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Littles™ 3-in-1 Bathtime Bar

Keep the delicate skin of your little one safe and clean with our Crunchi Littles 3-in-1 Bathtime Bar. Our bathtime bar was crafted with a combination of soothing organic ingredients that provide effective cleansing while keeping the skin soft and moisturized. This 3-in-1 bathtime bar is gentle enough for daily use.

We proudly choose sustainable practices for our products. Our 3-in-1 Bathtime Bars are made with sustainable palm oil and are RSPO certified.

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Customer Reviews

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Courtney L. Jun 11 2021

I'll never use anything else on my baby!

My baby had SUCH an awful reaction to products I was using on him, before the Littles line dropped, we had switched to the Gentle bar which healed him in two weeks, and then the Littles bar came..... and his skin TRANSFORMED!! His skin has never felt so soft and smooth and has completely cleared up his cheeks and his eczema! I kiss his chunky little body constantly!! You're babies NEED this!!!

Kristin S. Apr 30 2021

Love this little bar!

Delicate on sensitive skin, size is easy for kids to hold.

Verified Purchase
Courtney C. Mar 28 2021


We absolutely LOVE this bar. Our middle son (5 yo) has nummular eczema and it has been very difficult finding a healthy toxin free option to help clear it up. This is the first one to do the trick! Thank you so much Crunchi. You knocked it out of the park again!

Yesica R. Mar 24 2021

Amazing soap bar!!!!

Really recommend this soap! Leaves your little one clean, fresh and skin feels so soft.

Kim C. Mar 24 2021

Crunchi did it again!

I am so thankful that I can now use a completely safe product on my children and myself. All ages approved. Our skin has never felt so clean and nourished. No more bottles cluttering up the shower BONUS!!

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