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Lashes For Days Mascara

Long, lush lashes are now only a few strokes away with our Lashes for Days Mascara. Our secret? Once applied, the powerful lengthening and volumizing effects of natural green tea fibers go to work creating beautifully long, and shapely lashes.

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Heidi Y. Jan 22 2020

Poor performance

This is my first time buying natural mascara, so maybe this is just to be expected but I wasn't impressed. The formula feels very dry. I had to keep applying it for a long time to even get a small amount on my lashes, and I just thought it looked okay. I do appreciate the ingredients but I regret spending so much money on something that performed below average.

Pam  Dec 29 2019

Clean mascara that doesn’t smudge

I love this mascara for so many reasons, but the top one is it holds up to my excessive sweat. It works as well as any waterproof mascara I’ve tried. I do use multiple coats to get the desired look, but I don’t mind because this product dies not flake or smudge. I can’t believe I finally found a clean mascara that works!

Mirna E. Dec 06 2019

Do not purchase, terrible product

I now think the reviews on this product are fake because this mascara is awful. There is no way so many people raved about this product. I get especially mad when expensive beauty products are a total flop. Their foundation and concealer are great. Don't waste your money on this mascara. Might be the clumpiest mascara I've ever used. If I could leave no stars I would.

Sophia G. Dec 06 2019

Waste of money do not buy

I love some of the products from this company so I was excited to try their mascara. Super disappointing. It's so hard to get any product onto your lashes and its some of the clumpiest mascara I've ever used. I got two as part of their cyber Monday sale, both were the same. Even the sale price was way too much money spent on such a bad mascara.

Pamela A. Oct 13 2019

Completely disappointing

This mascara comes out of the bottle clumpy and doesn't apply evenly. While applying, I have to pick the clumps out of my eyelashes. It reminds me of old dried out mascara. A complete waste of money.

Jill C. Mar 21 2019


I don't understand why everyone loves this mascara. I purchased it a month ago and have tried wearing it several times. I hate applying. It comes out like a big glob. I have to scape the wand on the opening to get a normal amount of mascara on the wand. Otherwise it would look like a paint brush. Then the globs do not get pushed back into the container and just gets pushed down and gets allover the exterior. I get it all over my hands and its a waste of makeup.

Heather  Mar 20 2019

Great Mascara - whats the castor oil secret though?

I really love this mascara, it's true that it's dry and takes getting used to, but at least it's not too full of terrible things going into your eyes! What I've heard is to "add a drop of castor oil" to make it more workable, but where? In the bottle? On the brush? On your eyelashes before applying? HELP! Would love to know!

Linda R. Dec 09 2018

Mascara That Doesn't Smear!

I really like this mascara -- I had stopped wearing mascara because of smearing, but this product has encouraged me to wear it again!

Diane A. Dec 06 2018

Best mascara

Makes my lashes look long

Tatiana T. Dec 05 2018

The best mascara around!

My eyes would get red when I used mascara. I thought I was allergic and would never find a brand that worked for me. Then came Crunchi’s Lashes for Days Mascara! I can use this mascara as much as I desire with absolutely no irritation. I am so pleased! The green tea fibers make my lashes look long and full, this is my new favorite mascara.

Crystal A. Dec 05 2018

That Burn?

You Know That Burn I'm Talking About If You Have Tried Other Mascaras. When Applying The Other Mascaras When Applied To My Top Rye Lid I Would Get This Burning Sensation and Always Thought It Was Normal To Feel That NOT ANYMORE THATS THE TOXIC MATERIAL With Crunchi Mascara I Dont Get That Burn and Smudged Looking Under The Eyes nor Does My Lashes Stick Together The Con To Is The Only Option But Hopefully They Will Add More Colors

Crystal A. Dec 05 2018

That Burn?

You Know That Burn I'm Talking About If You Have Tried Other Mascaras. When Applying The Other Mascaras When Applied To My Top Rye Lid I Would Get This Burning Sensation and Always Thought It Was Normal To Feel That NOT ANYMORE THATS THE TOXIC MATERIAL With Crunchi Mascara I Dont Get That Burn and Smudged Looking Under The Eyes nor Does My Lashes Stick Together The Con To Is The Only Option But Hopefully They Will Add More Colors

Stephanie M. Dec 05 2018

Love it!

I love the green tea fibers. This mascara doesn’t bother my eyes like my last one did.

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Catherine N. Dec 05 2018

Non-Toxic Mascara

Mascara was the last beauty product that I switched over to. I like this mascara more than others out there. It does not flake off during the day.

Brittany T. Dec 04 2018

Affordable and subtle

I love that this mascara is toxin free and so affordable! This mascara is my go to when I want a more subtle look or when I don’t want to wear any make up but need my eyes to look awake. The only thing I don’t like about this mascara is that I feel I can’t get a bold look. I have tried applying several coats but I can’t seem to get that bold look that I love. But I will still use over other products on the market!

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Melanie G. Dec 04 2018


This mascara is decent but dry. It takes a while to apply and get a good coating. Flakes a little by the end of the day too.

Alisia  Dec 04 2018

Good volumizing mascara

This mascara is easily buildable and does give a lot of volume. However, it does tend to get clumpy and flakes easily. I prefer a mascara that is more lengthening. This is a good basic and non toxic mascara.

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Jessica F. Dec 04 2018

A love story in the making...

I admit I was slow to come around to Crunchi mascara. It felt very dry and like it took forever to build the coverage I wanted. I think something may have changed (or perhaps using a toxin-free makeup changed my lashes) because in the last month or two it has been going on much more smoothly and I'm not having any difficulty getting excellent coverage with only a few coats. I like that it doesn't streak or get clumpy and doesn't smudge off during the day.

Cindy R. Dec 04 2018

Best mascara hands down!

This mascara is the best I’ve ever used. It doesn’t clump and makes my lashes look fuller and longer. Product lasts a long time too. Worth every penny!

Mary M. Dec 04 2018

Great, Non-irritating Mascara!

I’ve always had problems with mascara irritating my eyes or even causing lash-fallout but this mascara goes on beautifully, stays on all day, and has never irritated my eyes! Highly recommend!

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Kelsey A. Dec 04 2018

Less irritating

I love that it doesn’t irritate my eyes and does create longer looking lashes. However, I have very light/almost blonde eyelashes and I feel like it takes several layers before my eyelashes are dark.

Danita  Dec 04 2018

Love my mascara- finally!

Mascara was always a nessesary evil for me. I needed it yet whichever brand I used cheap or expensive they always irritated my eyes. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Crunchi mascara! Not only is it better for me but it makes my lashes look great & never irritates my eyes. Win Win Win!

Kelsey P. Dec 03 2018

Natural looking!

Love this mascara! It goes on smooth and not at all clumpy. I have not once experienced any smuding since I started wearing it. I even feel that my lashes have grown fuller from wearing it!

Stacie K. Dec 03 2018

Great Mascara!

This mascara is great for my sensitive, contact-wearing eyes. It doesn't flake off during the day and leaves your lashes soft and natural feeling. Great safe product choice!

Lacie G. Dec 03 2018

Peace of mind

Even before I was pregnant I had started the prosses of replacing all my products with safer ones. I switched all my makeup to Crunchi knowing it was safe for me and my baby! And this mascara is the best! It even smells good!

Kiara  Dec 03 2018

Very good

This mascara is quality, I just wish it was waterproof. It goes on light and needs a good three coats for full coverage, but it is not clumpy, does not smudge easily, and I think makes my lashes look longer.

Verified Purchase
Jane B. Dec 03 2018


This mascara really does last all day without smudging. When I have little time to put makeup on, I simply apply mascara and Crunchi lipstick and go!

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Ashley F. Dec 03 2018

Very buildable

It's very buildable and I like the fact that it has green tea fibers in it. At first I thought it was a little dry and I had a hard time applying it. After learning the technique ( start at base and wiggle your brush upwards) and adding a drop of castor oil I love it!

Verified Purchase
Samantha H. Dec 03 2018


I love the the full look that I get from my lashes for days mascara!

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Janet H. Dec 03 2018

No Smearing, No Itching

The mascara is really nice! I have never experienced any smearing and no itching either. With my dry skin, that was often the case with other mascaras I tried.

Verified Purchase
Lianne S. Dec 03 2018

Solid Mascara

I love this Mascara! Glides on beautiful and doesn’t flake off or rub off under my eyes. My only complaint is that I don’t LOVE the wand. I’m more of a comb wand girl, but that’s entirely preference and I think majority of women prefer this kind.

Verified Purchase
Allie M. Dec 03 2018


I can't explain my excitement for this! I stopped wearing mascara for some time now because if eye irritation and this is a life saver! I feel pretty again without comprising my vision :)

Jessica S. Dec 03 2018

Really Great Stuff!

I love that it is light on the lashes, so I don't even notice it's on during the day and my lashes actually stay curled. I think warming it up helps with the application, so I stick it in my shirt while I apply the rest of my make up.

Cristy L. Dec 02 2018

Doesn't run AT ALL!

I spent 4 days at Disney World in August and not once did my mascara run! It looked the same when the parks closed as it did when they opened, and when I do Disney, I DO Disney...Running in the humidity, riding rides in the rain, and riding the water rides, and the mascara still looked amazing! Thank you, Crunchi!!

Verified Purchase
Cristina C. Dec 02 2018

In like, not love

I like it, but this is not your one coat and done mascara...it takes many coats to get a desired look. But I love that it is toxin free and this company provides the best products without compromising health, so I'll keep it!

Monica S. Dec 02 2018


This mascara took a bit to get used to, but I’m happy to say, I’m not going back to my other brands for multiple reasons. I love that it doesn’t make my eyes water or itch like they typically would. I can reapply if needed on top of what was already there without my lashes looking clumpy or stuck together. I never seem to have smear below my eyes towards the end of the day. It’s so buildable and if I mess up and get some on my eyelid or face, it can easily be brushed awhile within seconds.

Julie Y. Dec 02 2018

Gorgeous pop on the eyes!

This mascara took a few times applying to get used to. It applies differently than I was used to. However, I found if you warm this up a little bit (put it in your shirt while you’re doing the rest of your makeup!) it glides on! I love that if you get it on your eyelid or accidentally get your face with it, if you let it dry it will flake right off with a light scratch on it. I do feel it dries out a bit faster than other brands, but I’ll take it for all the benefits it has!!

Verified Purchase
Carly P. Dec 02 2018

Love at first use!

I've tried other natural mascaras but this one for me surpasses them all. I love how it doesn't clump and the look of it is natural while lengthening my lashes just enough for me to notice. I did use this with their lash curler and I LOVE it.

Elizabeth A. Dec 02 2018

Elizabeth A.

This is definitely different then your traditional mascara! It is buildable and I love that and I've noticed a big difference in breakage from my eye lashes!

Verified Purchase
Jessica G. Dec 01 2018


I love this stuff! The fact that it’s toxic free is amazing!

Meredith  Dec 01 2018

Long and lush

This mascara beautifully coats my lashes without any messy clumps.

Verified Purchase
Ashley M. Dec 01 2018


I didn't like this mascara at first because it was hard to apply. Then someone mentioned putting a pump of primer and castor oil in it. After that, I could easily put this mascara on and it doesn't irritate my eyes.

Marcia  Dec 01 2018

Great product!

This is a great mascara! I personally like to add a drop of castor oil to give it a little more liquid consistency. Stays all day and you can build to whatever thickness you like.

Verified Purchase
Amanda F. Nov 30 2018

Not my favorite, but great ingredients.

It tends to flake off and I like more "Wet" mascaras but do not like how they get under my eyes black at the end of the work day. The pros: Great for oily skin and lash curlers. Con: Dry formula takes multiple coats. Too many great flaky.

Hannah  Nov 30 2018


So, I love that this mascara is toxin free. However, it is difficult to apply. It's not that it's too wet or too dry, it just doesn't stick to the lashes super well. The brush is full and not poky, so I like that aspect. It does stay on all day without racoon eyes, so that's another positive.

Verified Purchase
Meghan D. Nov 30 2018


This was the first Crunchi product I tried and what sold me on the rest! Doesn't burn my eyes or irritate them like most mascara. Keeps my lashes soft and natural looking which I love.

Verified Purchase
Kris M. Nov 30 2018

The best

I will never leave the house without this mascara on. The green tea fibers give my lashes just the fullness I want to see. I wear contacts and never have an issue with this mascara getting in my eyes. In the past it was always an issue. Love it.

Verified Purchase
Megan M. Nov 30 2018

Similar to DiorShow

I love the nice thick brush and drier thickening formula of Crunchi's mascara. It fills in my sparse lashes and lengthens. I love it!

Verified Purchase
ashley v. Nov 30 2018


When first using the mascara it took some time getting use to how to apply to get the look I wanted...I watched some videos and took my time (when I could) but I'm loving it and how I have no eye irritation!!!

Karen W. Nov 30 2018

What a Pleasant Surprise

i am new to all of this Crunchi world. I am use to wearing my waterproof mascara that I had to rub with oil to get off. I fell asleep several times wearing this and loved that it had worn off over night and didn't need to use anything to get it off. I at first was not please when applying as it didn't go on well nor did it stay on. I was using the concealer as a base but once I started using the Smart Primer as a base and like magic. I stopped applying to lower lashes as it smears.

Ashleigh B. Nov 30 2018

Long lashes

Best mascara I have ever used. It doesn't clump and fills out my tiny lashes making them appear to be long and full.

Verified Purchase
Allie M. Nov 30 2018


Finally a high quality mascara that works, doesn't break the bank, and is not toxic! WINNING!

Cepeda C. Nov 29 2018


This has to be my FAVORITE product. The main reason why is because is does not harden like other mascaras. This is amazing for the fact that it keeps me from picking at my eyelashes. I hated having to do that because they felt stuck together. This mascara doesn't do any of that and thats what absolutely makes me love it! Worth every penny!!! Gotta get this magic goodness!

Diana H. Nov 29 2018

Added length like extensions

Would you believe after putting on my mascara from crunchi today, I was asked if I had gotten eyelash extensions! I love my mascara!

Brianna  Nov 29 2018

Great Look

I have always been very sensitive to mascara. I loved the way this made my lashed looked, but unfortunately still irritated my eyes after a few hours of wear!

Erin M. Nov 29 2018

Amazing for growth, not great looking

I'm a mascara snob and I have to say this is not my favorite. It doesn't give volume or length and it's barely noticeable I have it on. For this I'd have to give it 2 stars. However, when I used it I noticed my eye lashes didn't fall out like it did with a previous one I used. I actually noticed my lashes getting thicker and longer. For this, I give a 5 star. A product that does that is amazing. I use it first then top with my favorite toxin free mascara to get the best of both worlds.

Elizabeth P. Nov 29 2018

Lashes for days mascara

I absolutely LOVE this mascara!! It makes my lashes full and not clumpy. It’s a must have product and you definitely get LASHES FOR DAYS!!!

Kelleigh M. Nov 29 2018

This mascara delivers

I was pleasantly surprised with Crunchi mascara. It is everything it claims to be. What I like best is that this mascara doesn’t irritate my eyes, it doesn’t get sticky or clumpy after application and while it doesn’t run with tears, sweat or even sleep (On those late nights I skip my evening routine) but it comes off easily with out all the ugly mascara smearing. This mascara checked off all the boxes on my mascara wish list! Thank you Crunchi

Stephanie D. Nov 29 2018

Love it!

I’ve tried lots of other “natural” mascaras and they never performed well and always irritated my eyes. The Crunchi mascara performs so well and I can wear it all day without any irritation!

Amy G. Nov 29 2018

Great mascara!

I've been using this mascara for awhile now and have really enjoyed it. I wouldn't say it makes my lashes have any sort of "wow" factor, but it does a good job and isn't clumpy or flaky at all.

Christine B. Nov 29 2018

Amazing long lashes!

I love this mascara! Usually mascaras irritate my eyes but not this! Makes my lashes super long and is easy to take off. LOVE!

Verified Purchase
Rachel G. Nov 29 2018

Great for the minimalist

This is not my favorite Crunchi product but it works well for an everyday light look. I think it is really hard to create a mascara with clean ingriendients. This is one of the better ones out there.

Verified Purchase
Jaime D. Nov 29 2018

Honesty is best...

This mascara is great! I would give it 5 stars but I wish it would give more volume and "fullness". It does not burn my eyes, which usually happens by the end of the day with other brands. No smudging, no flakes and very easy to remove.

Elise W. Nov 29 2018

No more burning!

I will say, this took me the longest to get used to of all the products, but I now love it! It took a week or 2 to get thick enough to feel like it went on, but I’m now used to it! Don’t give up too soon because it really is amazing once you get used to it. I’m SO grateful I don’t have burning eyes anymore and the best part is it doesn’t run!! I wear it to the gym and I get no smudges!

Natalie W. Nov 29 2018

Lashes For Days Mascara

This mascara really thickens and lengthens without flaking or rubbing off during the day. Removal is a snap too! It did take me a few applications to get used to the dryer formula. Using the tip of the wand helped as well as using a lash primer.

MJ  Nov 29 2018

Happy sensitive eyes

With contact lenses and allergies, I've had a hard time finding a mascara that doesn't aggravate my eyes. Crunchi mascara not only feels great; it's the first one (literally) that didn't leave me with dark flakes under my eyes! Hoping someday there will be navy and brown options, but for now Lashes for Days is #1 by far!

Dina R. Nov 29 2018

Thicker than expected

The mascara was a bit too thick for me. I prefer a slightly more liquid-textured mascara. I had difficulty getting enough on my lashes to really notice it.

Rebecca  Nov 29 2018


I suffered for many years with my eyes itching/burning/watering after putting mascara on. I got to where I didn't wear any because it got worse and I couldn't stand it anymore. But I didn't want to give up mascara. So I found crunchi and tried it. I can get as much or as little as I want and it's lightweight and doesn't bother my eyes at all! And if you get any on your skin it comes right off! No smudges, no worries!

Rebecca  Nov 29 2018


I suffered for many years with my eyes itching/burning/watering after putting mascara on. I got to where I didn't wear any because it got worse and I couldn't stand it anymore. But I didn't want to give up mascara. So I found crunchi and tried it. I can get as much or as little as I want and it's lightweight and doesn't bother my eyes at all! And if you get any on your skin it comes right off! No smudges, no worries!

Jocelyn  Nov 29 2018

An ok product

I am used to mascara that delivers more voluminous results. This mascara does not achieve that look at all. I am told by my advocate that this mascara helps regrow eyelashes so if you’re looking to do that, this would be a good product. So it doesn’t go to waste, I put the Crunchi mascara on under my preferred mascara (Thrive Causemetics) but once my Crunchi mascara runs out, I won’t be rebuying. It’s the only Crunchi product I haven’t totally loved.

Courtney  Nov 29 2018


My eyes used to be so sensitive to mascaras. Love this mascara & love that I don’t get irritated eyes!

Carla H. Nov 29 2018

Lashes for Days Mascara

My eyes have a tendency to be sensitive to mascara. Since switching to Crunchi Lashes for Days my sensitivity has diminished greatly! Thanks Crunchi for making safe products.

Holly J. Nov 29 2018

No raccoon eyes!

I love that the product doesn’t flake or smudge under my eyes (I only wear mascara on the top lashes). It’s taken me some time to get used to this brand compared to the toxic mascara I’d been wearing for so long but I think I’m finally mastering it!

Jessica S. Nov 29 2018


So far I really enjoy this non toxic Crunchi mascara! It lasts all through the days and provides great coverage!

Verified Purchase
Bridget H. Nov 29 2018

Love the ingredients but need more.

I love that this is the cleanest mascara that I've found but hate that I need 3 coats to get to the desired look I want. My tiny lashes just need a heavier coating. Once I've applied 3 coats, I'm ready to go. Hoping Crunchi comes out with another version for a thicker, fuller lash look.

Vanessa R. Nov 29 2018

Doesn't run!

I was always used to looking like I walked in the run by the time my day had ended. This mascara is the first mascara that I can wear that makes my lashes look thicker, but also doesn't run.

Brianna B. Nov 29 2018

Not too shabby

Took me a few uses to start to like it because I like a more dramatic lash look. This mascara does take more applications to get that look but you can get there. I Do love that this mascara does not smudge or flake off. Recommend using an eye lash curler prior to application. Overall a good product.

Verified Purchase
Savannah K. Nov 29 2018


I have tried them ALL. All the "natural" mascaras and none of them worked. I was so worried that I'd spent needless money again on this mascara but I am here to say it is THE BEST. My devotion is strong. It's weightless, black, smooth, and gives the perfect definition without EVER looking chunky.

Katie S. Nov 29 2018


I used to battle with my mascara coming off and making black spots under yes. This mascara doesn’t do that! Love it!

Verified Purchase
Maddison B. Nov 29 2018

Lashes For Days Mascara

My eyelashes are naturally long and I take pride in them. Using Lashes For Days increased the growth and strength of my lashes! I wear contacts and the mascara didn’t irritate my eyes! This was my first and now forever product!

Stephanie  Nov 29 2018

Love this Mascara!

I love this! It doesn’t clump, it looks great and love that it’s safe for my lashes with safe ingredients!

Carly  Nov 29 2018

Best ever

I don’t actually wear mascara often. BUT! When I do, this is gold. Took me a few applications to learn how to build it on. But it has just the staying power that I need with out a fight to get it off. PLUS and I mean a BIG plus....no eye sensitivity. With other products my eyes would get extremely sensitive a few hours after application...but now I have Crunchi and happy eyes!

Lindsey W. Nov 29 2018

Health AND Beauty

This is my FAVORITE!! I have tried several 'safe' mascara brands and many only last for an hour two before smudging or flaking. Lashes for Days is so smooth and silky and leaves my lashes SOFT. It lasts and wears flawlessly. My lashes even seem fuller and I believe it's due to the healthy quality of this mascara...less breakage means fuller lashes!!

Amy N. Nov 28 2018

Best mascara I have ever owned!

When I learned about all the terrible ingredients in the mascara I used, I knew I needed to find something safe for my lashes knowing my eyelid skin is so thin. I don’t want anything going on my eyes that’s not safe. WOW! This product blew my mind! I typically use two coats and my thin lashes are full and beautiful! Not clumpy and stuck together. I will never need to try another mascara again!

Verified Purchase
Allie M. Nov 28 2018


Finally a mascara that doesn't burn my eyes, looks great, and doesn't smudge! Couldn't be happier with this purchase!

Diana F. Nov 28 2018


Crunchi mascara is great for sensitive eyes.

Tera  Nov 28 2018

Perfect Mascara

I have a hard time finding mascara that doesn’t irritate my eyes, looks good on, and doesn’t come off easily. This mascara is all three! I am so excited to find such a great product that I love wearing! Thank you Crunchi!!

Cherisse W. Nov 28 2018

Best Mascara EVER

I can honestly say that this is THE BEST mascara I've ever used. I love that I can add as many layers of mascara needed to achieve the look I want and it NEVER clumps. Also, if I just need a quick application it still makes my lashes look full, but then I can reapply later in the day and still no clumping. Save the internal debate and buy the mascara you will not regret it.

H. S. Nov 28 2018


I never knew mascara could be so easy! This mascara leaves my lashes looking plump and long without me having to worry about having clumps of product left on my lashes!

Laura L. Nov 28 2018


I love that I can wear this mascara and know I’m not adding anything toxic to my body. I also appreciate that it doesn’t smudge or flake leaving me with raccoon eyes at the end of the day like other mascaras!

Laura L. Nov 28 2018


I love that I can wear this mascara and know I’m not adding anything toxic to my body. I also appreciate that it doesn’t smudge or flake leaving me with raccoon eyes at the end of the day like other mascaras!

Karen W. Nov 28 2018

Give me all the mascara

I was instantly in love with Crunchi's Lashes For Days Mascara! Let me tell you that before Crunchi, I tried so many different brands of mascara, and they all left me with the same result....hard crunchy lashes! Yes they may have given me fuller and longer lashes, but the feel of them were terrible and trying to get the mascara of at night, nightmare! Loving the green tea fibers to extend the lashes, and stays on all day! Best of all, loving it is all toxin free and cruelty free! Thanks!

Marilyn J. Nov 28 2018

Love the staying power of this mascara.

I play outside a lot in the winter months and I love how well this mascara stays put. Even when my eyes water in the cold air, the mascara never runs. It about as close as you can get to a waterproof mascara, and still have clean ingredients. It takes a little getting used to when applying, but once I got the hang of it I was over the moon happy with my results. Layer up for extra long lashes.

Verified Purchase
Megan L. Nov 28 2018

I now have lashes for days!

I looked for such a long time to find a mascara that I actually like to wear that doesn't irritate my eyes! After switching to Crunchi mascara my eyelashes are actually longer and much less breakage than before! I love all of the nourishing ingredients in it! Green tea fibers!! Yes please!!

Hannah L. Nov 28 2018

Love the mascara but the brush needs work

I love the mascara but I just wish the brush tips grabbed onto the lashes better. I feel like it takes extra time to apply this because the lashes aren't getting much of the mascara on there.

Lori W. Nov 28 2018

Eyelashes for Days! Literally!

Love! The green tea fibers don’t flake like many of the fiber mascaras I have tried. It is very buildable, and doesn’t come off when slightly wet. However, it does come off very nicely when I shower and try and take it off. Love that it isn’t harsh on my lashes!

Melissa  Nov 28 2018

Long lashes

I’ve been blessed with long eyelashes, probably to make up for the other things I didn’t come with, like a nice rear, and other things Barbie was blessed with by manufacturers. Anyway, all that to say: this is amazing, it doesn’t cause breakage (something I struggle with because of having long lashes), I highly recommend and have repurchased and will continue to do so! It also doesn’t bother my sensitive eyes!

Verified Purchase
Wendy D. Nov 28 2018

Love that it looks natural!

I can’t stand clumpy mascara! I love my lashes to look natural and big! This mascara gives me the best of both worlds because it can be worn light and look natural or you can couple it with the eyelash curler and build on it with several coats for more of a BAM! I also wear contacts and I love that it doesn’t dry out or irritate my eyes!

M.G.  Nov 10 2018

Best toxin free mascara!

Once I learned how to apply a green tea fiber lash mascara I am sold. It does take a little time and patience to “build” your lashes but totally worth it. I also like to add a drop of castor oil to make it a little more liquidy. I can tell my lashes are starting to grow and get thicker. This never happened with my old toxin mascara.

J M. Sep 10 2018


I really wanted to like it. I tried for over a month. It’s just terrible. It’s dry and clumpy from day one. On top of that, it does not come off the brush easily. I feel like a new brush design with silicone bristles would improve that aspect, but the consistency has to be revamped too. It’s just not good and crazy expensive for a less than mediocre product. Darn!!

Jessica D. Aug 29 2018

First natural mascara I've tried

I have only tried popular brand/beauty store mascaras so this is the first healthy mascara I've tried. Love the ingredients but it's very dry and kinda rough on my super thin/fine lashes and I have to do about 4 coats to really see it. It stays and doesn't smudge, love that. It just feels rough and dry when I put it on, like an old mascara that has dried out. I will keep using it because im trying to switch our family to safer skin care but I do wish it went on easier.

Verified Purchase
Erika M. Jun 07 2018

The Holy Grail of Mascaras

I was a little skeptical when I first opened this mascara. It is a little drier application than most. BUT...this stayed on my eyelashes for a 12-hour work shift. I usually look like someone has punched me in the face after only a few hours with my previous brand, but not with Crunchi. This did not flake off and made my lashes look beautiful, long, and clump-free! Plus...This is your wedding, graduation, serious ceremony, will-not-run-when-you-cry mascara!

Verified Purchase
Meagan C.

Meagan C.

My previous toxic free mascara always gave me racoon eyes within 2 hours of applying it, but not Crunchi. I am In love with this green tea fiber mascara. I never see little fibers falling on My face like I did with my PREVIOUS brand and no raccoon eyes!!!

Verified Purchase
Sarah W.

Sarah W.

I love this mascara. IT is the only one that doesn't make my eyes itch and it doesn't smudge under my eyes. The applicator is perfect!

Verified Purchase
Billie P.

Billie P.

Only mascara I have ever been able to wear that does not make my eyes burn. I can apply in the morning and there are no SMUdges under my eyes throughout the day.



Finding the perfect mascara is no easy task but Crunchi has blown all others out of the water. Many other clean formula mascaras were too dry just not performing like a mascara should. Other Fiber mascaras I have used would include a leangthy process or create too much fallout from loose fibers and contained scary ingredients like Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES). Not with Cruchi! I love that the mascara adds the volume and leangth I need and love without compramising on safety. Even after getting my lashes wet I don't have racoon eyes either but I love that its easy to remove at the end of the night...no more damaging my natural lashes! Thank you Crunchi!



This is my favorite mascara ever and i can't believe that it is toxin-free! It makes my lashes look perfect (not too clumpy, yet doesn't take a million coats), Doesn't feel heavy, stays on all day, and is easy to wipe off when I wash my face. Great product!

Kim C.

Kim C.

Love the color, love that it lasts most of the day, Love that it doesn't smudge. Only downside is that I have to apply a couple coats for a full look. (Not bad considering all the toxic alternatives on the market)

Verified Purchase
Lauren M.

Lauren M.

I have been using the crunchi Mascara for 3 months now and wow what a difference!!! the natural green tea fibers have SIGNIFICANTLY lengthened my eye lashes! i have RECEIVED three comments asking if my eye lashes were fake, within the last two weeks... Not kidding! this mascara is so gentle is doesnt pull out my eye lashes like my previous mascara. I have allergy eyes so i am always rubbing them and the crunchi mascara has managed to make my eye lashes look amazing until i take it off! i cant say enough about how much i truly love this non-toxic mascara! Thank you, Cunchi!!!!!

Verified Purchase
Regina C.

Regina C.

I feEl like my lashes are much fuller (even without mascara) than they were when i was using a toxic mascara. Love this!

Verified Purchase
Diana E.

Diana E.

let's start saying i have "see through" lashes. very thin and light. when i don't wear mascara, it looks as if i am sleepy. mascara is the one cosmetic i would pick, if i could only choose one. i can say i am very picky about my mascara. i has to give me lenght, volume, not run and not make my eyes itchy. it was very hard for me to find a mascara that met all of my standards of safety and performance - until this one came along! full body and staying power like i've never seen! it even resisted my tears while chopping a mean onion!!



you need this mascara. just trust me.

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Kathryn J.

Kathryn J.


Verified Purchase
Kelly H.

Kelly H.

The search for toxic free mascara began when my preteen girls started asking to wear makeup. This mascara goes on easily and one coat is perfect for my girls. The amazing part, they both come home from a long day at school with NO black under their eyes! Win, win for us!



Amazing feel!! Most mascara I've tried in the past leave a sticky weird clumpy mess on my lashes. This goes on easy and stays on through the whole evening. It lifts my lashes and makes them really visible. It stays on when it's supposed to and it comes off when you want it to plus made with ingredients that are good for you.

Verified Purchase
Megan M.

Megan M.

This is the beSt mascara i have ever used. My lashes are long and full and dOn't clump together. I feel like the formula is nourishing as my lashes have gotten thicker and longer sInce i started usIng It. Love!

Verified Purchase
Jessica M.

Jessica M.

This has been my all time favorite mascara! No clumping! Lasting wear AND i can use regular gavewash with NO black smears. Love it!!



Yay! i can look like i have eye lashes in yoga and no smudging afterwards. i also love how I can touch up before going out at night!

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