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I AM The Balm™

Equal parts high-performance makeup remover + nourishing cleanser, this new fave features 4 powerful plant allies to help soften, protect, and give you radiant, glowing skin.

Formulated for all skin types. Safe for use in the eye area.

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Customer Reviews

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Katrin F. Jan 09 2023

Crunchi Strikes Again - 5 Stars for I Am The Balm!

This balm is well, the bomb!! Besides being a makeup remover, I have been lavishly using this product as a deep moisturizing mask, sunburn balm, lip balm, bug bite and scrape balm, and wait for it . . SHAVING BALM. Try it out and thank me later. Xoxo!

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Dianna C. Jan 03 2023


The best make up remover I have ever used...it is "the balm"!

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Natalie S. Dec 28 2022

Highly recommend!!

I love how easy my makeup comes off especially the eye make up! No more scrubbing and pulling on my aging skin!!