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Nightlight Facial Cream

Safe skin is in! The powerful hibiscus flower acid in Crunchi Nightlight works all night to rejuvenate your skin. Wake up with fresh revived skin and a soft, radiant glow. Quality organic jojoba and argan oils infused with antioxidant-rich rose petals, ginkgo biloba, and sage, reduce the appearance of dull skin and protect against daily environmental stressors. The blend of organic lavender essential oil and hibiscus aromas create the perfect spa-like sensory experience to help you relax at the end of your day. A formula designed to set the stage for next day application of Crunchi’s Daylight, iconic Smart Primer, and Beautifully Flawless Foundation to result in pure complexion perfection.

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Customer Reviews

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Janet H. Sep 14 2018


I have only used this cream for about a month, but the difference it has made in my skin is amazing. I can actually see the difference in the overall smoothness of my complexion; and it smells and feels wonderful!

Jessica D. Aug 29 2018

I was hoping for more of a lavender scent?

I don't think my last review posted.. so I bought this because it had good reviews on the smells and that it was a sensory experience but my jar doesn't have a strong smell of anything to it and when I got the jar it was also only half filled so it's not very much cream. :( It goes on smooth and light and I like that. Love the safe and healthy ingredients and love the mission. But it was kind of expensive for how much you get and was just hoping for more of the smell/sensory experience of it.

Meier M. Aug 01 2018

It does exist!

I’ve been searching for the perfect night moisturizer for quite some time and finally concluded that it didn’t exist, until I found this! It’s buttery, hydrating, soothing, and the perfect weight for a night cream - not too light, not too heavy. My skin is silky smooth in the morning and just feels quenched. Thank you Crunchi!

Alex  Aug 01 2018


So relieved to have found such an amazing night cream that is toxin free and actually good for my Skin! My skin is thanking me!

jessica p. Aug 01 2018

clouds in a jar

I love love love this product. It smells like a spa and feels like clouds on my face. I am over the moon for this night cream!!! Love how eco-friendly the glass jar is and how lavish it looks! Plus you cant beat the price!

Verified Purchase
Kelly R. Aug 01 2018

I look forward to this every night!!

Wow!! This night cream is amazing!! I look forward to applying it every single night. The lavender gives it a soft subtle scent that is so relaxing. I wake up to my skin looking and feeling refreshed and bright every morning! I’ve already noticed incredible changes in my skin texture too! Incredible product!

Katie N. Jul 31 2018

Sleeping Beauty

Nightlight Facial Cream is my new go-to! I love the clean smell of lavender right before heading to bed! Upon waking up my skin feels so soft & clean! Literally, it feels so clean I could leave my house. Since using Daylight my face has been super soft, less red. Great for sensitive skin!

Ginny E. Jul 31 2018

Very happy!

This cream has a nice thickness to it, but doesn't feel heavy at all once you apply it. It absorbs well and really does give my skin a pretty glow after soaking in all night. I will say that lavender is not my favorite scent, so that was my only hesitation with this product, but it's actually very subtle and smells nice! I don't mind it at all and find it's actually very soothing and relaxing. I'm very happy with my new night cream!

Holli S. Jul 31 2018


Wow! I was honestly surprised by how much l love this product. The scent reminds me of a spa and I feel spoiled every time I use it!

Sandra M. Jul 31 2018

Nightlight Facial Cream

No night time face routine before Nightlight Facial Cream...other than washing my face. Love they way it feels and smells! Nourishing, toxic-free....Food for my Face!!

Shawna  Jul 31 2018

Love this product!!

Love this night cream!!! Leaves my skin feeling incredible!!! Paired with the daylight Cream.... my skin has never looked this good!!

Verified Purchase
Samantha L. Jul 31 2018

Nightlight Review

Upon first opening this item i was a bit confused. I have always thought that a nightcream was meant to be thick and more like a mask. Boy was I wrong. I love the lightweight feel of this heavy moisturizing little gem. I do like the scent but would love more lavender before bed. I have been very pleased with the results in a few short nights...and am excited to continue use for optimal results.

Linda M. Jul 31 2018

New favorite!

So happy that I’ve added this to my nighttime routine- it is AMAZING! After long days at work, I am always so ready to come home and get ready for bed! I wash all my make up off, clean and tone my face, then add Nightlight on- the lavender scent puts me in such a calm, relaxed mood that is PERFECT befor bed! I wake up and my skin isn’t greasy or feel heavy- it is moisturized and smooth! I’ve noticed the fine lines on my forehead appear much more reduced since I’ve started using Nightlight!

Sarah K. Jul 31 2018

NIGHTLIGHT... I Love you.

I am absolutely OBSESSED with NIGHTLIGHT. I was already using a toxin free skin care set that I loved, so I almost didn’t purchase Crunchi’s DAYLIGHT or NIGHTLIGHT when it was released. I am so so happy that I did. This is the first time in years that I can visually see a difference in my skin. In fact, I immediately saw a difference even after once use. My skin feels so silky smooth and the toxin free sent of lavender also brings me an instant feeling of calm after a long day.

Verified Purchase
Linda H. Jul 31 2018


I absolutely LOVE Nightlight. I almost don't want to wash my face in the morning because it feels so soft and smooth. No more dry patches. AND the lavender helps me sleep! Win/win!

Stephanie L. Jul 31 2018

The answer to my dry skin struggles!

Loving the intense moisture and relaxing lavender scent of this night cream! I have combination skin with specific problematic dry patches that no moisturizer could ever touch and the Daylight has changed that so much in just a week of nightly use! Forever a Nightlight and Daylight user!

Brooke C. Jul 31 2018


This nightcream is a dream come true! It provides deep moisturization but is not oily! I love the subtle sage & lavender scent, it’s perfect before bed! This cream is seriously heaven in a jar!

Verified Purchase
Lisa M. Jul 30 2018


So thankful that something that works this good is also good for me! I have noticed a marked improvement in my skin's tone and texture in just two weeks, and I am loving the sensory-soothing lavender aroma! It's the perfect nighttime cream!

Verified Purchase
Milagros M. Jul 30 2018

Nightlight is so dreamy!

This is the best night cream I have ever used! I look forward to taking off my make up at night, and putting on Nightlight with that calming lavender smell! It feels so light on my skin, and the moisture lasts even as I wake up the next morning! My skin has a healthy glow when I wake up in the morning, and my skin is almost 50 years old! I just love it!

Asheley S. Jul 30 2018

LOVE Crunchi Nightlight!

I can’t say enough good about Crunchi Nightlight!! I seriously look forward to this step in my night time routine every. single. day. The smells drift me off to sleep and I wake up with rejuvenated, glowy skin!

Rochelle  Jul 30 2018

Hydrating. Light. Visible Improvement.

I've been using the product for 2 weeks and have seen visible improvement in my skin. I have used other clean lines that felt more hydrating to the touch, but this can be left on and makeup applied over top without makeup sliding. For my 35 year old skin, it's perfect. I also purchased for my mother who didn't feel it was hydrating enough for her more mature skin and went back to her other line.

Lara G. Jul 30 2018

It’s Perfect!

This night cream is the perfect formula! It’s not too light or too heavy for a night cream. My skin feels revived , and of course the hint of lavender smells amazing !

Lisa G. Jul 30 2018

Sweet dreams

Nightlight is the answer to my prayers!!!! Light weight healing cream that absolutely smells out of this world!!! The ingredients are changing my skin nightly!!

Verified Purchase
Amy W. Jul 30 2018


I absolutely love this night cream! Other brands would leave my skin feeling oily, but Nightlight leaves my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. And a bonus, the smell of it is so relaxing!

Verified Purchase
Tonya W. Jul 30 2018

I look forward to Nightlight every night

I have had a wake up and feel good about my skin moment ever since I added Nightlight to my skincare routine. I love the fresh glowing appearance of my skin! I am truly sold on its powerful ingredients, thank you Crunchi.

Kelsey P. Jul 30 2018


I love this night cream! It it extremely lightweight (just like Daylight!) and has an amazing lavender scent, which is perfect for applying right before bed. I have only been using it for a few days, and I can already tell a difference in my skin tone. Would absolutely recommend!

Verified Purchase
Claire M. Jul 30 2018

Safe Skin Is IN!!

Nightlight is the perfect formula, the perfect consistency, the perfect weight, the perfect scent... and generates AMAZING RESULTS! The cream is light and breathable--not too thick. You can see the anti-aging effects of the ingredients transform your skin in a matter of hours! It's truly incredible and I can't say I've ever found anything comparable or that I could possibly love any more than this!!! #safeskinisin

Stephanie M. Jul 30 2018

Nightlight DREAM!!

I have always struggled with super dry skin my whole life and have been through one moisturizer after the other and never have found one that worked, until now. Nightlight is the perfect night time moisturizer and the perfect consistancy. It's not greasy and my skin has never been this SOFT and SMOOTH before! Thank you CRUNCHI!

Erica D. Jul 30 2018

Like a fluffy cloud of wonder

This night cream is beautiful. It feels like you’re laying on a fluffy cloud floating across a field of lavender as you venture towards Heaven’s gate... it’s the perfect layer to end your night and as you close your eyes and dream of a magic carpet ride to peace :)

Verified Purchase
Jennifer K. Jul 30 2018


NightLight is a dream come true. I look forward to my nightly skincare routine and the very subtle hint of lavender is lovely. Crunchi knocked their skincare line out of the park!!

Chelsea B. Jul 30 2018


My skin is hydrated! I look forward to putting it on at night knowing that it’s toxin free. It also smells amazing! Worth every penny!

Verified Purchase
Roxanne U. Jul 30 2018

Is this real?!

When I put this on my face at night... It feels like I am at a spa. Seriously! The lavender scent is out of this world and perfect for settling in at night and my skin is on a whole new level now. I am beyond thrilled with this night cream!

Marlen O. Jul 30 2018


I love love the night cream, its my new favorite night cream. My skin feels plumped and smooth and soothing when I put it on and when I wake up it feels so refreshed. I highly recommend getting it along with the daylight.

Laura L. Jul 30 2018


I was worried that this product wouldn’t work for me, as I have bad allergies and it contains rose. However, it’s been amazing! The scent is just right, not overpowering or strong! It’s the perfect weight, not too heavy. My face is soaking up the moisture and other beneficial ingredients! Loving it!

Connie J. Jul 28 2018

Out of this world!!

Seriously this stuff is so amazing and worth every penny. It heals my skin while I’m asleep and in the morning i wake up feeling amazing !!

Kayt S. Jul 27 2018

Crunchi Nightlight Review

Goodness do I love this product! The smell is so calming and it feels very light on my skin while providing the perfect amount of hydration! Crunchi Nightlight leaves my skin feeling fresh and looking rejuvenated in the morning! It pairs perfectly with Crunchi Daylight! This combo has my skin looking dreamy!

Verified Purchase
Janet B. Jul 27 2018

Nightlight Facial Cream

Love at first use! I am very picky when it comes to what I put on my skin. I truly love the nightlight facial cream is so hydrating. My skin feels like silk. The beautiful aromas of lavender oil and hibiscus had me so relaxed. It was like having a spa treatment.

Verified Purchase
karen f. Jul 27 2018

Sexy Nightlight!

After using Nightlight for one week, friends wanted to know who the Sexy blonde was across the room. Now that is a testament to this amazing product!!!

Erin G. Jul 26 2018

Spa Treatment at Home!

This cream is heavenly silky smooth. It is full of rich ingredients, but goes on light as a feather! The beautiful scent helps to relax my day's stresses and eases me off to sleep!

Verified Purchase
Brooke M. Jul 26 2018

Thank you, NightLight

NightLight is a dream come true. I’ve had very unhappy skin do to hormones & I kid you not NightLight has helped sooth & calm my skin. I’ve been blown out of the water with this night cream.

Natalie B. Jul 26 2018


It's love at first night!!! Nightlight has the perfect lavender aroma that gives your face luxuriously smooth and creamy feel, while rejuvenating your skin. Worth every penny!

Verified Purchase
Danielle M. Jul 26 2018


This night cream is SO GOOD. Super fluffy and creamy and sooooo moisturizing but not greasy. Bonus- my husband and kids LOVE the smell. :)

Verified Purchase
Kris M. Jul 25 2018


The smell, The feel is incredible! But oh so light! I have always hated that heavy, greasy feeling on my skin especially while going to bed. But now with nightlight my skin can breathe while feeling hydrated and the heavenly scent is perfect for bedtime. My new favorite!

Marcia  Jul 25 2018

Heaven in a jar!

I absolutely love the lavender scent and it feels like fluffy clouds when rubbing on your skin. I've never owned a night cream like this one. I've been using for a week now and I can already tell it's improving my complexion!

Jenny C. Jul 25 2018

Benefits beyond the description!

My husband is very sensitive to smells and complains when I use most essential oils before going to bed, especially lavender! LOL! I purposely put Nightlight on right before going to bed just to see... NO COMPLAINTS!! SCORE!!! That same night I had noticed a few hormonal blemishes popping up. The next morning, the blemishes were GONE! I'm amazed! I love how soft my skin feels without being oily. It has also helped tremendously with my mild scalp psoriasis! I'm thrilled with these results!

Wendy B. Jul 25 2018

I’m so amazed!

Wow! I have never routinely used a night cream because I would often break out and my skin felt suffocated. This light and lovely formula makes my skin feel dewy, supple, and extremely nourished before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning!

Verified Purchase
Kelly A. Jul 25 2018


I read a lot of the reviews but didn't want to get my hopes up, as I have very troubled skin. I am NOT kidding...I noticed a difference after the first evening of using NightLight! I woke up and my skin was still smooth and nourished. I feel like this was the missing piece to my skincare routine!

Verified Purchase
Marilyn J. Jul 24 2018


I have never really thought a nighttime moisturizer was essential to great skin. Now that I use nightlight I am quickly changing my mind about that. I love how moist it keeps my skin all evening, and look forward to putting it on every night before bed.

April B. Jul 24 2018


My middle aged skin is LOVING Nightlight! It goes on so creamy and smooth and smells fantastic! When I wake up in the morning, my skin looks amazingly smooth and feels soooo soft! Way to hit it out of the park Crunchi!!!

Verified Purchase
Megan M. Jul 24 2018

I'm in love!

I absolutely love how nourishing and soothing Nighlight feels. I love the light lavender scent and how such a little amount goes so far! Thank you Crunchi for hitting it out of the park again!

Jacquelyn  Jul 24 2018


My new favorite PM facial cream! LOVE it ladies; it is a little bit thicker than the daylight facial cream; which I enjoy because who doesn't want their face to soak up all the goodness it can while sleeping?? haha You will wake up and be amazed at how radiant your skin looks. Same with the AM facial cream - not only does it perform well but its made with safe/healthy ingredients. It has a nice lavender (very subtle, not overwhelming) scent. It's a win!

Tatiana T. Jul 23 2018


I’ve been struggling to find a plastic free night cream, especially a toxin free, made in the USA one that would work. How thankful was I when I found out that my already trusted cosmetics company had a night cream available? After a short amount of time I can already see and feel a difference in my skin. My face feels firm, even, and clear. Red blotchy skin is now nonexistent. I feel as if I’m pampering myself each night before bed. Safe skin plus results make me quite happy. Thank you Crunchi!

Kendra  Jul 22 2018


So smoothe and does not leave you feeling oily! A great addition to my skincare regimen.

Verified Purchase
Casey C. Jul 21 2018


Until recently I didn’t have a nightly skincare routine. Maybe I was refusing to get old haha. Nightlight is literally a miracle cream in a jar. The smell is so relaxing and my face is dewey and glowing when I wake up. I even used a small amount on some red bumps on my arm and woke up and they were gone! In love!

Tami H. Jul 20 2018

Best Product Yet!

Love this stuff! My face feels fantastic after using it only 3 days! Can't believe how good it looks & feels. So excited to see the results after using it on a regular basis!

Verified Purchase
Melissa W. Jul 20 2018

NightLight review

Let me just start by saying, I have never smelled a night cream like this. It is absolutely amazing. And my complexion has never looked so good! Love this!

F P. Jul 20 2018

I've been waiting for this all my life!

I couldn't wait to get my hands on this product! I first tried it on my hands and I noticed the difference in smoothness almost immediately! When I finally was able to put some on my face, I could feel it tightening and my pores looked smaller compared to pre application! My mind is blown! Will definitely be part of my night time routine from now on! Thank you for always putting out products that are safe and actually works!

Jodi O. Jul 20 2018

Best Night Cream EVER

I have only been using this for a week but I can see a difference. I have areas on my face that stay inflamed, but they are now noticeably calmer. The texture and color is definitely more even. LOVE this.

Megan m. Jul 19 2018

Literally a miracle product

I started using nightlight and loved it immediately. I really get the full experience, i stopped using all of my other VERY expensive night creams and serums. I would was, and apply nightlight. That’s it. I took pictures to track my progress and three days in i literally could not believe my eyes. My pregnancy melasma was nearly GONE! My fine lines reduced and redness noticeably diminished. I will forever be using this product.

Verified Purchase
Trudy S. Jul 19 2018

NightLight Is The BOMB!

The first time I tried this amazingly yummy night cream, I tossed the ones I had been using prior! Nothing I have ever tried has felt this luxurious going on. The scent is amazing, and I woke up the next morning with my skin looking refreshed and super soft. Hubby even noticed!

Lisa D. Jul 19 2018

Nightlight review

I had just discovered to my horror that my neck was looking....its age. I started using Nightlight on my face and neck and WOW. What a difference! My neck is hydrated and plumped up and doesn't look "stringy" anymore. I am so grateful Crunchi! This product is powerful!

Verified Purchase
JoAnn S. Jul 19 2018


I have used so many different skincare lines with no results and now after using Nightlight for just a few days I see amazing results already!! My face has a glow that I even wake up with in the morning and my skin feels firmer right after I put it on! I am so excited about this! I love it! And the Lavender aroma is the icing on the cream! I can't wait for the rest of the skincare products!

Emily S. Jul 19 2018

Night time glow is where it's at

Night time skin care has never been my forte. However, now that I'm in my 40s, a cancer survivor forced into menopause early, a super mom, and a middle school teacher, a rich sensory experience like Nightlight relaxes me at the end of a long day. Remarkably light, a little goes a long way and smoothes away the stresses of my day. Solid product, so glad I bought it!

Megan L. Jul 19 2018

Nightlight is the Perfect ending to my day

Nightlight has been the perfect addition to my nighttime routine. I love the way it feels going on my face and neck. I love the idea that my skin is being rejuvenated while I sleep with toxin free ingredients! The calming lavender scent in this luxuriously smooth facial cream is the perfect way to end my day.

Britney B. Jul 19 2018


let me start by saying I am super picky about my night time moisturizers. The moment I tried nightlight I was in love. Not greasy, sticky, or thick at all. It’s incredibly soft, creamy, and the smell is heavenly. Truly like I’m drifting off to sleep at a spa!

Brooke L. Jul 19 2018


The smell had me initially and the feel is heavenly. I woke up feeling more hydrated and moisturized than I have in months.

Amanda N. Jul 19 2018

Nighttime Treat!

Where can I start when talking about Nightlight and how amazing it is?!! I could never find lotions and facial creams hydrating enough for my skin day or night and really had never found a night cream I liked before. But that all changed with Nightlight! The scent and packaging are perfection and just opening the jar made me swoon ! But I was not ready at all for how hydrating Nightlight is and how good my skin looked with one application! I would snag this beauty for your skin ASAP!

Cora S. Jul 19 2018

In love!!!

I have used high end night creams and this one takes the cake! It’s like sleeping on a cloud of lavender! The way my skin feels when I wake up and the soothing smell that puts me to sleep is a dream!

Annette B. Jul 19 2018

Amazing Product

Absolutely love my Nightlight! It is true what they say - good things come in small packages. A little goes a long way. I typically don't like anything with a smell but this smells wonderful. I keep touching my face because it feels so soft and is not greasy.

Alyssa R. Jul 18 2018

Love the smell

This stuff smells incredible and pairs so nicely with crunchi daylight. I love the way it feels on my skin.

Verified Purchase
Taylor L. Jul 18 2018

Best Night Cream I've Ever Tried!

I knew I loved Hibiscus, but who knew it was such a game changer in a night cream? I wake up with glowing, vibrant, and firm-looking skin! The smell of lavender puts me to sleep (can I put it on my kids?) ;)

Kelsey H. Jul 18 2018

Crunchi Nightlight

I tried a sample of nightlight and holy amazing! I can not wait to get mine. The lavender scent is very relaxing and perfect for night time. My face feels very hydrated and smooth. I love it.

Verified Purchase
Charity H. Jul 18 2018

Beautifully Moisturizing

Nightlight is a richly moisturizing nightcream, full of beautiful ingredients that totally agree with my skin. Yet it isn’t greasy, instead it sinks into the skin with a hydrated feel. I have oily skin and this has worked great. The smell is divine and relaxing, and it feels so luxurious! Highly recommend to all!

Maggie W. Jul 18 2018


Results are amazing!!!!!

Verified Purchase
Whitney B. Jul 18 2018

NightLight Review

Wow, I have never been one to use a night time facial cream but NightLight has totally changed my perspective! The soft velvety texture is amazing and the smell is heavenly. I have only used NightLight twice but I can already tell difference. I am waking up with brighter, more even complexion. Plus the scar on my forehead already seems to be fading! I am in LOVE with Crunchi’s New Skincare NightLight!!

Christine B. Jul 18 2018

A jar of HEAVEN :)

Nightlight is everything I have been looking for and what my skin needed! Literally a jar of heaven! It makes my skin glow! This is a MUST have for your skincare routine along with the Daylight face cream! LOVE!

Laura O. Jul 18 2018


After only two days, I can already feel a difference! I’ve never woken up with a face that feels so good. And the smell- SO good!

Ashley C. Jul 18 2018

Night Time Face Therapy

This is an amazing night time rejuvenating cream! It’s literally therapy for your face. My face heals while I sleep. Feels good and goes on smooth and isn’t greasy at all!

Bethany J. Jul 18 2018

So Amazing!

I never used a daily facial cream before this because I never like how they feel. Nightlight is so light and noticing that I can't wait to wash off all my makeup to use it. The light scent really just sets the tone for a good nights sleep.

Jamie J. Jul 18 2018

You NEED this now!

If you have not already ordered a bottle, go ahead and do yourself a favor and press add to cart! You deserve it (: my skin is changing for the better after only days of use!

Verified Purchase
Jennifer P. Jul 18 2018

Dreams in a jar

Where have you been all my life? I am very choosey with product scents, especially in my facial care. From the minute that I opened my jar of Nightlight, the scent had me hooked. The light lavender is dreamy and relaxing. Who wants to drift off to sleep with heavy scented face cream? My skin felt just as amazing when I woke up as it did when I put on the cream at bedtime!

Kelsey B. Jul 18 2018

Best night cream ever!

This is hands-down the best night cream I have ever used! Previous ones left my skin feeling oily and clogged, but this one gives my skin just the right amount of hydration and leaves it feeling velvety smooth. And the smell is absolutely heavenly!

Verified Purchase
Erin S. Jul 18 2018

Nightlight for the WIN!!!

I adore this product! It smells WONDERFUL and clean! I couldn't stop touching my face the first time I wore it. My skin felt so smooth and hydrated, but it was not greasy at all. Out of all the skin care products I've tried (and there have been MANY) I have never had my skin still feel freshly washed when I woke up in the morning. Over night, it has always either rubbed off or in. Nightlight was different. My skin still felt soft and supple in the morning. Total game changer!

Verified Purchase
Janell T. Jul 12 2018

Janell T.

Crunchi Nightlight where have you been all my life!? Not only does my skin feel amazing after using Nightlight, the smell is addicting. I can’t get enough.

Verified Purchase
Julie D. Jul 12 2018

Julie D.

Nightlight reminds me of a relaxing day at the spa. I love that is moisturizes my skin perfectly without feeling greasy and I love how my face and neck feel in the morning.

Verified Purchase
Jane K. Jul 12 2018

Jane K.

Crunchi Nightlight is seriously a dream come true! I have been searching for the perfect night time moisturizer and finally found it. Nightlight is the ideal texture for a night cream, hydrates beautifully and smells like heaven in a jar! I’m absolutely in love!

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