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Facial Bars

Maximize your lifestyle and your skincare with Crunchi's Charcoal and Gentle Facial Bars. Consciously packaged and thoughtfully produced, we're raising the bar for safe and effective cleansers.

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Customer Reviews

Julia P. Jun 06 2019


I am so IN LOVE with these facial bars! I ordered both and first used the charcoal one for several weeks and fell head over heels. Finally, I opened the gentle facial bar and couldn't believe I loved it even more! It's so smooth and moisturizing, it's my new daily go-to. I'll still use the charcoal one, once a week and use the gentle one EVERY DAY! THANK YOU Crunchi, you've outdone yourself again!

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Joan H. Jun 02 2019

Not Just for Women Only!

As with all my Crunchi products, I'm loving both facial bars (yes, I use then both even on my mature skin), but today I'm writing to share my husband's story. He works in a harsh, industrial environment and recently began using the Charcoal facial bar twice daily. He says, "I've noticed my skin is much softer and smoother - not dry anymore." So, YAY to Crunchi and YAY to my husband for being skin savvy.

Bethany S. May 28 2019

Cleanse and Hydrate?

I am blown away by the charcoal facial bar! There was truly a difference after one use. My skin felt smoother than it’s felt since I don’t even remember when! I haven’t found it to be drying at all. My skin is fairly “normal” and I occasionally mix in the Replenish soap, just because I don’t have much on my face to wash off. I love them both, but the Cleanse bar, in particular, definitely exceeded expectations!

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Kris M. May 27 2019

Love them

I had no idea I would love the facial bars as much as I do. My skin feels so clean after using them. They smell incredible. What a perfect addition to the Crunchi Collection.

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