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Luxe Lipstick

This satin finish, long-lasting lipstick is a perfect blend of nourishing organic ingredients and contemporary, smooth pigments. You can wear it with confidence knowing you no longer have to compromise your health for gorgeous lips.

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Customer Reviews

Pam  Dec 30 2019

Lipstick perfection

I couldn’t believe the pigmentation in the luxe lipstick. The creamy texture makes for a smooth and easy application. I have difficulty finding lipstick that shows up and doesn’t bleed, but the Crunchi product works perfectly. I find myself wanting to apply it like chapstick. It’s so smooth and nourishing.

Kenzie D. Dec 26 2019

New to lipsticks...

Sister gifted this to me over a holiday, pomegranet, color is stunning. I have never worn a lipstick so this was intimidating and new. Do I wear a liner? Will it transfer? Can I kiss a cheek? It was hydrating, didn't feel like I was wearing anything, no transfer, and didn't smudge. Really y excited to keep wearing it. Amazing product.

Taylor L. Mar 25 2019

No Grease!

I was skeptical before trying Sunlight as all other safe sunscreens leave your face sticky, greasy, and ghostly, but this Facial Sunscreen is the total opposite! It’s creamy and a little goes a LONG way! This is such a game changer.

Jalene  Feb 23 2019

Pure lipstick

Unfortunately, much too peachy orange for my skin tone. I feel like it looks a lot different than the pictures :( I don't think I will wear it, which is a shame since it was $30.

Jennifer L. Dec 21 2018

Awesome staying power

I have ordered 4 colors 3 for my Mom and 1 for me.....they are creamy and long lasting....will continue to order these lipsticks and next to try the lipglosses. Love Love Love my Cruchi!!!

Holli S. Dec 05 2018


This review is specifically for First Avenue! Ladies, if you are intimidated by this color because of how bold it looks on the screen, trust me when I say...it is a beautiful shade! I am fair skinned with blue eyes and brown hair and this lipstick shade is my favorite! I love to layer it with a shimmer gloss.

Tatiana T. Dec 05 2018

Safe for my lips

Before I learned how unregulated the cosmetic industry was, I used any type of lipstick. Now that I’ve found Crunchi, my lips are safely able to wear the variety of colors Crunchi offers. I can’t believe how long I went with using harmful products! I love the lipstick Pure and I’m thankful that I’m able to add color to my lips without worrying about ingredients

Stephanie M. Dec 05 2018

So smooth

This is by far my most favorite lipstick I’ve ever used. It’s so silky smooth and the colors are to die for!

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Catherine N. Dec 05 2018

Finally a safe lipstick

I love Crunchi's luxe lipstick! I don't have to worry about any toxic ingredients! The shades are all beautiful & vibrant. It does not dry out my lips. I always get compliments when I am wearing my favorite Crunchi lipsticks!

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Jessica F. Dec 04 2018


I love this lipstick and the way it hydrates and stays put on my lips. I always have a hard time finding the perfect shade of lipstick, but I've found that pairing the lipstick and the gloss has helped me find my perfect combinations. I rarely do a bold lip, so I usually just dab the lipstick on with my finger and the coverage is perfect and buildable.

Vivien  Dec 04 2018

In love

I love how long lasting these lipstick are without drying my lips. My fave is serendipity

Kelsey P. Dec 03 2018

Great product!

I have never been a lipstick girl, until now! I love wearing Lush Lipstick by itself or pair it with the lipgloss. I have become much more confident with wearing it!

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Katie L. Dec 03 2018

Long lasting!

The lip stick is fabulous! I love that it is long lasting and made of safe ingredients. My favorite shade is Serendipity.

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Lianne S. Dec 03 2018

Longest lasting ever

I have never had a lipstick color last so long. Put it on at 6am, went and sweated all day at Disney, came back and swam in the pool and at bedtime it was STILL on. Never reapplied once. Love this stuff! Spontaneous and Fierce are my fav for summer and pure is my favorite everyday paired with date night lipgloss!

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Cristina C. Dec 02 2018

Must have!

I love this lipstick. The color is buildable based on how you apply. For example, I never thought I would own a color like First Avenue, but when I apply with my finger and pat on... I get the most beautiful plumb color. THEN I top with a Lush Lipgloss and I have a beautiful custom color. Favorite must haves are Pomegranate and Serendipity.

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Linda B. Dec 02 2018

Hydrating and gorgeous colors

I'm not a huge lipstick wearer because they have always been dry. I'm a big fan of these though! Hydrating and really smooth. My favorite is pomegranate, beautiful color!

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Bridget R. Dec 02 2018

Multipurpose and all the feels!

Yes, yes, and yes!!!! I absolutley love the Luxe lipstick! So creamy, so smooth, and doesnt make your lips feel like you have been sucking on a sponge all day long! I can not get over the versatility of this product! I have used it as a lipstick, a lip stain, and as cream blush!!!! It is so multipurpose it is perfect! I can't pick a favorite shade because I love so many of them! Serendipity, Marilyn, Pomegranate, First Avenue, Pure!

Amy N. Dec 01 2018

Perfect pigment!

I LOVE the Luxe Lipstick, especially the darker colors (Marilyn and Pomegranate) because you can use them as a full lipstick or as a lip stain with a gloss over the color. The color lasts for hours and feels so light on my lips! And totally kissable too (even by my one year old). Toxin free lips...amazing!

Katie L. Dec 01 2018

Comes Off Easily

I typically only wear lipgloss, but I got a sample of Marilyn and decided to try it. I like the way it feels on my lips, but it came off on everything all day. I had lipstick marks all over my cup, straw, silverware, and even my fiancé. Marilyn is a bold pink so it didn't look the best on him. Ha!

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Janet H. Dec 01 2018

Will Never Go Back!!

I have purchased three of the lipsticks (Pomegranate, Spontaneous and Blissful). I like all three; however, Blissful is a little tooo light. I can't imagine ever using any other kind of lip product again. Yesterday, I pulled out a tube of an old color I had from another company and I could immediately "taste" and smell the difference. I cannot even imagine ever using anything else again, and I can't believe I paid what I paid for something that was possibly harming my body!!

Julie S. Dec 01 2018

Lip stick spontaneous

Gorgeous color that brightens and makes a face! This has just enough coral in it to make me happy. Great color for many complexions. The best part is the safe ingredients!

Kesha R. Dec 01 2018

Creamy feel

Such a smooth creamy feeling, that leaves my lips feeling moisturized!

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Amanda F. Nov 30 2018

Great Pigment, great formula

Great Pigment, creamy formula. Feels great on lips!

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Kathryn O. Nov 30 2018

Safe Cosmetics for Teens

I love that my teens can wear Crunchi lipsticks everyday & I don’t have to worry about them being exposed to the chemicals that are in other brands

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Wendy D. Nov 30 2018

Favorite lipstick ever!

I love a natural look personally, ‘Pure’ is my favorite! I love the presses with finger matte look, or the shinier bold applying it direct. It’s just an amazing daily wearable shade. Highly recommend this staple for everyone’s collection!

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Wendy D. Nov 30 2018

Favorite lipstick ever!

I love a natural look personally, this is my favorite! I love the presses with finger matte look, or the shinier bold applying it direct. It’s just an amazing daily wearable shade. Highly recommend this staple for everyone’s collection!

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Megan M. Nov 30 2018

Long lasting and moisturizing

I love Crunchi lipstick! Not only is it super moisturizing it is super long lasting! My favorite color for daytime is Serendipity and I love Pomegranate for the evening (I'm a brunette with green eyes and wear Crunchi's Foundation in Natural 2.5 in the winter and Medium 03 in the summer)! Marilyn is a great red lipstick too!

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Alicia R. Nov 30 2018

First Avenue is my JAM!

I am absolutely in love with the color First Avenue. Not only is the lipstick nourishing but the color lasts for such a long time! The color itself - WOW! I'm blown away by the way such a deep color can look great on so many different people.

Karen W. Nov 30 2018


I love the way this lipstick feels when wearing. It feels soft and not caked, when you smile, it does pull. The staying power isn't bad but I do wish it was a little better.

Gina L. Nov 30 2018

Lipstick Love

Over the past several years I started wearing lipstick over gloss and quickly became a lipstick snob. They HAD to perform well with high pigmentation, not bleed, last a long time, moisturize my lips and be completely clean. It’s impossible to find one that does it all outside of Crunchi! My favorite colors are Pure, Pomegranate, and Marilyn. These are worth every single penny!

Ashleigh B. Nov 30 2018

Love this line

LOVE!! Fierce is my favorite and it goes on so smoothly. It feels as if you just put on chapstick and keeps your lips moist throughout the day.

Elizabeth A. Nov 30 2018


This isn't your typical cakey lipstick. This goes on super smooth, nourishes your lips, and had great pigmentation. The darker colors almost act as stain and stay through eating & drinking!!

T Y. Nov 30 2018

A great kiss

Just got this today and fell in love right away! It went on so smooth, felt moisturizing and no weird lipstick taste. I loved the color, I can see how it would be flattering to every skin tone.

Katie L. Nov 30 2018

Soft and Stays

I was given a sample of Marilyn to try. I worried about it being too bold for me but it wasn’t. It made my lips stand out without overpowering the rest of my face. Love it!

Wendy B. Nov 30 2018


I love this soft, moisturizing lipstick. My favorite is First Avenue.

Kim K. Nov 30 2018

Great staying power

This lipstick is fantastic. It’s rich and moisturizes but lasts a long time as well. I hate reapplying and don’t have to very much with this product.

Brianna  Nov 29 2018

Dramatic Look

I'm not a big fan of lipstick in general, but love the quality of this line. Great for a dramatic look for a night out, but typically I stick to my Namaste gloss!

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Meghan D. Nov 29 2018


Crunchi lipsticks are so creamy and hydrating! I feel like I have a lip balm on instead of lipstick! Beautiful shade selection, my favorite is Marilyn!

Vicki  Nov 29 2018


This lipstick is the best I have ever used. It’s stays on long and feels so Smooth on your Lips. Love all the colors but my favorite is serendipity ! I get a lot of people Ask Me the color and kind!

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Erica U. Nov 29 2018


I love the lipstick and lip gloss together they both last for a long period of time. The lipstick has nice pigment and goes on smoothly. Just as expected and nice that it is toxic free and moisturizes my lips.

Amy G. Nov 29 2018

Great product!

Great lipstick and has fairly good lasting power. I like to combine colors sometimes and it always performs well. Women end up "eating" a lot of lipstick over a lifetime so I love that it has a safe ingredient list!

Amy M. Nov 29 2018

Love love lipstick

I am an absolutely nut for lipsticks & lipgloss and im so glad i found crunchi. I love that they are moisturizing & the color is vibrant im also happu knowing they are non toxic and even my daughter can play with them

Ashley P. Nov 29 2018

Smooth sailing!!!

This lipstick goes on smooth and has lasting power!! The colors are beautiful!!!

Ramona W. Nov 29 2018

Luxe Lipstick

Love this lipstick, goes on creamy & smooth and wears well. Pure is my favorite go to color, both natural and fresh!

Molly H. Nov 29 2018

Silky Smooth

Perpetually searching for a lipstick that doesn’t crack my lips and require an under and over coat of chapstick - this is the one! It’s smooth, creamy and super pigmented! Can’t wait to try out more products and thrilled they are eco friendly and non toxic! - @mollymagnoliamae on insta

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Savannah K. Nov 29 2018


It's wonderful and bright and looks great layered with some chopstick for a lighter tint. I use it as cream blush on my cheeks. Its smooth and soft and lasts WAY longer than you think it's going too. Cannot wait to get more in my collection.

Lily B. Nov 29 2018


Creamy dreamy and so nourishing to my lips! I was super nervous about First Avenue and now it’s my all time favorite!!

Katie S. Nov 29 2018

Bold and simple

There are so many options for colors with Crunchi! My favorite is Pure, simple and sweet!

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Leah N. Nov 29 2018

Luscious Lips

I'm a lip balm kinda gal most days, but I've really been digging these buttery lipsticks. I used to wear a long-lasting brand that stayed all day but had a very artificially smooth finish to their lip products--they were smooth but they were dry, so when I took them off, I had very dry, flaky lips. These lipsticks are so hydrating and lovely to wear, I'm happy to reapply after eating without thinking it's an inconvenience. And the bold shades look as lovely as the neutrals! Loooove these!

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Angel G. Nov 29 2018

This lipstick though

I am OBSESSED with Pomegranate & First Avenue. I also love Blissful for an everyday look. The colors are so rich and have some serious staying power. The lipstick is so nourishing and doesn’t dry out my lips, which is a HUGE win for me.

Lindsey W. Nov 28 2018

Absolute Perfection

I LOVE the 'staying power' of the Luxe Lipstick!! Other safe products do not compare. The combo of toxin-free and beautiful quality are top-notch!!

Cortney W. Nov 28 2018

Buttery Smooth Lipstick

This lipstick is very moisturizing and glides on like butter and doesn't bleed.

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Deborah H. Nov 28 2018

This picky lipstick girl has met her match!

I am so picky about lipstick - super sensitive to taste & smell - so I was so happy when I found Crunchi. I was using another green brand but found their lip products taste & smell rancid even though they are still in date. I love the way Crunchi lipstick stays looking good for hours without that gunky feeling & look. And the colors are gorgeous!

Marilyn J. Nov 28 2018

Pure if my favorite.

I went from never wearing lipstick, to wearing "pure" almost every day. I love how subtle of a pink nude it is, and it leaves my lips feeling great. Its a great everyday color.

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Megan L. Nov 28 2018


I love all of the lipstick colors. I love that they are smooth, nourishing, AND toxin free! The colors are beautiful and I love the way it looks when paired with Crunchi lipgloss or by itself!!

Lori W. Nov 28 2018


Most lipsticks I have tried often dry out my lips. Not yours! It’s soo hydrating and the colors are beautiful! My favorite is pure and pomegranate!

Kristen A. Oct 27 2018

Very impressed!

Gorgeous color and does a great job moisturizing for hours. Very impressed!

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Meagan C.

Meagan C.

I am most excited about this lipstick because of its super clean ingredients! After learning that a lot of lipsticks contain lead, I was determined to finD a brand that was safe AND performed well. Crunchi lipstick is not only safe, but it also looks and feels amazing. My favorite EVERYDAY go to shade is Pure. I love adding some translucent lipgloss ontop to give my lips some shine! Overall I am very pleased with their lipstick and would recommend it to EVERYONE!

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Billie P.

Billie P.

I love to put pure or bliss on my lips with the translucent lipgloss over it for a light lipstick look. And its super moisturizing! Or I like a darker color to go out at night or for work.



Finding a clean formula lipstick That is not a sheer is no easy task. These lipsticks live Up to theIr promise! They are long lasting and dont just melt away. The colors are perfectly on trend too! My lips never looked better.

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Bonnie S.

Bonnie S.

The perfect coral color for my red headed complexion. I love Pomegranate for a nice fall color. Long lasting Toxin free lips!

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I love these crunchi lipsticks! There are so many amazing shades, they are so easy to wear, and they look Fantastic. best of all, they only contain toxin-free ingredients!

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Kim C.

Kim C.

Pure is my favorite everyday lipstick and pomegranate is my go to for date night or ladies night out. They create a smooth look that lasts plus they are husband approved.




Lauren M.

Lauren M.

applied the crunchi way this lipstick will last for hours. i love mixing and matching it with different lip glosses, my go to is pure lipstick with namaste lipgloss over it. its non-toxic so no worries if it gets in you mouth, (which it might because the Vanilla and Lavender smell so delicious).

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Diana E.

Diana E.

gorgeous shades, and perfect finish. not too glossy, and not too matte. i would describe it as silky. the pigment is amazing, and it stays on for a long while! i always have a gorgeous tint left even after eating!

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I love the true color! smooth and creamy, I love pomegranate for a night out and pure for everyday.

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Kathryn J.

Kathryn J.


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Jessica M.

Jessica M.

I was surprised when spontaneous was my choice of color! Love this coral red shade for a fun day look or even a night out!!

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Sandra A.

Sandra A.

Just like pomegranate is good for the inner body our lipstick shade with the same name is great for your lips. truly a perfect moisturizing blend of perfection!

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Pomegranate is my favorite so far. It looks much darker in the pic then it does on so don't be afraid to try something new. I like The idea of mixing them, but haven't yet. It lasts through many drinks and toasts which is good cause it can get tiresome worriNg if you have the weird outline around your lip line.

Verified Purchase
Megan M.

Megan M.

PomegranAte is the best color! I espeCially love it with juxtaposition lipgloss on top!

Verified Purchase


Healthy lipstick is an absolute must. But, it's always been a challenge for me to find a lipstick with organic ingredients that really performs well. This is it! rich color. creamy formula. And it stays on!!! fierce is my fave.



my go to look for everyday is usually a gloss. i am not very flashy and don't often make bold choices when it comes to make up. on a loving dare from my husband I tried on first Avenue...It was a winner! I LOVE IT! it looks amazing, feels light and smooth on, best of all...i dont need to worry about affecting my body burden. win win win!!

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