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Make Me Blush

Blushing has never been better, with the natural wonders of cold-pressed, Virgin Organic Argan Oil. Pressed from the fruits of the Argan Tree (Argania Spinosa), native to Morocco, Argan Oil is known for its significant nutritive and antioxidant properties.  This talc-free formula infuses your skin with powerful nutrients while adding soft color to enhance your natural beauty.

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Andrea B. Jun 13 2020

Lovely, but lacks staying power

I have worn Crave and love the color and especially love that it's clean. Unfortunately, for the price, I was hoping it would last much longer. Compared to my other powder blushes which generally last 6 months or more, this one lasted only about 4-6 weeks for me. I seemed to have to apply more to achieve my desired shade and had to re-apply more often. However, because I love the ingredients, I will continue to buy when my budget allows.

Christina T. May 17 2019


This is the best blush I have used! Crave is an amazing shade and lasts all day long!!

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Katie L. Dec 06 2018

Royal Flush

The perfect shade of pink! I love how it adds a little pop of color to my cheeks.

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Frances W. Dec 06 2018

Gorgeous natural rosy glow

I am amazed with this blush. I have tried crave and royal flush and they are perfect. I love the way they complete my look so flawlessly. The staying power is incredible, it's just all around my favorite blush I have ever used!

Diane A. Dec 06 2018

Great Blush

I love the color and that it’s talc free

Crystal M. Dec 05 2018

Always Afraid

I Was Always Afraid To Apply Blush Because You See These Ladies (Young and Midaged) With This Really Pink Cheeks or Cheek Bones and You Think That They Look Like Clowns or Wonder How In The World... But Crunchi Has Made This Product With Extreme Beauty In Mind Paired With The BB Brush It Picks Up Just Enough Make Up To Give That Outline of Enhancement To Your Natural Beauty Without Taken You Over The Top

Crystal M. Dec 05 2018

Always Afraid

I Was Always Afraid To Apply Blush Because You See These Ladies (Young and Midaged) With This Really Pink Cheeks or Cheek Bones and You Think That They Look Like Clowns or Wonder How In The World... But Crunchi Has Made This Product With Extreme Beauty In Mind Paired With The BB Brush It Picks Up Just Enough Make Up To Give That Outline of Enhancement To Your Natural Beauty Without Taken You Over The Top

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Catherine N. Dec 05 2018

Natural Blush

This brush is really good quality! Crave is my favorite shade. The blush isn't overly dark, more of a natural tone.

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Kelsey P. Dec 04 2018

Make me blush!

This blush looks great on! I never used to wear much blush until now, and it pairs well with the bronzer. My favorite shade is Crave, with a hint of sparkle!

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Melanie G. Dec 04 2018

Bright but alright

I was worried the blush colors would be too bright for my tastes. After trying it with my consultant I saw it wasn't too bright, it was alright!

Janessa D. Dec 04 2018

Love it!

I love this blush! The colors (I've used both Royal Flush and Crave) are beautiful and it's so nice to know that I'm putting safe ingredients on my face that last all day!

Marilyn J. Dec 04 2018

Crave is my favorite

I wear crave daily and love it.

Christine B. Dec 04 2018

Beautiful pop of color!

All these shades are so pretty but I LOVE Palm Beachy as it has a really bright pop and also Crave because, well, shimmer!

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Jessica F. Dec 04 2018

Every color is amazing!

I'm so impressed that each and every color I've tried has looked so pretty on my skin. Even the lightest color had nice pigment and gave a sweet color to my cheeks. Palm Beachy surprised me with how well it blended onto my skin and brightened my face. Love it!

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Tatiana T. Dec 04 2018

Give me all the blush!

So thankful for a company that puts quality and safety first. I can use my favorite blush (crave) without worrying about any harmful toxins absorbing into my skin. I feel so pretty I could blush, and will be doing that because I use my crunchi blush everyday.

Amanda P. Dec 04 2018


Love the blush! Adds a pretty shimmer and lasts all day. My favorite everyday color is crave.

Jillian M. Dec 03 2018

Pretty please

Pretty please is the perfect shade for those more “natural days” or when you’re not doing a whole face of makeup. It’s a beautiful light pink. It can also be used as a pink eye shadow!

Linda M. Dec 03 2018

My absolute favorite Blush EVER!

I love all four shades of this blush! They are so beautiful and easy to brush on! It gives a nice, subtle pink to my cheeks but I mix colors sometimes and build it up for a more dramatic look! I love how naturally rosey I look with this on! Like I said, I love all four shades...but Pretty Please is my absolute FAVORITE!

Leslie S. Dec 03 2018

Leslie S

I'm obsessed with Make Me Blush in the color Crave!!! The color suits all skin tones and I love love love the subtle shimmer!!

Chelsea S. Dec 03 2018


Crave is the PERFECT shade of blush! It gives you a natural flushed look which I love!! It goes on so smoothly and I’ve never had the problem of having the “too much blush look” on my cheeks. It has a suttle shimmer too! So gorgeous!

Jillian M. Dec 03 2018

Crave is the perfect name for this blush!

I LOVE crave! It’s a beautiful shade with a slight shimmer to it! A little bit goes a long way, too, so it will last me a while!

Stephanie M. Dec 03 2018


I’m a total blush girl and love the pigmentations of these beautiful shades. And that I can even use them as eye shadows!

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Lianne S. Dec 03 2018

Give me all the Crave

I have all the colors and Crave is by far my favorite for everyday use. Stays put all day! Get so many compliments.

Rain J. Dec 03 2018


I usually where a natural blush color so I want sure about the pink but I was so amazed at how it went on pink and then it turned to a natural color for my skin tone. How did you do that? I am a fan for life...thank you!

Elizabeth A. Dec 02 2018


These blushes are very buildable and blend very well. They have a really prett shimmer that adds a glow to your face!

Aimee W. Dec 02 2018

So Pretty!

I love the blush! My favorites are pretty please and crush. Long wear, lasts me all day.

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Kristina L. Dec 02 2018

Even red faced girls need blush

Just a nice color "crave" I really think can be used for anyone. Yes even us girls that have rosacea should use blush. Get those cheek bones back!

Danyele  Dec 02 2018

Simply Beautiful

I am somewhat fair skin and pretty please looks absolutely gorgeous. I think it would go perfect with any complexion.

Caitlin P. Dec 02 2018

Love love love

I have all 4 shades and use them at different times of the year! They blend perfectly with the foundation!

Amy L. Dec 02 2018

Blush Convert

I love this blush! I was a Nars orgasm addict and never thought I’d switch. Palm Beachy changed my mind! Same great color but much safer. This product feels silky soft on my cheeks. I’m obsessed!

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Nikki R. Dec 01 2018

Multi uses

I love how beautiful these colors are and how they can be used for more than a blush. They are also beautiful as an eye color or lip stain.

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Amanda F. Nov 30 2018

Pretty Colors

Pretty blush shades. I've used 2 but seen all 4. Great product!

Cristina C. Nov 30 2018

Blush Crush

I love the colors, the packaging, and the #4 angled brush for blush! Crave is my favorite, but I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the colors.

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Wendy D. Nov 30 2018

At first I was nervous

At first I was nervous this shade would be too bright but I was pleasantly surprised at how soft it was. I’m sure if you want it bolder you can go heavy but if you are like me going light with it is amazing and soft. It’s now my go to blush!

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Sarah T. Nov 30 2018

Naturally Blushing

Absolutely love, love, love all these blush colors. They add such natural looking color to my cheeks and it lasts all day. Palm Beachy was my go-to all summer and I’m loving Crave as we move into the cooler months.

Megan F. Nov 30 2018

Perfect shade

Got the perfect shade for winter!! Love the color and love that it’s good for my skin!

Kayt S. Nov 30 2018


I love this blush! And you can't go wrong with any shade! I have all four and rotate them on a regular basis! Crave is my favorite for that healthy glow, Palm Beachy gives me that perfect, bright pop of color, Royal Flush goes with any look, and Pretty Please gives a subtle pop of color on my fair complexion!

Kerri W. Nov 30 2018

Crave blush

This is the perfect amount of color for my cheeks in the winter. Makes them have a tint of color without being overwhelming. Goes on easy as well.

Ashleigh B. Nov 30 2018

Must Have

Blush is my go to! It's perfect for the days I don't have time to do my makeup or even a night out with friends. I especially love the shimmer it has to it, Crave is the perfect shade.

Elizabeth A. Nov 30 2018

Great color

Love the pigmentation on these blushes! They got with all skin types. I've gotten all of them and I am a 2.5 in the foundation. They last forever! I even use them for eye shadows!

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Allison K. Nov 30 2018

Tricky for me

I think blush is the hardest match online, but Palm Beachy works best for me. I don't find that it last all day, so mid day I reuse my brush to apply a little more. All very pretty colors, but I might start trying to use a lipstick as a creme blush. But for quality of ingredients, reapplying is worth it to me.

Stephanie M. Nov 30 2018


Such pretty colors! Such great pigmentation. And I love how versatile it is to also use as an eye shadow.

Cepeda C. Nov 29 2018

Added Bonus

I feel like blush is the perfect added touch to any makeup. For the longest time i used to only use mascara a blush, so blush is one of my go to choices. I think it give a perfect amount of rosiness! I love that its an all natural alternative to blush because this is one of my favorite products!

Brianna  Nov 29 2018

Royal Flush

I am in love with the Royal Flush shade - perfect for all occasions!

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Meghan D. Nov 29 2018

Pretty Please

Pretty Please is the perfect shade for just a touch of color on the cheeks. Love using it as an eyeshadow too!

Justine S. Nov 29 2018

Love this blush!

this blush is absolutely amazing! I have used many different brands in the past, but none goes on quite a smooth and lasts all day (even without a setting spray!) I have the color crave, and it is the perfect shade!

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Erica U. Nov 29 2018

Blush - Crave is amazing

I really like the blush, comes in nice packaging and gives just the right amount of color. It is what you expect from a blush without all of the toxins.

Stephanie D. Nov 29 2018

Love this blush!

I use “pretty please” and love it! It goes on smooth and gives a little pop of color to my skin which I love.

Alisia  Nov 29 2018

Crave is beautiful

Crave is a peachy pink blush with a highlighter included! It makes you look naturally healthy and glowing!

Amy G. Nov 29 2018

Great blush!

This is a really great blush! I have the Palm Beachy shade and it looks very natural once it's on (looks quite bright before it's on) and it's lasts a REALLY long time!

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Rachel G. Nov 29 2018


I was skeptical but after using but it is just as awesome as the high-end blushes with guilt free ingredients :)

Jess F. Nov 29 2018


I love that this blush has a bit of a gold sheen to it! I bought mine over a year ago and I use it pretty much 5 days a week and I still have most of the compact left. It goes so far!

Elise W. Nov 29 2018

So Natural

All 4 shades are beautiful, by my top 2 favorites are Crave and Palm beachy! I love that they add the perfect amount of color but are never overwhelming or “clown-like”.

Danielle  Nov 29 2018


I do love the blush! It’s light, organic, and has just a tiny bit shimmer that gives you that glow! You’d think the small package of blush wouldn’t last you long but it totally does! I have had mine for 3 months and it’s still got some product left!

Jocelyn  Nov 29 2018

Best blush!

I wear Crunchi foundation shade 3 and I have used both Crave (top seller- looove this one for an everyday look) and Palm Beachy (more dramatic, playful look). Look forward to trying more shades I definitely recommend the matching brush. Works wonders. I apply the brush over bronzer and then (after blush), donthe finishing powder, then take whatever is leftover on my blush brush and go over the cheeks again since the finishing powder somewhat mutes the tones. Never loved blush before Crunchi

LaTasha B. Nov 29 2018

So many natural looking options!

I hardly every wore blush! Just one extra layer of toxic war paint. I have almost all of Crunchi’s blushes and I love each one! Nice variety from a quick lil pink cheek to a natural looking bright apple!

Verified Purchase
Lilllith B. Nov 29 2018

Yes Please

I never wanted to wear blush, because why add more layers of chemicals to my face. I just covered what had to be covered. With Crunchi's safe ingredients and lightweight feel, I love exploring all their colors and products. Their Crave blush is such a perfect shade. It's such a treat to wear it.

Brittni S. Nov 29 2018

I’m a Blush Convert!!

I’ve never really used blush until I got Crunchi’s CRAVE. Before I was always nevevous blush would make me look more red but it blends and accents SO well! I’m a red head with red undertone skin and it’s still perfect!!

Holly J. Nov 29 2018

Love Crave!

Perfect shade for all skin tones with just the right amount of shimmer.

Lily B. Nov 29 2018


“Palm Beachy” has my heart! I absolutely love the rosy glow that this blush provides!

Katie S. Nov 29 2018

Perfect touch

Their colors are so soft and give your face the final touch! Love it!

Verified Purchase
Kelly A. Nov 29 2018

Love all the shades!

I always thought blush looked silly on me, but it was because I just didn't like the products. I love every single shade of blush I've tried. They all look great with my skin tone, and stay all day!

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Amanda B. Nov 29 2018

Beautiful Cheeks

The colors that Crunchi has come out with for blushes are all so amazing! Love how they feel on my cheeks!

Julie Y. Nov 29 2018

Making me blush!!

Love the color of the crave. Good neutral blush, that adds the perfect little pop to your cheeks!

Verified Purchase
Angel G. Nov 29 2018

Long Lasting Color

This Blush is SO pretty. My favorite is the Royal flush. The color stays on all day and a very little bit goes a LONG way! I’m also digging the eco friendly packaging!

Jamie J. Nov 28 2018

Feeling cheeky

I love these blushes. They are perfectly soft and nourishing with the cold pressed argan oil but also beautifully subtle colors and never harsh lines. They hardly require blending. Just perfectly sweet colors.

Verified Purchase
Megan L. Nov 28 2018

Love this Blush!

I am a blush girl, always have been! I love having a pop of color on my cheeks and wear it daily! I love that this Blush has clean ingredients and that the colors are beautifully pigmented!

Lori W. Nov 28 2018


Crave has been my favorite! A little shimmer but no too much! Gorgeous color!

Verified Purchase
Chelsea B. Nov 28 2018

Make Me Blush

Crave is my favorite color because I LOVE the glow it gives!

Heather P. Aug 10 2018

This is a MUST have!

I am new to Crunchi products and I have to say, this blush is a must have! I have very fair skin and usually any blush I use just make me look like Barbie. I really love the lilac undertone in this. It gives a very natural finish. This is a staple in my makeup bag now.

Verified Purchase
Meagan C.

Meagan C.

I was never a blush girl until now! Crave is my favorite shade and it looks so good paired with my medium foundation and bronzer. The shimmer adds the perfect touch!

Verified Purchase
Billie P.

Billie P.

I love this product!!!! Perfect amount of pink and shimmer on your cheeks. Crave is my favorite!



Crave blush is my new obsession! These beautifully pigmented blushes blend in smoothly and add the perfect amount of sweet color to my cheeks along with just a hint of shimmer. What girl doesn't want a little glow! love it!

Verified Purchase


I was so happy that I could easily swap out my old chemical-filled blush with this toxin-free product. It looks better, and I don't have to worry about what I'm putting on my face. I love both the Crave and Royal flush, and can't wait to try the other shades.

Verified Purchase
Bonnie S.

Bonnie S.

Palm beachy is my absolute favorite blush on the market. a little goes a long way and it just what my coloring needed to bring me to life! Pigmented to perfection.



I love just a hint of color on my cheeks which is why the "crave" and "pretty please" are right up my alley. Silky smooth, pleasant aroma, and shimmer on the cheekbones leaves me feeling perfectly coiffed for my day. Thanks for this wonderful product!!!

Verified Purchase
Kim C.

Kim C.

Pretty please has become my go to for everyday but I really like crave too!

Verified Purchase
Lauren M.

Lauren M.

no need to have a dull look when you can have the perfect pop of color! crave is my favorite with just the right amount of shimmer and pink to add to my crunchi look. royal flush is very similar to crave just not a shimmery. a little bit goes a long way. Make me Blush is the perfect soft lightweight finishing touch. you really cant go wrong with any color you choose.



I love the crave blush. just the right amount of color and a beautiful subtle pop to my cheeks :)

Verified Purchase
Kathryn J.

Kathryn J.




I've never really used blush before. This product in crave gave me a nice pink rosey color to my pale complexion. A little goes along way and it lasted through a night of dancing.

Sandra A.

Sandra A.

Crunchi Blush is all the crave! I love the splash of color on my cheeks to complete my Crunchi natural look.

Verified Purchase
Megan M.

Megan M.

I love Palm beachy and crave! Palm beachy looks fAbulous on so many different complexions. I love it right On the apples of my cheeks. the packaging is fAbulous too!