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Highliner® Pencil Eyeliner

Highliner® is a retractable pencil eyeliner that glides on smoothly with true color that stays in place. The pencil’s highly buildable pigment and built-in smudger allow you to customize your look by giving you the ability to go from subtle to bold. Our pencil eyeliner comes in an aluminum tube, that can be taken apart and recycled. 

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Customer Reviews

Jen  Apr 21 2022

Amazing toxic free eyeliner!

This is an amazing toxic free eyeliner! It looks great& gives peace of mind not having toxic ingredients.

Jolly P. Apr 14 2022

Love This Eyeliner

The Highliner goes on smoothly and lasts all day long! My favorite color is the brown as it goes with absolutely everything! Does not smudge or pull!

Verified Purchase
Geri A. Apr 10 2022

Great eyeline

Love this eyeliner! Easy to apply and lasts all day.

Verified Purchase
Steph T. Apr 10 2022

Very Oily Lids - Eyeliner Staying Powder not great

To my surprise this eyeliner is very great for the eye waterline. It stays there no matter what. I have one lid oilier than the other and the very oily lid it comes off about half of it in less than 1 hour. The other lid even though it is oily it stays for much longer. I have tried about everything I can think of to get this eyeliner to stay in this oilier lid and nothing is working so far. I am quite disappointed.

Verified Purchase
Brittany D. Jan 22 2022

Must Have!

Eyeliner is my ‘go to’ daily makeup product and this Highliner is the BEST! Velvety smooth, long lasting, and you can’t beat crunchi’s ingredients!

Allesha M. Dec 29 2021


I'm loving the espresso pencil. It's the perfect color for everyday wear to make my eyes pop. I just ordered another one to have on hand ??

Verified Purchase
Kim M. Dec 16 2021

Rubs off after an hour

I was really excited to try this because I really want safe eyeliner (I even bought two colors for multiple occasions). But every time I use them, it ends up smeared all under my eye, many times before I even get to leave the house. After reapplying, the same thing keeps happening.

Elizabeth T. Apr 01 2021

no way to sharpen!

I love this eyeliner but after a few uses, the end became blunt and there is no way to sharpen it! I have to put on a really thick line and then use the smudger to remove most of it to get a finer line. I feel like I'm wasting it!

Nicole H. Jul 10 2020

Best Safe Eyeliner

Love this eyeliner! It glides on so smooth and is really buildable to reach the desired pigment. I’m so happy Crunchi has eyeliner... I never leave home without it! I will patiently wait and hope for more shades too!

Kameryn  Jul 10 2020

Eyeliner I’ve been searching for!!

My eyes would water and itch with every “clean” eyeliner I would try but then I tried Crunchi’s Highliner and it was a total game changer!! I’ve been wearing this eyeliner for a few months now. It glides on beautifully when I warm it up first in my hand, I experience no watery or itchy eyes and it stays on all day. I can wear it subtle or go real bold for date nights. Definitely give it a try with the rest of the Crunchi line!

Cepeda C. Jul 10 2020

Excited to add a little something extra!

I used to use eyeliner all the time, but once I learned about how toxic they were I stopped using it! When crunchi came out with theirs I was so so excited to have that look back in my life. I had to retrain how to do it because it had been soo long haha! Thankful for the hard work they put into creating such a wonderful new eyeliner! It has truly given me that extra confidence boost I was missing all these years!

Verified Purchase
Delaina K. Jul 10 2020

Doesn't rub off on upper eyelid

Usually eyeliner rubs off onto my upper eyelid. My Crunch consultant was incredible when I was debating buying this product and suggested I use the translucent powder to reduce the oils on my eyelids. Since this little trick, my eyeliner stays on all day and does not move from where I put it on in the morning. This product doesn't cause any burning to my eyes which is an issue I had with eyeliner in the past. I have been using the brown Highliner and highly recommend it!

Delaina  Jul 10 2020

Doesn’t rub off on upper eyelid.

Glad to try this new eyeliner. Usually eyeliner rubs off to my upper eyelid and I haven’t had this issue with this product. My crunchi rep encouraged me to put some translucent powder on the eyelids to avoid the oils from messing up the makeup and it was great advice. Recommend this for casual wear or even just to spruce up your look one day. I got the brown highliner since I’m a little more fair skin and blonde hair. Looks great!

Joelle B. Jul 10 2020


I finally found it, an eyeliner that doesn’t smudge!!! I love this eyeliner!!! This is by far the best eyeliner ever, it’s easy to apply, no toxins, and stays put! Thank you Crunchi!!

Jennifer C. Jul 09 2020

Smooth application

Love how this goes on so smooth!!

Tasha P. Jul 09 2020


I just love that I finally found a perfect eye liner that is conscious of the products they use too! It’s the best! Buy it now!

Jan H. Jul 09 2020

Highliner Pencil Eyeliner

I love using a toxin free eyeliner and this one goes on smoothly when warmed up. The smudge feature is also fun!

Jan H. Jul 09 2020

Highliner Pencil Eyeliner

I love that this eyeliner is sturdy and glides on smoothly when warmed up. The smudge end is fun, too!

Amy W. Jul 09 2020

Love this!!

So excited this amazing brand has such an essential product. Liner can be part of a minimal look or a bolder look. Love this liner does not irritate my eyes

Heather R. Jul 09 2020

Best eyeliner!

I am so happy to have eyeliner back in my life! When I realized the awful ingredients that were in my conventional eyeliner, I tossed it. Now, I can wear it confidently and know that only goodness is touching my skin!

Allie M. Jul 09 2020

Love it!

Absolutely obsessed with this eyeliner! Applies smoothly and stays put.

Carissa V. Jul 09 2020

Love the Espresso color

I really like the way the eyeliner goes on, that you can smudge it initially but then that it stays in place. It’s the perfect brown color! It would be fun to see more color options, maybe even a gold!

Kim N. Jul 09 2020

Love, love, love !!

I absolutely love my new Crunchi eyeliner! It’s the best! You gotta try it!!

Melissa M. Jul 09 2020


I absolutely love this eyeliner! It applies smoothly and lasts a long time!

Heather R. Jul 09 2020

Thankful for this safe eyeliner!

I feel so good knowing I can wear this safe eyeliner and it will stay put all day long! I love both colors and how buildable they are! These are definitely staples in my makeup bag!

Heather R. Jul 09 2020

Thankful for this safe eyeliner!

I feel so good knowing I can wear this safe eyeliner and it will stay put all day long! I love both colors and how buildable they are! These are definitely staples in my makeup bag!

Melissa M. Jul 09 2020


Was so excited when crunchi came out with this eyeliner! Love how easy and smooth it is!

Lauren M. Jul 09 2020

Literal game-changer!

This eyeliner has top-of-the-like ingredients, applied super smooth and stays put all day! Bonus: I had never been a brown eyeliner kind of girl, but Highliner Espresso is my new fave for daytime!

Grace S. Jul 09 2020


I’ve used toxic eyeliners and other clean ones, and this by far beats the “clean” ones and is at least as good as the toxic! The clean ones I’ve used scrape across my eyelid and feel like I’m scratching it! No bueno. THIS ONE though, soooo smooth, and I love that it is buildable and can go on either thin OR thick with more coats. It’s really perfect for anyone! Plus it stays all day long with no smudging or smearing. Highly recommend this “game changer”.

Verified Purchase
Kristin K. Jul 08 2020


I am really happy with my Highliner Pencil Eyeliner! I looove that it is toxin-free and a little goes a long way! Paired with the shattered mascara, I never leave the house without wearing both!

Hannah J. Jul 08 2020


This eyeliner is so natural and gorgeous!!

Kristin K. Jul 08 2020


I’m really happy with my highlighter pencil eyeliner purchase! I love that it is toxin-free and a little goes a long way! Used in combo with the shattered mascara I never leave the house without wearing it!

Carol B. Jul 08 2020

Wonderful Product

This product is one of my favorites from Crunchi! It leaves such a natural look, but you can build up to a dramatic look as well. I love that the highliner is a twist up and that it comes with a smudge tip to blend it out. Will continue to purchase!

Allie M. Jul 08 2020


Eyeliner was something that I truly missed and finding a toxin-free alternative that actually worked was impossible!! I can always count on Crunchi to save the day! I've been so impressed with their eyeliner and can finally feel safe about what is on my skin.

Emily C. Jul 08 2020

Love it!

I have the espresso highliner & love it! No more sharpening my eyeliner pencil & it goes on smoothly & lasts a long time. Thankful for this product.

Chelsea M. Jul 08 2020

Love this eyeliner!

To be honest, I haven’t used an eyeliner since high school! I used to scratch my eyelids with eyeliner pencils and then never found one that didn’t run down my eyes by the end of the day, so I just gave up for a long time until Crunchi released their highliner. This eyeliner knocks it out of the park! Such a smooth application and it stays put all day. I love the pop it gives my eyes. So happy to have eyeliner back in my beauty routine!

Marcia  Jul 08 2020

So smooth!

I love how easy this eyeliner applies. It glides on so smooth and is buildable.

Janetta M. Jul 08 2020

Best toxin free on the market

I have tried many toxin free eyeliners but they do not last, smudge, and fade. This one lasts all day. I don't have to stress about the toxic effects of the ingredients because they're all clean!

Caitlin  Jul 08 2020

Expresso Heaven

I love the Expresso Highlight! I’m a natural redhead and it’s hard it find colors that blend in with my complexion. The Expresso Highliner works very well under the eye near the waterline and the as a eyeliner.

Maria G. Jul 07 2020


Love that there is finally a clean option for eyeliner. This product is extremely easy and smooth to put on!

Verified Purchase
Dorenda W. Jul 07 2020

Making the change

This product makes it easy to transition to clean eye make up. It can go on thin and subtly, which I prefer, and the smudger blends it well. Love the feel of the tube and the offering in espresso.

Lyndsey K. Jul 07 2020

Soft and Subtle

Love this buttery smooth eyeliner! You can do a subtle look and make it stand out too! Love that it’s so versatile and it comes in 2 glam shades! Top it off with lip liner for espresso and it’s the best darker look! Love this product!!

Justine M. Jul 07 2020

High liner for the win!!

I’m in love with this product!! I’ve been searching for a truly toxin-free eyeliner for quite some time now and Crunchi’s Highliner will really make your eyes pop! The smooth buttery application will last all day!

Alexis K. Jul 07 2020

Amazing Eyeliner!!

This is the best eyeliner I have ever had! It goes on smooth. It is soft to the touch and has a blender on the other end. Oh and to top it off the package!!! I am sold on this every time!

Lisa B. Jul 07 2020

Super Versatile Eyeliner!

I bought the Highliner in Espresso, and I love it for so many reasons! Not only can I use it flawlessly on my eyes & smudge it for a smoky eye look, but I can also use it to fill in my brows or as a lipliner!!! Crunchi hit this one out of the park once again!

Shadley C. Jul 07 2020


Smooth application and serious stay power. So glad to finally have a toxin-free eyeliner option!

Darby S. Jul 07 2020

Best eyeliner I’ve ever tried!

It’s smooth and silky and a little really does go a long way. It’s bold and literally lasts ALL day.

Mariah T. Jul 07 2020

Easy Application!

I am no makeup pro, so I really appreciate how easily it applies and I can wipe away any mistakes. It also stays on all day!! Love it!!

Tiffany C. Jul 07 2020

4 items in one!!!

I love the smudger end! This eyeliner can be used as eyeshadow (smudge it out), lip liner (smudge out and also contour your lips!), eyebrow pencil, and oh yea, eyeliner!!!

Verified Purchase
Laura O. Jul 07 2020

Like butter!

So smooth, and great pigment! This was worth the wait! The highliner works really well for adding just a little or when you glam it out. A must for your make up bag!

Beth E. Jul 07 2020

Highlighter Pencil Eyeliner

I am loving the highlighter eyeliner pencil! Makeup was my last switch for a toxin free lifestyle so I was elated when I bought this and it works so much better than any other commercial brand company filled with toxic ingredients. I love that it is made with clean ingredients that heal my skin! I highly recommend the Highligher and that it is the best eyeliner I’ve had!

Katie E. Jul 07 2020

The best eyeliner!

I absolutely love the highliner. It doesn’t smear all over our eyes like other liners or irritate my eyes. I also love the blender feature!!

Amie C. Jul 06 2020

Favorite eyeliner

I love having an eyeliner that doesn’t make my eyes water! And it gives the perfect amount of definition to my eyes!!

Kim  Jul 06 2020

Clean eyeliner

I do enjoy knowing I am applying a clean eyeliner. For me, I did find this a bit difficult to use as the line is thicker than I'm used to. The product also seems to wear off half way through the day.

Lacie G. Jul 06 2020

Love this!

This is the first real eyeliner I have used in years! All the store bought stuff made my eyes water & itch. Not Crunchi! Love the natural ingredients & the recyclable tube!

Verified Purchase
Cynthia B. Jul 06 2020

The Best!

Looking for an Eyeliner that works well & is toxin-free!? Look no further this is simply the best Eyeliner I've ever used! Smooth application & it doesn't run, I've never loved an Eyeliner more!

Christy B. Jul 06 2020

Love the liner!!

I just received the Highliner from Crunchi and LOVE it!! It is so smooth and the blender end is fabulous!! Way to go Crunchi!! ??

Rosy C. Jul 06 2020

Awesome CLEAN liner

Its not very pigmented but I love having the option of having a clean eyeliner! I noticed it works better when “Warmed ” up.

Bonnie  Jul 06 2020


Easy application. Doesn’t last all day

Bekah C. Jul 06 2020

BEST eyeliner!!!

I’ve used several eyeliners in the past, but this one tops all! I love the way it glides on smoothly and lasts all day!

Kim N. Jul 06 2020

Best Eyeliner Ever!!

I’m so happy I finally found an eyeliner that is not only easy to apply, but it’s good for my sensitive eyes! No more swollen, red reactions like I get from other brands! Crunchi is actually toxin free and my eyes can definitely tell the difference! Thank you Crunchi for another awesome product!!

Angela L. Jul 06 2020

Love this eyeliner!

Love this eyeliner and its ingredients. Goes on smooth and lasts! The color is great. I wear the brown.

Megan W. Jul 06 2020

Favorite Eyeliner

Goes on smoothly, stays in place all day and washes off easily at night. Does not irritate my extremely sensitive eyes. Love this eyeliner!

Hannah  Jul 06 2020

Great Clean Eyeliner!

I’m a “wear eyeliner every day” kind of girl, so I was thrilled when Crunchi released this product! It performs so much better than any other brand of clean eyeliners I had tried previously. I do wish it was a bit softer / easier to apply, but warming up the eyeliner in my pocket before applying does help soften it up a bit. Would love a liquid eyeliner option in the future, but overall I have come to really love this one!!

Heather R. Jul 06 2020

So thankful for safe eyeliner!

I switched to using eyeshadow as liner when I found out the ingredients in conventional eyeliner. Not anymore! I love this highliner and use both colors! I love how it stays put all day!

Robin A. Jul 06 2020

My new favorite eyeliner pencil!

I ordered the new eyeliner pencil reluctantly because I have a favorite eyeliner I use daily. Well Let me say that I really love the smoothness of this eyeliner! Goes on so nice, and I love the added bonus of the smudger on the end of the pencil! It’s my go to eyeliner now! I just Hope Crunchi comes out with more colors because I like to switch it up depending on my moods. ????

Courtney  Jul 06 2020

Love this product

I absolutely love the Crunchi Highliner. I had such a hard time finding a toxin free option that last all day. Crunchi hit is out the park with this product! This eyeliner last all day long with no fall out. This is an everyday must have product.

Jan H. Jul 06 2020


I have never been good with eye liner until Crunchi Highliner came along! I always had problems with other eyeliners breaking and going on too thick, but this Highliner goes on smooth and stays put. My one piece of advice is to warm it up on your skin before applying so that it goes on easily.

Jen D. Jul 06 2020

Love this Eyeliner!

This is the first eyeliner that I’ve ever been able use that doesn’t irritate my eyes!! It goes on smooth and looks great! I love the smudger end too!

April R. Jul 06 2020

Smooth Operator

I love how smoothly the eyeliner goes on! So easy to apply and it looks great, too. My only complaint is that it seems to wear off before the days end. However, I’ll gladly deal with that to know and use the Crunchi brand that I trust and love!

Priscilla L. Jul 06 2020

Love it

I love the high liner and confident that when it touches my eye I’m not putting harsh chemicals on it...I would like it to be a little more creamier but other than that it has been great. I love the color. I also use it as a lipliner which I love - espresso color.

Marcia  Jul 06 2020

True Game Changer!

I like that the eyeliner goes on smooth, is buildable, and stays in place all day!

Linda J. Jul 06 2020


I tried it for the first time and loved the ease of it! Stays on and doesn’t smudge

Verified Purchase
Melissa C. Jul 06 2020

Highliner is AWESOME!

My eyes just "pop" with the new Crunchi Highliner Pencil Eyeliner. I've got brown eyes and always had worn another expensive brand, but when I started the new Toxin-Free makeup journey I wanted to try ALL the products! Crunchi makeup has changed my self-esteem and self-awareness on my skin! The Highliner is amazing, glindes on smoothly and is so easy to use. I use the black on top and the espresso on bottom. I get so many compliments on my eyes! Thank you Crunchi!

Allie M. Jul 06 2020

Crunchi did it again!!

Talk about an awesome product!!! I never realized how much I missed eyeliner until Crunchi came out with this and this has been a total gamechanger!!! Stays put all day, and glides on like a dream.

Dee  Jul 06 2020

Love it!

So glad I found a toxin free eyeliner! You do have to warm it up a bit before using it and then it glides on smooth & effortlessly & stays place all day! So happy I found this brand!

Erica  Jul 06 2020

My favorite!

I’ve been wearing eyeliner since I was about 16, I’m now 30. This is got to be my favorite eyeliner. Not only does it have great color, it lasts all day. It’s just an added bonus that it’s a clean product.

Amber K. Jul 06 2020

Fantastic & Toxin free

I love this eyeliner! It glides on very smoothly And lasts the entire day! Even through summer swimming it stays in place. I love that it doesn’t burn or irritate my eyes like traditional eyeliners. High performing and clean ingredients. It’s wonderful that I don’t have to sharpen it either.

Ashley A. Jul 06 2020

Love it!!

I love how versatile it is! It can go from a 2 second, super casual sweep to a deep precision cat eye. It is foolproof, which I need and has lasted me forever!! The smudger on the bottom is gold too!

Shellie L. Jul 06 2020


I have always looked for a liner that didn't itch and smear. This stuff stays put and I can wear it all day long with out the constant rubbing of my eyes!

Stefanie K. Jul 06 2020

Love this liner

This liner does not disappoint! Glides on smoothly and lasts all day. I love the design and packaging and am thrilled that it cruelty free. I have the brown and can’t wait to get the black next!

Emily W. Jul 06 2020

Highliner magic

Easily my most favorite pencil liner I have ever used. It goes on smooth, the pigment is incredibly buildable allowing for a subtle natural look or a dramatic date night eye with 1 product. And the fact that it's toxin-free is the icing on the cake!! I love this stuff!

Kayla G. Jul 06 2020

Smokey eye staple!

Wether you need a tight line or Smokey eye, this eyeliner can do it! I was so excited to have a toxin-free eyeliner that actually performed really well! I get so many compliments on my smokey eye and it lasts all day with no creasing. It was easy to use and even for a less dramatic look it was painless and flawless for tight lining on my waterline... no watery eyes! Win-win!

Verified Purchase
Christine P. May 24 2020

In love!!

I can't say enough good things about this eyeliner! Before switching to Crunchi, my eyes would water ALL DAY LONG. I honestly thought I had allergies. But nope! It was just my toxic eyeliner wreaking havoc! As soon as I started using highliner, the irritation completely stopped. Not to mention it performs better than any other brand I've ever used! As silly as it may sound, this eyeliner has been life-changing for me.

Hannah  May 01 2020


It’s great to have a clean eyeliner! Just wish it was a little more pigmented!

Pam  Apr 05 2020


Eyeliner has always been my go to product, never left home without! When I found Crunchi I fell in love with the products but was disappointed they didn’t have eyeliner. I knew they were working on it, but it wasn’t ready for prime time. This year they released Highliner and I am in love! It performs! It last! It stays in place!