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Foundation Shade Sample Card

Not sure of your correct foundation shade? We can help! Try our Foundation Shade Sample Card with FREE shipping. Each card includes a swatch of enough product to test 6 shades (2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0, 6.0 & 8.0) to test on the jawline. The shades were strategically selected to help you determine your preferred match. 

If shade 8.0 is too light, 9.0 will likely be the preferred match.

If shade 8.0 is too dark, 7.0 will likely be the preferred match.

If shade 2.5 and it is too light, but 3.0 is too dark, 2.75 is likely a preferred match. 

If 2.0 is too dark, 1.0 is likely a preferred match, and so and so forth.  

You can also try mixing the two shades to determine this as well.

Check out our video under the “How To Use” tab! If you need further assistance choosing your shade, please contact your personal Crunchi Advocate or our Crunchi Support team at [email protected] or 1-888-831-3133.

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Customer Reviews

Carly  Jun 10 2022

More variety needed

It would be great if they had a sample card with 5 different lighter shades, 5 medium shades, and 5 dark shades. Complexions vary greatly and it would be more helpful to be able to see which light shade or which darker shade someone is

Alexis  Dec 29 2021

So helpful

This sample great is great to find your shade!

Amanda  Jul 30 2021

Foundation Sample Card

I was really excited about finding my shade! I haven't worn foundation in a few years because I haven't found a natural brand that works and I've been anxious to find one. I did actually like the foundation itself, but the sample card only gives 6 of the 11 shades and I'm not any more sure of the shade that best fits me. It would be helpful if they either gave all the samples or asked you if you had lighter or darker skin or somewhere in the middle so the samples were relevant.

Verified Purchase
Dawn M. Apr 27 2021

Good idea, but . . .

It would be better you could choose the shades you want to try. I know I'm not going to be anything above a 3, but I would like to try all the 2's, specifically the 2.75. So it's still a guessing game.

Verified Purchase
Joan H. Nov 21 2020

Uncertain of Your Foundation Shade?

This handy tool will assist you in choosing your preferred foundation shade with just enough product to shade match. Super convenient to send in the mail.

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Cristine P. Nov 08 2020

Great Sample Card!

These have been very helpful! What a smart way to find your perfect shade.