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I AM Polished™

Instantly Polished, Refined, Glowing Skin

Meet your newest skincare obsession, I AM Polished™. This multi-tasking facial exfoliator can be used as a quick exfoliating scrub and as a highly effective 5-minute treatment mask. With a combination of physical and safe chemical exfoliating ingredients, I AM Polished™ gently resurfaces and refines the texture of skin to minimize the appearance of pores, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Formulated for all skin types. For best results, please use I AM Polished™ as directed.

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Customer Reviews

Stacey  Sep 14 2022


OMG. This is the BEST facial exfoliater I’ve ever used and I’ve used a lot in my 68 yrs, I even made my own. This product goes on smoothly and evenly, I can actually feel my skin tightening up. I rub it in a little and let it sit for about 15 minutes. I use a warm facecloth to wash it off and immediately can see and feel the difference. Love this product, you have to try it.

Kathy K. Aug 30 2022

Loving this!

I have been using I Am Polished for a little over a week every other day. I use it in the shower. I wash my face, pat it dry then lightly massage I Am Polished onto my face in a circular motion. I let it sit as a mask while I wash the rest of my body. My face looks smoother, feels soft, and my pores look smaller! Another benefit I’m seeing is my skincare and makeup go on smoother as well.

Camille B. Aug 27 2022

Performs better than professional exfoliants!

I'm a Skin Therapist and have to give this product 5 stars! I used it for the first time yesterday, and I was remarkably impressed by its performance. Many exfoliants have the tendency to leave the skin feeling tight and dry after rinsing, but because of the skin soothing ingredients like glycerin and green tea in this product, skin remains hydrated- not to mention the beautiful glow! This may be the most effective exfoliant I've ever used!

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Melanie D. Aug 26 2022

Too harsh for my sensitive skin

I was so excited about this product, by very disappointed with it once I tried it. I used only a very small amount, and I made sure to massage it in very lightly and gently for about 30 seconds. Once I stopped massaging, I could immediately a stinging. Perhaps it was the spearmint or the pumice was too much...either way, it was not good for my sensitive skin. And the spearmint came through in the smell overwhelmingly, and that is not a smell I like at all. I will not be ordering this again.

Jess G. Aug 25 2022

An absolute must have!!

I ordered I Am Polished as soon as I could, as I’ve been waiting for Crunchi to put out this type of product. I use all of the skincare and makeup products that Crunchi offers and this was the icing on the cake. I use it a few times a week and my skin is amazingly soft afterwards. And I notice that my makeup application is even smoother after using it. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great natural exfoliating gel!!

Ashley D. Aug 24 2022


I’m obsessed with this new product. I use it every other day in the am to get rid of all of the dead skin so my makeup applies evenly. My skin has never felt better!

Rebecca A. Aug 23 2022

I am Polished

After just one use I had immediate results. My makeup was so much smoother and my face looked refreshed. The next day at work I even had a coworker who stated how smooth my face was. Less dominant lines were noticeable as well.

Debbie K. Aug 23 2022

Purple Power!

Love my I AM Polished exfoliator. My skin has never felt smoother and I only need a little product of my next steps in skin care! My makeup looks flawless and my skin feels so good! Thank you for adding this beautiful product to our skin care line up!

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Anabelle J. Aug 22 2022


Obsessed with product! Great addition to any skin care routine.

Anabelle J. Aug 21 2022


Obsessed with this product!! My skin is glowing after just using it once

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Tiffany K. Aug 20 2022

I am polished

I am polished? More like I am obsessed! I have very textured skin and it’s never been ‘smooth’ and after one use and leaving it on for the recommended 5 minutes I can already tell a difference. The color is beautiful, the texture is like no other exfoliator I’ve tried, the beads are so tiny and don’t feel abrasive, and the minty smell leaves your skin smelling and feeling so clean! Crunchi, you ladies knocked this out of the park!

Paola L. Aug 19 2022

Great alternative to St Ives

Yes I know ewww St. Ives. No I don’t use it anymore but I have found that other exfoliates were way too gentle to provide any real exfoliation. I love the exfoliating pumice in this formula that provide a deep scrub for my deep pores. I also love that I trust the ingredients. The only con in my book was that the scent while pleasant was very strong!

Deborah H. Aug 19 2022


I used I Am Polished for the first time today. My face feels so smooth and looks better with only one use. I can’t wait to add this to my routine and see the long term results!

Lindsay  Aug 19 2022


I used the I Am Polished exfoliator for the first time today. The exfoliating aspect alone was better than other masks I have used. My skin felt clean and refreshed afterwards. I felt like my pores were finally cleaned out. I’ll be adding this into my regular rotation.

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Samantha S. Aug 17 2022


For years I made my own sugar scrubs because I didn't like how store bought masks and exfoliators made my skin feel or I was too sensitive to the fragrance. I am OBSESSED with this product and can not get over how soft my skin feels! Legit like a babys butt and applying your skincare products afterwards feels like im touching glass or something my face is so smooth!

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