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Original Beautifully Flawless Foundation

Going Crunchi has never been easier, with our nutrient-rich, lightweight medium to full coverage, buildable foundation. Vitamins C & E provide antioxidant-rich coverage while soothing Aloe Leaf gives a lightweight moisture, perfect for all skin types. We also recognize that it is not only what goes in the package, but the package itself. All of our liquid foundations come tightly sealed in an eco-friendly glass bottle, giving you confidence that it will remain toxin free. Pair with our exclusive Vegan Crunchi Flat Top Foundation Brush for all day airbrushed appearance with minimal effort.

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Customer Reviews

Anita M. Jan 21 2020

Smells amazing

I am not a make up person, I wish I was. But all I use is foundation, blush, and mascara. This foundation is so light, smells amazing, and over all just FEELS GOOD. It seems like I'm not wearing makeup at all, but in a good way. I have blotchy spots on my face that the foundation just helps cover up to blend. Like I said, i'm not a makeup person, so for this to work and for me to love it, says a lot. I will repurchase.

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Lindsay C. Dec 03 2019


Love this foundation! Will be repurchasing again :) I wish they would sell bigger bottles.

Courtney B. Oct 01 2019


Love this make up, when will it be back in stock???? I have been checking every day for over 3 weeks?!?

Lindsey N. Sep 28 2019

The best foundation I’ve EVER used

Let me just start by saying I have really oily, blemish prone skin. I was afraid to try a liquid foundation because they had always broke me out in the past. But I was AMAZED by the Crunchi foundation... when I took it off at the end of the day, my skin literally looked better than it did in the morning after a full night of rest. The ingredients in the product actually nourished my skin!!! On top of that my skin was way less oily and it didn’t break me out at all! I’m obsessed with it!

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Kelly U. Sep 27 2019

Caused Breakouts

I had the same experience as other reviewers, my skin is acne prone but I've never had a foundation cause breakouts. This caused me to get cystic acne all over my face. I didn't want to believe it was the foundation but after a month I switched back to my previous foundation and it went away. Disappointed as I hoped this would be the clean foundation holy grail! The coverage and smell were nice.

Marla O. Sep 20 2019

Non-allergenic but not great for me

I have very sensitive combination skin--I have allergic reactions to usual ingredients in long wearing/good coverage makeup. I found this cream settled into my pores & rode across the rest of my skin without the flawless finish. After a few weeks I started breaking out, not allergically but acne, so I stopped using it. My anesthetician later advised my skin was suffering from using this product. Too bad; I was optimistic; in the trash it goes with all the others. :( Skin is much better now.

Michelle V. Aug 22 2019

Beautiful Formula, Not the Best Match

The formula of this foundation is beautiful. It actually shocks me that I can get so much coverage and look so natural at the same time. This foundation covers almost all of my redness. My one downside is the shade selection. I am pretty fair, with neutral undertones that lean slightly pink. I sampled shade 1 which matches in lightness but the undertone leans pretty yellow. I don't think that will work for a lot of fair girls out there. Really hoping Crunchi will make a cooler option!

P. G. May 12 2019

Ingredients amazing, but cakey :/

I wanted to love this product so badly! Love all the ingredients. I bought the foundation in March and have been wearing it almost daily since then, about two months. But the foundation gets cakey and sits in my creases/laugh lines/etc. It does not spread well at all on my face. At first I thought it was because I was using a sponge instead of the vegan Crunchi brush, but I don’t think it would make a difference. I moisturize before applying too, but that didn’t help. So sad!

Aleah O. Mar 24 2019

New customer, and I'm in love!

I'm loving this foundation! I have been looking for the perfect mixture of coverage and toxin free, and this is awesome and with just the right amount of glow!

Jennifer B. Mar 21 2019

Amazing Foundation!

I have been having many crunchi products for over a year now and completely fell in love with the foundation as it leaves my skin covered without the thick feeling some makeup’s do. I have redness issues and this covers it up perfectly! Love this product!!

Genny C. Feb 14 2019

Great at first

I really wanted to love this product. When I first put it on, I LOVE the way it looks on my face and how smooth my complexion looks. Something in the foundation seems to be super drying on my skin though, my actual skin gets incredibly dry, rough, and flaky a few hours after applying- to the point where coworkers have commented on my skin. I have always had super sensitive skin on my face, unfortunately this product does not work for me.

LarissaF  Jan 12 2019


This foundation is amazing. It covers so well yet feels like you are wearing nothing at all. I don't even need concealer with this foundation which is pretty great. I wore it all day and did not need any touch ups, not even along the T-Zone. This is the first liquid foundation I have ever tried that didn't make my skin feel wet and greasy - this is so light and airy feeling. So happy to have found this product!

Netty  Jan 10 2019

So glad I tried it!!!

I’m so glad I tried Crunchi foundation. I’ve gone back and forth for almost a year. I wanted a make up I could try and buy in store. But this foundation feels so good, goes on smooth, and doesn’t break out my sensitive skin. However, the shade range is limited. Especially for those of color. I am a medium toned Latina with yellow-olive warm undertones. I must mix two shades (medium and tan) to get the right shade for me. And that is just doesn't work for me. PLEASE create a 3.5 Crunchi!!!

Charla S. Dec 06 2018

Versatile Coverage!!

I love this foundation so much. It smells amazing and the coverage is so versatile. I can apply a light layer most days. Or, apply a little more for full coverage for an evening out.

Verified Purchase
Frances W. Dec 06 2018

I don't even feel like I have makeup on

I absolutely adore this foundation. It is so creamy and silky and feels so good on my skin. Throughout the day, I dont even feel like I have makeup on. It's so light but has such incredible natural coverage. I love that when I wear it, I dont LOOK like I have makeup on. It makes me look so natural and clean. I just love the way it feels and performs!

NJmomOf3  Dec 06 2018

Foundation Love

I love the Crunchi foundations. They goes on super smoothly. I have very sensitive skin and had excellent results with it. I change shades as my skin gets more tan. Highly recommend!

Shelle Y. Dec 05 2018


I don’t think I’ve ever gotten through an entire bottle of foundation. I try it and and then move on to the next one I see...until now! I love this foundation! Goes on so nice and stays all day. Perfect coverage for me! I will be digging it out of the bottle!

Shelby H. Dec 05 2018

Review of Foundation

All i can say is WOW! I LOVE this product. It's great coverage and lasts all day! And knowing exactly what products my skin is absorbing and knowing that they're good for me is incredible! I love this product and this brand!

Verified Purchase
Catherine N. Dec 05 2018

Foundation Obsession!

Love this foundation!!! It's part of my morning ritual! The smell of vanilla puts me into a zen-like state while applying my makeup. I mix 2 & 2.5 for my perfect match! The foundation is so effective. It covers my redness & acne scars. I am obsessed. I get so many compliments on my makeup & my skin has greatly improved since using Crunchi primer & foundation!

Danita  Dec 05 2018

Great, light, all over coverage!

Love how light this coverage is, all over coverage and lasts all day. Its also great that it doesnt get "cakey". I love that its better for my skin, the quality, the endurance, how I feel like I have no foundation on, and the compliments I get on my makeup!

Christina P. Dec 04 2018

Used to powder foundation? You'll love this!

If you are using powder foundation today and worried about making the switch to liquid, do it! I used powder for over 10 years and was hesitant to use Crunchi Flawless Foundation. I was sold the moment I tried it on! It's lightweight so I can't even tell I'm wearing makeup!

Shannon Y. Dec 04 2018

Best Foundation!

This is the best foundation I’ve ever used!! Not only is it safe for my skin & health, it looks natural, covers blemishes incredibly well, & blends with my natural skin color perfectly!! I LOVE IT!!

Verified Purchase
Melanie G. Dec 04 2018

Great coverage!

This Foundation has great coverage and it smells wonderful!

Verified Purchase
ashley v. Dec 04 2018

Amazing foundation

I've never been a fan of liquid foundation, but this stuff I can't even tell I'm wearing it, and it smells so good!!! It's a foundation that you can build to make a full coverage or just use less.

Verified Purchase
Tatiana T. Dec 04 2018

Flawless indeed!

I thought my skin was too sensitive for liquid foundation, before I found Crunchi. Lightweight, great coverage, awesome smell and an eco friendly packaged containter that lasts all day! I never thought I would find toxin free cosmetics that perform so well. Thank you Crunchi!!!

Brittni S. Dec 04 2018

Best I’ve Ever Had!

I’m not a big makeup person, I don’t wear it everyday because I never liked the feeling of it on my face. I decided to give Crunchi a go and I am so glad I did! I wear it all day and don’t even notice! It last all day too, even in the South florida heat! A little goes a long way also, which is great for the wallet! I love it and I’m so glad I made my purchase!

Leslie S. Dec 04 2018

Best foundation hands down!

Not only is it a win because it applies flawlessly but it’s also made with super clean ingredients. What could be better? :)

Abby L. Dec 04 2018

Crunchi Love

I am really loving this foundation. It is weightless, smells great, and has just the right amount of natural coverage. Excited to try more Crunchi products!

Brenna  Dec 03 2018


Wearing this foundation along with the primer and concealer has changed my skin in such a positive way. I love the light, natural, buildable coverage. It tones down any redness in my skin and feels like it’s not even there. It’s also long lasting and so easy to apply with the foundation brush

Cristy L. Dec 03 2018

Love it!!

I love this foundation. It's toxin free, feels light, it doesn't run, breathes, matches my skin tone, and lasts a long time! I've tried other foundations, and this is by far the best!!

Meridith D. Dec 03 2018

Light and good coverage

I can’t believe how good this foundation is with clean ingredients!! It’s so light on my skin and really lasts all day. I work 13 hour days and it lasts all day. I also typically have very oily skin after a few hours and I don’t have that issue with this amazing foundation!! I’m definitely a user for life!

Kiara  Dec 03 2018

Weightless and flawless

This is the best medium weight foundation ever! It's hard to believe it's actually safe and good for my skin it works so well! I've used everything from liquid to powders, drug store and department store brands and this leaves them all in the dust. Even if you don't care about toxin free beauty you need to buy this foundation!

Leslie S. Dec 03 2018

Leslie S

This foundation wears like nothing at all. Goes on smooth and doesn't feel cakey. Wears all day and smells so good! My complexion has improved greatly since switching to this toxin free greatness!!!

Zeidy V. Dec 03 2018

Game Changer!

Uhm why didn't I purchase this before!? First of all, it is a perfect shade match, (2.5) that never seems to happen for me. Second of all, I got thee best coverage and the finish is just flawless. This was perfect for my dry skin. Thank you Crunchi for your amazing products!

Verified Purchase
Shelby S. Dec 03 2018

Favorite Foundation

I don't wear foundation often, but this is the BEST I have tried. Huge plus that the ingredients are clean and good for your skin! My hormonal acne/pop up have minimized. I love the coverage, and it is buildable!

Kayla W. Dec 03 2018


I've always been a real skeptic when it comes to foundation because it never would cover good or it would look really oily, even tho I have super dry skin. However, this foundation was a game changer. I can put this on and wear it all day and it stays in place and covers wonderfully! I'm glad that I finally found a foundation that works for me!

Verified Purchase
Ashley F. Dec 03 2018

Great Performance

Performance is great. This summer was a hot one and it was also my first time trying Crunchi. I must say it held up in the hot summer days and the smell is AMAZING! Just like vanilla cupcakes.

Melinda C. Dec 03 2018

A product that performs

Love the buildable formula and smooth texture. I am so happy to have found a clean product that exceeds expectations!

Amanda P. Dec 03 2018

Must have!

I cannot imagine using another foundation after using this one. My sensitive acne prone skin has never looked better since I made the switch!

Verified Purchase
Pam B. Dec 03 2018

Feels invisible!

This foundation has buildable coverage. No matter if you apply a thin layer or thick, it disappears & feels weightless. No sticky or heavy feeling & leaves a beautiful matte finish.

Christine S. Dec 03 2018


I am a huge fan of Crunchi foundation. Clean ingredients, creamy texture, great coverage and an incredible vanilla fragrance.

Rain J. Dec 03 2018

My Skin Loves Crunchi Foundation

I love Crunchi foundation! For years I was a Sheercover powder foundation lover because it was light but covered well, then I was introduced to Crunchi. My skin told me how much I loved it. No more acne, a much clearer complexion with even less product. To learn that Crunchi was non-toxin even made me more excited about the product. I am now hooked on Crunchi. Thank you for making such a wonderful product.

Verified Purchase
Deanna R. Dec 02 2018

So good, I could eat it!

This foundation goes on smoothly, and it can be tailored to your day's needs--use a little or mix it with moisturizer for light coverage, or use a little more for fuller coverage. I put this on and instantly any redness, unevenness, or blemishes are gone. Presto! What you can't appreciate from the website is how delicious it smells. That's real vanilla. I also recommend using this with the flat brush for even application and a flawless look.

Kalena L. Dec 02 2018

The BEST Makeup I’ve Ever Used

I’ve never been more happy with a makeup product. This foundation is perfect. I’m far from professional when it comes to makeup application, and I prefer quick and easy. Crunchi’s foundation makes it look like I know what I’m doing (especially combined with the foundation brush) and is still quick and easy. It rameaklu is the best makeup I’ve used, and I’m so glad I found it!

Jennifer E. Dec 02 2018

Fabulous Foundation

How I love my Crunchi Medium foundation and how it looks so flawless on my skin. It looks even better with the new foundation brush.

Audra A. Dec 02 2018


I have been looking for this foundation my whole life. My face has cleared up since using it. It provides great coverage for my uneven skin tone. I wear number 2 and in the summer mix in a little 2.5. The smell is amazing!

Peggy D. Dec 01 2018

So light!

I have use lots of liquid foundation, but this one is the very best. It gives great coverage but feel so light on my skin.

Sue W. Dec 01 2018


I really love this product and it covers beautifully. I am recovering from Chemo, and was introduced to the foundation along with the Daylight my skin is looking fantastic. I receive many compliments on how healthy I look. I highly recommend this product.

Heather C. Dec 01 2018

a pale beauty’s best friend

I cannot describe how much I love shade 2. My skin is a pale color, and it is the perfect shade to add some life. I dont look yellow with it on or pink; its the perfect neutral. The formula is rich and smooth. The smell is a luxurious vanilla. It may sound like Im blowing smoke about this foundation, but I kid you not, its the best foundation I have ever tried (even better that a certain brands double wear foundation IMO). I also love that I can feel good about applying it to my face every day.

Verified Purchase
Ashley N. Dec 01 2018

Love the coverage!

I have tried tons of non toxic foundations in the past year and finally found Crunchi and full coverage. I love how buildiable it it without feeling like you’re wearing a lot or needing to use a ton of product.

Elizabeth s. Dec 01 2018


I just love this foundation the coverage is amazing and it feels so clean on! It last all day long!

Rachel W. Dec 01 2018


The Crunchi liquid foundation is AMAZING! Very smooth and easy to blend. It's build-able so you can get a light coverage or full coverage.

Stephanie S. Dec 01 2018


I have hated the way I look in pictures for years. I tried everything, from high end/ high price products, to Wal-Mart knock offs....nothing worked for my redness. My hairdresser introduced me to Crunchi, and I was extremely skeptical...I thought yea right, yet another high price product that won't work. BUT Y'ALL... IT D O E S! I purchased the sample pack first, and upon my first application, I was in love. To my surprise, my red cheeks were greatly toned down. I love this product!

Katie L. Dec 01 2018

Not Cakey

I got a sample of this and was skeptical on how well I would like this when it is so light going on. It evened out my skin tone well and held all day. I cant wait to get my trifecta GC so I can order the bottle!

Verified Purchase
Abby S. Dec 01 2018

Great all day!

This foundation lasts all day! I can put on my makeup first thing in the morning and its still looks fresh and gives me great coverage at the end of the day! It also feels so light and moisturizing too. Its amazing that something that feels so light can offer such good coverage!

Kathleen  Dec 01 2018


The best foundation I’ve ever worn! I stopped wearing foundation years ago because it always made me breakout. It always felt really heavy on my face too! Ugh! So I just stopped wearing it! Until my sister introduced me to Crunchi! I never feel or look like I have tons of makeup on. The foundation and primer work so well together and my skin actually looks better since I’ve been using it! I just love Crunchi!!! Thank you So much coming out with this product!

Linda  Dec 01 2018


My favorite thing about this Foundation is how versatile it is! I can mix equal parts with primer for sheer coverage, use lightly over primer for medium coverage or build all the way up to full coverage!

AmberG  Dec 01 2018

Pretty good

I would call this an “almost foundation” because it is so light weight it feels as if you are wearing nothing! I love the way it feels. It does not cause irritation but it also causes the area around my mouth and blemishes look more flaky and dry. I don’t know if it’s the primer or the foundation but if I use it daily exfoliants it seems to help some. Because of the lightweight nature, it does not have as great of coverage.

Verified Purchase
Ashley F. Dec 01 2018

Favorite Foundation Ever!

I made the switch to Beautifully Flawless Foundation 6 months ago, and my skin has never felt, looked, or smelled this good with any other foundation. The best part? It's my perfect shade. I have never found a match this perfect! I don't have to worry about what I'm putting on my face, either. This foundation really is amazing and a must-try. Go get a sample card - you're going to love this product!

Morgan C. Dec 01 2018


I struggle with psoriasis and this foundation gives me the cover up I need without making my skin super dry or causing a flare up. I'm thankful I finally have a foundation that not only makes me feel my best but also is good for my skin.

Lauren D. Dec 01 2018


I’m a huge skeptic about everything so when my advocate gave me a sample of this foundation, I was shocked at how amazing it felt on my skin. Needless to say, I was SOLD on it and my skin has become healthier as a result. It really is perfectly flawless!!

Liz P. Nov 30 2018

Lives up to the hype!

This foundation performs just as well if not better than the high end stuff that I used to buy at Ulta, AND its great for your skin. It's a win win! I'm never going back.

Taylor S. Nov 30 2018

Beautifully Flawless Foundation

I bought this foundation right before my wedding last October, after spending SO much on toxic makeup and not feeling right about it. I wore Crunchi's Flawless Foundation on my wedding day and felt SO good about it (and looked good too ;) ). I still wear it almost-daily, and I LOVE knowing that what I put on my face is good for me. The coverage is perfect, not at all cakey or too thin.

Verified Purchase
Stephanie L. Nov 30 2018

The most lightweight and natural looking!

When I first tried this, I didn't have much hope because I normally don't like foundation because it feels heavy on my skin. But this was SO lightweight and it looked so natural I was instantly in love!

Rebecca V. Nov 30 2018

Impressive and worth it

I can't believe how much better this foundation is than the million other brands I've tried. It goes on so smoothly with the primer and it is buildable for however much coverage you want. It's not cakey or sticky and doesn't show my pores or clog them. I put the silica powder on top and it stays on amazingly well all day, even after getting all sweaty at the gym. I was so disappointed with foundation before this and chose to just go foundation-free, but I actually enjoy putting this on!

Verified Purchase
Amanda F. Nov 30 2018

Great Foundation

Coming from a cream to powder since 1997, I was afraid of liquid with my oily skin. This paired with primer and the foundation brush are great! I mix 2.0 & 2.5 equal parts for the perfect shade.

Hannah  Nov 30 2018

Love it!

This is a great foundation!!! It goes on very smoothly and doesn’t look or feel like it is caked on! I very impressed!

Molly C. Nov 30 2018

Truly Beautifully Flawless

I have tried many and this is by far my favorite clean foundation! It goes on velvety smooth and lasts on my aging skin all day! I highly recommend this beautifully flawless foundation!

Verified Purchase
Charity H. Nov 30 2018

Best Foundation Ever!

I was sceptical that this foundation would perform after trying about 6 other green beauty foundations that never performed for me. I tried the foundation matching card and the first day I tried it, I had great coverage, that still looked like my skin, was so lightweight, and was still intact after midday! I was sold and continue to love this foundation! And the bonus, it has the cleanest ingredients I’ve found yet in a foundation!

Kaylynne N. Nov 30 2018

Velvety Soft Skin

Crunchi Foundation is unlike any foundation, liquid or powder, I’ve ever used. This foundation goes on and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on my skin. My skin feels like velvet. I’m so thankful my sister has introduced me to this company and it’s products.

Selene W. Nov 30 2018

Amazing coverage, clarity, and quality!

I purchased this foundation for my teenage daughter several months ago. She absolutely loves the coverage and I have to say that we both agree that her skin has cleared up significantly since giving up the toxic foundation. She often pairs it with the primer. Thank you Crunchi for providing an opportunity to feel great about nontoxic, quality options for skincare and make up!

Chloe D. Nov 30 2018

Go to foundation!

I absolutely love anything by crunchi but this foundation is a must have for anyones beauty collection. It's full coverage, flaw perfecting and smells like soft sweet vanilla. Love it!!!

Shaina Y. Nov 30 2018

Foundation forever

So smooth and clean on my skin. I love the way it doesn’t make me break out!!

Verified Purchase
Ashley M. Nov 30 2018

Foundation 2.5

I never liked liquid foundation then I tried the 2.5. It feels so light on my face and I love it!

Caitlin P. Nov 30 2018

Great coverage!

I love the way this foundation feels when it goes on. It doesn’t feel heavy but it still has great coverage for all my imperfections!

Verified Purchase
Vivien A. Nov 30 2018


I LOVE my Crunchi Beautifully Flawless Foundation. I had tried so many different "greenwashed" foundations and natural foundations in the past but nothing performed like the conventional foundation I was used to. This was the first Crunchi product I ever tried and after trying it for the first time I was sold! I was able to achieve a satin finish to cover up my horrible hormonal acne breakouts. 6 months later I am still in love with this foundation and my skin has drastically improved!

Alyssa P. Nov 30 2018

Smooth Foundation

This is the best foundation I have tried. It is light, can provide great coverage, and smells amazing!

Jennae  Nov 30 2018

Foundation is AWESOME!

I have tried so many different company's foundations but this is the BEST one I have found! My skin looks flawless, goes on light, non-greasy & smells great! I love the ingredients too! The foundation brush is key. Absolutely love it together! Thanks Stephanie!

Kristina L. Nov 30 2018

Breathable skin AND great coverage

I never thought that I could have both. Either my face felt like I was wearing a mask and I had a lot of foundation on to have good coverage or barley any foundation on and my skin still couldn't breathe. This foundation and primer together is the BEST thing EVER!!! You can have a light coverage day and mix them together or keep them separate and have that fantastic flawless face that you always dreamed of having but never thought was possible, oh and by the way NO harmful chemicals? YES PLEASE!

Rachel M. Nov 30 2018

The best coverage foundation

I love that this foundation can be both light coverage and heavy coverage. It goes on flawlessly especially with the primer and foundation brush. Bonus: it smells amazing!

Danielle F. Nov 30 2018

I never liked foundation

I was never one to like or wear foundation, although my skin needed it. When I first tried Crunchi I was amazed at how light and inviting it was. I used to think that foundation always felt heavy and looked heavy on my skin, but not this product! Not only does it feel good, but it looks good, too!

Val  Nov 30 2018

Love this!

I’ve tried a lot of foundation before but I absolutely love the Crunchi foundation!! It is so smooth and gives great coverage but doesn’t feel heavy on my face and doesn’t feel too dry or too oily! My favorite.

Kayt S. Nov 30 2018


This foundation is liquid gold. It's so lightweight and provides the coverage I need while truly lasting ALL day. I love the matte finish and how natural it looks on my skin while providing the exact coverage I need!

Verified Purchase
Jane B. Nov 30 2018

Crunchi Foundation

This foundation is velvety smooth and covers wonderfully. I little goes a long way.

Ashleigh B. Nov 30 2018


I never used to wear makeup besides mascara because when I did, I was constantly thinking about when I could get home to take it of. It always felt suffocating. Until my sister introduced me to Crunchi. This foundation is seriously amazing! It applies great and it is so light weight I forget I have makeup on. The best part is the nights I forget I am wearing it and fall asleep with it on, I don't feel guilty because I know the ingredients are safe.

Verified Purchase
Jessica F. Nov 30 2018

Still there 12 hours later

I'm beyond thrilled with the performance of this foundation. When I look in the mirror 12hr later, no matter how crazy and hectic my day has been, this foundation is still in place and still looks just as good as it did when I first applied it. It only takes a small amount to get good coverage and it never feels heavy.

Regina S. Nov 30 2018


My favorite Crunchi product! Could not live without this foundation! Amazing!

Leslie S. Nov 30 2018

No surprise there is a cult following!

This foundation is the best there is. Hands down. My skin can be dehydrated, dingy but this foundation will manage to make me look flawless. If I am going for a no makeup makeup look I dab it on as a concealer.

Carrie R. Nov 30 2018

Love the feel of it

I absolutely loved how lightweight the foundation felt on my skin. It lasted all day, and remained flawless. It is an amazing product!!

Megan  Nov 30 2018


I absolutely love this foundation. It’s not thick, blends well, and stays put...plus it smells yummy!!!

Verified Purchase
Mary P. Nov 30 2018


The only foundation I have ever used that not only has the perfect coverage, lasts all day, and looks natural without looking heavy and caked on. I will forever use this product

Verified Purchase
Bonnie B. Nov 30 2018


This foundation goes on so smoothly and feels so light. Its coverage is great.

Verified Purchase
Allison K. Nov 30 2018

Light & Airbrushed Glow

This Foundation has always felt light for the full coverage I get with only one pump. I am in awe how long my bottle lasts.

Karen W. Nov 30 2018


I absolutely love this foundation. Not only does it provide amazing, buildable coverage, but it feels absolutely nourishing to my skin. Make sure to prime and set to experience the full effect! The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because I'm in between shades and needed to purchase two to mix so I could get my perfect shade (which of course, gets pricey). I'm of Pacific Islander/Asian descent and would love to see more yellow based shades/tones added to the line up.

Cathy W. Nov 30 2018

Amazing foundation

I rarely wore foundation before because I hated feeling like I was wearing heavy makeup. This foundation is amazing. It is so light that I forget I'm wearing it and when paired with the primer, my skin feels great.

Verified Purchase
Allie M. Nov 30 2018

Beautiful coverage

Coverage is fantastic, feels light and silky. Most make ups would leave my face with breakouts but not Crunchi! Would give it 10 stars if I could!

Andrea  Nov 30 2018

Medium foundation

Love love love!!! This foundation is flawless and smells amazing!! Toxic free all the way!!

Marilyn J. Nov 30 2018


I used Estee Lauder and Mac before finding Crunchi. I will never go back!! I've never worn foundation that felt this lightweight with such great coverage.

Kristina  Nov 29 2018

Stays on forever!

I love the longevity of this foundation! I was on a flight and had to leave it on for a full 24 hours and it still looked flawless!

Mariah K. Nov 29 2018

Mommy approvedn

I absolutely love this stuff! I was weary to try it as I have been wearing powder foundation for 12 years! However, as a new mom of a handsome baby who loves to slobbery kiss I knew the indegredients in my old makeup were too toxic to risk! I researched this product for weeks before I finally ordered! Now I’m kicking myself for waiting so long! I love it! I tell all my girlfriends they need to try this stuff and detox their makeup bags!

Marissa D. Nov 29 2018

Highly reccomend!

I have been using the foundation for about a month or so now and I absolutely love it! It has great coverage, smells awesome, and most importantly it helps me keep unwanted toxins off my face!

Veronica C. Nov 29 2018

Beautifully Flawless Foundation

I have been using this foundation for over a month now and I love it!! It has a subtle vanilla smell which is great, but most importantly this foundation creates a beautiful natural makeup look. You can layer it for more coverage, I am impressed with the performance and best of all it is free of toxins which is a win-win.

Wendy B. Nov 29 2018

Flawless is right!

My mom got me started on Crunchi and the foundation was one of my first products I tried. Now I'm hooked! Perfect coverage and smells wonderful!

Brianna  Nov 29 2018


I have used multiple foundations and never found THE ONE...until now! It works great during all seasons, and has an all day stay when used in combination with the Crunchi Primer!

Larissa B. Nov 29 2018


This foundation feels too good to be true! I have tried so many natural and safe foundations, only to be disappointed. The coverage of this foundation is INCREDIBLE and it feels like you’re not wearing makeup at all. My skin is able to breathe while looking flawless. Best part is that when I wash it off, my skin is left looking healthier than when I put it on. No makeup has ever done that for me. I’m so thankful!

Erin M. Nov 29 2018

Wish it was vegan - awesome coverage!

I really like the coverage and feel of this foundation when I tried a sample. I wish it was vegan though. I'll definitely buy it when it's vegan friendly.

Cepeda C. Nov 29 2018

No Cake

I really like the foundation. For me, I am not huge on using makeup, but I wanted something for my wedding and let me tell you it felt so amazing on my skin. It didn't feel like it was caked on like i experienced with other foundation. I think it feels good, smells good, and has good coverage! I didn't want to not look like me with foundation and this absolutely did not make me feel that way. I just felt like a flawless version of myself!

Andrea A. Nov 29 2018

Love It!

This stuff is awesome! I prefer a liquid foundation, but had switched to powder due to other liquids breaking me out. This one seems to help my complexion!

Verified Purchase
Jordan M. Nov 29 2018

Flawless foundation, perfect description!

Love how light weight the foundation feels and continues to hold coverage all day long!

Stephanie D. Nov 29 2018

Best foundation!

I only used mineral makeup in the past and was very nervous to try a liquid. I’m so thankful I did though because the Crunchi foundation has done amazing things for my skin and lasts all day! It is so creamy and blends easy. In the summer I use 2.5 and now that my tan is fading I’ve been blending 2.0 with a little 2.5. Perfection!

Lisa D. Nov 29 2018


What can I say except holy grail! This is the best foundation I have ever used. It provides amazing, buildable coverage that feels weightless and looks gorgeous on!

Cary T. Nov 29 2018

Perfect match!

I have a very hard time finding foundation that matches my complexion. I have more yellow undertones and the fair 2.5 works perfectly! Very happy with my purchase.

Amy G. Nov 29 2018


Love this foundation! Goes on well and lasts all day! Smells good too! :-) It's overpriced for sure, but I love it!!

Jess R. Nov 29 2018

Amazing foundation

Love this foundation! Not only great coverage, it feels so light weight and smooth!!

Savannah P. Nov 29 2018

Perfect Foundation!

This foundation is flawless and smells amazing without synthetic fragrances. The coverage is amazing, not only can it be light but can also be full coverage! This is definitely one of my top favorite products!

Verified Purchase
Andrea A. Nov 29 2018

Amazing Coverage

This foundation gives amazing coverage. I have tried a lot of clean toxin free products and Crunchi's performance is beyond any I have tried.

Verified Purchase
Rachel G. Nov 29 2018


I absolutely love this foundation. It goes on smooth and has such a clean feel and light scent. The primer are foundation are the TRUE perfect pair. You will never go back to anything else and with the ingredients you will have no shame!

Amber s. Nov 29 2018


The moment I tried this I fell in love !!not only is it not greasy .. but Goes on smooth and love the way u can build it for coverage it’s last me all day and no breakouts !

Ashley T. Nov 29 2018

Liquid Gold!

I am a makeup lover, through & through. I was a competitive dancer for many years when I was far too young to be painting my face with makeup but.. I've been wearing it for wellll over a decade. I have been through countless foundations & settled with Clinique for the past couple of years.. But was sick and tired of slapping chemicals on my face. This foundation is GOLDEN. Buildable coverage, flawless finish & TOXIN FREE! Do yourself a favor, make the switch!

Jessica  Nov 29 2018

I'm in love

I have always been a tinted moisturizer wearer. And transitioning to a full coverage Foundation was a little weird at first. But this is my everyday amazing, beautiful Foundation. It is shocking how well it covers the things you want covered and it gives you a beautiful Flawless look every single day. It is high-end and safe and wonderful.

Verified Purchase
Jaime D. Nov 29 2018

I need a big, red heart emoji here....

I absolutely love Crunchi's products but the foundation...is awesome! For me, I do not like "cake" type foundation. This provides enough coverage for me to cover some impurities and sun spots. I forget it's on! I have extremely sensitive skin. Still break out prone at 41. This foundation does not break me out. I have no redness or itching.

Verified Purchase
Katie K. Nov 29 2018

Works great!

I love this foundation. You can apply however much you want to get the perfect coverage (from "barely there" look to full coverage). The only downside is that I wish there was more of a variety in shades. I sometimes mix two colors to get the perfect combination.

Lauren  Nov 29 2018


I’ve been on the hunt for a toxin free foundation for 3 years....and I’m happy to say the search is finally over. This stuff is the real deal: it is full coverage when paired with the no 1 flat top brush (don’t use with a beauty blender), has amazing staying power, and over time has helped heal my dry itchy skin. I also love that it smells like glazed doughnuts or cupcakes...I used to hate the smell of my department store foundation. I will never be without it again!

Kapunawai A. Nov 29 2018

Flawless Foundation

I live on the hot side of the island and perform so I need stage coverage with high performance that withstands the heat and prespiration. I was impressed by this nontoxic makeup and have received many compliments on my makeup since switching to Crunchi. I will never use anything else!

Danielle  Nov 29 2018


I love that this product is full of organic ingredients but.. being a business owner who is in front of people all day, I’m disappointed with the coverage. Because it is water based, I do have a hard time blending things in evenly and I don’t think it gives me enough coverage to last all day.

Elise W. Nov 29 2018

Pure Perfection

im so glad I got this for Christmas last year! The best gift I received by far! I didn’t like the make up I used from the heath food stores (clean ingredients but it never stayed on or looked right) and with this, it’s the ingredient list I love, but works like what you’d find at a Sephora! And the vanilla is on point! This is a must have for your collection!

Tabatha B. Nov 29 2018

Amaz Cakes

Not only is this the best performing foundation I’ve ever worn but my face smells like vanilla cupcakes and that’s just lovely. Oh and the fact that is doesn’t break out my super sensitive is great too. Lol

Maya C. Nov 29 2018

Love this foundation!

Love this foundation! Perfect buildable coverage.

Amy S. Nov 29 2018

Beautifully Flawless Foundation

I love, love, love this product!! Of all the foundations I have tried, this is by far my favorite!! Smells wonderful and definitely goes the distance. I use foundation brush for beautiful coverage. I apply lighter coverage for daily wear but can apply heavier for a more finished night/glamorous appearance. Never looks heavy or caked on!! This is a must-have product in my makeup bag!!

Verified Purchase
Diana L. Nov 29 2018

Best foundation

Crunchi Foundation is lightweight, yet provides good coverage. It also does not sting my skin as othe fondations do. When applied with the flat top brush, it is perfection!

Verified Purchase
Brittany H. Nov 29 2018

Bye Bye, Powder Foundation!

I hate liquid foundation... or at least I thought I did, until I tried this! It provides perfect coverage while still feeling so light and soft -- not cakey or tacky or goopy like so many other foundations I've tried. It is very moisturizing and my skin looks awesome with it on... but, after using this (and the primer) for a year now, the nourishing ingredients have made it so that my skin looks great without it on, too! A bottle lasts me quite a long time. And that foundation brush... MUST!

Tammy H. Nov 29 2018

Love the lightweight feel!

This is the first liquid foundation I have found in 10 years that I love! It glides on effortlessly, is very buildable to get your desired look and does not leave That chalky caked on feeling on your skin! What I love the most is most people don’t even think I have foundation on when I’m wearing it.

Desha L. Nov 29 2018

This stuff is AWESOME!

I have had my foundation for 3 months now and still have over 1/4 of a bottle left. It stays on all day, it doesn't leave my skin feeling oily and I don't have to "freshen up" by lunch time. FYI: I just bought the flat brush to apply it and it is a game changer! With the brush, it uses less foundation and takes less time to apply.

Amy M. Nov 29 2018

Love this flawless foundation

This foundation is absolutely amazing! The coverage is phenomenal. Its one of my go to products along with the primer, finishing powder & lip gloss or color.

Verified Purchase
Carly P. Nov 29 2018

My real BFF

I used to hate liquid foundation, but after using this one I understand why Crunchi is using a liquid foundation. Thank you for an amazing product that works so well with the primer. I'm so excited to detox my make-up bag!

Heather B. Nov 29 2018


I am in love with this foundation! I had stopped using liquid foundation and went for powder because I have oily skin and by the end of the day any liquid foundation would be sliding off my face. This does not do that at all. It feels so soft and light on my skin as if I have no makeup on but gives me great coverage that looks natural. I would definitely recommend.

Kim M. Nov 29 2018

Love this product!

I have been getting so many compliments on how good I look and the only thing I have changed is my makeup!! It is so light on the face and always feels so refreshing in the morning when I am putting it on. I LOVE it!

Verified Purchase
Alex R. Nov 29 2018


This foundation is AMAZING. You can cover up anything without looking like you have caked on makeup. It gives you a very light and natural finish. Not to mention it smells so good and is good for your skin!!!

Verified Purchase
Erica U. Nov 29 2018

Liquid Foundation

I have always used liquid foundation and no matter how much or how little I had on I always felt like it was applied heavy or looked like I had makeup on. Not with the Crunchi foundation, I use one pump of the Medium foundation (it goes a long way with the primer applied) apply it with a brush, like I have with all other foundations, and the product goes on light while giving full coverage. I no longer feel like I have a ton of makeup on my face and it looks natural.

Sarah B. Nov 29 2018


I have always been skeptical of trying anything new because I am a creature of habit. But I went out on a limb and tried this foundation. I was floored! The application was smooth and set down without much powder. I have scarring from acne as a teen and redness and this foundation was buildable up to full coverage and covered it all. Plus it stayed on all day! That’s a 15 hour day for this nurse :) I will be purchasing this over and over. It is my new holy grail.

Alysha  Nov 29 2018

Highest Qualitu Foundation I Have Ever Used

I was searching for a drugstore foundation for over a year that: 1. Matched my skin color 2. Had full coverage 3. Didn't clump 4. Wasn't heavy Well, I never found it. Then I switched to Crunchi just to be mindful of toxins, and to my surprise, it was the foundation that I was looking for!

Kerri W. Nov 29 2018

Stop looking for other foundations!!!

This foundation is truly my BFF!! Covers all my blemishes, gives me an airbrushed looked, and best of all it feels like I’m not wearing anything. Doesn’t get cakey or feel heavy. It’s amazing!!! Stays well on face all day too. Do need to reapply over blemishes though after about 7-8 hours, but not a huge incovenience.

Laura  Nov 29 2018

BEST Foundation Ever

A few years ago when I decided to go non-toxic in many aspects, it seemed like the options were very limited for makeup. There was powders like Bare minerals or Physicians Formula, but I had tried those and I didn't love the product. I also continued try/use Tarte and Jane Iredale because I like a full foundation. When I found Crunchi (August 2018), it changed everything for me. The foundation is light yet full coverage. You can wear a little or a lot depending on how much you want to apply.

Andrea D. Nov 29 2018

Perfect match

I’ve had a hard time finding a foundation to match my face and this one is perfect. I also like that it’s not made with all the bad chemicals and it looks flawless.

Dina R. Nov 29 2018

So Lightweight

I’ve NEVER been a foundation wearer, as I always hated how heavy it was. But now that I’m a little older, I wanted to give it another try. I just mix the foundation with the primer and it feels weightless. The coverage is great and I don’t feel like a clown!

Kacey K. Nov 29 2018

Worth the money

I am so glad I decided to buy crunchi. It is lightweight with nice coverage. It holds up all day.

Shaina Y. Nov 29 2018


I have used the foundation one time and I’m already hooked!! I tried my sample and it matched up to my skin tone and was enough for a whole days make up.. I can’t wait to buy all of Crunchi’s products!

Verified Purchase
Nikki R. Nov 29 2018

Smells and feels AMAZING

I was not a liquid foundation fan before this foundation. The ones I had tried were so heavy feeling. This foundation feels amazing on my skin. It's so light weight and soft. I love that it smells like a vanilla cupcake and is nourishing to my skin. Best of all I know it's safe for my daughter and that's huge for me.

Verified Purchase
Brooke O. Nov 29 2018

Best foundation

Love this foundation!! I have never been a mix it up make up girl. But I am Health conscience therefore I thought I would give it a try. I have absolutely no regrets and I’m totally in love with crunchi foundation.

Jocelyn  Nov 29 2018

Wow, just wow!

I’m new to a “crunchy” lifestyle & always wore a lot of makeup before. Product offers great coverage when using the recommended brush & application technique. I follow the next steps of bronzer, blush, finishing powder, then a hint of more blush to really wow the coverage. I’m really impressed I can achieve a full coverage look with this clean makeup. I do have to reapply make 2x if going somewhere in evening as it isn’t super long lasting.

Elizabeth R. Nov 29 2018


I love my crunchi foundation, because it gives me full coverage, without being so obvious. My skin looks even. I love it too because I get compliments on my face.

Christine R. Nov 29 2018


I haven’t found a foundation I really loved until I tried this one!!! As I age I feel foundation makes me look older because it enhances my wrinkles around my eyes. This foundation doesn’t!!! I use the primer first and it has amazed me! And the perk is it’s toxin free!!! I’m going to tell all my friends about this!

Courtney  Nov 29 2018

Best foundation on the market

Crunchi foundation is game changer. This product is amazing! By far the best foundation on the market.

Verified Purchase
Jennifer K. Nov 29 2018

FINALLY a clean foundation that covers!

I searched forever to find a foundation that offered me the coverage I desired and a clean ingredient list. I thought makeup would always be my compromise..until I found Crunchi! My skin has done a 180 change since switching to Crunchi. I use the primer and flat top brush along with this foundation and it's been a total game changer for me. I'm so thankful! If you're on the fence... get this. You'll be so thankful you did!

Jennifer H. Nov 29 2018

Love the feel!

I love the way my skin feels when wearing this foundation, and love knowing it is safe too! Good coverage, and long lasting.

Courtney  Nov 29 2018


This is by far the best foundation I’ve ever used. It smells heavenly & gives me the perfect coverage!

Julia G. Nov 29 2018

Best foundation hands down

This foundation not only looks beautiful while on, but it holds up all day long. Bonus is that it is so incredibly good for my skin! Could never go back to a more toxic product!

Hope  Nov 29 2018

Sooo silky smooth on my skin!

I am in love with my new foundation! I jut switched over to this for another good quality brand. This one makes my skin feel so silky smooth and it smells really good when I put it on! I don’t feel like I’m shearing makeup, more like a really good lotion! It’s soo nice! I’m highly recommended. I feel like it’d not as full of a coverage though so that’s why I can’t give it 5 stars. Maybe I’m just supposed to put it on thiker. But either way it’s still a very good natural option!

Aurelia M. Nov 29 2018

My one and only

After years of searching for the holy grail foundation, Crunchi has left left me speechless. It’s everything I have ever wanted in a semi matte foundation, it is flawless with or without the primer and powder. And I love knowing I am not clogging pores, layering chemicals on my very sensitive skin or worrying about that awful oxidized orange tint.

Deven B. Nov 29 2018

Best I have ever used

I love how this foundation doesn’t look cakey like most of the ones I have used in the past. It’s also the only one that I have found that matches my skin tone and since using it my skin is a lot clearer! Crunchi foundation has won me over.

Verified Purchase
Lilllith B. Nov 29 2018

You Can't Mess It Up

I've always been more of a lipgloss and go kind of girl. I definitely have shied away from using foundation. They scare me. Leave that to the professionals! The problem is I'm turning 40 so very soon and my skin needs a little more help these days. I've tried every lightweight BB cream out there, trying to find something I couldn't mess up, but still improved the look of my skin. This beats them all, by far. It's so lightweight, goes on like a dream and truly covers imperfections.

Barbara  Nov 29 2018

A little goes a L O N G way

One pump and I can do my whole face with this foundation! So easy to use. Don't need to cake it on for it to work. And since it goes so far this bottle will last me a LONG time.

Verified Purchase
Laura O. Nov 29 2018


Finally! Foundation that provides buildable coverage & is as light as a feather! I was always a die-hard powder girl, but when I hit 40 I noticed that the powder was sitting in my fine lines. When this was recommended I had my doubts, I’d tried other safe beauty brands & was not impressed by their performance. Not only is this product nontoxic, it’s buildable (for light-more coverage as needed), feels like I have nothing on my face, smells good, & looks airbrushed when applied with the brush!

Ariana M. Nov 29 2018

Amazing Product!!

I have purchased this foundation twice now! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I have tried many other brands and this foundation is lightweight, smells like vanilla cupcakes, and makes my skin feel great! I always end up breaking out when I wear other products, but this product clears my face after using it for a while! I can also make one bottle last for months at a time! I will never buy another foundation from any other company ever again! Crunchi is amazing!!!

Verified Purchase
Bridget H. Nov 29 2018

Best Foundation Yet

After trying this on through my consultant, I ordered Natural 2.5 - a shade darker than I would have ordered on my own. My consultant Elise was right... it was the perfect shade for me. It glides on perfectly after the Crunchi Primer and leaves me with total coverage for my 36 year old skin. My old tinted moisturizer just wasn't cutting it anymore. Clean and covered = perfection.

Catherine  Nov 29 2018

Long wear, great coverage!

I was a devoted user of a popular department store brand of foundation for years! Finally tried Crunchi foundation and I love it! I don’t need a ton of coverage and the amount of coverage given is perfect. It is defiantly buildable, as well, for those days you need extra coverage. When paired with crunchi’s primer, foundation brush and powder, you’ll have a long lasting flawless look!

Holly J. Nov 29 2018

Best foundation ever!

I attended a party online and was amazed how the consultant looked after she demonstrated the product. I quickly ordered a sample of the foundation. Once it arrived, I tried it right away and fell in love with it (and the smell)!

Raelynn G. Nov 29 2018

Foundation 01

I tried the foundation today and was amazed how it matched my skin color perfectly. For years people with different companies have tried matching my skin color but everyone has been unsuccessful except for Kacey, she knew color 01 would match and to my amazement she was right. My husband doesnt like foundation but he liked how Crunchi looked on me! It is a winner! The best part, it's nice to know that it doesn't have the bad chemicals in it and I enjoy how how light it felt on my skin. I'm hooke

Alivia S. Nov 29 2018

Best foundation

Great coverage and the best clean foundation I’ve ever used! In fact... Crunchi is the best foundation I’ve used EVER.

Erica D. Nov 29 2018

Flawless Foundation it sure is!!!

This leave my face feeling like a creamy airbrushed frosted vanilla cupcake. It smells heavenly and photographs beautifully.

Kelsey P. Nov 29 2018

Light weight!

Hands down, my favorite foundation! This goes on effortlessly and is so light weight. It also smells amazing! The Flat Top Foundation Brush is a must when applying this foundation!

Ashley P. Nov 29 2018

Super lightweight

This foundation is lightweight and doesn’t cause breakouts! I have always wore a heavy foundation to cover acne, but now my face is so clear!! This foundation has helped clear my face and looks flawless!!

Stephanie M. Nov 29 2018


This foundation is the absolute best. It is so lightweight, yet can be a medium to full coverage without feeling cakey. Plus it smells heavenly.

Kylie C. Nov 29 2018

Pleasantly surprised!

I haven’t worn foundation in years! I don’t like the feel or look of “heavy” makeup. This foundation is so light and airy, I truly cannot even feel it on my skin! The coverage is amazing, blends so well, and lasts even with stage lighting and sweating!

Holly K. Nov 29 2018

Highly recommend!

I love this foundation because it doesn’t leave my skin looking fake or orange. Shades match perfectly and goes on very smoothly.

Stacie R. Nov 29 2018

Life changing!

I never wore foundation before finding Crunchi. It always felt heavy and clogged my pores. This foundation is not only light and feels like I’m wearing nothing, but it has also actually helped to clear my blemished skin. And who can be mad at the amazing vanilla smell!!!

Stelle S. Nov 29 2018

Best foundation

I've tried numerous foundations and this is the best! Goes on smoothly and evenly and doesn't take a lot of product for full coverage. Love the smell too

Shannon G. Nov 29 2018

A Little More Coverage

This foundation smells nice, glides on smooth/doesn’t feel cakey and I know it’s better for my skin. The only thing I wish different of it is to provide a little more coverage. It takes me a little longer to do my makeup because I feel like I need a couple layers on problem spots.

Cristina C. Nov 29 2018

My first Crunchi love!

This foundation is my first Crunchi love and must have! The coverage is amazing, yet still light weight. I have sensitive skin and everything usually breaks me out, not this one!

Vanessa R. Nov 29 2018

My face has completely changed

As an adult, I had gotten used to having some sort of breakout and to always having my foundation rub off on my clothes or my hands. That all changed when I started using crunchi foundation. I've used the foundation for one year and 4 months. Not only have I not had any breakouts on my face, but my foundation doesn't come off when I use it. This foundation is amazing!

Brooke O. Nov 29 2018

Best foundation ever

I was extremely Skeptical about trying a new make up. So glad that I did, once you try you will never go back.

Sarah C. Nov 29 2018


This foundation covers all of my flaws, even when my skin is a hot mess it covered it all and I looked flawless. I never look like the tired mom of two that I am, but instead I feel like a million bucks!

Emily M. Nov 29 2018

Great foundation

I love the foundation!! It is one of the only foundations I have tried that has my shade and is not heavy. I love that it is buildable as well!

Rosa U. Nov 29 2018

Great foundation

It has great coverage, doesn't leave my face shiny, and does not make me breakout or make my skin feel dirty.Would have given 5 stars if they made a color that was 2.0 and 2.5 mixed together,If they did it would be the Best foundation i have ever tried!

Missy T. Nov 29 2018

The smell alone is worth it-but the light feeling is the best part!

This foundation is A.MAZ.ING. The faint scent of vanilla (the natural preservative in this natural foundation) is so lovely. The coverage can handle my rosacea like a really thick, heavy product, but it is so light and airy. I find the foundation lasts all day, too! I'm prone to milia, also, and this product does not clog pores AT ALL! Love love love it!

Melissa M. Nov 29 2018

Perfect coverage

I love the feel, staying power and coverage of this foundation. That’s it’s really clean is a bonus!

Maddie  Nov 29 2018

Foundation Review

I am currently new with trying Crunchi’s foundation and couldn’t say greater things about it! I love the way it looks on me and how it applies so nicely. I will continue to be a buyer of this wonderful foundation!

Jess T. Nov 29 2018

Life changing foundation

I have had sensitive skin my whole life and foundation was the last thing I would wear because it would cause me to break out, peel, and itch followed by redness. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t find a clean, non-toxic product that would work for me. Brittany King told me all about Crunchi, matched my color and put it on me! I immediately loved how it looked but most importantly how it felt! 4 days later my irritations went away and for the past 6 months my skin has never looked better!!

Verified Purchase
Savannah K. Nov 29 2018

I didn't want to love it...

I am NOT a full face of makeup kind of gal, so i figured I'd pass on this item. HOWEVER, I can't stop it. I use it mixed with smart primer or daylight to be a light coverage tinted moisturizer and it's perfect. It's all I was looking for. And it really does smell lovely...

Verified Purchase
Meghan D. Nov 29 2018

Do I have foundation on?

I absolutely love this foundation. Not only does it even out my skin tone and cover my blemishes.. it is so light weight that I forget I have it on!

Allesha T. Nov 29 2018

In love

I love this foundation! I have never had a foundation that didn't feel heavy/oily at the end of the day until Crunchi. It is so light weight that I hardly know I'm wearing it. I definitely recommend!

Verified Purchase
Amy N. Nov 29 2018

Flawless Foundation is the way to go!

I never liked using a liquid foundation because I always found them to feel super heavy on my face and my skin could never breathe. Not with CRUNCHI foundation! I use both the primer and the foundation to achieve the look of a flawless complexion and it truly feels like I have nothing on my face except a moisturizer and even then, its as if my face is naked. It's amazing how light and breathable this foundation is, while giving superb coverage ALL DAY LONG!

Brianna B. Nov 29 2018

Love it!

This product is what sold me on Crunchi! I was amazed at how lightweight this foundation is as well as how good the coverage was! I hated wearing foundation before I discovered Crunchi because it always felt “caked” and never lasted all day. Now I can wear foundation and not even feel like I am wearing it and it lasts all day! Definetly one of my favorite products!

Bonnie B. Nov 29 2018

High performing and toxic free!!!

Recently I was asked by a friend, how does the makeup from Crunchi perform.....better than anything ever!! So glad to have finally found this toxic free line and super excited that they are teaching us to be aware and to make better choices in all our world!

Lily B. Nov 29 2018


This product has completely changed my opinion on the performance aspect of the green beauty industry! It gives me the coverage I love without any toxic ingredients!!

Megan f. Nov 29 2018

Perfect coverage

This foundation is amazing! It gives me amazing coverage and really lasts all day. I never have to touch up my makeup anymore! Plus it’s helped my overall complexion! All with nothing bad in it!

Katie S. Nov 29 2018

I’m addicted!

I used to never wear liquid foundation because it felt so thick! Crunchi’s is completely different! So lightweight and makes your skin look and feel flawless! I wear it everyday!

Meredith K. Nov 29 2018

Best foundation match ever!

This is the first foundation (Light 02) that has matched my skin so perfectly! It had a great matte finish and conceals my red skin so easily! It looks and feels so natural on my face that I forget I’m wearing anything.

Verified Purchase
Kelly A. Nov 29 2018

What the heck was I using before?

I was never one to invest in my makeup. I figured I was washing it off every day, so why spend the extra money? I didn't realize how much of a difference I would experience with quality ingredients and superior products, but I'm so grateful I found Crunchi. The fact that it's made with certified organic ingredients, and no yucky stuff, I feel like I'm doing something good for my skin too!

Verified Purchase
Amanda B. Nov 29 2018

Best Foundation EVER!

I have used so many foundations before finding Crunchi, I was hesitant to try at first but am in shock everyday that I put this on to see how high performing it truly is all while being safe! I could not ask for a better foundation for my skin!

Chelsea  Nov 29 2018


The first time I found a full coverage foundation that last the whole day and doesn’t leave my skin oily

Cynthia J. Nov 29 2018

Love my Crunchi foundation

I used to use MAC Studio Fix full coverage foundation but I have made the switch to toxic free make up with the help of Jaime Gould Jones. I love the coverage and I especially love the smell of the Crunchi foundation as I apply it. I also bought the flat brush so it goes on smooth and even. I actually look forward to mornings and putting on my make up.

Verified Purchase
Heather R. Nov 29 2018

The best foundation!

I have tried SO MANY foundations and they always left my skin so irritated. I took a chance with Crunchi because of the awesome ingredients and I am in love! The coverage is great and it lasts all day. I have no more irritation and my skin feels great!

Julie Y. Nov 29 2018

Yes yes yes!

I wore powder foundation for years! But after getting the Crunchi foundation, I can’t go back! It leaves my skin feeling so amazing. It’s not heavy at all, and I feel has good buildable coverage!

Verified Purchase
Kylee B. Nov 29 2018

Love this product!

This foundation goes on so smooth and provides a nice even coverage. A bonus is that it smells great!

Rita C. Nov 29 2018

Best foundation ever

I have never used foundation before every time I did it would clump or feel heavy and never ever look smooth. I used powder foundation until I was introduced to Crunchi the first time I tried it I loved it my face never flawless and lighweight. My teenage girls now even steal it and say Mom your face smells like cupcakes. I love this product will never use anything else.

Heather L. Nov 28 2018

Flawless foundation

The foundation is light and it feels like you have nothing on!

Katlyn M. Nov 28 2018


I love this foundation! I love it's toxic-free AND high performing!

Paula  Nov 28 2018

Beautifully flawless foundation

Wonderful product stays on all day. Love it. And it smells like vanilla. Yummy!!!

Verified Purchase
Allie M. Nov 28 2018

Best Foundation

I was extremely hesitant to purchase but I knew I needed toxin free makeup. This purchase did not disappoint! The coverage is amazing, it feels light and silky. Super easy to apply and stays on all day! Can't give enough stars to this!

Diana F. Nov 28 2018

Great foundation

The Crunchi foundation is lightweight and goes on smoothly. I add a small amount of my face essential oil to the foundation as I apply it.

Verified Purchase
Raman S. Nov 28 2018

LOVED this product!

I have tried many different foundations throughout my life. Let me tell you- this is the absolute best foundation you will ever get your hands on. I have a darker complexion and it has always been hard for me to find a foundation that matched my skin. I am so glad Crunchi makes foundations for all skin types/ skin colors. Its super nourishing for my dry skin and looks so natural! Oh, and did i tell you about the ingredients? BEST!

Verified Purchase
Jessica G. Nov 28 2018


I was super skeptical of a liquid foundation, I’ve always used powder. This foundation is flawless! I love that it’s buildable so I can put on as much, or as little as I want. Love, love, love!

Hannah C. Nov 28 2018

Love the look, smell, and feel

Getting the correct color was simple, the look was flawless and beautiful. Sometimes foundations have a very off putting smell, this one smells so delicious and isn’t a strong smell that last. The feel isn’t caked on or clumpy. It’s the perfect clean, natural foundation, for anyone!

Verified Purchase
Elizabeth S. Nov 28 2018

favorite foundation

Love the foundation, it feels so light and my skin feels so healthy and hydrated when I wear my crunchy foundation! I love all the natural ingredients and I've been so pleased that it looks awesome too!

Verified Purchase
Jodie L. Nov 28 2018

Itch Free

This is the first foundation I can wear without any allergic reactions! Most make me itch or cause hives. I usually don’t wear face make up because of this but now I can “dress up my face” when I go to a meeting or out with my husband!

Cortney W. Nov 28 2018

Flawless Smooth Foundation

I have never found a foundation that looks as natural and is as smooth and comfortable on my skin with full coverage like this Crunchi foundation.

Madelyn B. Nov 28 2018

Must Have!

I have struggled with perioral dermatitis for a long time! Basically they are red itchy scaly bumps on my chin and around my nose. I spent hundreds of dollars at the dermatologist to try to fix the problem. I hated the creams and medications and no make up could cover it up, UNTIL......I tried this foundation! Seriously amazing, light weight and fabulous coverage. And guess what, my perioral dermatitis is GONE! This is a must have!

Jamie J. Nov 28 2018

Airbrushes every time

This foundation makes my skin look flawless every time. Even when I use a lighter application, it leaves my skin feeling so nourished. It’s light feeling and somehow matches my skin perfectly. It lasts all day and doesn’t fade. It has super staying power.

Verified Purchase
Hannah M. Nov 28 2018

More Shades Would Give It 5 Stars!

Love this foundation! It smells amazing, applies wonderfully, covers well, and lasts a long time! On top of that, it's toxin free!!! My only complaint is that there isn't a bigger shade range. It's not super cost effective to have to order 2 bottles to mix shades to get the correct color for your skin tone.

Elizabeth  Nov 28 2018


I am not a make up girl, no clue what I am doing and between this amazing/easy foundation and an awesome consultant (kelly mason) I can do it! Thanks for a clean, fool proof make up that evens out my skin!

Elizabeth  Nov 28 2018


I am not a make up girl, no clue what I am doing and between this amazing/easy foundation and an awesome consultant (kelly mason) I can do it! Thanks for a clean, fool proof make up that evens out my skin!

Julia P. Nov 28 2018

Game changer!!!!

Seriously, this foundation is game changing. I will never go back to my old foundations ever again. This product feels so amazing and it is a night and day difference between my old toxin filled foundation. My skin is seriously happy when I put this foundation on. It covers all of my redness, and I have a lot especially on my nose! A little bit of this product goes a longggg way!

Jillian A. Nov 28 2018

Best Foundation for my sensitive skin

I use natural 2.5 and it makes my face look flawless! I love how I can’t even feel it but it looks great & smells like vanilla!

Lauren S. Nov 28 2018

A must have!!

I have never been able to wear liquid foundation because my skin is too oily and it has always made me break out. This foundation however has actually helped my skin clear up and healed my acne scars! I refuse to use any other foundation now!

Verified Purchase
michelle U. Nov 28 2018

First time liquid foundation user

This was the first foundation that I tried and loved that was a liquid. I was a powder foundation girl and thought of liquid as too thick. After applying Crunchi's foundation I fell in love with how light and airy it feels on your face. Almost like I am not wearing anything at all. I use 1.5 pumps and apply with the flat top brush.

STEPHANY P. Nov 28 2018

Finally a Toxic Free Option That Works

Since making the decision to ditch the toxic makeup I really struggled with finding a foundation that worked. I don't have to search anymore! This foundation gives amazing coverage, is silky smooth, and I can still feel my skin breathing while wearing. I recommend this to everyone as the one item they try first when making the switch to clean makeup products.

Verified Purchase
Kelly M. Nov 28 2018

Hooked me...line and sinker!

I had tried several different clean beauty products but had never tried liquid foundation. This product has amazing coverage while feeling lightweight and helping me to achieve my 'no makeup makeup look'. My skin loves this product!

Toni G. Nov 28 2018

Toni G

Love this foundation, love the flat top brush to apply this foundation!

Angel G. Nov 28 2018

Game Changer

Coming from an anti- foundation girl, this foundation is everything and more!!! Trust me when I tell you to treat yo’self!! It’s breathable, looks & feels amazing, gives amazing coverage (I also LOVE the #1 Brush), and smell divine. No more powder here!

Stacy Y. Nov 28 2018


I had always used makeup from Walgreens or wal-mart. I wanted to make an investment in something "better", but never seemed to find something I liked. As soon as I tried CRUNCHI I LOVED IT! It makes me feel beautiful. For me, the cherry on top is that it is GOOD for me too! I'm not compromising my health for beauty or my beauty for health. Thanks CRUNCHI for not only making me look and feel beautiful, but for helping me take care of my body.

Hannah L. Nov 28 2018

Natural full coverage

I love everything about this foundation. Definitely worth the price. It smells so good - unlike many other foundations and the look is very natural while still giving full coverage. I love how it feels on my skin and that my skin can still breathe with it on.

Thereza  Nov 28 2018


I've always struggled with finding a good foundation that works for me and has good coverage. Not only does this foundation work wonders, the fact that it is a green foundation makes it that much better!! Great coverage, great product, great company!

Verified Purchase
Megan L. Nov 28 2018

The name fits it well!

This foundation absolutely lives up to its name, it is Beautifully Flawless! I love the way of applying it with the flat top brush creates that airbrushed finish! My foundation matches my skin tone perfectly! I love how it is not cakey at all and feels light and airy like I don have makeup on even if I go heavy coverage! Highly recommend!

Christine B. Nov 28 2018


I have been searching for a healthy foundation with the performance for a LONG time...this is better than I ever dreamed! The coverage is unbelievable and the smell of vanilla is amazing! And it lasts. all. day. While nourishing your skin! I will never go back to my toxic brands!!! Thank you Crunchi!

Verified Purchase
Stefanie M. Nov 28 2018

Amazing coverage

I alternate between 2.0 and 2.5. This foundation gives me great coverage and has staying power!

Talitha  Nov 28 2018


My favorite Crunchi product, although it’s so hard to choose! It provides the most flawless coverage and is essentially fool proof.

Verified Purchase
Lori K. Nov 28 2018

It covers my rosacea...naturally!

Name a foundation brand and I've probably tried it! I've had bothersome rosacea and hate it when it shows through my foundation. I found some brands that hid it, but I felt so fake afterward as it felt like my makeup was caked-on to cover the imperfections. Since trying Crunchi, my search has ended. I have found a makeup that actually covers my flaws while allowing the beautiful part of me to shine through! The best part...it's safe! Wow, Crunchi, you're a winner!

Lori W. Nov 28 2018

Great coverage!

This foundation along with the primer lasts all day and night! It not only has great coverage, but Smells amazing!

Verified Purchase
Elizabeth S. Nov 28 2018


This foundation is amazing! It smells like cupcakes and it goes on so smooth! I feel like I don’t even have it on! The coverage is amazing too! Pairing it with the primer and the flat top brush is a must!!!!

Whitney B. Nov 28 2018


So... I had never been a liquid foundation fan until I found CRUNCHI! It is seriously so lightweight. It doesn't even fell like I am wearing foundation, seriously amazing! Plus its build-able if I want more coverage or I can mix with the Smart Primer for more of a tinted moisturizer....LOVE!!!

Jillian M. Nov 28 2018

I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it! ;-)

I was always a powder girl. Foundations were too cakey, made my skin feel suffocated, and caused breakouts from clogged pores. Not anymore!! This foundation is INCREDIBLE!! It’s lightweight, but covers well. The consistency is so silky smooth! It breathes and doesn’t clog my pores! My skin just glows! I’m NEVER going back!

Josie G. Nov 28 2018

Looks Good, Feels Good

I switched to the Crunchi 01 foundation a few months ago and I really love it! It feels so much better on my skin and doesn’t rub off the same way my old foundation did. It also matches my skin tone better than any foundation I’ve used.

Melissa  Nov 28 2018

Performs and lasts

Ok, I’ll be honest. Performance matters to me more then how natural a product is. I was very skeptical to try this since I’ve used another expensive high quality brand for almost twenty years. I’ve since thrown the other brand away. This is amazing, it smells so good. Smells like it was made in the kitchen but performs like it was made in a lab.

Elizabeth A. Nov 28 2018


I NEVER wore foundation until crunchi! I get such great coverage with this and it's buildable. We got family pictures done and the photographer said she couldn't get over how well my face looked & she didn't have to do touch ups! SCORE!! It goes on best with the flat top #1 brush.

Stacie K. Nov 28 2018

Best formula I've tried!

The safety of this product is what initially spiked my interest. I've struggled with combination/oily skin after having 2 children. Because of oiliness, I used to be a powder foundation girl, until I found this amazing foundation! Not only am I 100% confident in its toxin-free safety, but I was floored when I saw how well it performs! Combined with the Smart Primer, it lasts ALL day, well into the evening!! It's such a great oil-absorber and has a flawless matte finish!!

Monique V. Nov 03 2018

More shades please!

I was so excited to find this foundation. However, color matches are always a challenge for me when ordering online. So, I ordered the sample card! Unfortunately, the natural is too light and the medium is too orange. I have a medium yellow-olive skin tone. I hope Crunchi offers more shades in the future because I’m still on the hunt for a good non-toxic foundation.

Hannah  Oct 26 2018

Beautiful, But Not Flawless

I love the Crunchi foundation! I use it on a regular day when I don’t want to go bare-faced. But it doesn’t last all day and it is not full coverage. It’s more like a tinted moisturizer. I wouldn’t use it to go to a wedding or to go on a date. But it’s still great for every day wear - especially if you want the more natural look! That is what I do appreciate about it, because I didn’t want the “caked on” look anymore.

CH  Oct 23 2018

Amazing Foundation

I absolutely love the Crunchi foundation. My only complaint is the shade range. The light 2 is too light for my skin and the natural 2.5 is too dark. This foundation is expensive and so is the shipping. Mixing the two is not convenient or affordable. I had to order each bottle separately last time paying shipping on each so that I could mix and have the correct shade. I'm not sure what I will do in the future as my bottles are nearing empty now.

Verified Purchase
Madeline B. Oct 22 2018

Best Foundation on the Market

Orginally, I bought the sample, immediately fell in love. Waited until I used up what I had, which was a very excellent clean beauty foundation. Finally, got around to purchasing this in the right shade, and it's perfect. I love how it feels like nothing on the skin, it blends so easily. I have super oily-acne prone skin and I don't even need to use a primer for this and it stays perfect all day. I have used all kinds of foundation on the market both not clean and clean, this is the best.

A A. Sep 26 2018

Love but why has it been OOS for so long?

I love this foundation. It’s incredible. I’ve tried every toxic foundation there is and this is so much better than them all. But my shade light 2 has been out of stock for so long... what gives crunchi??

Jessica D. Aug 26 2018


Wow I have tried multiple foundations (last ones I've tried are pure anada and beauty counter) trying to find a healthy and safe foundation that has good coverage and this has definitely been my favorite! Goes on smooth and even and holds moderate coverage over my blemishes/red spots. Love it so much, thank you Crunchi :)

Alanna  Aug 24 2018

In love with Crunchi shade 2

I use to be a name brand foundation snob. You’d look in my beauty box and only see Georgia Armani, Dior, Estee launder. then I started reading about the dangers of the ingredients in this products. I vowed to clean up my beauty routine. I tried foundations from the natural beauty world however none stacked up. Then I found crunchi. And let me tell you it is even better than all the others. be moisturized and my trick is applying a small amount of crunchi setting powder under foundation!

Megan D. Aug 06 2018


This foundation goes on so smooth and smells amazing! My skin feels soft and it doesn’t feel weighed down. I typically use about 1-1 1/2 pumps and that is plenty. I suggest pairing it with the smart primer for a long-lasting, smooth finish. I can’t wait to try more of these products!

Verified Purchase
Bethany R. Jul 30 2018

Love this foundation!

I love finding new products that help my skin instead of hurting it. Before trying this I was using Tarte and Bare Minerals and I thought those were good. Crunchi is AMAZING and SO much better. Even my sisters both noticed how great my foundation looked without me even saying anything.

MacKenzie M. Jul 25 2018


I use to suffer from hormonal acne, and since using Crunchi I haven't broke out. It honestly, helped 'heal' my skin, and I haven't felt more confident than I do in this very moment. If you are wondering if Crunchi is right for you- grab the $7 samples and TRY IT OUT!!!

NM  Jul 21 2018

Beautiful but Caused Breakouts

I absolutely loved the appearance of this foundation on my skin. But it caused my combination skin to breakout, due to the second ingredient Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (coconut oil extract). I really wish it had worked for me because it has such a lovely, healthy, glowing finish on my skin. Hopefully as Crunchi's product line expands, they will do another foundation offering because I'm finding it's rare to find a coconut ingredient-free liquid foundation in the natural market

Verified Purchase
Eva S. Jul 06 2018

Best Foundation I have EVER used

I have oily acne prone skin, and I’ve been experimenting with countless foundations since high school (more than 10 years!!!). Crunchi is not just “good for natural makeup.” I’ve tried many pricey brands, and It is absolutely the number one foundation I have used. The color and coverage are perfect. It goes on smooth, covers my flaws, and feels soothing on the skin. I wish I had discovered this foundation ages ago...it would have saved me a lot of time and trouble! Love it!

Beth  Jul 05 2018

More shades, please!

I love the lightweight yet buildable coverage and I like knowing this foundation is healthy and safe for my skin. I do wish you had a broader range of shades, The Light shade is too light and the Natural shade is a bit too dark for my skin.

Rita J. Jul 04 2018

Smooth and Easy

Wonderful coverage even though it feels so light when being applied. Love that I don’t have to worry about toxic ingredients in the Crunchi products. Also happy that this foundation does not have sunscreen added to it. Will definitely be buying more when I finish with this bottle!

Rita J. Jun 27 2018

Perfect foundation

Love this foundation!! Finally found one that goes on smoothly, really covers, and, best of all, does not contain any harmful ingredients that seem so prevalent In cosmetics. Using Medium which is a perfect match!

Verified Purchase
Erika M. Jun 07 2018

I have found my Forever Foundation!

As I have aged, my skin has gotten more dry and I was looking for something that would perform, but not feel like a mask. THIS IS IT! BFF has such amazing buildable coverage, you can go light or build it up to a more full coverage product. Plus, it smells like cupcakes! I will never wear any other foundation. Ever. Pair with the Flattop brush, you will never regret it!

Jackie A. May 28 2018

foundation and primer

All the Crunchi products have been good, but absolutely am sold on the foundation with the primer. It,s light , but coverage is past perfect. I have changed foundations continually thru the years, hoping each time it would be the one. Well, Crunchi , you are the one !

Jennifer R.

Jennifer R.

I've tried a lot of cleaner products and this one is by far my favorite. I use a foundation brush and it goes on smoothly and evenly.

Verified Purchase
Meagan C.

Meagan C.

I have always struggled with liquid foundation and was very hesitant to try this brand. I loved the fact that the ingredients were safe, but was afraid it would "suffocate" my skin.To my surprise it did the complete opposite. This foundation is so light you can hardly tell it's on. I also love the coverage and the smell. Oh my goodness the vanilla planifolia smells so yummy! People have actually commented on how good my face smells (super weird I know!)

Verified Purchase
Lisa M.

Lisa M.

I can't say ENOUGH About tTHs foundation. The coverage is amazing and it is uNBELIEVAbly light WEIGHt. Combine this with the foundation brush and you are set!!

Verified Purchase


What foundation? Not only Does it provide fantastic coverage for all my red spots and acne it doesn't feel heavy or cakey on my skin. I no longer am dependent on concealer every time I apply foundation and can save that for special ocassions. That alone is a time saver or this momma! I love that it looks flawless on my skin and isn't dewy but leaves me with a nice matte finish. I have tried so many other "clean" brands that have smelled so bad I could barely wear them! Not this one! Its smells like cupcakes! <3

Verified Purchase
Billie P.

Billie P.

I can't say enough about this amazing PROduct. It leaves my face feeling so soft and moisturized.



To be COMPLETELY.HONEST, I Wasn't going To ever purchase The Foundation because I was a DIE hard tinted Moisturizer fan. I'd heard THAT Was potentially In the Works AND decided To be satisfied with my primer And gloss and wait for The tinted Moisturizer. Then I got The email that changed Everything! Not only am I an advocate for CRUNCHI, But I Started using The Foundation And I'm forever CHANGED! Smooth, Silky, lightweight, And covers evenly. Absolute FLAWLESS finish When paired WITH the finishing Powder And loose Bronzer...nothing I've ever tried compares, it's Wonderful! I Highly Recommend this To EVERYONE.



To Be Totally Honest, I've NEVER Been A Foundation Girl. I JUST Never Wore It Because It Always Felt CAKEY AND Suffocating On My Face. I Didn't Think Anything Would Change My Opinion - Foundation And I Were Just NOT Meant For Each other. Then I Tried This Foundation And Now I Can't Get Enough. It Makes My Face NOT Only Look And Feel SO Soft But The Smell... That Slight Vanilla Scent Is Intoxicating! Now I Actually WANT To Wear It!



This foundation is absolutely amazing! It smells wonderful, looks smooth and even, and doesn't feel heavy at all. It just feels great all around. I look forward to wearing foundation now!

Verified Purchase
Bonnie S.

Bonnie S.

the lightest foundation on the planet with the best coverage. I love how this foundation is buildable without giving you that caked on feeling. I have finally beaten acne by using a foundation that does not clog my pores and also smells like fresh cake! :-)



This product needs to be in everyone's makeup drawer!! Believe me....i was SUPER SKEPTICAL about trying this product, but it's AMAZING!! Seriously, I had tried many healthier foundation brands before Crunchi and I was ALWAYS disappointed, to say the least!! I wasted a lot money and always ended up going back to my old toxic brands because the healthy ones I had tried just did NOT work...until Crunchi!! Plus, it smells delicious!!

Kim C.

Kim C.

This foundation converted me from a powder girl to a liquid girl. The smell is devine and it creates an even look.

Verified Purchase
Regina C.

Regina C.

I was never a fan of liquid foundation until i tried this! Now i cant live without it. I love how its buildaBle to give me more coverage when needed withOut looking like im wearing a mask.

Verified Purchase
Lauren M.

Lauren M.

this foundation is the product that sold me on crunchi. the mix between Rose Hip, Lavender Extract, and Vanilla Extract leaves your face smelling amazing. The first time i smelt it i was sold then i wore it... and now i cant go a day without it. the LIGHTWEIGHT foundation makes you feel like you arent wearing anything. no caking in the lines of your face, just a flawless application with the flat top brush. plus it MOISTURIZES your skin as you wear it. not to mention made with Organic ingredients, is Non-GMO and vegetarian. Nothing else can compare!!! THIS PRODUCT HAS MADE ME A CRUNCHI GIRL FOR LIFE!

Verified Purchase
Diana E.

Diana E.

i'll admit - i am a makeup junkie! However, i was not happy about wearing products that were affecting my health in a negative way. i had been trying many "cleaner" foundations with no success. they were either too runny, and got absorbed quickly, or they would feel chalky and cakey - until i tried this foundation! i can build up my coverage, have a smooth and flawless complexion, and it lasts all day! The best part is that all of the ingredients are safe, so i do not have to worry about it hurting my health! Oh, and the second best part is that it smells divine!!!

Verified Purchase
Megan M.

Megan M.

I love this light but buildable foundation! It smellS amazing and stays put all day!



This is my all time favorite foundation - the fact that it is safe is the icing on the cake. it has amazing coverage and a yummy scent. putting it on is the best part of my morning. coverage lasts all day!



I fell in love with this foundation at first smell! Then, the feeling of having no foundation on is amazing. I've been caking my face too long!

Verified Purchase
Kathryn J.

Kathryn J.


Adrienne U.

Adrienne U.

This is simply THE BEST foundation that I have ever tried. (I hope this doesn't print out all caps b/c I can't turn them off) anyhow, this is the best. I love it. smooth, smells great, and has great ingredients. wears great even in very very hot and humid weather!

Sandra A.

Sandra A.

Crunchi Flawless foundation has literally changed the appearance of my skin. It delivers perfect coverage and allows a natural appearance. My face can finally breathe and it washes completely clean at the end of the day. Dont forget the flat top brush!

Verified Purchase
Jessica M.

Jessica M.

The coverage is amazing, truly flawless. What i love most is how easy It is to apply. I have been searching for a safe yet effec cosmetic to wear around my baby...found it!!

Verified Purchase


I never liked a liquid foundation before this! And it's the 1st time in my life I wasn't the palest color. I love the smell (vanilla) and feel of it. It goes on smooth and doesn't even feel like you're wearing any makeup.

Verified Purchase
Kris M.

Kris M.

Hands down the best foundation I have ever used. it feels so light on my skin. unlike others where it feels heavy, like your skin can't breathe. goes on flawlessly. you will love it.

Verified Purchase


I'm super picky when it comes to foundation. As we age, our foundation becomes extremely important. I get the full coverage i'm looking for, and yet it still feels light and fabulous. And I swear the nutrients have diminished my wrinkles! oh...And the smell ... yum. My face smells like a freshly baked cake. Ha!

Verified Purchase
Karen F.

Karen F.

I owe the "beautiful skin" compliments to the crunchi flawless foundation!



i have been long searching for a liquid foundation that is Both clean and feels good on my skin! This is definitley the "holy grail"Of founDations! It feels like absolute silk on my skin and The scent is amazing as well!

Verified Purchase
Christa K.

Christa K.

I had always used powder foundation until I tried Crunchi. I was NERVOUS to try because I don't like change but one try of The Beautifully Flawless Foundation and I was hooked! this foundation is feather light, goes on smooth and smells amazing. I will never go back to powder again!

Verified Purchase


I love this foundation! It's lightweight but you get full coverage. My favorite is no harmful chemicals and The Smell is amazing!



The Color is PERFECT!!! The makeup feels really good on as well, and I was really excited. I only took off 2 stars because of the smell (I could smell it through the packaging before I even opened it) . It never lessens and it gave me headache all day. :( If you make an unscented one, I will buy this!! Thank you for selling samples. If you are sensitive to smells, buy a sample first.

Verified Purchase
Lindsey B.

Lindsey B.


Verified Purchase
Justine M.

Justine M.

I absolutely love this foundation! I waS always a powder only kinda girl until i tried this, now there’s no going back! The smell is awesomr and it lasts all day! It is even better that it is toxin free!

Verified Purchase
David H.

David H.

I just received this foundation along with a few other Crunchi products and i was thoroughly impressed by this foundation. I started having allergic reactions a couple months ago to the makeup i Have worn since middle school. I was skeptical about Trying anYthing for a while but after the first use today i am officially hooked on crunchi. So much so i just ordered More products to complete my every day look. My skin Looked flawlEss and my boyfriend even noted that my makeup Didn’t look cakey or dry at all. To top it off, It didn’t even feel like i was wearing any makeup And my skin finally felt healthy and didn’t have a reaction to any of these products.