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Goldenlight® Multi-Peptide Facial Serum

Goldenlight® is formulated with multiple powerful tripeptides and tetrapeptides that work overtime to visibly plump fine lines, firm and tighten the appearance of the skin to help reduce the signs of aging, leaving the skin with a natural glow.

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Customer Reviews

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Shannon M. Jan 10 2023

It's a Love Love Relationship

I cannot imagine starting or ending my day without Goldenlight! It nourishes my skin and makes it so smooth without feeling greasy. It helps give my appearance that youthful glow that I had been missing for years. My skin loves it and I love it! <3

Jenn C. Nov 27 2022

Gold in a Bottle

I was skeptical at first but this stuff is legit. I feel like it fills in my fine lines and plumps up my 41-year-old face. I know this sounds odd but I got a little burn on my face from waxing and I swear, goldenlight made it heal faster. It smells amazing too.

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Cynthia M. Sep 29 2022

So good but too pricey

I absolutely love this serum and how it made my skin look and feel. However, I was so disappointment that it only lasted 7 weeks using it as suggested. Most people don't have 50.00/month in their budget just for a facial serum. The serum itself is a five star, but the price is a one.

Mary B. Aug 24 2022

Does what it says

I use this twice a day. I love the way it feels when I put it on. I also have noticed a difference in the fine lines in my face. I will continue to use this!

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Katrin F. Jun 09 2022

Worth It!

I snagged this serum during a special Gift With Purchase promotion and am so glad I did! It is lightweight, not sticky, dries quickly, but also leaves my skin feeling hydrated and replenished. I have been using it post-workout and after a shower before I get ready and before I put on my makeup. My concealer, especially, has gone on smoother and easier and I feel like I get better coverage with even less product. I will be reordering this!

Jennifer  Jun 05 2022


I love using this I have noticed a difference in my skin doesn’t show my fine lines and wrinkles as much as before!

Marilyn S. Jun 01 2022

Hooded Eyes

I use Goldenlight on my eyelids. I have hooded eyes and see an improvement since using this product as it relates to the firmness off the eyelid skin! This product is giving me a much needed boost. I also love how it glides on and hydrates my entire face. My aesthetician noticed the hydration level and asked what I was doing. I would say that is a huge compliment for the product and creators.

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Julie T. May 31 2022

Love this Serum!

This is an amazing product! For years any facial products I tried caused me to have some sort reaction. I absolutely love all Crunchi facial care products! Golden Light had helped firm and hydrate my face! My second favorite product.. Powerlight is my #1. I tell any many people as possible about how wonderful Crunchi is! Thank You!

Connie H. Apr 28 2022


Love this product has made a big difference in my wrinkles on my face .. Awesome product

Jennifer S. Apr 18 2022

Goldenlight Facial Serum

I love it I noticed a difference in my skin soon after I started using it! I highly recommend it!

Jan H. Mar 23 2022

Goldenlight is amazing!

I was hoping that at age 62, I could find a clean product that would bring some rejuvenation back to my face….especially in the neck area! To say that I was pleasantly surprised when my first application of Goldenlight actually tightened up my neck area, would be the greatest understatement! Those peptides really do amazing things! I’m a user for life!

Liz S. Mar 23 2022

Goldenlight is Liquid Gold!

Prior to using Goldenlight I was researching and considering expensive treatments such as radio frequency micro needling because of my skin texture. I noticed a difference quickly in the appearance of my skin! My skin appears to be more firm and uneven texture is not noticeable now. I can’t imagine going a day without this amazing serum!

Bev R. Mar 20 2022


I have been using Goldenlight for 3 months, same bottle and I can definitely see a difference that the wrinkles are getting softer I will continue using into my second bottle

Amber C. Mar 19 2022

Skin love

I have been looking for something a little "extra" for my skin. Something that would help to moisturize yet NOT make it extra oily as I tend to be oily on my own anyway (yet dry @ times). I couldn't wait to get my box open & get this on my face as I am already in love with many other Crunchi products! As soon as I did, its like my face was thanking me! My skin was so smooth & felt so hydrated! Thank you Crunchi for yet another fantastic product!

Niki K. Mar 19 2022

Total convert

I’d tried expensive serums with no results. Golden light has hit it out of the park! Tried different amts, full dropper too much, 1/2 to 3/4 just right. So happy with brighter smoother skin.

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Laura K. Mar 19 2022

Acne scarring has drastically improved!

I’m actually quite blown away at how my acne scarring has improved. I had mild to moderate scarring near both cheeks, and wow, it’s hardly noticeable! I’m officially a believer in Goldenlight!!

Verified Purchase
Hannah J. Mar 19 2022

Serum you need ????

I am just a week in and I’m LOVING Goldenlight! A little goes a long way. I can already tell my face seems brighter and it’s smoothing some bumps on my forehead. I am 29 and have felt the importance of caring for my skin now so I can have the pretty, supple looking skin later in life. So, if you’re in the “younger” crowd I would definitely recommend adding this to your daily routine!

Kristy A. Mar 19 2022


Instant difference even after the 1st use. Skin looks brighter/smoother, dark spots lighter…my face is glowing. Love the way it feels & smells…my skin soaked it right up. After using the Gentle Cleansing Bar and Clarilight (love them both) followed by Goldenlight…I applied moisturizer…but I will say that my skin was already so moisturized from the Goldenlight that I hardly needed any more! Also I LOVE the glass containers & packaging. Wish I would’ve tried Goldenlight sooner! Worth every penny!

Tina M. Mar 19 2022

Pharmacy Technician

Goldenlight is a must have. My skin has alway been very sensitive to products. Crunchi is my go to skin products. Goldenlight has made my skin much much firmer. I love the way it works for me and I have received many compliments on how well my skins looks. I am 47 and a grandmother of 4 and most people think I and late 20's early 30's. Best compliments ever. I will never stop using goldenlight or crunchi products ever. Thank you for these great products

Heidi S. Mar 18 2022


It feels amazing going on my face AND it is sooo moisturizing!!! I ran out and boy did I miss it!! I will NEVER run out again!!

Andrea D. Mar 18 2022

Love it

I am in love with Goldenlight. It has helped lighten up my dark spots and I feel an instant glow after I apply it! My skin has definitely changed for the better in the last few months thanks to this special serum! I recommend everyone add this to their skincare routine! Thank you for making such an incredible product that works while keeping it safe ????

Jonell P. Mar 18 2022


Great product easy to use. Makes my skin feel so much softer and so refreshed.

Cynthia C. Mar 18 2022

Amazing!!! Anazing!!!!Anazing!!!!!

Thus serum is exactly that …Amazing!!!! Only been using it a short time and can see the difference on my skin. I can’t wait to look 30 years younger soon!!!! Wow. I feel like buying a bottle for my arms, my legs, my stomach and my hands!!! This stuff is liquid gold!!!

Tracy H. Mar 18 2022

Goldenlight is goldeny smooth

I am 52 and was a little hesitant to order but was instantly impressed. The first time I put it on I noticed my skin felt softer. I have been putting it on my face and neck for a month now and my face feels softer and more hydrated. My health of my skin has improved. I think it is starting to look and feel younger. The 4 star rating instead of 5 was due to the higher price.

Trista H. Mar 18 2022

Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow

I have only been using Goldenlight for about two months, but I have seen a major change in the appearance of fine lines on my neck! I also love the glow it gives me even if I’m not wearing any makeup! If you are curious and wanting to try a new product from Crunchi——this is it! It truly is the pot of “gold” at the end of the rainbow!

Angela Z. Mar 18 2022

Wake up to a Glow!

I have used Goldenlight nightly for several months now. I feel my skin gets such a boost so I always make sure to put it into my routine at the end of the day. I also love it for around the eyes under Powerlight and have even used it on my stomach for tightening a well! A little goes a long way I've found so the value remains outstanding. My husband uses it nightly as well. I'm so thankful for an anti-aging product that I know is working hard for me without the toxins mixed in!

DLep  Mar 18 2022

Finally tried and now I’m hooked

Tried many serums before and this is my fav by far. Goes on smoothly, doesn’t have a strong scent, it’s clean and it works! I feel like I don’t need a million other face products now. And I love that it is made in the US.

Stephanie H. Mar 18 2022

Love it

I am in love with this serum...I had gotten a sample and couldn't wait for my order to come in because I ordered a bottle of it and was so excited to receive it today...

Tammy M. Mar 18 2022


I’ve used serums before but now realize they’re loaded with terrible ingredients. Goldenlight has been a gift. I’ve had facial scars since my early 20’s. Thanks to Goldenlight they’re almost invisible. I started using it on Dec 24….less than three months later and the results are fabulous. I can’t wait to see all those other age giveaways disappear (ie wrinkles). One of my most favorite products!!

Christina V. Mar 18 2022

Great Serum

Love the way it goes on my skin. It’s not sticky and absorbs quickly. I’ve gotten compliments from strangers that my skin looks good so it’s definitely working.

Ivana A. Mar 18 2022

Smooth and soft

Smooth and soft is how my mom described my skin. I shared my golden secret and her and my sister jumped on the goldenlight bandwagon. My mom said her “elevens” were less visible and my sister says her scars as well. My scars and cystic acne are not as visible. So happy with this product. Also love the glow!

Lindsay B. Mar 18 2022

This is GOLD!!

I started using Goldenlight in Jan and it has visibly reduced my 11's and really smoothed out the texture of my skin. It feels amazing going on and has evened out the skin tone under my eyes. I don't have to use concealer anymore. As a single mom of three in the last year of her 30's this product has been game changing for my skin! I don't go a day without it!

Sue T. Mar 18 2022

Goldenlight is Amazing!

I have been using Goldenlight for a little over three months. After a few short weeks, I noticed that a small age (or sun spot) on my cheek had disappeared. Goldenlight makes my skin look and feel so smooth and soft! My only regret is that I did not take a “before” picture to see the difference. It’s amazing stuff!!

Paula H. Mar 18 2022

Golden light, the miracle worker!

I love, love the new golden light face serum! It has literally made my skin sooo soft and has also brightened it up! I never want to be without this miracle worker! Fine lines and not so fine lines are looking less noticeable, which is a place when you are already 60! Great, clean ingredients make me feel good about using it on my sensitive skin!

Karen K. Mar 18 2022

Best product to date!

I have been using Crunchi since July 2021. I LOVE these products. I use the skin care . When Goldenlight was born , well it is a game changer. I have had a red dot on the middle of my forehead forever. I have had it lasered three times and yet it came back. I can tell you now, it is almost gone!!!! Just a small pink spot instead of red. I am over the moon happy. Thank you!!

Mandy M. Mar 18 2022

Best serum for soft and even skin

I was a little skeptical at first because I hadn’t really used a facial serum before. But oh my goodness, this one seriously blew me out of the water. After just a few days my skin was so soft and hydrated. And after a few months of use I’ve noticed my forehead wrinkles are less prominent. I think this is my favorite Crunchi skincare item yet. This is a game changer for your skin. A little goes a long way! I can’t live without this product now.

Linda C. Mar 18 2022

Absolutely amazing!!

I started using GoldenLight in February of this year. My face is very splotchy, and I have vitiligo, so my face has several skin tone issues not to mention all my laugh lines. In less than 1 month GoldenLight evened out skin tones and smoothed out those lines. It leaves my face feeling soft happy. I highly recommend this product. It’s a game changer for ladies like me with in even red splotchy skin tones.

Janet G. Mar 18 2022


I have been using Goldenlight for almost 3 months now and am in love!! There has been a significant difference in the appearance of my skin…my sunspots are fading away, my crows feet are barely there and I have my youthful (I’m 71) glow back.

Marilyn J. Mar 18 2022

Totally addicted

I wasn’t sure about adding in another product to my skincare routine…. But now I’m totally addicted. If anything adding in the peptide serum has allowed me to minimize my routine, and as a minimalist I love that unexpected outcome.

EleanorE  Mar 18 2022

This is an amazing skin care product!

I received the Goldenlight Facial Serum as a gift and have been using it the past 2 months. I am 62. My daughter took before and after pictures. I knew my skin was feeling softer and smoother, but when I looked at the pic's I could see that the size of my pores were smaller. There was also a noticeable difference in the lines around my eyes. Wow. I am hooked.

Nicole G. Mar 18 2022

Soft skin

2 months using this aa part of my day and night routine. My skin feels softer and other creams go on smoother. I don't notice a decrease in wrinkles or lines disappearing as much as others do. I'll keep using it and see if longer is better.

Verified Purchase
Amanda M. Mar 18 2022


I have rosacea and very sensitive skin. It works well with my skin and doesn’t irritate it, very gentle but effective! I’ve definitely noticed an improvement in my rosacea and have gotten off 2 expensive prescriptions ointments!! Yay!! Definitely worth the money! Thank you Crunchi!

Juliet N. Mar 18 2022

Gold in a bottle!

I didn’t believe it until I started seeing the results myself. I can tell a difference in my deep set forehead wrinkles after just one month! It’s amazing.

Verified Purchase
Brittany I. Mar 18 2022


My rep gave me a sample of the Goldenlight to try and I really like it.

Michele L. Mar 18 2022

Goldenlight Glow is real

Love the gentle firmness and the glow it gives my skin!!????

Verified Purchase
Travis O. Mar 18 2022

Loving Goldenlight

My wife has me using this product and I really like it. It leaves my skin so smooth and soft.

Elisa O. Mar 18 2022


Loving Goldenlight! I have sensitive skin and do not have any issues applying Goldenlight morning and night. My skin looks and feels amazing! This newest addition to my Crunchi skincare routine has just taken things up a notch!!

Lauren K. Mar 18 2022

Complete Gamechanger!

Three months ago you would never have seen me without makeup on. Goldenlight has completely transformed my skin. I’m no longer embarrassed to be caught without makeup. In fact, lately I prefer to not wear makeup. My skin glows, is clear (I have had zero breakouts), and is so soft. My pores have dramatically shrunk too. This is liquid gold in a bottle!

Kristy P. Mar 18 2022

Give it 30 days! Great results!

Absolutely love the silky smooth serum that absorbs quickly! I can definitely feel a difference in the texture of my skin and it feels better hydrated. I didn’t notice immediate results but after about 30 days I can totally tell a difference in my acne scars! They are far less visible!!! ????????

Verified Purchase
Mystery H. Mar 18 2022


Goldenlight has provided a youthful appearance giving me the confidence to seek a new job at 60 years of age ????

Keri W. Mar 18 2022


Golden light was my first facial product and I’m absolutely in love with it!!! I’m new to Crunchi and feel these products will be my only facial routine!!!

Julie W. Mar 18 2022


After using GoldenLight for over 5 weeks I can definitely see improvement on my 60+ skin. It looks healthier, smoother and there is a noticeable decrease in the lines around my eyes. With the smooth silky application and wonderful results this will be a repeat purchase for sure.

Brittany K. Mar 17 2022

The true wrinkle eraser!

I am so excited to try this golden light serum. As we age we all know it comes with wrinkles. I am at relief knowing I can use a toxin free, product instead of injecting my face with chemicals or absorbing harmful chemicals to my body. Not only that, it’s a fraction of the cost.! Saving money and the healthier option how could you say no to that!!!

Di  Mar 17 2022

Love love love

I love golden light, my lines and pores seem less noticeable, I don’t need moisturizer when I wear it. I did have to switch from using morning and night to just morning because I ran out in a month and I can’t afford it. ????

Katie R. Mar 17 2022

Light and moisturizing!

I have been using Goldenlight for about 3 months and I love how it makes my skin feel! It provides incredible moisture without being heavy or greasy. I have also seen a reduction in the size of the pores on my cheeks, which I have always been conscious of. I love this product! Highly recommend!

Kristen H. Mar 17 2022

Subtle changes

Since using goldenlight I have noticed more flawless skin. It has helped to minimize the fine lines and helped make my skin glow.

Michele L. Mar 17 2022

Golden light is pure gold!

I love the golden light face serum. It keeps me glowing all day.

Tamara T. Mar 17 2022

Smooth skin

I have very large pores withe t zone skin. I'm 64 years young. I have noticeably smoother skin. The lines around my mouth aren't as noticeable and my skin is not as oily. I had a facial last month and she compliment me on my good skin. I have never had good skin until I started adding Goldenlight to my daily skin care. Tamara Thomas

Verified Purchase
Tiffany C. Mar 17 2022

Serum Review

The serum is my new favorite thing. Honestly the best part for me is how it smells, it makes me smile when I put it on and smell all the floral notes. I feel like I am dipping my face in nature. And bonus - I had a blemish which would usually last a week - but in two days it was barely visible. This stuff makes me look forward to washing my face - I absolutely love it!

Verified Purchase
Leah N. Mar 17 2022

Silken Winter Skin Support

I get very dry winter skin. This year was worse than usual because I developed a rash on my neck. Goldenlight helped my body facilitate healing of the rash from the outside (I did a cleanse on the inside) and softened what is usually dry and flaky during the brutal MI winter. My skin looks brighter, more toned, and plumper, which reduces the appearance of those fine lines setting in as I reach my late 30's. This product works beautifully when combined with Crunchi's other skincare products.

Alisa T. Mar 17 2022


I'm 50 and have recently started using the Goldenlight Serum and love it. My face feels so amazingly smooth. Sometimes we forget how important it is to take care of the microbiome on our skin. Thank you Crunchi for this amazing product.

Christine K. Mar 17 2022

Best serum!

I have sensitive skin and this serum is so calming. A little goes a long way when applying to my face, neck and chest. My wrinkles have softened and pores look smaller. I highly recommend Goldenlight!

Lyndsey K. Mar 17 2022

My FAV Ever

Goldenlight is revolutionizing my skin. I’ve never felt super comfortable out with no makeup on. Goldenlight has been changing the game for sure. I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin. I have struggled with acne most of my life. It’s been helping reduce the appearance of my cystic acne scars and make my skin feel so good.

Verified Purchase
Vicky S. Mar 17 2022

LOVE this liquid gold

I didn't really know what a facial serum even was before, but tried GoldenLight and absolutely fell in love. It's a must have and is an absolute value for the price. It's soooooo good for my skin, cost effective, toxin free AND in ecoconscious packaging. It's amazing!

Kathy C. Mar 17 2022

Goldenlight Facial Serum

I’m 64 years old and have only been using Goldenlight Facial Serum for a couple of weeks, but I have seen a difference around my eyes. I like the way it helps reduce my fine lines and the way it makes my skin feel so soft. I definitely recommend trying Crunchi’s new Goldenlight Facial Serum and it’s nice to know it has clean ingredients!

Verified Purchase
Jennifer D. Mar 17 2022

Liquid Gold

I love Goldenlight! It feels so smooth going on and leaves my face feeling soft. This product is lightweight and absorbs nicely into the skin. It’s a great addition to my skincare routine!

Verified Purchase
Cepeda C. Mar 17 2022

I feel a glow!

My skin has seemed more vibrant since using goldenlight. It's as if my skin isn't dull anymore. I am loving how it makes my skin look and feel. You won't be disappointed when you use this!

Verified Purchase
Stacy W. Mar 17 2022

Great product!

This is a great product and love the results. I highly recommend!!

Beverly H. Mar 17 2022

My new BFF

Wow! I am absolutely blown away by the performance of this facial serum! My skin is so silky smooth now. My skin used to be angry at me, especially certain times of the month. After using CRUNCHI’S Goldenlight facial serum, my skin has been SO happy! It feels rejuvenated and refreshed. My makeup goes on so smoothly and evenly. Even my husband started using it as he immediately noticed the difference in my skin!

Claire A. Mar 17 2022

Goldenlight Serum

I truly did not think that my skin could feel any smoother, but Crunchi always surpasses my expectations! Since I've introduced Goldenlight into my routine, my face feels smoother & looks brighter, pores look noticeably better, and overall I definitely use less product. I'll never go without Goldenlight!

Terri T. Mar 17 2022

Review for Crunchi Goldenlight facial Serum

I have been using Goldenlight Serum and I absolutely love this product!! I have noticed smoother lines plus my face and neck have not gotten dry skin. It absorbs nicely with no greasy feel.

Vera W. Mar 17 2022

So Luxurious

I’m very pleased with my purchase of this! I’ve seen every benefit that the description touts. Love the silkiness as it glides over my skin as well as the healthy, supple glow ! Thank you Crunchi!

Tatyanna B. Mar 17 2022


I have to admit I was hoping I wouldn't love the Goldenlight because I was finishing up another product that I liked a lot. But I was shocked how much I loved it! I love how it felt going on. It wasn't super greasy or thick. It made my skin feel great the next day. I love how it gives my skin a healthy glow without too much shin. I love how it has helped clear up my blemishes in days! Yep this is a must-have!!

Heather R. Mar 17 2022

My new favorite!

I didn't think I needed to add this to my skincare routine but got it to try it out. I was so wrong!! It is now my new favorite skincare product and I cannot believe the difference in my skin. I feel like it is so soft, smooth, and brighter. My husband loves it now, too, and can feel a positive difference in his skin as well!

Melissa W. Mar 17 2022

Liquid gold!

Another great Cunchi product! It leaves my skin soft and is so lightweight. Awesome addition to my skin care regimen!

Heather R. Mar 17 2022

My new favorite!

I didn't think I needed to add this to my skincare routine but got it to try it out. I was so wrong!! It is now my new favorite skincare product and I cannot believe the difference in my skin. I feel like it is so soft, smooth, and brighter. My husband loves it now, too, and can feel a positive difference in his skin as well!

Elena B. Mar 17 2022

Love it!

Great serum goes on smooth and feels like its working right away smells so good too!

Liza D. Mar 17 2022

Goldenlight is amazing!

Goldenlight is an amazing product! I love the feel of the serum as I’m applying it, and how it makes my skin feel. It’s like silk!

Sierra S. Mar 17 2022

Game changer!!

I’m in love with this product! I have tried so many serums and noting compares to goldenlight! My skin complexion is much more even, and I have a constant glow which I love!!!! If you haven’t tried it you need to! It is amazing????

Verified Purchase
Sarah S. Mar 16 2022

Girls BFF !! :)

I have been using Goldenlight facial serum for several weeks now and I said WOW after the first application! It is silky, beautiful and I noticed within a few days how much softer and brighter my skin looked. It is fading my age spots and has become one of my favorite skincare products. Goldenlight is a girls BFF

Verified Purchase
Michelle H. Mar 16 2022

Improved texture

I have been using Goldenlight for 3 months. I love how soft it makes my face. SO SMOOTH!! I am not sure that it has made a dramatic improvement to my "expression lines" but they are not getting worse either. I think it is a great addition to my Crunchi Skin care regimen.

Heather F. Mar 16 2022


I love Goldenlight! I’ve used one bottle so far. I love how my face feels. I wish I’d have taken a before picture so I can watch for improvements in lines and spots, but I can definitely tell a difference in the texture and pores! Can’t wait for my next bottle to get here ??

Heather F. Mar 16 2022


I love Goldenlight. I’ve only been using for one month, but I just love how it makes my face feel overall. I definitely see improvement in the texture/pores ??

Verified Purchase
Jeana C. Mar 16 2022


I was skeptical to try golden light but am so glad I did. I’ve been using it for about 6 weeks and only at night. Within the first week my skin felt softer and after a couple weeks it’s looking smoother. I’ve also begun to notice less redness in my cheeks. Looking forward to continued results.

Jennifer L. Mar 16 2022

Golden light

Just started using this product, but so far I Love it ! It smells so nice and feels so light weight when put on.

Faith T. Mar 16 2022

Love love love Goldenlight!

Goldenlight is a complete game changer. I stopped using serums a long time ago because they felt really heavy and greasy on my skin. I'm so impressed with the way Goldenlight absorbs into my skin and wears well under makeup! Plus, it has drastically evened out my skin tone and has given my skin an overall "brightness" that I've never had before. Thank you, Crunchi!!

Crystal H. Mar 16 2022


I love this product. I’ve been using this for a little over a month and I’m seeing noticeable improvements in the wrinkles on my forehead and even got a compliment on how my skin is looking. It also feels great when apply and makes my skin feel softer.

Patti A. Mar 16 2022

Faith in a bottle

I was on the fence about using facial serums until recently. I had previously purchased Goldenlight but was not faithful in its use. My esthetician recommended I start using a serum and was ready to sell me one. I showed her the Crunchi site and what was in Goldenlight. She was very impressed and said Goldenlight had more good stuff in it than the brand she sold and it was cheaper. I was impressed by her honesty and I am proud to say I use my Goldenlight serum faithfully.

Judy t. Mar 16 2022

Best ever

My skin feels soooo good!!! Thank u Crunchi ??

Gigi S. Mar 16 2022

Feels like plumped silk skin

I’m not young and have tried a LOT of skincare and makeup in my life. I love the feel of Goldenlight! It feels like it plumps and hydrates my skin!!!! A lot of products claim to but I feel it with this one! ??

Verified Purchase
Kori A. Mar 16 2022

Best product ever!!!!

In Dec 2021 I had cancer removed from the bridge of my nose that left 7 stitches. I started using Goldenlight on Jan 5, 2022. I am blown away that the scar is barely visible after just 2 months of daily use. This product is amazing!

Verified Purchase
Joan H. Mar 16 2022

Wow! Expectations Surpassed!

Even at 65, I have enjoyed immediate and long term benefits from twice daily use of Goldenlight. It's like an aesthetician in a bottle.

Rachel C. Mar 16 2022

Best Skincare Investment

I was skeptical, because I feel like I’ve tried everything and nothing works for me. But oh my goodness, I was so surprised! Goldenlight is the missing key in all skincare routines. My skin has never felt softer, it’s starting to even out (texture/color) and I swear you can actually feel it working. Plus it smells amazing! You will not regret it. I’m ordering my 2nd bottle right now!

Emily V. Mar 16 2022

Skincare Game Changer!

When you see a friend you haven't seen in a couple of years & they rave about how beautiful and young you are looking. Thanks to Goldenlight my skin looks and feels amazing! So incredibly soft & hydrated. My pores appear smaller, the lines seem fewer and this pesky sunspot has dramatically lightened!!

Tracee L. Mar 16 2022

My first and last serum!

I have never used a facial serum. Yes, you read that right. ???? When this was available, I was a little hesitant not knowing what to expect. I took pictures and did a side by side comparison 48 days later and I LOVED what I saw! Pores looked as though they had completely disappeared in some areas! This was the icing on the cake when it came to hydration for my face this winter! Life saver along with the Nightlight cream! This product is definitely worth the hype! Thanks, Crunchi!

Lorrie  Mar 16 2022

GoldenLight is GOLD!

I am so excited about the beautiful results I’ve seen since using GoldenLight! My face is so much softer and my skin tone has evened out incredibly. I also love using it on a large surgery incision line I have. The tightness and redness has lessened and the site it soft and smooth again. Thank you Crunchi for all the incredible advances you are making in the Clean Beauty movement! I’m excited to be a part of it!

Deborah B. Mar 16 2022


Love the Goldenlight, my face feels so much smoother and I love how it feels when I touch it. I am starting to see small lines filling out which is so awesome. I can't wait to see how much it will do for me the longer I use it. Feeling excited about it.

Verified Purchase
Kris M. Mar 16 2022

Liquid Gold

The Best Facial Serum I have ever used. It really has made such a difference in my skin. I never wear makeup when I go to the gym and after using goldenlight for a week I recieved a compliment that my skin was glowing. :> Not to mention how wonderful my skin feels.

Verified Purchase
Melissa W. Mar 16 2022

Gold in a bottle

I love this product. My face feels so soft and my complexion hasn't looked better. I actually used it on a small bump on my leg and it cleared it up!! So excited about it.

Holli S. Mar 16 2022


My goodness, I love this product! My skin is glowing and I even noticed my age spots are lightening! WIN!!

Verified Purchase
Chelsea M. Mar 16 2022

I love this serum!

So light & delicate for my skin, and so incredibly hydrating! I am loving my brighter complexion now thanks to daily use of Goldenlight. A little goes a long way too so I'm still going strong on my first bottle, over 3 months later! Absolutely worth the investment.

Mary  Mar 16 2022

Smooth moves

I love how smooth and soft my face feels after using the golden light serum

Lindsey S. Mar 16 2022


I’ve stayed active outside all winter and since using Goldenlight, my face has stayed moisturized, looks brighter, so incredibly soft, plus no dry patches! Adding Goldenlight to my skincare routine has made all the difference!

Verified Purchase
Angel G. Mar 16 2022

Lightweight, Uber moisturizing & gentle

I’m used to serums that are oil based so they tend to leave my skin feeling heavy or greasy. Goldenlight isn’t like that at all, it’s very lightweight and soothing. I’ve noticed that I can use less face moisturizer and the moisturizer I do, seems to glide on and absorb even better. My skin is SO happy with Crunchi and I’m thankful for products that are clean but also work really well! Cheers to age loving, glowing skin!

Verified Purchase
Jennifer C. Mar 16 2022

1 Bottle down and many more to go! Sinks in quickly and Skin is Super Soft!

I've been using Crunchi products for 2 years now. I have always used a serum and was excited when Crunchi released theirs. I just emptied my 1st bottle of Goldenlight. I have used it AM and PM every day for over a month. I was very surprised how super fast it soaks into my skin. It is silky feeling and I love pressing in into my skin. It leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft. While I have not seen any anti-aging benefits yet (i.e. lessoning of lines and wrinkles)...I am hopeful.

Monique  Mar 16 2022

Goldenlight Review

This stuff is truly liquid gold! Just after a couple weeks of use I noticed my facial rednesses disappearing. My forehead lines have definitely tightened up some too! I love how silky smooth it feels when I’m applying it. I absolutely love this serum and can’t imagine being without it now!

Dorina A. Mar 16 2022

Feeling Glam!!!

You will almost walk out the door thinking you have your make up on! Just a few drops goes a long way. Your skin will thank you for this powerful drink.

Bess M. Mar 16 2022

Who knew!

Honestly, I was a bit skeptical because I've never used a serum before and didn't know what it could do. Though after using Goldenlight for a few weeks I definitely noticed a difference in my skin texture and after a few months my skintone has improved too...I think my acne scarring is lightening up too! Who knew!

Kathy L. Mar 16 2022

Love love love Goldenlight!

I absolutely love this product and let me tell you why. I have been using goldenlight for a few weeks now and I love it. I love it because my skin feels amazing. I actually look forward to washing my face so I can use it. My face feels soft, it glows, my skin feels tighter and looks healthier. I have used a lot of product in my life and this product is something I will keep. I also love that when using make up it goes on smoother and looks more natural. If you have been waiting try it!

Karen W. Mar 16 2022

Keeps working!

I’ve tried other serums. They work when you first put them on, but the effects wear off by the end of the day. My face would feel dry and the product would migrate into my eyelids and bother my eyes. Not Goldenlight! The effect is amazing, it nourishes and moisturizes my skin. I love the smell (smells like rose petals) and it keeps working all day.

Karen D. Mar 16 2022

Registered nurse

I started using Golden light serum last month and I have been absolutely amazed! My skin tone is evening out and my skin looks more youthful and so refreshed. I have had multiple compliments and when using with my crunchi primer and foundation it gives a smoothe and youthful appearance! I’m so glad I found a clean and nontoxic serum that truly does what it says it does!

Beth C. Mar 16 2022

OMG Yes please!

I am new to this product. All I can say is yes please!! Smells amazing. I can truly say thay my skin already feels better than ever. I love this product!

Verified Purchase
Janna Z. Mar 16 2022

Smoother than a babies bottom

I never knew what a facial serum was or was used for. I was shocked when I started using it. I first noticed how smooth and soft my skin was after about 10 days. 45 days in my goodness my skin was transformed. I will make sure I never run out of this because it truly is liquid Gold!

Jana L. Mar 16 2022


I've been using Goldenlight for 3 weeks, at night and the morning, and can definitely see a difference in how the fine lines around my eyes and mouth have diminished. It is so light and refreshing ~ I'm so glad I decided to give it a try. I'm sold on its transforming ingredients!

Lori H. Mar 16 2022

Brightening & Tightening

Goldenlight joins Clarilight in the “can’t ever be without” category. My skin is more luminous and firm, with fewer fine lines around my eyes and lips since using this miracle worker serum twice a day for two months.

Verified Purchase
Mairead C. Mar 16 2022

I love Goldenlight

It smells amazing and leaves my skin feeling perfectly hydrated!

Cora S. Mar 16 2022


Absolutely love the smell of this serum!! In just a couple weeks I have noticed my skin become more even toned! My pores are so much smaller which is always something I’ve hated! Super happy with the product!!

Christy P. Mar 16 2022

Goldenlight is liquid gold

I have been using this since it launched!! I love the way it feels on my skin the second I apply it! My skin had felt so much softer and my pores appear smaller. I’ve noticed my fine lines are diminishing. I really love this product.

Sarah B. Mar 16 2022

Goldenlight Serum

I was interested in trying Goldenlight but hesitated because at 70 I thought it wouldn’t make a difference. I was given a sample and thought I would give it a try. Well I love it. My skin feels smoother and softer. I’m even noticing that my “lines” aren’t as defined. It’s my definite go to every day.

Sarah  Mar 16 2022


This product is amazing! At first I was hesitant on spending the money on a serum because I didn’t know if it would make much of a difference. I am so glad I tried this! My face feels so full and hydrated. I can tell a huge difference since I’ve added this product to my routine. Highly recommend.

Lindsey S. Mar 16 2022

Skeptic turned addict!

I’ll be honest. When this product came out, I really was unsure because of the price tag. I started seeing a lot of positive feedback from others though so I decided to try it. I’m only 35 and have had skin cancer 5 times already- so I started using goldenlight on my facial scars from MOHS surgery. I can honestly say that within 2 weeks, my most prominent scar is drastically improved; the red has faded to pink and almost white in some spots. I’m so grateful I tried it! I now use it twice daily

Tonya W. Mar 16 2022

Smith skin

I have noticed redness clear up and reduced pore size. I love the hydration and how smooth my skin is !

Tina S. Mar 16 2022

Love this product

I Purchased golden light a little over a month ago and have already seen such a difference in my face and in my neck area and with the spots. I look forward to using it every morning and every evening, as well as I told many of my friends that are in my age group how well this has worked. Great great product!

Kim D. Mar 16 2022

Goldenlight Facial Serum

I started using Goldenlight Facial Serum as soon as it was released! My daughter-in-law Andrea Durnell gave me my first bottle as a gift. I use it everyday-morning and night! Im 63 and loving the way my skin looks and feels! I’ve bought my backup bottle so I don’t run out! Thank you CRUNCHI for being a leader in skincare.

Andrea W. Mar 16 2022

Goldenlight Facial Serum

I couldn't wait to try my Goldenlight when it arrived. It is everything thing they promised. Absolutely love how soft my skin feels including deminishing fine lines and wrinkles. Highly recommend to all.

Lisa F. Mar 16 2022


I love Goldenlight. I started using it on just my face and love the results. But then started using it on my arms where I break out in a rash. They are clearing up after a month.

Verified Purchase
fabiola a. Mar 16 2022

Only serum that works

I'm 47 years old, and never been able to wear any anti aging serum due to having super sensitive skin! I'm literally allergic to everything. I'm so happy to have found this serum. Is not only gentle, but it works. I tleaves my skin so soft, and the best part is that im not allergic to it!!!! I'm beyond happy and been telling all my friends and family about it. Please don't ever stop making this serum.

Emily  Mar 16 2022

My favorite Crunchi product!

I have been using this for about 2 months. I love how it my skin feels after I put it on. It seems to really make a great palette for the daylight, primer, and foundation. I definitely notice a difference in my 40yr old fine lines, I just wish I took a before picture!

Kelly B. Mar 16 2022

Holy Grail

Goldenlight has got to be the Holy Grail of all skincare products ever! This is hands down the best thing I have ever put on my face, neck, hands. I wish I could bathe in it because I’m pretty sure my skin would be amazing for the rest of my life if I did. Anyway, if you’re on the fence about this product, take the plunge. It smooths out my complexion and feels light and non-greasy or tacky after it dries. My skin is dewy and glowing. It is so worthwhile!

Antonette Z. Mar 15 2022


I received a sample which I used twice daily for three days. There was no smell upon application which is nice for those who don’t like fragrant products. Surprisingly, for as “thick” as it initially feels, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t “pill” when rubbed in. It also worked well with all my other Crunchi skincare. I didn’t feel any heaviness of product or “mask-like” feel, even after layering all my skincare.I did notice a brightening effect and a diminishing of some of my darker spots.

Richae m. Mar 15 2022

My skin feels so hydrated

I really adore this product. I feel like it’s literally giving my face a drink and plumping things up. I highly recommend this to anyone wondering if it’s worth the money! YES !!

Kate H. Mar 15 2022

Hydrated to Heaven and Aging Backwards!

This is the first Midwest winter where my skin hasn’t been dry and flaky, thanks to this liquid GOLD! My skin is super sensitive so I’ve only been using in the AM after Clarilight facial essence and each day my skin feels super hydrated, smooth, and my face has a youthful glow again!! This is my new secret weapon and my skin’s new everyday drink of choice! CRUNCHI hit it out of the park!

Nancy  Mar 15 2022


Love this! This feels so luxurious! I love starting my day with this as part of my Crunchi skincare routine and going to sleep with this as part of my night time routine. It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth. I feel like the fines lines around my eyes and mouth are fading

Brandy V. Mar 15 2022


I was hesitant at first to try Crunchi products because I have cystic acne but I love them all! I’ve only been using golden light for 2 weeks and I’ve had so many compliments from men and women on my skin! My skin is glowing! I’ve been on prescription acne medicine for 12 years but since using Crunchi products I have reduced my prescriptions to just one! Definitely worth the splurge!

Ashley F. Mar 15 2022

Golden light

The golden light serum is an amazing product. I feel the my “elevens” between my eye brows are less noticeable and my pores are much smaller. I apply it nightly and I feel like at the spa. The texture and smell of the product is amazing. I highly recommend it.

Janessa B. Mar 15 2022

Loving Crunchi

I got introduced to Crunchi a few weeks ago. I ordered the full skin care line and absolutely love all the products but especially the GoldenLight!

Tiffany  Mar 15 2022

Golden serum

I received this as a gift after begging my husband for it ????. I started using in and in those beginning few days I noticed my pores and fine lines were noticeably reduced. Something I’ve been trying to achieve for years! I’ve used many serums in the past and really didn’t think they were ever worth it but Goldenlight is a game changer! A staple to my skin care routine! Buy it now instead of wishing you had a year from now! ??

Shirley R. Mar 15 2022

Amaze Balls

GoldenLight I am finding is not only beneficial to the skin on my face but any type of blemish on my body. I love how it leaves my face feeling so soft and the glow that it gives me but I also love how it has help remove other blemishes. Thank you Crunchi!!!

Julie P. Mar 15 2022

Dark spots fading…

Golden light has significantly faded the dark spots on my cheek. I’ve found I’m wearing less foundation and that saves me a LOT of time. Happy with Goldenlight and will keep using it!

Angie  Mar 15 2022


Love the Goldenlight. It leaves a very soft feel to my skin and doesn’t feel sticky to the touch.

Verified Purchase
Sheree B. Mar 15 2022

It’s OK

I was hoping for more out of this product at it’s expensive price, but so far I’ve been underwhelmed with its performance. I have very large pores to begin with, and I may notice an ever-so-slight improvement on my cheeks’ pores appearance but definitely not on my forehead. I do not notice an improvement in any fine lines. It does feel moisturizing on my face, but I was hoping for better results. I’ll give it 1 more try before I call it quits and update this review if anything better happens.

Janet  Mar 15 2022

Love the Light!

I love how light and refreshing it feels when I apply goldenlightand it smells amazing! I've seen the effects of aging in tha past few years and since using goldenlight my face feels fresh and free of irritation that some other products seemed to leave me with. It's one of my favorite Crunchi products!!

Brenda C. Mar 15 2022


I am 64 and have just started using Goldenlight for about a month. I have noticed the lines around my eyes are starting to not be as noticeable as before. I also have a dark spot that has gotten a little lighter. I can’t wait to see what my face will look like after a year of this product!

Erin R. Mar 15 2022

A serum worth buying with amazing ingredients

I’m in my middle/late 30’s, so I want to age gracefully. I’ve noticed forehead lines have softened and overall skin complexion is brighter. I took before and after just so I could see a difference after a couple months. I also use on my lips to help plump and fine lines around it. I feel like it helps. I also need less moisturizer b/c this does a great job leaving skin feeling hydrated and soft. It’s a re-purchase in my book!

Kate G. Mar 15 2022

Even SMOOTHER skin

I didn't know I needed GoldenLight Serum until I tried it. WOW! The way it feels on your skin is amazing. It absorbs so well; I even need less DayLight moisturizer now! I always say the newest Crunchi product is my fav, and this is no exception. I heard someone say it was like a zamboni for your face - it truly is!!

Emily G. Mar 15 2022

New favorite product!

After using this amazing serum from just a few days, I noticed sun-spots diminishing, wrkinkles smithing, and the overall texture and tone of my skin improving! Love-love-love it!

Brit P. Mar 15 2022

Love love love

My year long search for a clean, anti-aging, facial serum ended when I bought Goldenlight! I’m a skeptic by nature, but after only a week of use I noticed a difference in forehead lines and my laugh lines around my mouth. Absolutely a staple for my skin care routine from now on.

Verified Purchase
Monica Marie B. Mar 15 2022


LOVE the new Goldenlight serum. It goes on so smooth and silky, not greasy at all. It gives me a youthful, glowing complexion. ??

Marilyn S. Mar 15 2022

Stop Time - Reverse Damage

The Goldenlight Facial Serum is the product that I have been looking for, I thought it was a unicorn I found the rainbow. This product minimizes the fine lines that you get from daily exposure to the environment and from just being an expressive person. I find that my eye area is looking better every day. This product is part of my morning and evening skincare routine. I have an on hand stock because I value the effectiveness of this product. The price point is dead on for the results.

Lucy A. Mar 15 2022

Golden Rays of Sunshine

I am in love with all my Crunchi skincare products. My belief was it couldn't get any better. Well to my surprise the sky opened up and Goldenlight Serum arrived. I tried a sample that was given to me and thought wow, this is silky, not sticky and glides on so well. I even used the sample on my eyelids. On day 3 I ordered 2 bottles and will never be without. This product has my face glowing like I have never seen before. The dreaded fine lines fading. Time Machine for me.

Renate W. Mar 15 2022

Liquid Gold

This product is so powerful. After applying Goldenlight I wait a few minutes before continuing my skin care application. I can literally feel my skin tightening. It also gives my skin a healthy glow. Love it!

Verified Purchase
Robyn B. Mar 15 2022

Robyn Bodine

This is a phenomenal serum! In just 2 weeks my skin tone is notably brighter and more even. You won’t regret purchasing!

Verified Purchase
Sharon L. Mar 15 2022

My Favorite Product

There are so many things I love about Goldenlight: the light scent, the way it makes my skin feel, how hydrated my skin is afterwards...but the best part is how the skin on my neck is looking firmer and higher! Good-bye, old lady neck!

Lindsey T. Mar 15 2022

My New Skincare Staple

Easily in my top 3 favorite skincare products! I had melasma from my last pregnancy and acne scarring. Goldenlight started evening my skintone in just a couple weeks. My pores are smaller, my other products are lasting longer, and I love the smell. Before bed, I use 4 drops and then follow up with Nightlight - it seriously feels like a spa ritual.

Verified Purchase
Heather R. Mar 15 2022

Aging Backwards

I reached 40 this year and it’s a milestone I wasn’t looking forward to hitting. However, since using Goldenlight, my face feels younger and so fresh. I feel like my skin tone is evening out and I don’t need to layer as much Beautifully Flawless Foundation. I’m grateful for a new found confidence in my 40’s!

Julie B. Mar 15 2022


I absolutely love Goldenlight facial serum!! It leaves my skin silky smooth. You can wear it alone or under makeup and always adds a little extra glow.

Lori P. Mar 15 2022


I have been using Goldenlight for a few months and love the way my skin feels and looks. I love all the goodness in this product and will definitely keep it in my skincare routine.

Rachel  Mar 15 2022


Glides on so silky and smooth. Just love the immediate feel it has on my skin.

Eileen D. Mar 15 2022

Eileen D

My skin seems to breath a sign of relief when I apply Goldenlight Facial Serum! I've always had dry skin and just a few drops soothes my skin. Since I've been dealing with a new allergy issue I also love the fact that I can trust Crunchi toxin free policy!

Teresa C. Mar 15 2022

Incredible product!

This product works wonders!! I could not believe how quickly I noticed a significant change in my crows feet and the lines in my forehead. 100% I would recommend this to anyone!!

Gayle M. Mar 15 2022

Goldenlight on aging

As a woman in her early 60s, prior to Crunchi and especially Goldenlight, I thought I was aging quite well, as I seem to just have that shaped face. However, once I started using Goldenlight, I saw the color and tone of my skin go back to my younger years. In fact, the first time I saw this, looking in the mirror, I thought, "Oh there you are". And I can't say enough about how soft my skin is now.

Kristen  Mar 15 2022

Hydrating and silky smooth

Goldenlight smells and feels amazing, soothes dryness, and improves the appearance of my skin. I love that it’s toxin free and is a much better investment compared to more expensive serums from other brands.

Cheryl G. Mar 15 2022

Goldenlight Serum

My skin feels so soft and smooth since using this serum. My lines and pores are becoming less noticeable too. Your skin is your largest organ so taking care of it is very important. I highly recommend Goldenlight Serum for this job.

Mindy D. Mar 15 2022

Amazing product!

This serum makes my skin look and feel amazing! Love, love, love it!

Julie R. Mar 15 2022

Eye Cream

Love it!

Shannon M. Mar 15 2022

Goldenlight Multi-Peptide Serum / Winter Skin SOS!

We move a lot as a military family. Most recently we've moved to North Dakota. Th harsh winter environment with negative temps and dry air leave my skin feeling like a dehydrated sponge. Jana introduced me to Crunchi and to Goldenlight Facial Serum. Its like a cool drink on a sweltering day. It leaves my skin feeling soft and silky without feeling greasy and the subtle scent has a spa quality without the overwhelming odor. Goldenlight is a welcome addition to my winter skin care. I love it!

Sarah B. Mar 15 2022

Serious Serum

Goldenlight is a GEM! I love how one drop goes so far and is so light. It's like a drop of sunshine in my morning routine. It's like a drop of moonlight for my evening routine.

Maria S. Mar 15 2022

A must have

This is the product I've been waiting for and it has met / exceeded all expectations. My skin feels bouncy and looks bright. It is reducing acne scars in my chin and improving the overall surface of my skin. I'm so happy with Goldenlight, it really is liquid gold.

Mindy H. Mar 15 2022


I am so excited about this amazing product! I will be 59 this year and after years of searching I finally found a serum that I can rely on. I love the way Goldenlight penetrates my skin leaving it smooth and silky. My face has a glow I haven’t seen in years!

Kristi  Mar 15 2022


This product is amazing! Light and fresh. It’s not too thick. Goes on smoothly and smells amazing!

Charlotte H. Mar 15 2022

Skin feels amazing

I have really enjoyed using this product and love how it makes my skin feel and look. I’m excited to see even more changes as I continue to use it. I love that it’s a clean product too! Win! Win!

Verified Purchase
Leslie K M. Mar 15 2022

Perfect serum for everything

I love this serum. It goes on smoothly, doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and leaves it looking better than ever! I have already noticed a better even color over my face after finishing my first bottle. On to my second to see even more great results. I use it on my face, neck and décolletage every morning and night. It’s definitely a keeper with my facial routine!

Lisa M. Mar 15 2022

Goldenlight is GREAT

I am 63 and have been using Goldenlight since shortly after the product was released. I love it! My skin looks so supple. It really helped soften fine lines around my eyes, mouth, forehead and neck. It has also tightened and firmed up my skin. What a great addition to Crunchi's existing skin care line. I just ordered my second bottle. I highly recommend this product.

K. W. Mar 15 2022

My new favorite!

Since using Goldenlight, I’ve noticed that my skin is much smoother and fine lines are less noticeable around my eyes, especially. I also have a few pre-cancerous spots on my forehead and they seem to be going away. It smells clean and fresh and a little goes a long way. Definitely recommend adding this to your skincare routine!

Jen K. Mar 15 2022


I absolutely love the new serum! It’s so smooth to apply and leaves the skin feeling silky. Just another high quality skincare product from Crunchi!

Verified Purchase
Cassie F. Mar 15 2022

An amazing product!

When I first started using Goldenlight, I could immediately tell my skin felt softer. I loved the way it made my skin feel! In less than a month, I could see less lines and my pores looked smaller too! Definitely one of my favorite products of all time!

Deb M. Mar 15 2022

Goldenlight is AMAZING

I absolutely LOVE Goldenlight!!! My face feels amazing, so soft & healthy. I also believe I starting to see some wrinkles that I've fought for YEARS begin to diminish.

Victoria D. Mar 15 2022

Goldenlight serum

Iv heard so many good things about this product so i had to buy it see for myself. I can see the wrinkles disappearing quicker then any other product Iv used in the past. They did a good with this one. I highly recommend.

Marla L. Mar 15 2022

Goldenlight shine

Goldenlight has saved my dull, dry winter skin amd given me a refreshed shine amd healthy glow even in the harsh Nebraska weather. My skin is the best it's felt in years. The only downfall is the dropper-its is hard to judge how much and I don't like to put it on my finger then apply, I just directly apply.

Sondra B. Mar 15 2022


This serum is amazing. The peptides make all the difference in the texture of my skin. It only takes a minute amount for each application. A must have.

Kelly T. Mar 15 2022

Gold in a bottle

I’ve been waiting for this to come out!!! It is the perfect add on to my skincare routine. Since using it I have noticed better skin texture and suppleness. My skin is super sensitive and I love knowing I won’t break out or have an allergic reaction to this or any of the crunchi products. I am slowly transferring everything I use to crunchi. I am using it day and night. A little goes a long way!! My skin looks more hydrated and bright!!! When I look in the mirror I feel more beautiful.

Lauren S. Mar 15 2022

Worth It!

I haven't been using the Goldenlight serum long, but I LOVE it! I love that my skin does actually glow after using it, it definitely brings light to my face! It feels great on my skin, and while the scent is very light, I think it smells SO good! I can't wait to see the continued effects after using it for awhile.

Janine s. Mar 15 2022


Love, love, love. I am 51. I totally got rid of my expensive retinol cream! This works soooooo much better on fine lines and no irritated skin! A little bit goes a long way too. I will be a customer for life! Thanks

Allison B. Mar 15 2022

Goldenlight love

I am a 50 something woman starting to see fine lines even more these days. I love seeing little improvements the longer I use Goldenlight. It's literally my botox in a bottle.

Andrea B. Mar 15 2022

Love it!!

Ive been using this for about a month and my skin feels and looks so much firm and plumper! My crows feet are less noticeable and my skin just glows! I will be ordering again when it runs out!

Jeana T. Mar 15 2022


My skin is so much more hydrated since adding Goldenlight to my skin care routine day and night! My skin tone is more even as well. My favorite changes are the diminished appearance of fine lines by my eyes and on my forehead. People keep asking if I am againg backwards. ??

Verified Purchase
Lindley M. Mar 15 2022

Legit Results You Can See!

I use the entire Crunchi skincare line, but since adding Goldenlight I can see so many positive changes! My skin is smoother, my complexion is better (less redness- especially around my nose), and I see less fine lines and a reduction in wrinkles! A little goes a long way and you don’t need to use a full dropper to cover your face! Highly recommend to round out your Crunchi skincare routine!

Jessica W. Mar 15 2022

Just amazing!

I love this little bottle of serum! Goldenlight makes my skin look and feel amazing! I neglected my skin after having a baby and now I'm playing catch up. Goldenlight has been the icing on the cake for my skin routine! So thankful for this wonderful product!

Jennifer  Mar 15 2022

40 feels great!

This product is the most consistent part of my daily skin care routine. I am motivated to take care of my skin based on the positive results I’ve seen from using Golden Light along with Crunchi bar cleaners & daytime/nighttime lotions. It makes my skin glow!

Kathy H. Mar 15 2022

I love Goldenlight!

I just ordered Goldenlight a few weeks ago. I love the way it makes my skin feel after I use it. I can’t wait to compare my starting pictures with new ones in a few more weeks. Crunchi products are THE BEST!

Stacey C. Mar 15 2022

Goldenlight magic

I absolutely live the way my skin is left feeling smooth and soft after using Goldenlight. I have seen such an improvement in firmness of my skin since I began using it almost 3 months ago. Thanks a million!!

Courtney  Mar 15 2022

I love this amazing facial serum!!

This facial serum has improved my skin in so many ways. My sun spots have almost disappeared and my skin tone is more even! Thank you Crunchi & Goldenlight!!

Lindsey F. Mar 15 2022

Liquid GOLD!!!

I could tell that my skin was so much smoother after just a few days of using Goldenlight! I've been using it around a month now, and my husband has commented multiple times that my 11 lines (lines between my eyebrows) are going away! It's my favorite skincare product!

Heather S. Mar 15 2022

Amazing Serum!

I’m 60 years old…. And love this product! My skin feels incredibly soft.. and I believe my wrinkles are softening.

Heather M. Mar 15 2022

Love it!

I've only been using goldenlight for a couple weeks, but so far I love it! It doesn't feel greasy on my naturally oily skin, and I didn't have any kind of purge or reaction. I am highly acne prone and this doesn't make me breakout at all. I've also noticed my skin tone evening out and my post acne marks are fading a little. I can't wait to see how much better my skin gets the more I use it.

Kymie C. Mar 15 2022

Love it!

Golden light makes my face feel so soft and supple! This is an all stars in my skin care line-up! Highly recommend!

Verified Purchase
Corri B. Mar 15 2022


I have never used serum like this before but thought I’d try Goldenlight. Within the first few days I absolutely noticed a difference in the quality of my skin. It certainly seems to have more elasticity and the fine lines I’m starting to notice are visibly reduced. I am impressed!

Corrie T. Mar 15 2022

Loving it

Love the bottle. Love the scent. Love how it feels when I put it on my face. Looking forward to loving the results !

Katheen G. Mar 15 2022

Has become a daily event!

Have been using product for almost two months. I am pleased with the texture. It is so light on the skin. It absorbs fast as if it is going to work immediately. To takes a few applications to get the correct amount for you. Less is definitely more.!

Holly A. Mar 15 2022

Age Eraser!

I've compared my selfies from a year ago to current and can't believe the difference. From puffiness under the eyes, forehead lines, my "11's"....all of it! The glow is amazing, it truly is "liquid gold"!

Verified Purchase
Kathy G. Mar 15 2022

Serum is extraordinary!

Just started using and within days I started seeing improvement in texture of skin and minimizing lines! Absolutely love this product! Worth every dime!!!!

Verified Purchase
Renee F. Mar 14 2022

Powerful stuff

I have been using this Serum for almost a month now. I started out really slow, only once a day at night and only a little. I have very sensitive skin. I eventually worked up to twice a day, 3 drops. I have noticed that my skin tone is evening out and my pores are almost non existent. I had very large pores on my nose area. It makes my skin feel smoother. This is the best serum that I have ever used.

Linda B. Mar 14 2022


I have never loved using a product as much as I love Goldenlight Facial Serum! I love the smell and how my skin looks after I use it. I am 55 years old, I have never looked my age, and with the help of this product, I plan on never looking my age. Thank you for making this awesome product and the other products as well!

Chelsi  Mar 14 2022

Goldenlight Review

I’m 29 years old and have been wanting to amp up my skincare game. While I don’t have deep set wrinkles, I know an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. With the addition of Goldenlight to my skincare routine, As if it couldn’t get any better with all my other Crunchi skincare products, I’ve noticed my skin is even more hydrated and vibrant. During the winter season, I’ve ALWAYS gotten flakey patches on my face due to the dry climate. This year I didn’t experience any of that!

Carole F. Mar 14 2022

My New Favorite

I love that this is PACKED with peptides, that really do the job of firming and smoothing my skin! Never greasy and "plays well" with the other skincare. My skin glows, plus it has helped my neck. I'll never stop using this amazing, lightweight product! Gamechanger for sure.

Tricia  Mar 14 2022

Skin Feels Wonderful

I have incredibly dry skin and this takes that all away. My skin feels hydrated, soft and smooth. This is a game changer in facial care.

Lindsey O. Mar 14 2022

Pure Gold!!!

I got Goldenlight as a free gift when it first launched. Nothing in my life is routine, EXCEPT my Goldenlight!! I use it everyday and LOVE IT!! I'm on my second bottle!!

Erin L. Mar 14 2022


This has been my favorite CRUNCHI purchase so far. Immediately after applying it I loved how my face felt. After only 3 days I see a very noticeable difference in my skin’s hydration and also fine lines are much reduced. I’m excited that CRUNCHI has put out this amazing product!

Verified Purchase
william m. Mar 14 2022

This stuff is GOLD!

Seriously, this is so amazing. It leaves my skin so soft! I’ve always love serums and I’m so glad crunchi has finally made one. It’s now one of my main skincare products.

Micah G. Mar 14 2022

Golden light experience

I love it’s light feeling, it’s not greasy. Definitely rejuvenating experience. Would recommend to anyone.

Tefna  Mar 14 2022

Skin feels amazing

I have been using for 2 weeks now. My skin is feeling so much better and less dull looking. I had several comments on how good my skin is looking.

Verified Purchase
Paige R. Mar 14 2022

Just Golden

I have been using Goldenlight for a little over 4 months and golden light is THE product I do not go a day without. It is clean, smooth and refreshing and leaves my face feeling moisturized and glowing. I have noticed an all over difference in the tightening of the skin, the all over tone of my complextion and the brightness it has added to my face. I have not ever used a serum like this and now with Goldenlight, I will never go a day without. its honestly, JUST GOLDEN!

Whit C. Mar 14 2022

Bye Bye, Sun Damage

I used to be obsessive with Sun bathing, which led to some pretty bad sun damage in regards to premature wrinkling. After 2 months of use, it is like I have been forgiven of my mistakes! Bye bye, wrinkles from sun damage!!! 10/10 recommend!

Verified Purchase
Kayla W. Mar 14 2022


I have been using the goldenlight facial serum for about a month now and absolutely LOVE it!!! I noticed after the first application that my skin felt softer. My pores have noticeably decreased in size and my skin tone has evened out. My husband has commented several times that my skin is glowing!!! I can not say enough good things about this product!

Sharen B. Mar 14 2022

Awesome Product

Since using the serum my skin is notably softer and feels so healthy. I would recommend women if all ages to give it a try.

Shea B. Mar 14 2022

Love goldenlight

I love how silky smooth it is. The smell is wonderful. It goes on like butter. It's helped make my skin smoother & softer. I've never used a Serum before crunchi & so glad I have one now.

Verified Purchase
Kimberly K. Mar 14 2022


Goldenlight is astonishing! I've always had sensitive skin and have struggled for most of my life trying to find products that don't irritate or worsen the dryness I experience. GOLDENLIGHT DELIVERS! Small amount = huge difference. I think my skin actually FEELS happy when I use this product! Every time is an "aaaah!" experience. <3

Lara G. Mar 14 2022

Love the feel!

Love the feel of this serum! 2-3 drops is all you need! I only gave 3 stars, as I do feel like it would be better for those with oily skin vs dry skin. I'll definitely be using more of it in the summer time vs winter time!

Verified Purchase
Monica M. Mar 14 2022

Golden Light Facial Serum Review

There are no words to tell how amazing this product is. It is by far the best product Crunchi has created. GOLDENLIGHT was the missing puzzle piece to my skincare routine. My skin is so soft and smooth and the little bumps that I was suffering from on my neck are completely gone in less than 2 months! This product is a must have!

Sandra J. Mar 14 2022


I have only using Crunchi for about 3 mos now. Goldenlight makes my skin feel like a baby. Leaves it so soft. Don’t know where it took me so long to try these wonderful vegan products.

Verified Purchase
Jennifer A. Mar 14 2022


I just love how this product has smoothed out the texture of my skin. It feels so much softer now!

Laura S. Mar 14 2022

Glowing face

I really like how it makes my face look after using golden light

Marie B. Mar 14 2022

Goldenlight -

Great Serum! I love how soft my face feels after using Goldenlight.

Danielle S. Mar 14 2022

Goldenlight review

I Love it! It feels so nice on your face and neck! It’s refreshing it smells nice and just feels silky smooth on your face! I highly recommend this product and the whole facial linr

Verified Purchase
Kimberly J. Mar 14 2022


The scent and luxurious feel have me swooning. As soon as I opened the bottle my nostrils were pleasantly tickled with it's light lilac (?) scent. The velvety smooth texture makes me feel like I’m spreading luxury all over my face! The way my skin has been feeling and looking during the past week of using Goldenlight facial serum has got me really excited to see what’s in store for the next 2-3 weeks of use and beyond!

Verified Purchase
Katie G. Mar 14 2022

Getting complements on my skin!

I’m a tired mom of four, but my skin has never been as glowy as it is now that I’ve added Goldenlight to my routine - people have even commented that my skin looks beautiful. I also have noticed that some sun spots have faded a bit too! Love this product!!

Jennie D. Mar 14 2022

Goldenlight Facial Serum

I'm in my mid-sixties and had never taken good care of my skin until a year ago when I started using Crunchi. I'm very excited about the addition of Goldenlight to my skin care routine. It has reduced the fine lines around my mouth as well as improved my skin tone, texture, and appearance. Being toxin free is the best part! I feel great about using a safe product that makes a difference. Definitely a must for your skin care routine!

Verified Purchase
Ashley A. Mar 14 2022

It's more than I had hoped for!

I'm 36 and my skin is starting to show hard the years without sleep and sunscreen. I honestly liked my skin before using Goldenlight, I just needed some help with my forehead wrinkles. I canNOT BELIEVE the change in my skin. It feels amazing to the touch, my pores look nonexistent, my sunspots and freckles have completely lightened. When I have a hormonal breakout, within a couple days those spots have completely healed without any scaring or redness which is so different from before. I'm glowin

Heather O. Mar 14 2022

Total transformation

I absolutely love Goldenlight facial serum! It has completely transformed my skin tone, texture and hydration. I actually need less facial moisturizer now!

Hilary J. Mar 14 2022

10+++++ Stars

I wish I could give this 10+ stars! I have never used a multi-peptide facial serum before and was excited to try it. What a great first experience I had with it…I am so in love with Goldenlight and think it may be my new favorite! I noticed right away how silky soft my skin felt. It helps tighten and plump your sling to reduce the signs of fine lines! I use it every morning and night and have an amazing glow about me now! Keep up the good work, Crunchi! This one is a winner!!!

Verified Purchase
Kim J. Mar 14 2022

Kim Jones

This product is a total game changer! I first purchased Goldenlight facial serum in December and have never allowed myself to run out. It's so hydrating! I can tell a definite difference in fine lines and pore size and my skin feels so much smoother. It has even helped with the redness in my face that I have due to rosacea. I absolutely LOVE this product and would highly recommend adding it to your daily routine.

Michelle E. Mar 14 2022


I absolutely love it! I have been using it for a little less than a month and can already tell a difference. My face feels brighter, tighter and rejuvenated just by using it for a couple weeks. It’s the perfect addition to an easy routine.

Kim R. Mar 14 2022


Goldenlight is amazing, I’ve been using it twice a day for about a month, it’s so hydrating and skin feels amazing ! I’ve noticed my dark spot is lighter and love that it’s toxin free

Brooka S. Mar 14 2022

I never miss a day!

I’m obsessed with Goldenlight. It’s one of those skincare products that I absolutely do not skip over during my routine (even when I’m in a rush or extremely tired at night). It feels incredible and others have commented on how beautiful and glowing my skin looks! (Best compliment EVER!)

Leila J. Mar 14 2022

Erasing years of sun damage!

I’m 47 yoa & was a frequent sun bather as a kid and later a smoker as an adult. Sadly, this left me with very large pores, sun spots and wrinkles. Two months using GoldenLight and it feels like time is turning backwards! No product has shrunk my pores as well as GoldenLight and it seems to be getting better every day! I also, notice my deep forehead wrinkles and age spots are much less noticeable! I finally feel comfortable in my skin and enjoy my daily & nightly skincare routine!

Sydney B. Mar 14 2022

Amazing product!

I love that I added Goldenlight to my skincare routine and I have noticed a big difference in the 2 months I have been using it!

Dawn M. Mar 14 2022

Just what I needed

This Goldenlight has been a serious game changer AND exactly what I needed! I’m 52 years old love the way this product has changed my skin! Truly amazing. I’ll never use anything else again. Crunchi client for life !!!

Erica S. Mar 14 2022

Game changer

I saw results within one week of use. My skin was brighter and felt smoother. Talk about a confidence booster! The whole skincare line has positively impacted my skin, but GOLDENLIGHT took it to another level. This tired momma needs all the boosts she can get, and this made going make-up free, even easier.

Verified Purchase
Suzanne R. Mar 14 2022

Goldenlight = Amazing

When I started Crunchi a few months ago, I loved the improvement in my skin. After adding Goldenlight, my response is WOW! After losing weight 10 years ago, I've had deep wrinkles on my neck. They are less and less noticeable. I am thrilled with the results! 11 out of 10 stars!

Christine R. Mar 14 2022


This serum makes your skin soft, smooth, plump and glowy! Use after Clarilight toner for best results. I'm in love! ????

Lisa D. Mar 14 2022

Gold Star for Goldenlight!

Serums promise a lot of things. It is the rare product that actually delivers exactly what it promises AND is totally clean. Goldenlight does everything you would want a serum to do and more. It feels incredible on my skin and has literally taken years off of the look and feel of my skin. It is the most important part of my skincare regimen!

Kelly H. Mar 14 2022

Smells Amazing!

I have sensitive skin so I'm usually hesitant to spend money on products that never seem to live up to their promises. However, I'm so glad I purchased the Goldenlight. It smells amazing and I've definitely noticed the fading of old acne scars. Great product!

Cassidy L. Mar 14 2022

Obsessed is an understatement

I’ve been using this serum 1-2 times daily for just over a week and have already noticed an improvement in the appearance and feeling of my skin. As my husband pointed out to me just the other day- my skin has been glowing since I’ve been using it! I love using it before the nightlight cream as part of my bed time routine- I have never woken up with softer skin. I’m already hooked and so excited to share this amazing product with family and friends.

Carly  Mar 14 2022

That dewey golden glow

If you’re looking for a serum that gives you that “wow” look no further! Your skin will love it, and for what you’re getting… your pocketbook will as well

Liz  Mar 14 2022


This is the first serum I’ve ever used. I decided to get it because I absolutely love all the other skincare products. I can honestly say it makes my skin feel amazing, so refreshed and smooth!

Verified Purchase
Samantha S. Mar 14 2022

Straight Glowing

To say I am in LOVE with this serum is an understatement. Michigan winters can be rough, but not with this little beauty. Not only did my skin not look dry and dull this winter, it was SO hydrated, dewy, glowing, AND the pores on my cheeks and nose minimized significantly. This has also made a huge difference in how bright my skin looks! Like I said - in LOVE!

Kristen  Mar 14 2022

So smooth!

This serum has become part of my nightly routine. I only takes one dropper fill and it feels so silky smooth on my face. In the morning my face feels so healthy and moisturized! I’m so glad I found this serum - besides it being beautifully packaged, knowing it’s safe and effective for my skin is such a game changer!

Verified Purchase
Kayla B. Mar 14 2022

Age rewind!

Absolutely LOVE the Goldenlight! I’ve been using it for about 2 months and I already notice SUCH a difference in my skin! Forehead lines are reducing, and I have much softer, smoother skin! I also love how super hydrating this is and how I can save on my Daylight and Nightlight with the use of this and the Clarilight! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! So worth the $

Shannon G. Mar 14 2022

Great product and worth it!

I bought this product and was skeptical at first. I have only been using it for a few weeks now and see such a difference. My skin is smooth and pores are smaller. This was a great addition to the Crunchi line and my daily facial Crunchi care routine.

Pam H. Mar 14 2022

Amazing Serum

Just purchased my second bottle. I can’t imagine not having this product in my skin care routine. It’s so soothing to my sensitive skin. You knock it out of the park with this clean beauty product.

Laura H. Mar 14 2022

Love this serum!

I absolutely love this serum!!! My skin feels so smooth and moisturized after I use it. I don't need to use as much moisturizer anymore. Also, it has helped decrease my pores and my skin looks more clear! I don't have very many wrinkles yet, but I feel like if I stick with this serum everyday it will help prevent them! It is my new favorite product!

Mollie J. Mar 14 2022

Love it!

Love the skin care line at crunchi! Works great and I feel good about using it on my skin!

Verified Purchase
Alana W. Mar 14 2022


As soon as Golden Light was released I ordered it - I will be completely honest, years ago I sold a similar product, with another company, that turned tacky and I was expecting that with GL. I was so pleasantly surprised! Golden Light feels like water, and leaves no residue behind. My skin looks radiant, younger, my lotion glides on, and I have zero complaints. It is an investment but well worth it. I am completely impressed with my results and I am sure others will be as well!!

Linda. C. Mar 14 2022

Just when I thought Crunchi could not get any better…..

GoldenLight is a must have! I have terrible discoloration all over my face. Between vitiligo and red splotches on my cheeks and nose, I hated my face! Then comes GoldenLight. One month later not only was the red splotches gone, but my face skin tone looked incredible! Wrinkles and lines were also decreased! I was Amazed! Crunchi is my total skin care line, and GoldenLight is the leader. Thank you Crunchi!!

Yelena S. Mar 14 2022

Best prioduct!

This product changed my face and skin in two weeks. Skin looks healthier, smoother and younger. My skin tone has balanced out and i no longer have the sun spots i tried to get rid of for so long. I love it!

Verified Purchase
Sonyia S. Mar 14 2022

Goldenlight = GOLD!!! ??

Literally the most hydrating, nourishing product that's touched my face EVER. You will find that your skin is transforming not its healthiest state after just 1 application. What an incredible formula! Thank you Crunchi, for yet ANOTHER clean product that gives me confidence and makes me feel beautiful. ????????????????

Amanda B. Mar 14 2022

Absolute Perfection!

This serum is without a doubt the BEST skincare item Crunchi has to offer! Don’t get me wrong, EVERYTHING is wonderful at Crunchi, but they’ve really outdone themselves with this killer formula. Smells fantastic and feels even better on my skin! Skin is noticeably firmer and overall tone has drastically improved. Highly recommend!

Lindsey  Mar 14 2022


I love this product. 5 weeks postpartum and My skin looks like I have a pregnancy glow all the time!

Stephanie W. Mar 14 2022

Moisture Galore!

I started using the golden light facial serum and noticed a few spots on my face have gotten lighter, some fine lines have disminished, and my winter dry areas are no longer a problem. Love the product, just wish it were more affordable. I only use it at night based on the cost.

Verified Purchase
Kellie O. Mar 14 2022

Goldenlight is Botox in a bottle!

The Goldenlight is amazing. It leave my skin so smooth and silky. I've noticed a huge difference in my skin since I've been using this. My makeup goes on so much easier. Love this product!!

Allie B. Mar 14 2022

The #1 Skincare Product!

I seriously cannot put into words how much I LOVE this product! If you want instant results from an insanely clean product… this is for you!! My skin feels beyond incredible!

Jesse  Mar 14 2022

Little goes a long way

I’m loving this super hydrating serum! This stuff is insanely good at the saying a little goes a long way! Plus I wake up in the morning feeling like I look tired and I do my morning routine and I always feel so freshened up! I think this product is a great add on to anyone’s daily skincare routine! The only reason it’s not a 5 star is the price is a bit high and sometimes out of reach for people but the product itself is wonderful

Verified Purchase
Lavonne R. Mar 14 2022


Crunchi never ceases to blow my mind. I have never used a serum that has transformed my skin. My pores are noticeably smaller, skin brighter, AND I have yet to have any issues through the winter with the dry air. You can't go wrong with Crunchi skincare, even if you don't wear makeup regularly! Nourish the skin you have, you won't regret it!

Cindy H. Mar 14 2022


I love this serum - goes on so smooth and light. I’ve seen improvements in my skin in just a month- less redness, wrinkles are diminishing and my skin feels so soft and smooth ????

Kelly B. Mar 14 2022

Y’all, I’m in love

I am such a skeptic when it comes to skin care products and Crunchi has continuously won me over. This Goldenlight is amazing! I love the hydration I feel, but what I’ve noticed the most is the creepy skin under my chin is gone! Gone! I’m so happy about it!

Verified Purchase
Leeanna S. Mar 14 2022


This product is exceptional! I have been using it now for about 5 weeks! It makes my skin feel soooo good! I have rosacea and I am no longer needing the remedy I was using to keep it under control. The routine I am using with Goldenlight and the other Crunchi skin care products is just what I need! If you haven’t tried this serum, you are missing out! Order some TODAY!!! ??

Kelly R. Mar 14 2022

I noticed a change in my skin within days!!

Wow! This serum is EVERYTHING for my skin! I noticed changes in texture, brightness and hydration within days! My skin is normally dry and dull with uneven texture and larger pores, now my skin is bright, dewy, plump and glowing! It feels amazing!

Caitlyn S. Mar 14 2022

Mind blowing Results

Saw noticeable improvement in skin tone within 6 days of applying once a day, red skin began to diminish. Now that I’ve been using it for close to 2 months, I haven’t had a single normal breakout. Occasional pimple here or there but, before I started using Goldenlight I always had some acne. I can not recommend this product enough!

Angela B. Mar 14 2022

Feels amazing

Weightless, not filmy, and makes my skin glow. Love it!

Verified Purchase
Bettyann N. Mar 14 2022

Goldenlight™ Facial Serum

I am 52 and have very sensitive skin on my face. I was a little worried that I would have a reaction to the serum. I was pleasantly surprised that I had no reaction. I use this every morning. It goes on like silk and feels great on my skin. I've been using this for about 6 weeks. I can see my fine lines are less around my eyes and mouth. This is a great product!!

Wilhelmina M. Mar 14 2022

Goldenlight Facial Serum

The Goldenlight gave my skin a smoother look and softer feel to it. I use it twice a day as part of my skincare routine.

Cassie M. Mar 14 2022

Slowly improving

I am a month into using Goldenlight. I am starting to see improvements in my skin. I still have many blemishes that I am hoping will continue to improve but overall I feel that it has improved the appearance of my skin and pores

Verified Purchase
Courtney L. Mar 14 2022

Game changer

Goldenlight was a total game changer for my skin care routine. I have been using Goldenlight for the last few months. I have seen significant changes in pore size, tone and texture and less fine lines. I cannot say enough how much I love this product!!

Magalie  Mar 07 2022

Miracle Potion

I am almost 30 and have been applying Goldenlight twice a day for almost a month and have seen a huge difference! My pores are much smaller, my skin stone is more even, fine lines are less noticeable, AND my postpartum melasma spots are much lighter. I will be buying this for the rest of my life!

Maxine S. Feb 07 2022

Softer skin

I am 75 Years old and tried this facial serum, and in days, my skin was softer and my dark spots have become lighter so you can hardly see them. I only use two drops on my finger and it is enough to spread over face and neck. Since it is helping me look younger than what I am, I use this product religiously in the morning and evening. With a little bit of blush on the cheeks, and some lip gloss, I’m ready to go!!!!!!!!

Heather S. Feb 04 2022


I just received my first bottle of Goldenlight facial serum! Amazing says it all! I’m 60 years old with dry aging skin…. This serum is very nourishing! My skins soaks it up and it feels amazing! I love that it’s good for my skin and contains no harmful chemicals! I highly recommend this!

Pam H. Feb 04 2022

Goldenlight is pure magic

So hydrating. Makes my skin feel amazing. This was the Crunchi product I was waiting for. My life is complete. Thank you!!!!

Verified Purchase
Kasidi S. Jan 12 2022


The missing step in my skincare routine! Those fine lines and wrinkles are running scared!

Verified Purchase
Kasidi S. Jan 12 2022


Wow! What an incredible product! My skin is loving this serum!

Verified Purchase
Samantha S. Jan 06 2022

Texture & Brightness

I couldn't get over how the texture of my skin and the pore size started to change within a few days! The brightness of my complexion has already improved after 2 weeks of daily use which is huge in the middle of winter!

Nancy K. Jan 06 2022

The GOLDEN ticket in skincare

I absolutely love this! My skin feels so smooth. My pores look better. I feel like I use less product. Definitely my new favorite skin care product from Crunchi. It’s completely worth adding to your skincare regimen. Thank you for knocking it out of the park once again!

Verified Purchase
Joan H. Jan 05 2022

Improvement in One Week

I’m 65, so I’m often skeptical about what a skincare product can do for me. This serum is noticeably reducing the lines above and to the sides of my mouth. Skin texture feels nicer, too, and it is very soothing to apply. Highly recommend!