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Highliner® Pencil Eyeliner

New and improved formula in more sustainable packaging!

Highliner® Pencil Eyeliner’s ultra-creamy formula glides on smooth with rich, bold pigment for  up to 16 hours of wear. This waterproof formula leaves a blendable, velvet finish that won’t budge or smudge – perfect for the lash line and water line.

Our sustainable, sharpenable wooden pencil allows for precise, controlled application while minimizing packaging waste. This gentle formula is ophthalmologist-tested and gentle to the skin of the delicate eye area.

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Customer Reviews

Dani T. Feb 16 2023

Make up good; pencil not

The eyeliner product itself is great - application and how well it lasts. The pencil is problematic. Twice, after sharpening (gently and minimally), a piece of the liner came out of the pencil. I've only been using it for about three weeks, and it's already halfway down in length because of product breakage. This discovery did not fall into the return window, as I received it for Christmas.

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Kris M. Oct 16 2022


I can't believe how easy this eyeliner glides on & stays put throughout the day. I have never been the best with applying eyeliner & this one makes it so easy. Another great product I love.

Jordan t. Oct 15 2022

Great eyeliner

I don’t use eyeliner for everyday looks but trying this liner I might just have to start ???? loved it ! So flawless

Jennifer  Oct 15 2022


This eyeliner is truly wonderful!! Glides on effortlessly, rich pigment, blends beautifully and stays put!! I have one eyelid that is more hooded than the other and my entire life, no matter what I did or used, eyeliner would always end up in the crease. I have NOT had this problem with this eyeliner! I’m thrilled ??

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Lindley M. Oct 15 2022

Love it!

So creamy and smooth for being a pencil liner! Espresso is a beautiful brown color and glides on the water line without causing teary eyes!

Kim K. Oct 15 2022


This is the BEST eyeliner I have ever used! I prefer a thin line on my eyes. Crunchi Highliner glides on smooth with exact precision. I never have to use a Q tip anymore for fixing smudges!!!!!! I am retired and I do a lot of hiking, biking and kayaking. Highliner is still perfectly on when I get home many hours later, without any smearing or smudging. I am in love with it!!!

Wilma  Oct 14 2022

Finally found it!

I have finally found an eyeliner I can successfully apply. The Expresso color is perfect for my blonde/gray hair.

Erica S. Oct 14 2022

Serious Stay Power

A smooth pencil that glides across the eyelid. Once it sets it stays put all day. Even in the waterline there is no irritation!

Brianna K. Oct 14 2022


These are velvety smooth and last all day!!

Jan B. Oct 14 2022


I love how smooth this highliner goes on. I have oilier skin than most. I apply the alibi concealer and primer and shadows, but it still will smudge into my crease of my eye a little after a few hours. I am finding that by the end of the day, I do not look like I have highliner on. I love that it is a toxin free product, but I wish it lasted longer on my eyes.

Holly A. Oct 14 2022

Knocked it outta the park!

This was the one Crunchi product that I couldn't sing praises about....not today! HIGHLY pigmented and goes on smooth like butter - love love love! Way to go Crunchi!

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Shira F. Oct 14 2022


Finally a natural eyeliner that stays on all day! I've tried lots of natural eyeliners that would smudge by the end of the day. With this new formula, I only have to apply in the morning and I don't have to worry about raccoon eyes. It's pricey, but with only one application a day, I expect it to last a long time. I would definitely recommend this!

Samantha s. Oct 14 2022

Literal dream!

It’s soooo smooth and easy to apply and lasts all day! The best way to get it off is with the littles super serum and even after that I’ll wake up with a little smudge. So incredible how they kept it clean while getting it to perform like this????????????????????????

Deni K. Oct 14 2022

Highliner is AMAZING!

This eyeliner pencil goes on so creamy smooth, lasts all day, and doesn’t smudge!

Tarah P. Oct 14 2022

Highliner is amazing!

The highliner eyeliner pencil goes on so smoothly! From the start of my day, to the end of my day, my eyeliner looks flawless. Love it!

Amanda L. Oct 14 2022

Amazing eyeliner

The new pencil eyeliner is smooth and love the espresso color to compliment my eyeshadow. It will last all night as well which is hard to find with eyeliner. I love it!!!????????

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Sofia H. Oct 13 2022

Amazing eyeliner!

I am so happy with Crunchi's new eyeliner! It goes on so smoothly and stays on! I also love Crunchi's continued commitment to sustainability, only real wood is used for the eyeliner pencils! Love that

michelle  Oct 13 2022


So easy to put on.

Ashley W. Oct 13 2022

Best eyeliner ever

This truly is the best eyeliner I’ve ever used. Love that the pencil is in real wood and it’s so easy to apply with just one swipe. I’m also amazed at how long it stays on! I hope they come out with more shades, like a navy blue or dark purple would be pretty!

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Kris M. Oct 13 2022


I have never used an eyeliner that goes on as smooth as this one and stays put!! I've never been that great at applying eyeliner and this one makes it super easy.

Laura  Oct 13 2022

Love this new & improved liner

Love the way this glides on so much easier then before. So happy with these new pencils

Clare G. Oct 13 2022

Beautiful colour

Very nice all day colour and creamy rich formula

Verified Purchase
Rachel T. Oct 13 2022

Loving it!

I am loving my newly reformulated eyeliner. I really liked the last formula and this one is better. I did need to sharpen it just a bit on the first use to get to the fresh part. It goes on so smooth and I don't have any issues using Littles Serum to remove it. I've tested it at 17 hours and it was holding strong. I love that Crunchi is always looking for ways to out do themselves!

Hattie B. Oct 13 2022


I like that the eyeliner has a nice creamy texture to it to make applying easier! Loving my espresso shade. It looks so good when I smudge it with my fingers to give it a nice smoky look!

Sharon S. Oct 12 2022

Love it!

This pencil glides on well, has a good feel in the hand, and good color saturation. I've been using drugstore brand eyeliner pencils for as long as I can remember. Just this year I have beell replacing my traditional products with non-toxic ones. I was thrilled that Crunchi launched this new pencil, as I was almost out of my old brand. I'm very pleased.

Megan N. Oct 12 2022

Long lasting

This highliner is exactly what I wanted. It goes on easily and stays on all day. It's a great product. I would recommend it to everyone!

Lakyn L. Oct 12 2022

LOVING this eyeliner!

I am OBSESSED with this eyeliner. I love how flawlessly it goes on & stays for hours!! It’s wonderfully pigmented and has such a soft texture!

Mary B. Oct 12 2022

Best. Eyeliner. Ever.

I have been completely blown away by this eyeliner! It is the best performance I have ever used. It is sooo buttery smooth and the sustainable wood keeps it so warm and easy to apply! By far the only one I’ll ever use again!

Verified Purchase
Allison K. Oct 12 2022

No learning curve

I am terrible at trying to draw the lines on anything...from drawing a tic tac toe board to decorating a cake to eyeliner. These Highliner Pencils take the fear of messing up away and leave a perfectly lined eyelid! Kudos to Crunchi for making things safe and simple.

Lorrie  Oct 12 2022

Love it!

I am truly loving the newly reformulated Highliner! It is so easy to apply and lasts as promised! It is now a must in my makeup bag! Can’t love it enough!

Morgan S. Oct 12 2022

The BEST eyeliner I have ever used!!

Normally I wouldn’t wear eyeliner every day because I am so active outdoors and swimming with my kids, but WOW! This stuff is AMAZING! It last through an entire day filled with running around, swimming, working out, being in the hot florida sun, and anything else that I get into. I now wear eyeliner every day for that extra pop that my eyes get, and the espresso shade makes my hazel eyes look more green BONUS!!! I absolutely love this liner ????

Erin R. Oct 12 2022

Smooth application like butter!

Crunchi nailed it with their new eyeliner formula! Glides on like butter and doesn’t irritate my eyes. Love both the black and brown.

Linda A. Oct 12 2022

Smooth, gliding pencil that stays on all day!

I really like this pencil better than any other I have tried. It glides on so smoothly and is not dry or cakey. It applies evenly, without stopping or "catching". The result is a clean smooth line that stays on all day! I love it! I have brunette hair and I love the black.

Alyssa  Oct 12 2022

Actually Smudge Proof

I use this on my top lid and love that it actually stays on all day. I've had problems in the past with eyeliners smudging halfway through the day, but this one passes the test! Also huge points for it being an eco friendly option (no plastic!).

Carole F. Oct 12 2022

Hands down THE best eyeliner!

This truly is an eyeliner “miracle”! It’s the best I’ve ever used, doesn’t budge, glides on & richly pigmented. It’s once again a pleasure to apply…no more tugging or fading ??

Megan H. Oct 11 2022


Such a great liner! Easy to apply! Works great to fill in eyebrows too! And it is SAFE to use!

Aliese W. Oct 11 2022

Best eyeliner I’ve tried

Absolutely love how easy it goes on. I love to take naps and sometimes forget I’m wearing makeup. That doesn’t matter with this. Does not smudge or move at all.

Clare  Oct 11 2022

Beautifully dark

Such an amazing color and perfect for water line, will definitely buy again

Verified Purchase
Cynthia M. Oct 11 2022

Best Eyeliner Ever

I really love this eyeliner. It goes on smoothly and flawlessly and stays on. The color is great. I have had pencil eyeliners before and when you sharpened them they would be a mess but this pencil sharpens beautifully with ease. Will definitely repurchase this eyeliner when needed.

Ashleigh  Oct 11 2022

Love it

I have the shade espresso and I love it! Goes on great and lasts all day. It's a win for me!

Sarah Y. Oct 11 2022

Everything I’ve wanted in an eyeliner

Don’t walk, RUN and grab your wallet, because you need this Eyeliner! I stopped wearing eye liner completely for the last 5 years, because the ones I tried would smudge, flake, etc. When I added this to my cart, my expectations were low…like, really low. When I used it for the first time my jaw literally hit the floor. It goes on super smooth and creamy, but doesn’t smudge and stays ALL DAY! I will never buy another eyeliner that isn’t CRUNCHI!

Jessica F. Oct 11 2022

Smooth & Pigmented!

Love how smooth and pigmented this liner is! Plus knowing it’s clean makes it all the better. Probably could have gone with espresso for every day wear, but love the black for more drama and special occasions.

Rebecca m. Oct 11 2022


I have used so many that run down my face , I have received so many compliments with this one

Amber C. Oct 11 2022

My Favorite!

Love this eyeliner! Such a smooth application and stays on all day - just perfect!

Courtney M. Oct 11 2022

Goes on sooo smooth!!

This eyeliner is the absolute best eyeliner I’ve ever used! I haven’t use one in years because of how it made my eyes feel but this one is the real deal!! I love that it’s safe for sensitive eyes and made of real wood!! Thanks for get another amazing product!

Verified Purchase
Shannon S. Oct 10 2022

Best eyeliner I have ever used!

This eyeliner is no joke! It is legit the best I have ever used. It goes on velvety smooth and with ease. The stay power is AHHHHMAZING!! It does not smudge or budge. Stays put ALL day plus some! I would give it more than 5 stars if possible.

Jana F. Oct 10 2022

Highline Pencil Eyeliner

I love this liner! It stays on all day and glides on easily. Some liners hurt my eyes after a few hours, but this one does not at all!

Jess  Oct 10 2022


This pencil glides so smooth and the pigment is amazing!

Keri W. Oct 10 2022

Ok is still ok

Well I have to confess I’m not a huge fan of the eyeliner it’s OK… I know everyone is different and it does not stay on my eyes for very long. Wanted to be honest and upfront I love all the products of Crunchi, just not this one.

Prakruthi  Oct 10 2022

Love the eyeliner

The highlight of this eyeliner is it doesn’t cause any irritation to the eyes. I am sensitive to cosmetic products of any kind but crunchi products has won me for life. I strongly recommend their products.

Ashli N. Oct 10 2022

Pleasantly surprised!

I love how smooth this goes on!! In the past, I have not been a eyeliner user because I’m not great at the application, but this eyeliner is a game changer! It is so easy to apply, it’s not messy and it stays all day! ???? just perfect!

Verified Purchase
Elizabeth K. Oct 10 2022

So so good!

This eye liner is amazing!!! It goes on beautifully and stays put. Very pleased. Crunchi did it again!!

Verified Purchase
Jen M. Oct 10 2022

Black & Espresso

Both colors wear well, 16 hours!!! Love black top and espresso bottom!

Cayley A. Oct 10 2022

love it!

so impressed with the smooth application! very similar to a liquid application and can i just say i love that natural wood was used!

Kelly A. Oct 10 2022

What my eyes have been missing!

I gave up on finding a clean eyeliner that applied beautifully. Then Crunchi released their new Highliner and I CANNOT go a day without wearing it. It applies so smooth and pigmented. Lasts all day. I am obsessed!!!

KellyS  Oct 10 2022

Highliner Happiness

Loving how this Highliner goes on so smoothly. It is easy to apply with no crumbling or clumping. The best part is it last all day and then some. Must buy for eyes that POP!

Shannon M. Oct 09 2022


Love ?? the new highliner. Thin lines smooth and doesn't smudge. Perfect!

Verified Purchase
Marissa P. Sep 27 2022

Espresso my love!

Love the espresso color! I'm still getting used to not making my eyes so dark with this color. The eye liner is on the small side-making it kind of pricey.

Verified Purchase
Bonnie K. Sep 15 2022

Creamy application in a pencil

I love how this highliner goes on flawlessly. No skipping or clumping. Like a liquid without the liquid feel.