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Crunchi Littles®

Keep the delicate skin of your little ones safe, clean, and nourished with our Crunchi Littles®  line.  Our 3-in-1 Bathtime Bar was crafted with a combination of soothing organic ingredients that provide effective cleansing while keeping the skin soft and moisturized.

Crunchi Littles® Super Serum is clinically tested to be non-irritating.  The gentle and effective formula goes straight to work to help soothe, nourish, and soften the delicate skin of your littles without the greasy feeling that traditional oils can leave behind. 

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Customer Reviews

Leela R. May 18 2022

Soothing for eczema

After months of trying so many creams and essential oils, this has been the one thing to help sooth my eczema. It’s super gentle on my neck, on my cuticles and even removing my eye makeup. I can confidently use it on my child when his allergies flare up. I will definitely be purchasing more.

Rebecca N. May 15 2022

Awesome product

I use this on both my girls (1 and 3). We love that it's a bar, less waste than a bottle, and that it's so gentle on their skin! Plus my girls love the little turtle on it!

Kayte G. Apr 27 2022


I absolutely love the serum! I love that it doesn’t leave a residue on your hands or make you feel sticky, it’s nothing heavy or strong smelling either. The bottle is super cute and love that it’s not an obnoxious shape and in the way. But my only dislike to the design is the way it comes out. I don’t like that I have to tap the bottle on my hand to get the product out, I feel like maybe a pump top or something other than the little hole would be much better.

Kelly W. Apr 19 2022

Use for Blepharitis

My 8 year old son has blepharitis and this product was just right to clean his eyelashes. It is gentle enough to apply on such a sensitive area, yet strong enough to REALLY clean! Plus side it didn't irritate or hurt his eyes having a soap so close to his eyes.

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Jennifer T. Apr 14 2022

Easy and gentle

My 10yo needed to start a cleansing routine and this was perfect and gentle for her face. She follows up with Crunchi daylight and sunlight.

Tiffany  Mar 30 2022

Super serum

My son has rough patches behind his arms and on his cheeks in the winter and this serum has been a game changer for him. We apply it right after his baths and it calms the redness and dryness down instantly. This paired with the 3in1 bar has been a life saver. I myself also use this product for for a ton of different things like make up remover, I mix it with my foundation, razor burn and more!

Leslie M. Mar 18 2022

Best shampoo for fine hair

This works! My 3 year old daughter has baby fine/thin hair. This is the only soap that works for her and doesn’t weigh it down. Even my husband loves it. He told me to get more asap, before we run out.

KellyT  Jan 02 2022

Can’t live without

I’ve been using this serum on myself and I love it!!! My skin is super fair and sensitive. I’ve tried it as an after shave moisturizer on my legs and it works great!! I use it on my hands at night because I live in a cold dry climate and it helps them to not be red and itchy. Buy it you won’t regret it.

Kelly S. Nov 24 2021

My Favorite!

Not your typical baby oil. This stuff is action packed with fast absorbing and skin nourishing oils and ingredients. I use this daily as a makeup remover and oil cleanser for my face to really get into those pores (this also helps my face stay smooth and moisturized, giving an awesome glow), use on my babies after bathtime, use on my hands after washing, and on my elbows when they feel dry. A little goes a long way, giving this one good bang for your buck! Can you tell it's my favorite?

Rachel B. Oct 08 2021

Great on baby acne

My daughter is 1 and gets baby acne all around her nose, the littles bar helps keep the breakouts manageable and clears it up quickly. Love that it's a clean, non-toxic product!

Sarah S. Oct 06 2021

Best product for my Little Guy!

I love the results of this product for my little one after bath’s! Using this along with the Littles bath bar, my sons eczema is no longer an issue.

Kelsey S. Oct 06 2021

3-in-1 littles bar or healing bar

I have suffered from dry skin that can turn into psoriasis if I don't keep it hydrated. I bought the littles bars for my kids first (which they LOVE!) And then I tried to use it as my shaving bar for my legs! I love it. My kids is not as dry and I don't have the irration or psoriasis flares as often (unless I try something different then I will) I highly suggest this bar not only for your littles but for your skin as well

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Alyssa R. Oct 06 2021

Crunchi Littles Line

In looove with the Littles line! I’ve been using the the bathtime bar on my 4 month old since she was born, she had her first bath with Crunchi! And now I get to use the Super Serum on her too and I love how hydrating it is without leaving her skin oily. I’ve been using it in my hair too after styling!

Sherri A. Oct 06 2021

Crunchi Littles Super Serum

At first I thought it was just for little ones but learned that the Crunchi Littles Super Serum could be used for grown adults too! After seeing the results of this Super Serum, I had to try it! I have been mixing the Super Serum with Crunchi’s Foundation Makeup. It keeps my skin moisturized and dewy (even in Hawaii) throughout the day without that oily residue. This super serum is ‘no ka oil’!! It is da best I’ve tried!

Jess W. Oct 06 2021

Love this little bar!

I love love love the littles 3 in 1 bathtime bar! My little guy has the very sensitive skin and I love knowing that this soap also helps his skin! Thank you Crunchi for an amazing soap for my son!

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Nicole R. Oct 06 2021


I am so happy to have found such a safe and moisturizing bar for my littles! Previously we struggled with dry spots but not with this! It is by far the creamiest soap I’ve ever used and so gentle! Definitely a must have for your littles and even yourself!

Claire M. Oct 06 2021

3 in 1 LITTLES… Shave Bar?

Love this for my ~ 2 year old son… makes his hair and skin so soft and bouncy (hair)!! … but the real magic happened when I started using it as a shave bar—zero waste is always the best option and this works perfectly for so many household bathers! (I should also note that I have eczema patches on my legs that much prefer the gentleness of this bar compared to the charcoal body bar.)

Claire M. Oct 06 2021

Super Serum WINS!

I have been using Super Serum on my belly (25 weeks pregnant), on my son (~2 years old) AND on my face at night!! (Shh!) LOVE them all—esp for my face. I live in the mountains and winters get SUPER dry… the past few weeks, the winter vibes have sunk in and I can feel it! The richness of nutrients in this serum is giving my skin so much LIFE! I’m obsessed!!

Verified Purchase
Laure F. Oct 06 2021

Amazing serum

This serum works really well on extremely dry skin. It soaks it up, and moisturizes the skin without leaving it too oily. I highly recommend it

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Charlotte T. Oct 06 2021

Simple and beautiful

Love the packaging! Feels so nice and gentle on the skin.

Nikki  Oct 06 2021

Littles Bar

I love everything about this bar. It smells wonderful leaves my son’s skin so clean and soft. Just be careful it does sting if it gets in the eyes. I can’t wait to try the Little Super Serum!

Crystal S. Oct 06 2021

Super super serum

I can so pleasantly amazed that crunchi can make products that are so multi purposeful. Aside from it being amazing for my toodler. I’ve been using it on my grandmas dry spots on her scalp and this leaves her head extra nourished and dry spots be gone! I love using this in my hair as a defrizzer and for extra nourishment and shine that helps me be able to go inbetween washes. Love this so much! A little goes a looong way too!

Crystal S. Oct 06 2021

Saving skin, one bar at a time!

I love this Littles bar. We love this Littles bar. From head to toe. It’s done wonders for my skin, my toddlers skin and my grandmas extra delicate skin. Not to mention how soft it leaves our hair. I love traveling with it too. Best bar for shaving cream too! Wow a lathering dream. Thank you crunchi for knocking this out of the park!

Jessica Q. Oct 06 2021

Crunchi littles soap

My little one loved her soap! She has sensitive skin and this did not irritate her or anything! The smell is mild but so pretty! I can’t wait to order her more crunchi littles items!

Verified Purchase
Leela R. Oct 06 2021

Light and fresh

Perfectly light for sensitive skin, no matter the age. Not at all greasy. Super cute imprint makes it extra fun, too!

Mikki  Oct 06 2021

Love it!

Leaves skin fresh and clean! Love it!

Verified Purchase
Wilma K. Oct 06 2021

Chronic dry skin

The same day I seen the launch of Littles Serum, my dermatologist told me I have chronic dry skin. Because I have used Littles bar, my first thought was to try the serum. So far I am pleased with the results.

Vicki  Oct 06 2021

Littles Super Serum

Would love a bigger size of super littles serum. It provides the perfect amount of nourishment for my elder mom’s dry flaky scalp.

Brooke O. Oct 06 2021

Love this , is as awesome as you would expect from Crunchi!

The serum is seriously amazing! NON greasy! I don’t know how they did it but it is truly awesome!!

Verified Purchase
Carly P. Oct 06 2021

Just like little bears soup... this is JUST right!

I was able to use some of the Super Serum and I have to say, it's NOT oily! I was a sceptic because I just didn't know if it was going to be too oily for myself or my littles! The scent is NOT overwhelming and almost not even there! I love it! I can't wait to get my own! =)

Vicki  Oct 06 2021

Littles Bar Not just for Littles

I love that they developed a littles bar with such nourishing ingredients. Great for all ages. It gives me peace of mind knowing it’s safe to use on my elderly mom who has very dry sensitive skin. I also confidently use littles soap in place of my shaving cream.

Melissa S. Oct 05 2021

Relieved Momma

It’s so comforting knowing I’m bathing my babe with a safe product that is easy to use and smells good too. Her bathtime products are now one less thing I worry about

Kaishla  Oct 05 2021

Super Serum to the Rescue!

My daughter and I both have very picky skin and this serum has saved our dry skin! On top of it rescuing us at home, I’ve been on the hunt for a non-greasy cuticle oil for my clients in the salon and this serum has won over EVERY single client I have used it on!! They cannot wait to get their hands (or feet) on some for use at home and I will be using this for a lifetime!

Danielle  Oct 05 2021

Absolutely LOVE this Serum

I bought it for myself. I have very dry heels and this serum makes them feel smooth and soft. I am also using it on my cheeks. I felt like they needed a little something more as my skin ages.

Allison K. Oct 05 2021

Super Serum

Even though I'm no longer considered a Little, I use this Serum on my hands every day to soothe them, especially after doing any chores that require my hands be in water for a time. Protects and nourishes my skin. My husband uses it for his beard, and the grands love it as well.

Chelsea M. Oct 05 2021

Love this bar!

This bar has been perfect for my little ones rough dry skin, and it was so easy to bring on vacation for the whole family to use one bar head to toe! Nourishing enough to give a great bounce to my daughters curls as well.

Verified Purchase
Heather C. Oct 05 2021

Littles Bar and Serum

After a recommendation from our pediatrician to change soap, our switch to the Littles Bar has greatly reduced the appearance of irritation and cradle cap in my babies. My babies skin feels softer and looks healthier. The fast-absorbing serum is also perfect for my wiggly babies! I also use the serum as eye makeup remover. I love that it gently removes the make up without irritation!

Verified Purchase
Heather C. Oct 05 2021

Littles Bar and Serum

After a recommendation to change soaps from our pediatrician, switching to the Littles Bar and Serum has greatly reduced the appearance of irritation and cradle cap for my children. It has also decreased the dryness of their skin! My babies’ skin feels soft and healthy! I also love using the serum as an eye makeup remover and I love that I don’t have to rub and irritate my eyes as the serum easily and gently removes the makeup. The fast-absorbing serum is also perfect for my wiggly babies!

Sierra  Oct 05 2021


The new serum is lovely! Hydrating, yet not greasy at all! Tried it in myself, can’t wait to try on my kids now!

Jennifer E. Oct 05 2021

Favorite Bath Bar!

I love this bath bar! It suds nicely, and leaves my little one's skin nice and clean without drying it out. It's also a great size to pack when traveling. There's nothing better than finding a safe, clean, great quality product for my child!

Janice R. Oct 05 2021

Crunchi Littles 3 in 1 Bar

I bought the 3 in 1 Bar for my Great Grandson who has skin problems! It is amazing for him, but it is fabulous for my more mature skin. My skin feels so soft and smooth after my shower! I will order the serum next for both of us!

Tessa H. Oct 05 2021

3 in 1 bath time bar is all you need in the bath.

Our family loves the 3 in 1 bath time bar, the littles all they way to the grown ups use it! My daughter and I have very thick oily hair and the 3 in 1 bath time bar as a shampoo leaves our hair clean and silky soft.

Katie L. Oct 05 2021

A Great Buy!

I have purchased a bar for my Nephew who has eczema and one for my youngest daughter! I love the design on the front of the bar and the paper packaging. I used it as well as my youngest and I felt better using a safe product on her. It is a clean scent but really no scent at all! Great for those with sensitivities. I loved how I could use it 3 ways!

Verified Purchase
Kris M. Oct 05 2021

So Good

I don't even have small children but had to give this a try. I'm using it for removing my eye makeup, and on my elbows and heels which tend to be dry. I am so impressed with this serum. It absorbs so quickly and does not leave my skin feeling greasy. I'm so impressed. Another Crunchi product I love.

Carin P. Oct 05 2021

Super Serum Says it All!

I absolutely love how this serum is so smooth on our skin. My skin is hydrated without the greasy feeling. And it makes me feel great my family is using a product with only the cleanest ingredients!! Great for all ages!

Verified Purchase
JoAnn H. Oct 05 2021

I will probably let my kids use this Serum too ;)

So far, I've honestly probably used more of this beautiful Serum than my kids! My hands have always been dry and having two young children means even more handwashing. I'm so happy to find a moisturizer that works AND is not greasy. I can also apply it on my kids without worrying they will be slippery. Love it!

Stacie K. Oct 05 2021

Super Serum for Mom too!

I love using the Super Serum on my hands and heels before bed. I wake up with luxuriously smooth skin and no greasy residue.

Stacie K. Oct 05 2021

My girls LOVE their Bathtime Bar!

We have one for each daughter and store them on little silicone soap dishes in the shower/bath. I love how sudsy they get and how gentle they are! My 9-year-old uses it to wash her face every night. Starting a great toxin-free skincare routine early!

Erika  Oct 05 2021

Super Serum

I do not have kids so I bought this for myself! My tzone will get dry in the winter, especially around my nose and "11" area. I bought this as an added moisture boost in addition to the Clarilight. Also to help with any maskne that may creep in. So far so good!

Kari W. Oct 05 2021

Made a difference

Bought the Littles Bar for my friend’s little boy because he had some skin irritations. My friend was sharing her frustrations with all the “stuff in the shelf”. She was pulling her hair out trying to find something to help her sweet boy who is 18 months. Just after 1 week she noticed a difference in his skin … not as red and the dry scaly spots were not so angry. Within 2 weeks they spots were almost gone. She now swears by this bar and recommends to all her Mommy friends. Thank you Crunchi!’

Jill S. Oct 05 2021

Definitely not tear free

I love how this bar gets my littles clean and makes their skin feel soo soft. However, I have a curious 2 year old who picked it up during her bath and then touched her eyes. It was a disaster. The more her eyes burned, the more she rubbed them with her soapy hands. It took a couple minutes for me to wash her eyes out and calm her down. I think we will wait a while for her to grow out of this stage before trying it again.

Angel G. Oct 05 2021

Perfect for entire family!

Not only do I use this with my 3 and 6 year old for bath time, I LOVE it too! I had surgery back on February and this has been so gentle and nourishing for my scars!

Mary L. Oct 05 2021

Super serum

I have used the super serum for a week now and can already tell a difference in my rough heels. It is great! Also its a great cuticle oil. This product is not just for babies??

Angel G. Oct 05 2021

Definitely Super!

We LOVE this in our family. It rubs in completely without any greasy residue AND smells amazing - with zero added fragrance. I love that thsi line is completely safe for our entire family!

Verified Purchase
Mary J C. Oct 05 2021


I absolutely love the new Super Serum! It is helping with dry skin on legs, feet, elbows, etc! I also love it for my cuticles and for removing eye makeup!! Wonderful product!!

Verified Purchase
Nicole B. Oct 05 2021

Super Serum magic!

I have been using the Super Serum on my cuticles and hands for about a week now and I am in amazement! I have had a split nail for over 3 years now that never wanted to heal. After using this serum you can barely even see where the split is and my nails are so much stronger. I thought my nail would be split forever and I can't tell you how ecstatic I am. My hands are super soft as well. Everyone needs this!

Verified Purchase
Paula D. Oct 05 2021

Not Just a Baby Product II

My advocate, MJ, suggested I try the Littles Super Serum for my dry skin. My skin is super dry due to Psoriasis and the use of biologicals to control it. The Littles Super Serium soaked right into my skin and made it feel normal for the first time in years! And no oily residue on my skin to rub off on my clothes! Amazing!!!

Verified Purchase
Paula D. Oct 05 2021

Not Just a Baby Product

I am new to the Crunchi product family, however, I am no newbie to skin care. I am one of the unlucky that has Psoriasis, even on my face. I now take biologics to suppress the outbreaks but this has left my skin very dry an rough. My advocate, MJ, sent me a sample of the Littles soap to try and encouraged me to purchase the oil. The soap is very gentle on my skin and I was surprised at how soft it made my face feel after a week. It really makes a difference! Wonderful!!!

Julia  Oct 05 2021

Great product

I used this serum on my little one that was showing few eczema spots and after 4 applications all went back to normal. I also used it on my legs after shaving and on my face. Everyone needs to have this in their home.

Beverly H. Oct 05 2021

Multiple uses

This Littles Super Serum is for more than just Littles! I love how it locks in moisture on my face. It also works great as a hair protectant and hand moisturizer!

Jamie L. Oct 05 2021

Super Serum

When it says light weight and not greasy, that’s exactly what it is! It leaves a dreamy smooth finish and within two days it completely renewed my dry knees and feet.

Ashley H. Oct 05 2021

It’s really non irritating!

My little one has super sensitive skin and this is the first product I’ve ever tried for her dry skin that hasn’t broke her out and made her skin look worse. Just a few uses now and her dry skin patches look so much better. It definitely nourishes the skin without the oily feeling too!

Jess D. Oct 05 2021

So good!

I loveeeee this serum! My toddler’s skin feels so moisturized, my skin is so soft, and the hubs even loves it for a beard oil. It’s perfect for the whole family!

Taariqat M. Oct 05 2021

So fresh and so clean

I LOVE the Littles line! My kids feel so fresh and clean after a nice scrub with the soap bar. It gets the grit and grim off them after a long day of sports and school.

Verified Purchase
Lorrie H. Oct 05 2021

Littles Super Serum works wonders

I love the Super Serum! I recently had surgery on my forearm to repair damaged veins. It was a pretty delicate procedure that messed with the nerves and created a tight angry looking incision site. The Super Serum has made a huge difference in the site as it’s continuing to heal, it soothes the tight pulling skin as I’m waiting for the last of the stitches to dissolve. It also reduces the dryness and itching! I’m a true fan of Super Serum!

Laura L. Oct 05 2021

Helps heal wound on finger!

Cruchi Littles helped heal a shallow wound on my finger. It did nothing on my thumb that has dishydrotic eczema.

Cassie  Oct 05 2021

Truly a gift!

This Littles line is truly a gift to mamas everywhere! Fewer products to budget for and store, let alone worry about because they’re safe to use AND offer amazing performance. I have five little ones and we use the bar head to toe. It leaves their skin clean and moisturized without that stripped, squeaky feeling often associated with bar soaps. I love that we’ve also kicked any dry patches to the curb with the Super Serum. Bath time = clean, happy, healthy, and moisturized babies!

Verified Purchase
Michelle S. Oct 05 2021

3-in-1 Bathtime Bar

The 3-in-1 Bathtime Bar was just what I was looking for. It produces a lot of suds and is so soft and delicate on my son’s skin. I used it in his hair as well; which I truly feel like it made his hair easier to comb. The bar itself doesn’t have a strong smell, but he smelled so nice after his bath. I love that it doesn’t have a strong fragrance. Less fragrance is better for you anyway!

Verified Purchase
Sabrina G. Oct 05 2021

Best Ever!

I have struggled to find a good soap for my little ones for so long! Everything I've tried has left them with very dry skin or rashes. Since switching to Crunchi Littles my kiddos have beautiful skin and feel so soft after bath time! So thankful for this product and for the peace of mind knowing it is truly clean and safe!!

Verified Purchase
Michelle S. Oct 05 2021

3-in-1 Bathtime Bar

The 3-in-1 Bathtime Bar was just what I was looking for. It produces a lot of suds and is so soft and delicate on my son’s skin. I used it in his hair as well; which I truly feel like it made his hair easier to comb. The bar itself doesn’t have a strong smell, but he smelled so nice after his bath. I love that it doesn’t have a strong fragrance. Less fragrance is better for you anyway!

Victoriah h. Oct 05 2021

Love it!

I bought this for my son after he had a nasty reaction to conventional baby shampoo. This stuff it amazing! My son's hair is so soft and shiney and is never greasy and I only wash his hair once a week. His skin is also super soft (we use this as his body wash and shampoo). I plan to buy this for all my expecting friends. ??

Kameryn G. Oct 05 2021

Not just for “littles”

We couldn’t help but fall in love with this Littles line. I’m very “picky” about ingredients and what I choose to use on my children’s delicate skin. The Littles bar makes their skin and hair super soft so I decided to try it out on myself with shaving my legs—gotta say, big fan!! Lathers up great and makes my legs feel just as soft as my kids skin after bath time. 1 bar lasts our family a couple months.

Brittany S. Oct 05 2021

Amazing Baby Body Bar!

I started using the Littles 3 in one Bar for my little girl right after it came out! I will NEVER use another baby shampoo/wash! Her skin is so smooth even before lotion and it has helped her hair growth tremendously! Can’t recommend this product enough! I even use it myself sometimes! If you don’t have it… GET IT!!

Verified Purchase
Sarah G. Oct 05 2021

Amazing for sensitive skin!

Just giving my daughter a bath using the Littles 3-in-1 bar made a huge difference in the softness and smoothness of my typically dry and rough hands. Now I'm even more in love with the Super Serum and use it daily on the most sensitive areas of my face and neck. I've seen a reduction in redness and irritation in just a couple weeks! These products are great for sensitive skin of all ages!

Andrea c. Oct 05 2021

Is this a joke?

1 fluid ounce for 32$? I almost threw up when the package came. My own fault for not being more diligent it’s just so unbelievable.

Elayna R. Oct 05 2021

Crunchi got it going on!

I am so excited to try this product! I am loving all of my current crunchi products and I know this one will not fall short of my expectations for my 3 littles ??

Becky  Oct 05 2021

Loving it!

This serum is super smooth and I’m surprised how well I works on dry skin (especially my husbands heels lol). Love that I can trust these ingredients and feel safe using them on my family.

Meredith W. Oct 05 2021


OBSESSED with this serum! I haven’t even used it on my toddler yet because I’ve been using it so frequently on my own pregnant skin. I put it on at night before bed and swear my skin looks the best it ever has when I wake up in the morning. Highly, highly recommend! For everyone!!

Verified Purchase
Leslie K M. Oct 04 2021

Outstanding 3-in-1 Bath Bar

I have been using this on my 3 year old daughter, who has very sensitive skin, and it has worked amazingly well. It’s not drying out her skin like other soaps! I use it on her for her hair, her hands and her body. I wasn’t sure it would do well as a shampoo, too, but I was wrong. Her hair looks great! Her hands no longer have rashes from washing her hands all the time, either. Excellent product & the best part is that it’s clean!

Verified Purchase
Leslie K M. Oct 04 2021

Super Amazing Serum!

I have been using this on my 3 year old daughter, who has very sensitive skin, and it has worked amazingly well. She is not having rashes and her skin looks great! It doesn’t feel oily on her. It’s light and goes right in. Excellent product & the best part is that it’s clean!

Rebecca H. Oct 04 2021

So soft!

I'm so happy to have a safe product that leaves my 3 year old's skin so soft!

Verified Purchase
Heather D. Oct 04 2021

Gentle, sweet smelling moisturizer

This little glass bottle is full of the second type of liquid gold (behind breastmilk)! This serum is exactly what the sensitive skin of my youngest needed and what my keratosis pilaris needed as well! A little goes a long way and I'm already seeing results in our skin. Plus the adorable joke on the bottle was the sweetest surprise! Nice touch!

Dean  Oct 04 2021

Chafe no more

I used my daughter's super serum for my chaffed legs and it worked amazing

Devin E. Oct 04 2021

Liquid gold

The super serum is absolutely amazing. We have renamed it liquid gold in our home.

Joan C. Oct 04 2021

Amazing Super serum

I have to say I am very impressed with this serum. I use it on my legs and arms after my shower and bye bye dry skin. The serum does not leave a greasy film (nothing to get on my clothes too) and I do not need to reapply like a lotion! I can actually feel the difference in my skin even later in the day.

Savanna A. Oct 04 2021

An answer to prayer.

From the packaging to the ingredients, this line is everything a momma with sensitive highly reactive skin could ask for. Crunchi has given me a safe product I can use on my youngest with severe eczema. She has zero reactions. Now with the littles serum, bath time has transformed her skin from red, angry, and rough to soft and calm. We LOVE Crunchi's littles line!

Holly B. Oct 04 2021


Nice to have an option that works nicely for my little guy.

Verified Purchase
Erika B. Oct 04 2021

You need to try this as a replacement for your shaving cream..my legs have never felt better.

Okay, I know this is supposed to be for the littles in your life... and while I love this as a soap for my daughter and am thankful for the toxin free option this provides, I am totally stoke to use this as my shave soap to shave my legs. It is amazing. If you have not tried it for this use you need to, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Verified Purchase
Jill F. Oct 04 2021

Jill F.

I absolutely LOVE the sample I received of this serum and added it to my Crunchi wishlist! I'm a nurse practitioner, so I wash my hands frequently. This serum made my hands so soft without feeling greasy and soothed the red areas on my hands! I love it!

Kendra U. Oct 04 2021

Super serum is really a super product

I am the new Super Serum! Easy to use on my kiddos and does not have a strong scent. I personally love using it as a makeup remover! I am sure I will find more and more ways to love this wonderful product!

Allison  Oct 04 2021

Bath Bar

We were so excited to try this safe, toxic free bath bar for our newest little one who was born just a few short weeks ago! We LOVE it and I also use it on my 5 and 2 year old too. Makes skin so soft!

Courtney C. Oct 04 2021

3 in 1 littles bar

After my son was born I always wanted to find good clean products! The little’s bath bar is amazing. The ingredients are clean and it’s so gentle and soft for my sons skin and hair. Thanks Crunchi for creating clean safe products for little ones!

Verified Purchase
Janna Z. Oct 04 2021

Helped more than expected

My 3 year old son got hand foot and mouth disease pretty severely. His poor hand and feet had flaky, dry, peeling skin, nothing helped. The super serum came out and I ordered it right away. Within 3 days his skin was smooth, no flaking, no itching. The serum wasn't oily or greasy and absorbed so quick he could go right back to playing. Definitely recommend to have in your arsenal.

Theresa  Oct 04 2021

Best baby soap ever

This is not your average bar soap! This leaves my sons skin silky smooth and his hair is so adorably shiny and easy to brush. The clean and organic ingredients are incredible, especially for the price! I use this on my extra sensitive face as well. This is the best children’s bath product I’ve used, hands down!

Theresa R. Oct 04 2021


This serum is amazing on my toddler. No smell, no greasy residue, just baby-soft skin! It didn’t irritate his super sensitive skin at all! We both look forward to his new serum after bath time!

Torie  Oct 04 2021

Clean products

I bought both for my daughters. I love the bar soap and knowing that it has clean ingredients! Nothing better as a mom then knowing I can trust what I am putting on my kids!

Alissa B. Oct 04 2021

Little Lifesaver

I couldn't wait to try this out and it didn't disappoint! My little guy is so sensitive to many soap products and his skin is loving this bar. Plus- he hated washing his hair... this bar allows a quick clean all around in every aspect with no tears! And did I say a little goes a Loooong way- totally worth the price.

Tina D. Oct 04 2021

Love love love this bar

The bar is my favorite. It lathers well and it’s super soft and silky feeling. I like that it works as a shampoo bar also. I just got the serum and really like the way it feels. I love all crunchi products. I’m always happy with the quality and i really trust their ingredients and the company as a whole !! ??????

Kailey T. Oct 04 2021

Fantastic product for young and not as young

The 3-1 Littles bar is such a wonderful product. I am so thankful that now I have a safe product to use on my child. I also use the bar on myself when I need to use something a little more gentle. The bar lasts so long and is so easy to use while traveling, I no longer have to worry about have a certain amount of liquid. I also feel better knowing that I am not contributing to more plastic in the environment.

Jeanne O. Oct 04 2021

3-1 Bathtime bar

I was so excited when this came out as I've used the charcoal body bar for a while and love it. I love using the 3-1 bar on all 5 of my Littles as it makes them feels so soft and we have no tears when using it to wash hair or face. I don't even worry if my 1 year old licks the bar.

Tonya W. Oct 04 2021

Amazing moisture

This gentle bar, full of moisturizing oils has not only cleaned my hair and removed impurities but also had made shaving a very luxurious experience for my legs! I love that Crunchi has eco-friendly wrapping and gives back to a company to clean up plastic out of our oceans! Oh and your kids will love the Littles line!

Tonya W. Oct 04 2021

Not only for little one but us 40 year olds too

I just got back from a beach vacation and I was diligent about applying littles serum on my sun kissed skin . I have not had any peeling and my skin is radiant because of it! Thank you Crunchi for keeping our kids and adults in mind when you created The Super Serum !

Whitney B. Oct 04 2021

Seriously incredible!!

My little one’s hands have been so cracked lately they’ve been bleeding almost daily. We have tried SO many creams and nothing seems to make it better. Within a day (morning and night application) we saw a good amount of improvement. After a couple of days we saw no more cracking and bleeding. We’ve been using it over a week now and the redness is completely gone and the dry patches are almost completely healed. It has worked serious wonders for us when nothing else has!!!

Verified Purchase
Jennifer A. Oct 04 2021


I love the Crunchi Littles Super Serum! It's so hydrating, and it doesn't leave my kids skin feeling greasy at all. You really don't need much - a little bit goes a long way! I've also been using a couple drops at night as my nighttime facial moisturizer, my face still feels beautiful hydrated in the morning.

Verified Purchase
Jennifer A. Oct 04 2021


I love this product! It's so hydrating, and it doesn't leave my kids skin feeling greasy at all. You really don't need much - a little bit goes a long way! I've also been using a couple drops at night as my nighttime facial moisturizer, my face still feels beautiful hydrated in the morning.

Natalie  Oct 04 2021

Amazing! Can be used for so many things!

I have used this on my hair, cracked heals, eczema, my hands, and for my kids! I even used it on dry skin on face! It does not leave an oily residue. It make my skin feel so soft! It is amazing and I saw results quick!!

Kathy C. Oct 04 2021

Love this gentle soap!

My Grandson was visiting and I got to participate in bath time and this soap is gentle and nourishing and leaves his skin so soft and clean. Highly recommend for the little ones!!

Cindy M. Oct 04 2021

Cindy M

The littles 3-1 Bath time bar is great for my granddaughters when they visit. They love being able to hold that little bar i. Their hands- its perfect

Jena W. Oct 04 2021

Littles Serum

I love this serum! My little one puts it on when she gets out of the bath. The lid doesn’t allow for it to spill so she’s able to do it on her own. It’s also been great for my frizzy hair!

Heather R. Oct 04 2021

In love with Super Serum!

I was so pleasantly surprised how quickly the Super Serum absorbed into my son's skin! It's not greasy at all and is packed full of nourishing ingredients! I am so thankful to have a toxin-free Serum like this for my boys and myself!

Anne R. Oct 03 2021

Anne R.

Recently my friend bought this soap and serum for her two children ages 5 and 9 and they love it!!! And serum makes skin feel so soft.

Anne R. Oct 03 2021

Anne R.

I bought this soap as a gift to 3 separate babies. And have had awesome feedback from all. All three children have had sensitive skin and they love this soap!!!! NO MORE TOXIC TUBTIME

Verified Purchase
Kim K. Oct 03 2021

Crunchi Littles Super Serum

I am 56 years old and I purchased the serum for myself!! I had some very dry rash areas on my upper arms and chest due to the dry weather. The areas were red flaky and uncomfortable. After my shower, I applied the super serum to these areas. Within a couple of days, the redness was gone. Within a week, it was no longer flaky. Now after a couple weeks, it is back to normal!! I am so happy that I found a safe product that I trust and love that it is from Crunchi!

Cathy V. Oct 03 2021

Super Serum with Super Powers

Shhh...don’t tell my kids but I probably use this more for me! I love just a few drops on my cuticles OR massages into my dry heels! It’s also nice for the kids. I mean...if they can pry it away from me.

Roxanne W. Oct 03 2021

Safe ingredients

I love that this bar has safe ingredients for my family! We really love it.

Courtney C. Oct 03 2021

Crunchi littles 3 in 1 bar

This soap bar is awesome! My son has sensitive skin and it’s been great for him! Feels so soft and I love all the clean ingredients! Also love it has three used, face , hair, and body. Nice job Crunchi! Hope you continue to make great products! ??

Natalie  Oct 03 2021

Love this soap!

This soap has worked miracles on both of my kids. My daughter used to have bumps all over the back of her arms. Since using this soap they are no longer there! My son had molluscum oh his legs and that also went away! I use it too and love it!

Raya H. Oct 03 2021

Love it

I have used the Littles 3 in 1 bar for myself and my kids and it leaves my skin feeling so soft! Besides that I have used it on for their hair and for myself in place of shaving cream and I have loved it for those as well. I plan to get more and keep using the littlws 3 in 1 bathtime bar because I am extremely satisfied to find such a good clean product that performs well and for a decent price too.

Kasey J. Oct 03 2021

Crunchi littles

The serum is incredible. I wish I had this 4 years ago when my son had eczema real bad. It’s not greasy at all and I also love to use it for a makeup remover. The little bar is amazing as well. My kiddos hair and skin is so soft. I don’t have to use as much lotion anymore!

Verified Purchase
Amanda P. Oct 03 2021

Love the Super Serum!

I was a bit wary of using an oil blend as a moisturizer, but this is the bee's knees! It's not greasy/oily and I apply it to practically my whole body!

Verified Purchase
Emily D. Oct 03 2021

Absolutely Love

I love the Littles Bar for my preteen special needs daughter with sensitive skin. It has helped improve and lessen a buildup she gets on her face. I even use it when I use her shower and love it for my skin as well. Highly recommend!!

Vanessa B. Oct 03 2021

Crunchi Littles bar

My son 11 and daughter 10 both have the Crunchi Littles bar we love it. Definitely recommend. Leaves skin soft an smooth..

Dana E. Oct 03 2021

Not just for Littles

My husband and I love this bar for ourselves. It does not have ANY harmful ingredients, lathers well and is great for sensitive skin.

Stephanie  Oct 03 2021

Clean Baby

I loved using this bar soap once my son was two weeks old. It left him clean without stripping his skin. It did leave him a little dry but that’s probably with any soap… and I haven’t purchased the oil which would probably help. I didn’t love it for shampoo tho…. It left his hair very greasy… like I did I even wash his hair. Overall a great soap!

Sarah R. Oct 03 2021

Miracle Serum!

This serum and bath combo is incredible and it’s for the whole family. Not only is it gentle and clean enough for my infant, but the serum is also an incredible hydration boost for my own skin; Especially at night. It allows my skin to hold moisture all night. I have a new glow and my baby’s skin is as soft as the day he was born??

Kayla M. Oct 03 2021

Best baby body wash

I love this body bar for my baby and toodler! It cleans and suds well and is perfect for my toodlers sensitive skin. Love the smell. Not overpowering just nice and clean!

Anita H. Oct 03 2021

Allergy-Free with Littles Crunchi

I have spent my whole life being allergic to most beauty items. So when I heard about the Littles Soap and Serum, I had to order these items for myself and my Little Miss Z. The ingredients are gentle and non-allergenic. I like knowing that everything is safe. I shared these items with another friend who suffers from severe allergies as well and neither of us had any negative reactions, but ended up with smooth moisturized skin! Good for all ages!

Angela C. Oct 03 2021

Littles Soap Bar

We love that it's gentle enough for the whole body and face. My daughter who's 6 is starting to get sweat bumps and using this as her facial bar has been helpful.

Ashley H. Oct 03 2021

Littles Super Serum

The littles super serum is amazing!! No oily stains or greasy feeing yet keeps the skin moisturized. My kids use it daily and love it.

Verified Purchase
Rachel F. Oct 03 2021

Love the Littles 3 in 1 Bath bar

The 3-1 littles bath bar has saved our family! Mom with 4 children at bath-time/bedtime routine can be hectic. With 1 item it’s straightforward, fast and fuss free all with the safest ingredients. Our busy house thanks Crunchi!

Bonny  Oct 03 2021

Crunchi Littles Serum

My babies are all grown but I bought the new Littles Serum and I use it on my heels where they crack and it’s amazing!!! So soothing and really soaks in and doesn’t leave greasy spots behind!! Will definitely be getting this again!!

Jessica F. Oct 03 2021

Not just for kiddos!

I know this is technically a “Littles” product, but I’m obsessed with it for me too!!!! My heels and elbows have never felt softer or more hydrated than they do after using the Super Serum!

Veronica B. Oct 03 2021

Best soap for kids!

I highly recommend the Crunchi Littles bar! My 5 year old has struggled with eczema since birth and we've always had to be extremely careful with anything and everything that touched his body. We thought we found something that worked for him but the smell was absolutely horrible! Once we tried Crunchi Littles on him, we knew it was a game changer! It feels good to know that something so safe for him works so well!

Verified Purchase
Mia L. Oct 03 2021


The serum is a wonderful new product! My family have found many uses for it. I use it in my hair, help with frizz! My husband uses on his dry rough hands, and my teen daughter uses it on her face and all over her body. This serum is a must have for the whole family

Yvonne F. Oct 03 2021


My husband and I use this daily. It is gentle and environmentally friendly.

Hanna R. Oct 03 2021

Love Crunchi Littles

Love this new line!

Alyson D. Oct 03 2021

Safe, simple, Clean

Love using the Littles Bath Bar on my toddler, big girl, and myself! The Super Serum is the perfect addition to lock in moisture Without the greasy feel many other oils leave behind!

SusieQ  Oct 02 2021

????my Littles Serum & my Crunchi Rep

I ???? my Littles Serum almost as much as my Crunchi Rep. The Littles serum makes my dry skin feel soooo moisturized at night and it’s a great eye make up remover. An extra bonus is that it also takes the frizz out of my hair and leaves it with a nice shine. ????

Verified Purchase
Jana S. Oct 02 2021


The serum has drastically helped with areas on my body with severe itching. I have tried all kinds of steroid creams, balms, salves, oils, and even healing my gut. Nothing has worked as well as this!! I also love adding it to my skincare routine when my face needs a little extra boost in moisture. My skin is so soft and smooth, but not greasy! Thank you for this gem!

Hilary N. Oct 02 2021


Excellent product, so easy to use with the bar 3 in 1 and doesn’t leave any residue on the kids skin. 5 stars!

Verified Purchase
Roxanne U. Oct 02 2021


It’s truly priceless knowing I have an option for my children that I can always trust! It’s rare to find a company with the standards Crunchi has and I’m so thankful to have products for my babies that I can always trust will always not only work and perform amazing but also be safe. Thank you!

Verified Purchase
Roxanne U. Oct 02 2021


I can’t get over how amazing this feels. Soft, moisturizing and not greasy at all! It’s perfect after bath for my 4 year old. I use it on my cuticles and backs of my hands. Then I use it on my elbows and ankles. I can’t wait to experiment with more ways to use it. Love!!!

Lindsey W. Oct 02 2021

Good for All Ages!

Oh this bar!! My 11 year old daughter loves using the 3-in-1 Bathtime Bar! It has been so nourishing to her skin! She has less issues with dry skin, especially in the dry winter months. I even use it as a shampoo bar!! Works beautifully!

Marcie B. Oct 02 2021

Game Changer

I purchased 2 Littles bars for my teen and my 4yr old. For my teen we wanted something gentle, no harsh ingredients for face washing. As we all know the teenage acne is undoubtedly real! Within a week we saw a huge difference!! My 4 yr old loves the bars when she’s washing her hair. She’s not scared of the soap burning her eyes!!! Thank you for a stand up product!!

Kelly E. Oct 02 2021

WKK artisan and vendor fair

The ladies were awesome! Hooked me up with some samples. I also tried the new littles oil, loved it! It soaked right into my skin, felt very smooth, and there's no weird odor or anything ! Can't wait to try out all the samples they gave me in my goodie bag!

Amy  Oct 02 2021


I love this serum! It makes my baby girls skin so soft and vibrant - even bigger bonus is all the natural ingredients so I never have to worry about chemicals being placed on her sensitive skin and absorbed into her body. I can’t wait to order more and tell all my friends about this amazing find!

Verified Purchase
Brooke J. Oct 02 2021

Super Serum really is SUPER!

After investing in a long list of "clean" baby lotions and creams, I had eventually given up on finding one that I would enjoy using. Until super serum came along! I can't get over the ingredient list either!

Verified Purchase
Brooke J. Oct 02 2021

Baby Products Decisions Done!

The bath bar is THE ONLY soap I will use on my children going forward. All ages and stages, it is nourishing their skin and I don't have to worry about harsh ingredients. Also, they can't dump the whole bottle on accident. Awesome!!

Sara C. Oct 02 2021

It’s like silk!!

I had a hard time believing applying a blend of oils would be able to produce a hydration that felt like silk, absorbed quickly, and didn’t leave a greasy mess!! One drop is all I need for all day perfection!

Alicia O. Oct 02 2021

Skin is soft and clean

I really love the little soap. I love that I can use it on my 4 year old and my infant.

Wendy B. Oct 02 2021

I love it for my feet!

I have always struggled with extremely dry skin and cracked heels on my feet. This absorbs SO nicely and isn’t greasy at all. It leaves my feet smooth, hydrated, and flip flop ready almost instantly!

Abbey S. Oct 02 2021

Littles Bar

As a new & first time mommy, I want the very best for my baby! Products, food, experiences etc. My little one has pretty bad eczema flareups in the cooler weather, but so far the Littles bath bar is been SO much better than any other soap we’ve used. Can’t wait to see the longer effects as the cooler weather comes in.

Sarah M. Oct 02 2021

Clean soap

I love how clean the ingredients are in this soap are for my little one. Makes the skin feel so soft.

Ashley b. Oct 02 2021


I love our bath bar. I use it on both my 6 year old and my 10 month old! Doesn't irritate or dry their skin and it lasts soooo long. Our one bar is still going strong after 4 months!

Verified Purchase
Beth R. Oct 02 2021

Safe soap for littles

This soap leaves my littles skin feeling soft and smooth. I recommend dividing into smaller portions to decrease waste when the soap ends up in the water.

Chantal M. Oct 02 2021

Amazing Little Bar

I am so thankful for the Crunchi Littles Bar! Not only does it lather very well and last forever, but knowing I am using a 100% toxin free product on my children gives me such peace of mind

Verified Purchase
Shauna D. Oct 02 2021

Best bar soap!

I had been looking for a clean gentle soap for my daughter and was so excited Crunchi created one! It’s gentle and doesn’t strip her hair or skin. We will always buy this soap!

Rachel H. Oct 02 2021

Amazing so far!

The bar lathers really well. I don’t have to rub it very long. I have only used super serum and bar once as I only got my first supply a couple days ago. We got the super serum fir my 2 month old who has has really dry skin on face. It seems to be working already. I love how not much comes out at a time so there’s no waste. I love love love that there are no toxins in the products.

Sonia  Oct 02 2021

Littles bar

We are obsessed with this product! My sons skin and hair are so soft and nourished after using this bar, its so gentle yet so effective and it’s been by far the best cleansing product we have used! So grateful to have come across these clean products!

Vane_nessy  Oct 02 2021

The only bar your family will ever need.

This bar is amazing. Perfect for the little ones. It smells sooo good and leaves their skin so nice. I have to be honest. I use this bar of soap too. I just love it that much!

Katie C. Oct 02 2021


These 3 in 1 bath bars are my favorite for kids. I don’t have to worry about my child in the bath as the soap is toxin free and won’t hurt him. He loves the cute animal on the front. The fact it is just his soap makes him feel special. The silly jokes on the side crack me up! Love that Crunchi has come out with kids products!

Daisy N. Oct 02 2021

The ONLY cleanser I will use on my littles!

We love the littles cleansing bar! My son uses it head to toe and my girls are so glad their sensitive skin and areas don’t get irritated. It keeps them squeaky clean and moisturized. Is such a great feeling knowing they are clean AND safe!

Krissy C. Oct 02 2021

Great Soap and Serum

This soap has been a blessing to my sons sensitive skin. It has soften his bumps and made his skin more smooth. The Serum also is an added bonus and helps to smooth his skin! I definitely recommend any parent get this for their kiddos.

Jena D. Oct 02 2021

Crunchi Littles for my little loves!

I was beyond grateful to have the same safe and clean products I was using wrapped in a little version for my babies! We love the soap bars. Besides the comfort of knowing the ingredients, the bars create just enough suds and lather for easy washing and last a long time!

Joan  Oct 02 2021

Great Gift!

This is my new favorite thing to tuck in when bringing a meal to a family with a new baby! It’s great introducing people to products that are safe and nurturing for their little ones.

Joan  Oct 02 2021

Great for Mature Skin, Too!

Our children are grown , but I love this serum for myself! It’s readily absorbed and leaves my skin feeling supple and soft without greasiness.

Kimmarie M. Oct 02 2021

The littles

I don't have any Littles around but I love how the serum makes my skin feel after a shower. It's not greasy or oily. I even put it in my hair when it's starts to look dry and frizzy.

Iryna  Oct 02 2021


Can I just say that I am totally obsessed with Crunchi Littles line. 3-in-1 bath time bar is such a versatile product. Not only do I use it on my boys but I also use the bar to wash my hair, body and as shaving bar. It leaves your skin feeling velvety smooth and my hair feels super soft. Littles serum is non greasy what so ever leaving your littles skin feeling smooth and super soft. So thankful for such amazing, safe, clean and toxin free products that Crunchi has to offer ????

Sharon D. Oct 02 2021

I love super serum. It’s for all ages!

Super serum is amazing. It is amazingly non-greasy and so moisturizing. I’m 57 and have noticed amazing results in the appearance of my neck just by adding super serum to my skincare routine. I carry it in my purse and also keep one bottle on my makeup counter. I give it a ?? ?? ?? ?? ??!

Yarni P. Oct 02 2021

Adults love Crunchi’s little super serum too!!

I bought it for myself. I put it on at night and also have it in my purse or right next to me while working. It’s moisturizing , greaseless and perfect for hydrating my skin. I love it!

Darleen P. Oct 02 2021

Love this bar!

So thankful to be able to use this on my children without worry! We love our littles bars, and they do seem to keep their skin nice and moisturised. I actually love using it to shave! ????

Hayley S. Oct 02 2021

Great for kids and myself

Very light scent, it’s suds very well, and does not irritate my kids sensitive skin.

Rebecca  Oct 02 2021

Biggies for Littles.

I absolutely love both the serum and the 3-n-1 soap! The soap is something I keep on hand and take with me on the go-- great for everything you need in the shower. It may be designed to be delicate for babies and children, but it is a wonderful item for adults as well. The serum is a great addition! It works out great for getting out of the shower, nourishing freshly shaved legs, and even dry heels. Once you use this, you will not want to be without!

Verified Purchase
Chelsi T. Oct 02 2021

Super Serum review

I’ve been enjoying the Littles Bar and Serum not only for my toddler and baby, but also for myself. I deal with small eczema breakouts when the weather shifts, and the serum has helped calm the inflammation down. I also like how the valve only allows a little oil out at a time. With a busy toddler, one needs products that won’t accidentally be spilled all over the floor. Thanks, Crunchi, for making toxin free products for the whole family!!!

Tracee  Oct 02 2021

Nailed it!

The Littles Super Serum is a phenomenal moisturizer! I use it on my two kids and I also use it on my hands and feet. It is not greasy feeling which is always a concern of mine. Thanks Crunchi for this wonderful, toxin free product!

Katie C. Oct 02 2021

“The Good Soap”

We tried a sample of this for our boys’ bathtime several months ago, and loved it so much that I bought a few bars. We love how effective the soap is at gently cleaning away the dirt and sweat that our boys build up! They come out of the bathtub clean and smelling wonderful! The soap is so gentle that it doesn’t irritate their sensitive skin and I love knowing that it is free of “the nasties!” Whenever we are getting close to running out, my husband asks if we have more of “the good soap!”

Kandice K. Oct 02 2021

Soothing for eczema!

The bar soap is awesome - clean, simple ingredients that nourish, soothe, and moisturize skin. We’ve tried many soaps for my sons eczema (so many “clean” ones still have ingredients he has sensitivities or allergies to), and the Littles 3 in 1 Bathtime Bar is our top choice :) My sons skin feels softer and smoother after a bath, and you can visually see the redness and irritation has minimized. Thank you for creating this great product!

Rachel R. Oct 02 2021

So many uses!

I love that the Littles bar is gentle on skin, but still cleans really well… everything from hands to faces to hair to cloth face masks!

Christy S. Oct 02 2021

Little ones super serum

I love this! I have been waiting for something to use on my dry hands. I mix a little of serum with the night cream. My hands look & feel amazing! Thank you for giving me something toxin free for my hands!!????

Amy  Oct 02 2021

Safe, clean, and so smooth

We love this 3-in-1 soap bar! Our little one’s skin is buttery smooth and the safe, clean ingredients is essential.

Audrey  Oct 02 2021

Best soap ever!!

This soap bar has been amazing for my newborn and for my two year old with long curly hair! It’s worked well for both shampoo and body wash. It’s all we use and I would 100% recommend!!

Marilyn S. Oct 02 2021

Grandson Elixir

I made this purchase for my grandson that has sensitive skin and frequently has dry spots on his face due to wearing a mask while at school. He really likes the serum over other remedies used in the past. He is seeing positive results. It is also nice that we all know this is a clean product.

Becky B. Oct 02 2021

Amazing product!

I’m a nurse and this serum has been amazing for my dry hands! It has really decreased and almost has them all healed up in a week! I wasn’t even using it daily like I should have been!

Ashley H. Oct 02 2021

Highly Recommend

My 4 kids LOVE the 3-1 bath bar! It works great for their sensitive skin and eczema. It does not dry their skin out and smells amazing! It lasts a long time and is the perfect size for kids.

Katelyn  Oct 02 2021

The best!!

This is the best 3 in 1 soap!! I love it! It works soo well and keeps them clean. Iv used some that leave their hair greasy and yucky! This is wonderful! I always have extra in stock!!

Tonisha H. Oct 02 2021

Toxin Free=Stress Free

I am so happy that Crunchi came out with this bathtime bar! It lasts so long and I truly LOVE that I don't have to stress about what is going on their skin at bathtime. I think most of us ordering these are somewhat aware of the awful and harmful ingredients in most kids bath time products and having one less area of toxin exposure for my babies sweet skin is such a relief. Thank you Crunchi for the amazing work you are putting in to make all of our lives healthier.

Verified Purchase
Shirley R. Oct 02 2021

Super Serum is Super

I love this stuff for ME. It is awesome to add to nightlight, plus I love it for my dry heals. Also is helping lighten a scar. Thank you!!

Fawn K. Oct 02 2021

3-in-1 bath time bar

Love this soap bar! It smells wonderful, lathers great and we use it for soap and washing my little guys hair. Very pleased with the products performance and the clean ingredients!

Verified Purchase
Nicole T. Oct 02 2021

Skin saving MAGIC

I have very sensitive skin, especially since I started my toxin free journey about a year ago. I was suffering from dry patches, irritation and itchiness that I just didn't want to put ointments on. When the Littles bar became an option, I knew it would be my saving grace... and it didn't disappoint! BONUS: I just added the Littles Super Serum to my right-after-shower routine and all those crazy problems are now at bay! Mn is ready for the dry, mdwest winters with this combo! Thank goodness!

Meghan S. Oct 02 2021

I LOVE this littles line!

I am extremely picky about ingredients and what I put on my children. I love how gentle these products are even on their sensitive skin. It leaves their skin soft like silk! They have helped clear up dry skin, random rashes and boo boos really fast because of the nourishing ingredients. This is hands down my favorite kids line I’ve used!

Cherie  Oct 02 2021

Thankful for truly toxin-free products for my littles!

I love knowing that when I’m using the Littles Bar and the Super Serum on my children I’m not doing any harm to their health, but I’m actually nourishing their skin. My 5 year old son has sensitive skin and has struggled with eczema in the past, but since using the Littles Bar during his baths (we use it hair, face and body) he hasn’t had any issues! I love how soft the Super Serum makes their skin feel. It’s a relief to have products that are safe AND work well for my family.

Kristen S. Oct 02 2021

We love this!

The bath time bar is by far my favorite soap I’ve ever used on my girls. Not all safe products check all the boxes like this one does. It leaves skin SO soft!

Alexis W. Oct 02 2021

Littles bar

The 3-in-1 littles bar is so awesome. My kids have eczema and beyond sensitive skin. We have used recommended products from doctors nothing ever worked or had clean ingredients. This little bar works so well for my littles and they love using it. It's free of all bad ingredients and does not irritate their skin! The kids love having their special bar. Definitely recommend this for everyone.

Sofia R. Oct 02 2021

Love this soap!

I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of this soap and didn't have high hopes because of other non toxic soap I've used in the past. But this soap exceeded my expectations. It suds nicely and gets the job done. Bonus that it's non toxic. Win!

Deborah B. Oct 02 2021

3-in-1 Bathtime Bar

I have very dry skin and the 3-in1 Bathtime bar is the one soap that I can use on my face and body without drying or irritating my skin.

Jamie K. Oct 01 2021

Seriously the best!

I love a product that works amazing and is also safe! I love knowing that I can use these on my kiddos and myself (shh!) and not have to worry about risk of toxins! What amazing products that have transformed our skin and our home. Thank you Crunchi!

Maureen R. Oct 01 2021

Love Crunchi Littles!!!

I use the bar for shaving and the serum after shaving and I no longer have shaving rash - and my skin is so soft!!!! It is amazing!

Polly S. Oct 01 2021

For littles and all!

Any of us with sensitive skin have to be careful! Not only do my kids enjoy the Littles bar, but this mama does too. It has taken care of my skin so well, gets rid of my hormone pimples, and is so nurishing!

Heidi S. Oct 01 2021

Game changer

Such a mild, but rich blend of oils. I love the versatility of this product! I've been using it on my face for night time.. 42 and live in a dry climate.

Sherry K. Oct 01 2021

3 in one bath bar

I am on my 3rd bar now. It is so gentle! I know it’s made for the Littles but I love it for myself. I have really dry sensitive skin, I love to use it while shaving my legs it leaves them well moisturized. I took this soap camping this summer, so convenient, even with thick hair I could produce enough lather to wash my hair. The bar lasts a long time. (Not just for Littles, fo ahead use it in yourself you won’t go back to any other soap)

Julie S. Oct 01 2021

Bathing Bar on Newborn

I recently started to use the Littles 3 in 1 Bathtime bar on my 1 month old son. Newborns are notorious for having dry flaky skin and having super sensitive skin, so I was using Aveeno for sensitive skin but to no avail was I getting results in helping my sons skin. The Littles bathing bar has been wonders on his skin and I'm seeing a difference in how much less lotion I need to use and his skin is so soft and less dry!

JC  Oct 01 2021

Bath time bar

I like the Crunchi Littles™ 3-in-1 Bathtime Bar for myself . It leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. It’s great for sensitive or dry skin, similar to the gentle face bar. Will be trying the serum next.

Becky  Oct 01 2021

Great for my family!

The Littles 3-in-1 Bathtime bar for my 3 children is wonderful! It has been great for their skin (which gets dried out from the Florida sun and chlorine from swimming). Leaves them feeling clean with soft skin and hair! Also really love that there is no plastic bottle to discard.

Jenn R. Oct 01 2021

Buy it now!

We love the 3-1 bathtime bar! Literally cleans from head to toe. Fantastic product and we plan to buy more.

Susan K. Oct 01 2021

Silly Soap!

We love Crunchi’s Littles Bar!! It lathers with ease and leaves his skin soft and smooth. And best of all, no more eczema! Because of the jokes on the wrapper my son calls it his “silly soap”!

Sarah M. Oct 01 2021

Great on Sensitive Skin

Absolutely love this soap for my little guy! He always used to have dry skin on his chest and back. After switching to the Crunchi Littles bar soap he doesn’t have any dry spots anymore! It’s got a great lather and smell too. The fact that it is completely safe for my little guy’s skin just makes me love it that much more!

Sue C. Oct 01 2021

3-in-1 Bathtime Bar

Showered with the Little Crunchi 3-in-1 Bathtime Bar for past couple of months -- eczema cleared and my skin feels soft and supple, not thickened, red, flaky or itchy! What relief!!

Sue C. Oct 01 2021

3-in-1 Bathtime Bar

Showered with the Little Crunchi 3-in-1 Bathtime Bar for past couple of months -- eczema cleared and skin feels soft and supple, not thickened, red, flaky or itchy! What relief!!

Andrea D. Oct 01 2021

Super Serum

We absolutely love the Super Serum! The whole family uses it and it’s the perfect addition to our body bars! I love how soft and silky our skin feels with no greasy residue! Thank you Crunchi!

Brandi R. Oct 01 2021

10/10 would recommend the 3 in 1

The 3 in 1 is a family favorite in our house ! Purchased for my kiddos because it’s safe and gently for them. However, even my husband and I are using it for hand soap ! I am going to order a bar for each sink and tub.

Sandra L. Oct 01 2021


Sending in a gift for my newest great granddaughter, Bayleann Rose. Starting her out living clean.

Taylor W. Oct 01 2021

The Little Bar is the Best!!!!!

I have twins that are 20 months old and I have been using the littles bar for almost 10 months. They had pretty bad eczema spots and I tried everything out there. But when I started reading ingredients on the other products I realized they were as helpful as the claimed. Then my friend told me about the bar and now I won’t buy anything else !!

Meghan P. Oct 01 2021

Love Crunchi Littles

One of my favorite products to use on my kiddos! Highly suggest!

Kimberly H. Oct 01 2021

Littles Bar

I love Littles! I love the fact that its a 3-n-1 bar! I like to use it when I go camping, less hygiene products to pack! I enjoy how it makes my skin and hair feel after use.

Jennifer B. Oct 01 2021

This “little” 48 year old is in love with it!!!

At first I was hesitant to buy it as I am not “little”. However, I do have some dry skin and figured I would give it a try. OMG! I have been applying it before my nightlight and my skin feels sooo smooth and hydrated in the morning! And I love how it feels on my skin! I hate an oily feeling and I don’t feel greasy at all! This is the first product that I actually look forward to applying on my body! Thank you Crunchi for creating a solution for us big people too!

Jeana J. Oct 01 2021

In Love

First picture = Abraham is super satisfied Second picture = Mom is super satisfied Just got our Littles Super Serum in the mail yesterday and we were so excited to try it. Needless to say, we of course love it already. Not greasy and not potent, and you only need a little bit! I call that a win! Update: his little baby acne has cleared up so much!! We use it every night!

Verified Purchase
Hannah H. Oct 01 2021

Moisturizing and Nourishing!

The 3-in-1 Littles bar is the perfect bar to use for my sweet daughter. She has extremely sensitive skin and we tried everything, including ointments and creams from her doctor to help clear up rashes and patches of dry skin. Nothing worked until we tried this bar and I can't begin to describe how excited I am to use the serum on her especially with the colder months coming up.

Noemí  Oct 01 2021

Love this stuff!

This soap does not leave a film like feeling on your skin. I had to try it on myself before I could try it on my newborn and I love it. Yes it is a bit pricy but I promise it’s worth it.

Steph  Oct 01 2021


I absolutely love these bars for my 3 year old and 4 month old. Their skin isn’t dry after bath time. I like to use it as a shave soap also!

Madison  Oct 01 2021

Best baby bath products!

Love both the bath bar and serum for my littles! Clean ingredients and Greta’s for sensitive skin.

Audrey D. Oct 01 2021

Crunchi Littles

I bought the littles bar soap for my grandson. My daughter loved it. She loves the way it makes his skin feel. And no added toxins.

Samantha G. Oct 01 2021

Safe for all ages

I was so happy this product came out... I had been looking for a lotion type product for my son to use, but couldn't find anything that was safe! :( Also excited that momma can use it too. I have been using for a week on my stomach for stretch marks, and have already seen a visual difference! Yay for Crunchi's amazing products ????

Kyleigh R. Oct 01 2021

Crunchi littles

I’m loving the soap and serum! It’s really helping my dry skin, and a little goes a long way.

Riley S. Oct 01 2021

3-1 Bar

The only product I will use on our baby!! It feels so good to not have to worry about toxins and extra unnecessary ingredients. The scent is light and wonderful too which is an added bonus!

Yvonne M. Oct 01 2021

Bath time bar

This amazing soap was great for my granddaughters they loved it.

Jenny W. Oct 01 2021

LOVE this bar!

We love the Crunchi Littles 3-in-1 bath bar! It has a pleasant, subtle scent without any harmful ingredients to worry about! It’s also super nourishing without leaving our skin feeling dry. My kiddos love it and so do I!

Erin C. Oct 01 2021

Littles Super Serum

The Super Serum is AH-MAZING! My 2 year old had some dry skin on his scalp so, I thought I would try putting several drops on it, massage it in and let sit while he played in the bath for a few. Then I washed as normal. Then I combed his hair real well with a fine tooth comb. The Super Serum really helped moisten and loosen up the flaky skin on my toddlers scalp. Thank you Crunchi for such an awesome toxin free product for my littles!

Hillary W. Oct 01 2021

Love this bar!!!

Dr. S. Oct 01 2021

Skin So Soft, but not the Avon kind!

I absolutely love my Crunchi Littles 3-in-1 bath bar. It’s the best safe multi use soap bar I have ever used, hands down. I love the ease of being able to keep one soap bar in my shower that is gentle enough to use on my face, moisturizing for my body, and even cleansing enough to wash my hair! It’s actually one of my favorite ways to give my fringe a quick suds on my non-hair washing days! I love this bar! I recommend it to everyone so now my family members and friends all love it too!!

Samantha  Oct 01 2021

Love it.

We love the 3 in 1 bar! It’s

Kelly H. Oct 01 2021

So gentle!

I bought this for my 9 and 10 year old daughters to use. They have such sensitive skin and always get red rashes from body products. This bar has been incredible!! No more red skin and itching. Love it.

Samantha  Oct 01 2021

Love it!

I love the versatility of the serum! It works for everything! It leaves your skin feeling moisture rich, without leaving an oily feeling behind.

Erin C. Oct 01 2021

3-in-1 bathtime bar

I love that you only have one thing to use for everything! And it makes my kiddos hair super soft and shiny too...as well as their skin. Bonus that it is 100% toxin free! Thank you Crunchi!

Michelle  Oct 01 2021

3 in 1 Bath Time Bar

Loving this gentle but moisturizing bar!!! In our house it’s not just for the littles… if you have skin this bar will not disappoint!

Pauline J. Oct 01 2021

Love this soap!

My son has eczema and this soap helps it so much! He has little to no breakouts when he uses this soap.

Lyndsey K. Oct 01 2021

So soft! Non-greasy

We have looked and looked and looked! Nothing works as well as this! It’s so easy to put on! Non-greasy and not only helps my daughters Excema but had helped other little blemishes and sores! We all love it. I put it in my hair too! Definitely for the adults too!

Sanja S. Oct 01 2021

Great shampoo!

I got this for my little ones and it lathers really well into a soap when hair washing. However, it does sting your eyes. I stopped using it with my littles and use it for myself now and like it!

Amy H. Oct 01 2021


I use this soap on my special needs son. He has a fine rash on his arms & I have noticed it has helped reduce the roughness of the rash. Very happy with this product. Love Crunchi!!

Abby C. Oct 01 2021

Little’s Bar

We love our Little’s bar! It’s long lasting, leaves my little guy’s skin smooth and has a great lather- unlike most clean kids soaps! We love it!

Melissa A. Oct 01 2021

Love this bar!

My kiddos have sensitive skin (don't they all?!), and this bar is so amazing. We use ours all the time. It suds up perfectly, and when it rinses off, their skin is soft and clean. What more could a momma ask for!

Rebecca L. Oct 01 2021

Super Serum!

While this product was created for the tiniest of humans, I absolutely love it! I have sensitive skin and have a difficult time finding something that is easy on my skin, contains clean ingredients, AND actually works. This is it! I'm sold and love sharing about it with others!

Verified Purchase
Emily A. Oct 01 2021

Smooth and Gentle

My 4 year old had a small scratch on her face that I had been putting antibiotic cream in for a few days. My Crunchi serum arrived and I put it on her scratch and she woke up the next morning with no redness or sign of the scratch!

Jordynne S. Oct 01 2021

Love the 3 in 1!!!

I use this for my face!! Absolutely love it! I have sensitive skin and am currently having an eczema issue and this has been absolutely fantastic..gentle on my face but still leaves it feeling fresh and clean!!

Morgan S. Oct 01 2021

I love this bar!!

I have used this soap on my son since he was a newborn. It’s gentle and doesn’t leave a gross film. Highly recommend!

Araceli R. Oct 01 2021

Get ready for hydrated skin!

The Super Serum is the holy grail when it comes to skin moisturizing and hydration! I could not be more amazed at what a couple drops can do for our skin! Obsessed over this safe option for everyone’s skin! Total winter skin game changer! ????????

Rachel N. Oct 01 2021


We love the Crunchi Littles Bar in our house! My favorite thing is that there is no need for lotion after a bath because the kids’ skin is so smooth. We use it on our 2 and 6 year olds! So grateful for a clean and safe product for them.

Hannah P. Oct 01 2021

Great Product!

We’ve used this for both of my boys over the past few months and love it! My oldest (4 years old) has sensitive skin and some eczema occasionally, and this doesn’t irritate his skin at all, so it’s a win for us!

Hannah C. Oct 01 2021

Love for sensitive, eczema prone skin

We deal with eczema on our home and so many products, even toxin-free, were causing our daughter who suffers the most to flare. I tried Crunchi’s 3-N-1 bar with high hopes, but some fears. I was so excited to see it not only doesn’t cause the skin to flare, it nourishes and leaves the skin soft and clean. I’ve even used it in my curly hair in a pinch with great success! Lifetime fans here!

Heather D. Oct 01 2021

Soft baby skin!

Was so excited when this baby bath bar was released! I have been using them on my toddler and baby for every bath since! Their skin is always so soft and I know it’s not subjecting them to harmful toxins. Win. Win. Way to go Crunchi!

Courtney W. Oct 01 2021

Love Love

I am obsessed with the littles bath time bar! It leaves my babies skin so soft and smooth! I would highly recommend, it makes me so happy to know what I am putting on her skin is safe!

Renae B. Oct 01 2021

Unbelievable Product!! Crunchi never disappoints ????

This Littles Super Serum is unbelievable, just when I think they couldn’t possibly improve, they prove that it will be done. I don’t have Littles, however, I use it in my daily routine. It’s especially wonderful as a lip balm and I can’t praise enough the effectiveness on my hands and as cuticle oil. As we enter into the colder Midwestern Winter months and dry air, it will be a life saver for my dry and itchy legs. Thank you Crunchi for your steadfast and earnest passion for all products!

Darryn M. Oct 01 2021

Super Serum

Love how this serum makes my son's skin so soft and it's really helped with the eczema on the back of his legs!

Eden  Oct 01 2021

Worth it

I thought the bar wouldn’t last long but I bought two and I am still on the first one! Worth the price, worth the switch, as tear free and fragrance big brand soaps are not good for babes. Happy I did the switch and it smells good and my baby’s skin is super soft! My little one also loves playing with the bar, finds it hilarious when it slips out of his hand.

Verified Purchase
Janelle G. Oct 01 2021

Not just for babies, y'all!

I immediately started using Super Serum on my hands and cuticles. Can I just say "wow"? This product is not overly greasy and seals in moisture like a charm. Just a few drops and I'm "good." I recently started applying to my 50 year-old neck wrinkles and plan to use more this winter when midwestern temps tend to dry out my skin. I will definitely use on my 10 yo this winter as well. It's so easy to apply a few drops and call it "good."

Stephanie C. Oct 01 2021


I love everything about the super serum. It works wonders for my skin. I use it at night on my face to help with dryness before using my nighttime cream. The next morning my skin is so supple. I have also used in on my hair as a smoothing serum and it works fantastically. Wish it would have been around when my kids were littles!

Kayla V. Oct 01 2021

Littles Super Serum

So great and makes skin feel SO soft. My kids loved it too. No tears because of cold lotion and it applies easier than lotion too!!! So good for my overly dry heels, hands, and cuticles!

Michelle K. Oct 01 2021

Mom of Littles with Eczema

I love the 3 in 1 Crunchi Littles bar. My son has eczema and this bar is so gentle on the skin but leaves his skin feeling clean and fresh. We’ve been looking for a soap that isn’t harsh on the skin and something that doesn’t flare up his eczema and THIS IS IT!! So thankful to have found it.

Sarah B. Oct 01 2021

Awesome for dry skin ??

This is an absolutely amazing product! I love the moisturizing and non-greasy feel. Additionally, in the five days since I started using it on my toddler with eczema, I have noticed a significant improvement not only the appearance of her eczema/ skin, but also the texture is much smoother and less rough. She also reports being less itchy and I am noticing her scratching less. This is an awesome discovery, because we have tried everything to soothe her skin.

Catherine F. Oct 01 2021


Very helpful loved them !!:) Thank you Crunchi!!

Ashley N. Oct 01 2021

3-1 Bathtime Bar

This 3-1 bathtime bar is the only soap I trust for my littles! It smells amazing, leaves skin feeling so fresh, and best of all is 100% clean.

Gina B. Oct 01 2021

Purest clean your money can buy!

Our family loves the Crunchi littles bar! My boys have very sensitive skin and have even reacted to “clean” ingredient products in the past. But not this bar! My oldest son (teenager) also had very bad facial acne we couldn’t get cleared up using traditional natural remedies & face soap. He started using this bar for his face and it cleared up drastically! He is so thrilled. We love that it is mild and leaves no film on the skin. Nothing to improve on a perfect product! Thank you Crunchi!

Elizabeth J. Oct 01 2021

Perfect for Bath Time!!

My daughters skin is very sensitive - when we switched to running the 3-in-1 under the water for her baths, her skin improved drastically! It was hydrated, smooth and not one bit irritated! Our whole family now uses it instead of body wash...thank you for such a great, simple product!

Kaarin  Oct 01 2021

Crunchi little bath bar

We love the littles bath bar! It’s so versatile for hair, and body! It leaves the skin so soft and fresh! Can’t wait to try the new products released!

Katie Z. Oct 01 2021

The best for my babies!

I absolutely love these littles products. Not only do they work amazing but it makes me feel so good that I know exactly what I’m putting on my child’s skin because they are all REAL and natural ingredients. Can’t say enough good things about these products and this company??

Wilhelmina M. Oct 01 2021

Crunchi Littles

The Littles 3 in 1 bathtime bar is perfect for my sensitive skin. It has a creamy texture that doesn't leave my skin feeling dry or irritated after washing. I just received my Super Serum and I am loving it too! So far the Littles line gets 5 stars from me.

Laurel  Oct 01 2021

Littles 3-in-1 bath bar ROCKS

I love this bar for my 7year old, head to toe, but I didn't expect to also love it for myself! I use in my hair and and as a shaving bar! Would love to see varieties released (maybe Lavender or Mint or Sweet Orange)!

JaRelle B. Oct 01 2021

Only soap I’ll use!

This soap is gentle on their skin. It’s the only soap I’ll use on my little ones. Highly recommend!

Verified Purchase
Nicole L. Oct 01 2021

LOVE 3-in-1

We LOVE the 3-in-1 bar, my kids had never used bar soap before and they thought this was so cool! I also use this on my face as it's super gentle. I also love that it's zero waste, we compost the paper packaging and use up the bar and there's no plastic left behind! Next I'm excited to try the super serum for my growing baby bump! You can't beat Crunchi quality!

Lindsay D. Oct 01 2021

Super Serum

I love using the super serum on my baby's face and feel confident there are only the best ingredients used. It helped clear up skin irritation from spit up. I also love the glass bottle which can be recycled. It is a little difficult to get to the serum out of the bottle but a little goes a long way!

Auntie L. Oct 01 2021

Great baby gift!

The littles soap and serum are great baby gifts. So many little ones get eczema and are sensitive to scents and chemicals in soaps. Crunchi has an all natural, chemical-free baby soap with a cute package :)

Jamie G. Oct 01 2021

Best baby product ever made!

So versatile and so amazing! Love this product so much. I’ve only been able to use it a few times but that’s all it takes to fall in love with this product!

Allie B. Oct 01 2021

The best!

Absolutely in love with this littles bar for my girls! Gentle and effective!

Jodi K. Oct 01 2021

Serum goodness

The serum exceeded all expectations! How can something that looks like an oil & feels so silky be non-greasy & work so well? I don’t know…but it is all that! It has made dry spots go away so quickly!

Gráinne  Oct 01 2021

Love this soap!

I was so excited to learn from my friend about the Little bars! I feel great knowing that I’m using a safe product for my children. I even started ordering some for myself ????

Paula  Oct 01 2021

Fragrance Free

I couldn't be happier to find a completely fragrance free, safe for me, oil. A little goes a long way. I have issues with fragrance; and, I can safely use this product. That's huge!

Tiffany B. Oct 01 2021

Absolutely Amazing

My son has several skin issues that are a part of a genetic disease he has. Over the last two years I have tried so so many things and nothing has helped his poor little arms and the rashes he gets. I tried the Little’s Bar and I’m here to tell ya, it was and is a game changer in his skin care routine. Not only am I passionate about the clean ingredients and the good for him skin bar, but the fact that it beats all other prescription creams and regimens is amazing to me. Thank you Crunchi!

Verified Purchase
Adriana I. Oct 01 2021

I'm a big, but I LOVE THIS

There are no littles in this household, just adults - but I use this nightly! I wear this amazing serum on my face under Nightlight every night & it helps keep me EXTRA moisturized! I have very dry skin & this is the exact little helper I needed! After applying it to my face, I often rub the rest of it in on the back of my hands - extra cuticle moisture is always a plus! Oh and I am a sucker for no scent, I know most people aren't, but this is right up my alley!

Corinna  Oct 01 2021

Littles Bar

My 3 year old and 7 year old love this bar. Infact they each have their own. Skin soft and it cleanses looking after their delicate skin. And they love the “Littles” jokes on the packaging

Katie S. Oct 01 2021

Greatness in small sizes

My son has super sensitive skin like myself..... And this bar has done wonders for him.... We use it for hair and body.....

Melinda P. Oct 01 2021

Love it!

I absolutely love the Littles bar for my son. Perfect for body and hair and one bar goes a long way! Highly recommend.

April C. Oct 01 2021

3-in- 1 littles bar

I absolutely Love the littles bar! I use it for myself everyday, plus i use it for shaving my legs too! I love how soft my skin feels, plus my lil grandbaby's skin stays soooo soft too!

Katie B. Oct 01 2021

Gentle yet powerful!

My girls (one 3yo and 18m old) both love this bar! It’s super gentle and nourishing for their skin, and it works wonders on my oldest daughter’s very fine, easily tangled hair! ????????

Cassidy B. Oct 01 2021

Super Serum: Super for everyone!

The fastest absorbing oil we have ever used! My daughter and I both suffer from sensitive, eczema prone skin and after just a few uses we both have no noticeable eczema patches! I truly believe there is unicorn magic in this serum! I am also almost 7 pregnant, and this serum has been a DREAM to put on my growing belly. Not more itchy, burning belly for this mama! Thanks Crunchi!

Verified Purchase
Lacey K. Oct 01 2021

This stuff is magic!

I love this stuff and use it all the time! It's for babies and adults I promise!

Kelly  Oct 01 2021

Perfect baby shower gift!

So excited to have a safe and nourishing product to give to my friends and family when we celebrate their new bundles of joy!

Tiffany k. Oct 01 2021

Liquid gold

I’ve never been someone who liked oils. I find them all to be greasy and impossible to get off but this product it’s absolutely amazing! There is no greasy residue that is left over and my skin and my kids skin is SO soft after just a few days of using it. I used the serum with one of the crunchi facial bars and got compliments the next day on how my skin looked so fresh! I use it on my face, lips, skin and hair. I use it for basically everything! We love it!

Verified Purchase
Brittany Jo H. Oct 01 2021

BEST baby/kid product

I use the littles 3-1 bar on my 2 year old son since the product released earlier this year and it’s such a game changer. We have very dry skin in this family and every other product out there made his skin WORSE. Not anymore thanks to the incredible safe ingredients in this bar leaving his skin smooth & buttery soft! Highly recommend!

Renate W. Oct 01 2021

Gentle soap

The crunchi 3-in -1 littles bar is ideal for adults also. I use it to gently wash my skin after pool or beach outing.

Peyton B. Oct 01 2021


I started using the serum on my 4 mo old daughter, she has had the worst eczema on her legs since birth that I just couldn’t get rid of ( I tried every product out there). A combo of the littles bar and the serum cleared it up 90% in about 1.5 weeks. Plus I love the packaging, we are trying to move away from any non-recycled/plastic packaging and this packaging aids in that goal! Can not recommend enough!

Renate W. Oct 01 2021

So many uses

Love it for eye make up removal, to soften cuticles, moisturize my super dry hands and arms and the heels of my feet.

Verified Purchase
Amanda M. Oct 01 2021

Super Serum that’s not just for littles!

I don’t even have Littles at home, but I absolutely love this serum! I use it to remove my makeup. It’s so lightweight and non greasy. I also love it for dry cracked skin. I work on an airplane and always have one in my bag to keep my hands moisturized.

Barbara P. Oct 01 2021

Littles Super Serum

OMG! This Super Serum is truly amazing. I have baby fine hair and it tangles easily & fly way. Using this has made a huge difference in how my hair manages and feels . My husband has very sensitive skin and he using this hasn’t caused any reactions to his skin.

Laura H. Oct 01 2021


This 3-in-1 bath time bar is so great! I have used it on our baby ever since her very first bath. I took it to the hospital with me to use on her. It is very gentle and safe to use on our baby which is very important to me. The scent is light, but has a very clean smell, too! I love using it in her hair as well! Love the Littles products!

Verified Purchase
Tiffany D. Oct 01 2021

Miracle in a jar!

My daughter (3 YOA) has had a super runny nose now that fall has started. She had redness and dryness all under her nose. I put the littles serum on it after bath and right before bed. The next morning it was basically gone! I have before and after pictures! I am truly amazed by this product!

Laura H. Oct 01 2021


Absolutely love the super serum! My baby is so soft after I apply it to her skin! I love that it isn't greasy or sticky. It goes on very smooth and I don't need much of it. A little goes a long way. It will last a long time which is great!

Gayle M. Oct 01 2021

Love the Littles Super Serum

I just love the Super Serum! At 61, soon to be 62, my legs tend to be particularly dry, but not anymore with Super Serum! And a little goes a long way! I am so impressed with this amazing Super Serum, I gave it to my boyfriend. As with his medical treatments, his skin tends to be extra itchy. Voila! Not with Super Serum around. He uses it religiously and very happy with his results.

Lori P. Oct 01 2021

Bathtime Bar

I don’t have any “Littles” anymore but my 15 year old daughter and myself both use the bar. We alternate the charcoal body bar and Littles Bar to bathe and use the Littles Bar to shave with, we both love it!

Morgan H. Oct 01 2021

Super Serum

I bought this serum hoping to find something safe to use in pregnancy to keep my face moisturized. I apply 1-2x a day and it has healed up my dry flaky skin quickly. It leaves a subtle shine without feeling greasy (almost like a glow!) It has a lovely but VERY Light scent, which I love! 10/10 recommend and I can’t wait to have on hand for stretch marks as baby grows and a safe option once baby arrives!

Chelsea B. Oct 01 2021

My little loves it!

My little loves this serum. It leaves his skin soft and he LOVES to apply it. The opening makes it very easy to apply. He’s two and wants to do it himself. He looks forward to it! He never wanted to apply lotion. He hated it. This is a game changer for me, especially leading into the winter months. I’m glad that it works and he ASKS for it.

Monica M. Oct 01 2021

Crunchi Littles 3-in-1 Bathtime Bar Review

As a healthcare worker I’m constantly having to wash or sanitize my hands which leaves my hands dry. Since using the Littles 3-in-1 Bathtime Bar as my hand soap my finger tips are no longer cracked and my hands feel soft. I just placed an order for another bar!

Erica S. Oct 01 2021

So Nourishing

I was eager to try this on my sensitive toddlers skin. Within two weeks this Serum has soothed and calmed flare ups on her skin and left it feeling soft and nourished.

Jennifer J. Oct 01 2021

Super Serum

I selfishly haven’t used this serum on my babies yet! It’s been too amazing for my face. Super silky and smooth feeling.

Verified Purchase
ROBYN B. Oct 01 2021

Super Serum is just that!

My daughters are bi-racial. It is such a breath of fresh air to be able to purchase a product that is not only healthy for them, but it’s designed to help dry skin! This serum packs a punch! We pair it with our 3in1 bar and it’s perfect. Also, we no longer have eczema!

Morgan H. Oct 01 2021

Super Serum

Baby oil

Danielle S. Oct 01 2021

Miracle Serum

WOW! I've only owned this super serum for a few short days and already it is clearing up some problem skin on my kiddos and myself! Love!

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Shawn R. Oct 01 2021

Not Just For Littles

I truly thought “I will never love another serum like my old serum”. But oh, was I wrong! I’ve only been using Crunchi’s new serum for a little over a week, and it’s not too soon to tell that I can already feel a difference. There really is something to be said about 100% toxin-free products. ???? I use it after cleansing, before applying my night cream. I also use it in my dry hair & it really helps control the frizz. Crunchi Littles® Super Serum isn’t just for the littles! I’m 47 & I love it!

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Erin R. Oct 01 2021

Not just for babies!

I wish I had this when my 3 were babies! But I use it on them now! Simply wonderful! Absorbs fasts, doesn't sting their skin, just nourishes it! We took with us on our beach trip and applied after being in the ocean & sun all day to keep the dry skin at bay....all 5 of us used and helped soo much! My daughter has super sensitive skin & occasionally gets dry skin on the back of her knees...after applying a couple days we saw a difference... And she didn't complain about hurting her skin :)

Dixie H. Oct 01 2021

Perfect timing

I am having a little one in January and was starting to research where to get moisturizing products to use on her delicate skin. Indiana has harsh winters, and I want her skin to stay hydrated and soft. I was thrilled when Crunchi came out with this serum. This along with the bath bar will be the only products I will use with absolute confidence in their safety and quality. I love how easily it absorbs without leaving behind an oily residue. Thank you Crunchi!

Verified Purchase
Christine B. Oct 01 2021


We love the bathtime bar and Serum at our house! Not only does my 1 yr old use both, but mom uses both as well! Woo-hoo for nontoxic baby products!!! ??

Caroline M. Oct 01 2021

Super Serum is a dream ????

The first time my family opened the bottle of serum we fell in love immediately. It's helped improve my boys skin issues, my husband uses it as beard oil & I love it for my skin, nails & hair ????

Kori A. Oct 01 2021

Not just for Littles!

I absolutely love the fact I can take the 3-in-1 bar with me when I travel and it cuts down on me carrying shampoo & soap for myself! I love how squeaky clean I feel after using it.

Natalie S. Oct 01 2021

Hydration heaven

Not only do my kids love it but it has become a hydration ritual that I do on my face every day! It’s great for the whole family, not just Littles!

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Amy N. Oct 01 2021

So Many Uses!

Not only do I love using this on my littles, I have used it as an overnight hair treatment as well as a face oil and I AM IN LOVE! When a product is amazing for what it's made for, but can be used for other things as well...I can't get enough! Super Serum for the win!

Tanya C. Jul 30 2021

Not just for littles

I have been using the 3-1 for my sensitive “mature” skin. I was breaking out in itchy bumps and my dr said it’s from hormonal issues. I’ve been using the soap and cooler showers and until the summer heat came about I wasn’t having any issues. Even with the summer heat I only get an occasional outbreak and if I do it’s very minimal compared to what it used to be

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Courtney L. Jun 11 2021

I'll never use anything else on my baby!

My baby had SUCH an awful reaction to products I was using on him, before the Littles line dropped, we had switched to the Gentle bar which healed him in two weeks, and then the Littles bar came..... and his skin TRANSFORMED!! His skin has never felt so soft and smooth and has completely cleared up his cheeks and his eczema! I kiss his chunky little body constantly!! You're babies NEED this!!!

Kristin S. Apr 30 2021

Love this little bar!

Delicate on sensitive skin, size is easy for kids to hold.

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Courtney C. Mar 28 2021


We absolutely LOVE this bar. Our middle son (5 yo) has nummular eczema and it has been very difficult finding a healthy toxin free option to help clear it up. This is the first one to do the trick! Thank you so much Crunchi. You knocked it out of the park again!

Yesica R. Mar 24 2021

Amazing soap bar!!!!

Really recommend this soap! Leaves your little one clean, fresh and skin feels so soft.

Kim C. Mar 24 2021

Crunchi did it again!

I am so thankful that I can now use a completely safe product on my children and myself. All ages approved. Our skin has never felt so clean and nourished. No more bottles cluttering up the shower BONUS!!

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