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Powerlight® Eye Cream

Powerlight® Eye Cream instantly goes to work to visibly plump fine lines, minimize the appearance of crow's feet and deliver a tighter, firmer look to the delicate eye area. 

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Customer Reviews

Jennifer  Jun 05 2022

Eye cream

Love using this it works great! Best switch

Stacey S. Apr 08 2022


This power light product is fabulous. In 3 months of use all of the fine lines and wrinkles under and around my eyes are gone. I have gotten rid of all the Clinique products and replaced with Crunchi, I love everything.

Kristin Z. Mar 18 2022

Wonderful Product!!

Power light is the absolute best! I am halfway through and am loving it!

Verified Purchase
Lara G. Mar 14 2022

Favorite eye cream!

I absolutely love this eye cream! I have seen drastic improvements in the fine lines around my eyes! I use this product twice a day and won't ever skip an application haha!

Julie T. Feb 11 2022

Love ? Love

I have never been able to use any kind of eye cream due to different types of reactions! With in 5 weeks of using ONLY Powerlight and Daylight I saw a MAJOR improvement my crows feet! I tell (show) anyone who will listen (look). Powerlight is my 1st favorite Crunchi Product!

Verified Purchase
Katrin F. Feb 07 2022

Game changer

It's a shame we can't submit photos with these reviews because my before and after shots are incredible. My dark circles are gone, my face looks clean, clear, firm, and bright, even rolling out of bed, and my angry middle-of-the-forehead scowl is noticeably less angry. I've started always keeping a backstock on hand!

Alissa B. Jan 11 2022

Absolutely amazing product

It's light weight and works wonder! I'm not a fan of extra products I don't but as I age I look for the perfect fit products for my collection and this is one. I love that I can see simple changes overnight such as my tired eyes. I've used it for about 3 months now and can absolutely see a change in the color and skin

Jen  Jan 11 2022


This stuff works instantly to help with eye circles and puffiness. It is Amazing!

Melody H. Jan 11 2022

Amazing eye cream!

Best eye cream I’ve tried! I couldn’t be happier when I could tell it was working after one application & that it’s a clean toxic free product!

Jennifer M. Jan 11 2022

Not your average eye cream!

This product is unbelievable! I thought maybe it was my imagination, so I stopped using it for a few weeks. Bad choice! My eyes were begging for it! I was so sure that I never want to be without it again, that I bought two! Always have that back up! A must have for every beauty routine!

Jennifer Z. Jan 11 2022

Amazing Eye Cream

I have tried them all an I have never encountered an eye cream that did a darn thing until now! This product is amazing and it actually does what is promised!! I am 39 with mature dehydrated skin and dark circles under my eyes with thin crepey skin. This product has not only diminished the dark coloring but it has smoothed out all the skin around my eyes. It’s not too thick and it absorbs nicely into my skin without leaving it greasy. Highly recommend!!

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Michelle M. Dec 29 2021

Powerful yet gentle and safe

This is my favorite Crunchi product so far I'm blown away by the effectiveness of this peptide packed product! I have literally watched my under eye bags disappear in 30 mins or less. There are lines I've seen reduced significantly. I use this on my forehead at times as well. I am so grateful for this clean and safe product I can share with my grown daughters and my mom. Thank you Crunchi!

Nicole S. Dec 29 2021

Absolutely Amazing

This is a must have! The area under my eyes has a noticeable difference after only using this product for a short time.

Beth G. Dec 03 2021

Switched from BC

I am so happy about the crunchi eye cream! After having BC products and being so frustrated that their eye cream irritated my eyes so I couldn’t use it, I was so pleased that this eye cream actually makes my eyes feel hydrated and nourished. And not irritated at all! I love it!

Verified Purchase
Julie T. Nov 08 2021

Amazing Results

I am 50 years old and feel like this product has given me a face lift. I have sensitive skin and was very apprehensive about trying another eye cream, as all others have cause some sort of reaction. I am grateful that my advocate sent me a sample and now I am hooked. I show my photo results to anyone I can. LOVE LOVE LOVE ? this eye cream!

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Renee F. Jul 24 2021

A #1

This is an absolutely wonderful eye cream. I love how it makes my eyes feel and look. I have noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my eyes. I also use it on my 11's (between my eyes) and also on my forehead. I have noticed a big difference in those areas as well. They look less defined and smoother since I have been using this cream. It doesn't take a lot and that is a good thing. I will never change to anything else because this is it!

Jess G. Jul 17 2021

Amazing Eye Cream

I absolutely love this eye cream!! My eyes look brighter and it diminishes the look of my fine lines. It goes on smoothly and I can put my makeup on almost immediately after applying it. The best part is that it is a truly “clean” product. I have been looking for a product like this forever and I’m so glad that crunchi came out with this!!

Emily W. Jul 15 2021


By far one of the best investments I’ve ever made! Noticeable difference under the eyes after just one use. Lighter and definitely safer than any eye cream I’ve ever used. Well worth the price & the size is perfect— it lasts fairly long, even with daily use.