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Shattered® Mascara

Shattered® Mascara delivers unstoppable length, lift, and volume and has now been reformulated for enhanced lash adherence. 

Designed with drama in mind, Shattered® Mascara adds definition with a glossy, high-pigment finish, giving the eyes the spotlight they deserve. Layer multiple applications for a buildable, high-impact look that will outdo even the best false lashes. The end result: bold, next-level lashes.

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Customer Reviews

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Nadia S. Dec 29 2021

Better but not flawless

The shattered mascara remade is now way better. It elongates my eyelashes and goes on smoothly. The negative is that it still flakes off throughout my day and leaves little black flakes on my face.

Cindy L. Dec 28 2021

Shattered Mascara

I was reluctant to rate the Shattered Mascara with even 1 star. I wore the mascara to a Christmas party and was completely embarrassed when I looked in the mirror after spending time at the party to find the mascara smudged all over and around my eyes. This mascara did not meet my expectations. After reading all the reviews on this product, I'd say it comes up short. As a matter of fact, awful. I would like to return the product for a full refund. I hope Crunchi backs their products!

Verified Purchase
Joyce T. Dec 15 2021

Best Ever!

Over the years, I’ve used several different brands of mascara! This is by far the best!

Tory  Dec 08 2021

Best. Mascara. Ever!

Not only is this mascara clean, but it performs! Not only does it perform but it has made my lashes thicker and longer! This formula is better than the last in that it doesn't flake. Keep making it!

Verified Purchase
Kristel C. Dec 05 2021

New formula review

I'm loving this new formula!! No flaking and it goes on easily. After about 2-3 weeks of using it, I find that it gets a bit harder to apply since there aren't a gazillion preservatives in it, but if you warm it up before applying it goes on smoothly, just like when you first open it. Use your body temp to warm it up (place bottle in your armpit, cleavage, etc). I took a nap today wearing my mascara, and all of my makeup looked like it had before my nap. Way to go on this new formulation!

Michelle  Nov 22 2021

Worse. Mascara. Ever.

As if it wasn’t enough to be insulted by being charged for a foundation sample that other companies give away for free (there wasn’t enough there to even test the color really) but then for some unknown reason I decided to go ahead and give the mascara a try and that was even worse. Clumpy, short lashes that flake everywhere. I’m not sure how they accomplished to make my lashes actually look shorter than they did without any mascara at all. It was amazingly bad. Smeared everywhere. IwantArefund!

Karen G. Oct 29 2021

LOVE the new formula of Mascara!!!

OMG thank you for this mascara reformulation! It doesn't flake, is easy to remove at night & I love the last lengthening! Best part of all... it doesn't irritate my eyes, flake into them or get on my contact lenses like other brands do.

Verified Purchase
Taylor R. Oct 19 2021

Best mascara EVER

The new formula is out of this world! Doesn’t flake at all and my lashes are amazing

Verified Purchase
Cheyenne T. Oct 10 2021

Not my favorite..

Definitely not the best non toxic mascara I’ve found. Bottle looks great, when I open it, it looks great. But it goes on like water. It looked like I had no makeup on. I had to layer and layer it for 10 minutes just to get some build on it where it actually looked like mascara.

Jillian B. Oct 06 2021

So disappointed!

I LOVE Crunchi! I have used their products for years and LOVE everything I have tried...except the mascara!!! I am so disappointed! If I THINK about touching my eyes, it flakes all over my eyes and cheeks. It smears all over my eyelids even when I don't touch my eyes. It feels like it always stays wet and never really dries. I am so sad as I was so excited about this but I cannot recommend this to anyone!

Verified Purchase
Kimberly S. Sep 13 2021

Shattered is the word!

I really had high hopes for this mascara after all it went on smooth and looked great at first. After a short time maybe 2 hours of me sitting around I had so much flaking. It looked like it shattered under my eyes. Can't believe I spent $28 for it.

Verified Purchase
Felicia B. Aug 11 2021

Shattered New Formula

I LOVE Crunchi products, but DID NOT love the mascara due to the excessive flaking and black specs it left under my eyes. So I was super excited to try the new formula, only to be disappointed! It still leaves flakes! I will say that there seems to be an improvement in the new formula though. It doesn’t flake as much….but still I’m left with black specs under/around my eyes throughout the day ????

Tracee  Aug 06 2021

Newly Formulated Mascara

I purchase the newly formulated shattered mascara shortly after it was released and I LOVE IT! I love that I have found a clean mascara that also performs! I have not experienced any flaking/crumbling. This is my go-to! Thanks, CRUNCHI!

Am.R  Aug 06 2021

Very Clean

Just received my crunchi mascara yesterday so I did a little sunday low key makeup today. 1st, Im digging the bottle in comes in! 2nd, it doesn't smell like other mascaras, its very organic feeling. Not gunky either. The mascara gave me good length. Not like fake looking or anything, but coated my natural lashes very well. And DID NOT FLAKE AT ALL! And super easy to get off in the shower, left my eyes feeling clean! With my other mascaras I tend to still pick off pieces after I wash my face.

Lauren K. Aug 06 2021

I’m in LOVE!

I wear contact lenses and teach group fitness classes. This is hands down the best mascara ever! My lashes are so long and full, it stays on through intense exercise/sweating, and has a flawless application. I’m hooked for life. Thank you Crunchi!

Aubrey K. Jul 31 2021

Stings my eyes!

I was super excited for the new formula. It is smoother than the old formula and builds the lashes nicely, but can look clumpy very easily if you don't apply fast enough. It is more of a tubing type mascara, which I'm not a fan of. The worst part for me is that is stings my eyes super bad! I won't buy it again because of this.

Verified Purchase
Jessica C. Jul 31 2021


Too much mascara comes out on wand making it a huge mess. Then as the day goes on it flakes into tons of tiny pieces everywhere. I'm constantly trying to rub the flakes away, but just get annoyed and end up scrubbing the mascara off my eye lashes! It's good for short term wear! I wouldn't recommend wearing for more than 4 hours.

Verified Purchase
Jacklyn D. Jul 30 2021

“Shattered” was a good choice for the name

It crumbles all over my face. Doesn’t elongate eyelashes. Very disappointed.

Verified Purchase
Katie B. Jul 29 2021

Skeptical but impressed!

I am a mascara snob. I want the perfect length AND volume, and it’s hard to find that with “natural” mascara especially. I loved the way the previous Crunchi mascara looked, but I had flaking unfortunately. I was skeptical about this new formula, but I am SO pleasantly surprised. Amazing lift and volume, even with just one coat (I usually apply 2). It doesn’t melt or flake off at all!

Taryn G. Jul 29 2021

Much improved!!!

Wow! I am so impressed by this new formula! Not only that, but I am impressed with this company on listening to its customers and causing us to be satisfied and happy with these products. Before this new formula, I was not happy with the wear and flaking of the old one. With this NEW formula, I find my mascara wear lasting ALL DAY and minuscule to no flaking. I even wore it for 12+ hours one day and it was going strong and maybe a few tiny flakes! I LOVE this new formula!

Verified Purchase
Becky H. Jul 29 2021

Love this formula!

I’ve tried many other “natural” mascaras and they either dried out or flaked or just didn’t perform. Loving this mascara and how beautifully it goes on! Let the first coat dry and then put on a second for extra length. If you have extra oily lashes, add the finishing powder to the lashes first! Thank you Crunchi!

Verified Purchase
Becky H. Jul 29 2021


Truly the best toxin free mascara I’ve used! No flaking, super long lashes and volume. Stays on all day even in this Florida heat.

Karen B. Jul 27 2021


I have struggled for years with mascara causing my eyes to sting and water profusely. I have tried dozens of brands, from drug store to high end, and including several “natural” brands. Nothing has worked. I only wear makeup a couple of times a month, but when I want to wear it, I want to be able to! A lady on a Facebook group recommended your brand. What a game changer! I a customer for life mow!

Ginny S. Jul 16 2021

Best I’ve ever used!

First time I put it on, I poked myself in the eye with the wand and it didn’t hurt or burn or anything!! That’s a huge deal!! Every mascara I’ve tried over the years has irritated my eyes and this one doesn’t!

Kayt  Jul 14 2021


I had high hopes for the new formula. Within minutes it was flaking off of my lashes. I tried all of the tricks I could think of (setting with powder underneath my eyes, etc.) over the course of several days and each time it flaked right off. I am so disappointed because I love how long and full this mascara makes my lashes look. If you have oily lids like I do, this mascara might not be for you.

Verified Purchase
Charity H. Jul 13 2021

Still Flaking Sadly!

I was so hopeful with this improved formula there would be no flaking, but sadly I’m still having a LOT of flaking. I’ve tried using the finishing powder on my lashes, I always wait until my Crunchi skincare sinks into my skin, and I always use the finishing powder around my eyes to set my makeup. I like how black the color is, doesn’t clump, and holds my curl pretty well…I love how my lashes look with this formula, but I cannot handle the flaking as it’s unwearable for me. :(

Kristi  Jul 12 2021


This was a mess to deal with. Too much comes out on the applicator and globs everywhere. My husband remarked multiple times over my two day trial that there was mascara flaking off on my face. Also when I took my contacts out both nights it was all over them. My eye doctor would definitely not approve. I will not be purchasing this again.

B M. Jul 02 2021

Reformulated mascara is everything and more!

The previous formula always left embarrassing black flakes that would land under my eyes throughout the day. I hated it and would often have to check to make sure they weren’t there periodically throughout the day or before an appointment. I was so stoked when I got the announcement that it had been reformulated, hoping those embarrassing flakes where a thing of the past. This new one DID NOT DISAPPOINT. Black flakes no more!!! Even my husband noticed! LOVE

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