorite mascara I have EVER tried! Amazing length, volume, and stay power! Lasts through all my sweaty workouts & doesn’t clump. Two quick coats is perfect!

Jess M. May 04 2020

Amazing New Mascara

Volume, length, boldness, buildable - check, check, check, & check. Eco-conscious packaging, (glass tube!) won't smudge, clinically tested, and all of the good stuff. This is the only mascara I've been wearing since I purchased it! You have to try it!!

Valerie W. May 04 2020

Best safe mascara

I never thought there could be a safe mascara that actually worked and lasted. I love that it helps my lashes grow!

Olivia M. May 04 2020


I’ve tried other mascaras and this is the perfect one! No clumping or any toxic ingredients, which mean that I can look fabulous without having to worry about any harsh chemicals! Love this mascara!!

Ashley A. May 04 2020

Favorite mascara of all times

After having my second baby, it’s as if all my lashes fell out and they are super fine and short now!! I haven’t found a safe mascara that could compare to the length and volume of less safe brands-but I need those lashes!! This new mascara is GOLD. I can’t believe how long and full my lashes look and it truly feels like I’m not wearing anything at all! No itching, no irritation and not heave or sticky. It’s a DREAM

Emma K. May 04 2020

So Much Flaking!

This mascara came beautifully packaged and is very easy to apply! However, I wore it on a normal day at home (stay at home mom) and out on one errand. It flaked more than any other mascara (drug store or toxin free) I have worn. I followed all the tips my advocate and customer service gave me (clean eyelashes, etc) and tried it multiple days but each day it continued to flake. I decided to return it and Crunchi made that process very easy!

Megan M. May 04 2020


This new mascara is NEXT LEVEL! I seriously love how it makes my lashes look and feel. No flakes, no clump and lasts alllll day. Added bonus completely natural and toxin free ingredients! THANK YOU crunchi

Maritza N. May 04 2020

Fancy lashes!

I love the new mascara! Makes me feel so fancy, it gives both volume and length, it does have a little bit of fall out, but it does withstand 14hour CoVid unit shifts with all my gear on! While I cannot wear makeup at least my lashes look great!

Alyssa H. May 04 2020

Best mascara I’ve ever tried!

I can’t stop raving about this mascara! Doesn’t clump, the brush separates my lashes and the formula leaves them looking long and lux! Best of all no raccoon eyes at the end of the day.

Maegan W. May 04 2020

Magic in a Bottle

To be completely honest, I did not like this product at first. I wanted SO bad to love it but I couldn’t.. and then I learned how to actually put mascara on ??????? I definitely fell in love after using it the right way and I. Am. OBSESSED! One coat is all I need to make my lashes look full and long! Thank you for creating a clean product that actually performs ????

Verified Purchase
Sarah S. May 04 2020

Love it

I've tried lots of clean mascaras, this is by far my favorite. The first two times I used it, there was a lot of flaking. After my third try, I figured out how to get it to stop (wait for each coat to dry a bit). It makes my eyelashes so long, even after just one coat! Not to mention the glass packaging, which might just be my favorite part!

Dana N. May 04 2020

Wanted to love it

I loved the wet formula but it flaked so bad no matter what tricks and tips I tried.

Erica B. May 04 2020

Great but just one thing

I love everything about this mascara BUT it flakes a little. I still love it and will keep using it.

Verified Purchase
Laura P. May 04 2020


I have very sensitive skin, and my eye area is no different. I have tried several mascaras and they all left my eyes watery, irritated, or the mascara would flake in my eye. I purchased this mascara about a month ago, and I love it. There is no flaking, no watery or irritated eyes, and IT LAST ALL DAY! I can say without a doubt in my mind that I WILL NEVER GO BACK! This mascara is amazing!!

Katie W. May 04 2020


I've always hated mascara but I absolutely love the Crunchi New Mascara! It doesnt clump and I don't get it all over my eyelids! It's the best!!!

Taylor  May 04 2020

The best!!

I love this mascara... it somehow adds length to my lashes, stays on all day, and makes them look so full too!

Leslie R. May 04 2020


Love the new máscara makes my lashes look long and Fierce ???? lashes Will stay looking flawless all day not coming down, and it is easy to remove with just soap and water, i believe this is because of the excellence quality natural ingredients... so in loveee amazing product Will of course be buying it again ???? Thank you crunchi ????

Lacy S. May 04 2020

Love this product!!

I love how much volume and color the new mascara gives my lashes. It lasts all day and doesn’t irritate my eyes. It is definitely one of my favorite Crunchi products! Would highly recommend!

Jamie B. May 04 2020

Love the look, but smears

I was so excited to try this new formula since I was looking for a nontoxic mascara that could bring lots of volume. I love the way this looks on my lashes! It makes them pop with minimal coats. However, I noticed that it is very easy to rub off during the day even if I lightly touch my eye or if they water. I still love it, but wish it wouldn’t come off so easily.

Rachel M. May 04 2020

Finally a great Clean mascara

For me, finding a clean but great performing mascara has been a challenge. I settled for some from other brands that worked the best but was still dealing with smudging and sometimes that spider look. Enter Crunchi a few weeks ago! I love how this mascara gives me a lift and defines the lashes and I haven't even tried it with the lash curler yet! I love how it stays put all day. I love that the packaging is glass and not black plastic because I recently learned black plastic is not recyclable!

Carissa G. May 04 2020

Changed my routine!

I used to only wear mascara out because it was such a process with the thickness of natural mascaras but this stuff is amazing I’m so happy with one coat each time and now wear it almost daily!

Verified Purchase
Laura P. May 04 2020


This mascara is definitely a game changer for me! All the other mascara brands I have tried in the past left my eyes watery, irritated, and sometimes it would flake into my eye! NOT WITH THIS! I absolutely love that it stays in place all day, with no flaking, and no irritation! It makes my lashes look so long, and I love it! I WILL NEVER GO BACK!!

Verified Purchase
Christina C. May 02 2020

Wanted to love it...

I really wanted to love this mascara. Lashes for Days is my absolute favorite and I thought maybe this could be even better. The ingredients are great and it gives good volume. However, it does not stay on. I have raccoon eyes within a few hours, as well as flaking, burning, watery eyes, and itching. I am constantly cleaning under my eyes. Please don't discontinue Lashes for Days!!!

Heidi  Apr 29 2020

Clean Dream Come True

7 months and 6 mascaras in, I have finally found a CLEAN mascara that performs. I get volume, I get length, I get color, doesn't clump and doesn't smudge at the first sign of moisture! I have found a few tips/tricks that maximize it's application and performance that have gotten me even more excited! Removal is amazing too.... warm water and fingertips.... hold to let water permeate the mascara them gently rub/pull lashes. Doesn't get on your face that way.

Rebecca  Apr 26 2020


To be clear, this is the first non-toxic mascara I've used, so I haven't much to compare it with. However, I have found this mascara to be somewhat unwearable. Application is easy and the brush is very high quality. It goes on beautifully with 2-3 coats. And for about an hour it looks really nice. But then it starts to flake. It will leave little black "dandruff" all over my cheeks. Any sweat causes it to run, leaving streaking from your eyes and the flakes. Hope to try something different next

Lacey B. Apr 23 2020

Best Clean Mascara

Trying to find truly clean products that perform is difficult, but once again, Crunchi has come through for the win. This mascara is amazing. I just put one coat on for casual days, or build to get the best looking lashes around. Best part, my lashes are still soft to the touch. Washes off easily while still being an all day wear. Thanks Crunchi!

Wendy G. Mar 22 2020

Wanted to love it

I really was excited for this mascara. It goes on smooth and made my lashes look nice. However, it doesn’t work for me. Where the formula is great, no itchy or burning eyes, it smudges. It flakes. It hasn’t stayed on my lashes not once. I’m having to clean under my eyes within 2hrs of applying. I’m really sad it didn’t work for me.

Araceli R. Feb 28 2020

Where has Shattered been all my life?!

My tiny lashes can finally spread their wings!!! For the first time in almost 5 decades my lashes are singing hallelujah! Thanks to this Safe, ultra performing mascara that lengthens, and thickens the appearance of my now amazing lashes!

Verified Purchase
Joan H. Feb 27 2020

Too Good To Be True!

But it is!!! I was wowed from the minute I tried this new formula! Honestly, I didn't know I had lashes this long until SHATTERED revealed them. I am completely sold, and the unique, beautiful, and eco-friendly packaging makes me feel so special each time I reach for it!

Verified Purchase
Jaime O. Feb 26 2020


This is everything I could ever ask for in a mascara. Bold lashes, no clumping, doesn't make my eyes water, doesn't end up flaking or running, and is TOXIN FREE. Like what?!? So amazing. Officially in love.

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