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Facial Bars

Maximize your lifestyle and your skincare with Crunchi's Charcoal and Gentle Facial Bars. Consciously packaged and thoughtfully produced, we're raising the bar for safe and effective cleansers.

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Customer Reviews

Sara B. Dec 19 2021


I’ve used these facial bars for several years now and there are a few reasons why I like them. First of all, I’ve used this product for 2 years almost daily and I’m only on my second bar of soap. My first bar lasted nearly a year and a half! Secondly, I really like how it makes my skin feel. My husband also uses it, and his acne prone skin has improved. I will continue buying this for both myself and my husband and would highly recommend to anyone.

Abbey W. Nov 29 2021

Great Facial Bar that Lasts Forever!

Love this facial bar! It cleanses well and even gets my makeup off pretty good never leaves me feeling dried out or anything. Pairs very well with the facial essence and daylight moisturizer. My skin is mostly dry and it feels awesome on it!

Jess G. Jul 17 2021

Better than any fascial cleaning product I’ve used before

The charcoal bar is hands down one of my favorite products. I use it everyday. My face feels soooo clean and smooth when I’m done with it. It feels like I get every bit of the day off of my face. And I’m more confident when I’m not wearing makeup as this product in combination with the rest of the skincare line has really improved the condition of my skin!! Thank you Crunchi!!

D S. Apr 28 2021

Change is good

I was very scared to change my routine when it comes to my skin. I am gluten sensitive, and have oily skin. I grew up & still occasionally have a "breakout". I have a long story of trying different things many years back and found myself using just water. When the beauty bar came out I was nervous to try it but WOW I am so glad I did. It cleans, and moisturizes with out contributing to my oily skin and causing breakouts but my skin feels like my best skin now and I crave the time to wash it.

Bonnie S. Mar 01 2021

Charcoal Facial Bar

The charcoal facial bar is wonderful! My skin feels so smooth and soft after only two days of using it! Thanks Erika for introducing me to this!! I ??It!!

Robyn M. Feb 22 2021

Magic bar

My pre-teen starting breaking out on her forehead. We used the charcoal facial bar, along with the Clarilight facial essence and it cleared up quickly. It was amazing! I haven’t had any break outs either. So thankful for a product that is safe and works!

Ellie  Sep 14 2020

great for acnne

I had acne for few months for food sensitive and after using these charcoal soap . It like a magic happen , my skin after using this soap become very clear and bright.

Myla  Aug 13 2020


Ive been using this bar for 2 months and wow...ive had maybe 2 pimples since then. My skin has literally been flawless. Combine this with some OTC azeleic acid and youll never break out again (i was getting bad cystic acne around the cheeks and jaw). Be weary though, the black bar has tea tree oil so dont leave it on your face for too long because it will burn it

Haylee S. Jul 31 2020

Charcoal Bar

My face feels absolutely amazing after using this bar! It helped clear up my acne so quick and i couldn’t be happier!

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Harold H. Jun 02 2020

Nice and Clean

I have always loved different charcoal based facial cleansers, but this one has topped the list. My advocate, Tonya K., sent us some samples, and I fell in love with it. My face hasn’t felt this clean in so long. I have very oily skin and living down here in South Florida, it makes my face even more oily compared to when I lived in Kentucky. Just a little lather on the hands and bammo! Nice and clean! Definitely the best facial cleanser in my book! Using samples, can’t wait for my order!

Lori R. May 29 2020

facial bar

I love the clean feeling on my face. I feel no residue.

Nicole H. May 04 2020

I've converted my husband!

I'm in love with this facial bar. It is light, non-greasy, and thoroughly cleans- leaving my face feeling amazing. My husband used it one time and was hooked as well. Definitely highly recommend.

Jillian  Apr 30 2020

White bar

My aunt gave me a sample of the White facial soap and I absolutely LOVE it!!! My skin has been shining and feels so smooth/soft. I usually don’t like using any facial bars on my face because my face tries out every time and break out but not this bar!!! I have no reaction and it feels amazing; worth it!!

Christy S. Oct 16 2019

Excellent soap!

I am ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE with the charcoal facial bar!!! It doesn’t dry out your skin, it smells so good, there is no greasy feeling or redness afterwards. I’m extremely greatful it’s toxin free and not full of crap that isn’t good for you! I am definitely buying again and looking forward to trying more soaps!

Christy S. Sep 20 2019


My daughter and I both use the charcoal bar. We noticed a little difference with the FIRST use’n Within 5 days we noticed a HUGE difference in both our skin! It leaves your skin so soft and smooth, helps clear your face of breakouts, smells great, and has been the BEST toxin free soap I’ve found!!! I will definitely buy this again ???? I can’t wait to try the other bar!! It’s next on my ordering list!

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LebaRae H. Sep 19 2019


For years and years and years, I have searched for a great facial soap, or facial cleanser I could use on my sensitive, acne prone skin, and I hadn’t found anything until I used the Crunchi black bar soap. This facial soap is freaking AMAZING! My skin has never felt so smooth, clean, fresh, and light. It doesn’t leave my face dry nor too oily. It’s the perfect combo for my skin. I would recommend this to anyone with sensitive skin, or anyone who is looking for a great facial cleanser. Thank you!

Julia P. Jun 06 2019


I am so IN LOVE with these facial bars! I ordered both and first used the charcoal one for several weeks and fell head over heels. Finally, I opened the gentle facial bar and couldn't believe I loved it even more! It's so smooth and moisturizing, it's my new daily go-to. I'll still use the charcoal one, once a week and use the gentle one EVERY DAY! THANK YOU Crunchi, you've outdone yourself again!

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Joan H. Jun 02 2019

Not Just for Women Only!

As with all my Crunchi products, I'm loving both facial bars (yes, I use then both even on my mature skin), but today I'm writing to share my husband's story. He works in a harsh, industrial environment and recently began using the Charcoal facial bar twice daily. He says, "I've noticed my skin is much softer and smoother - not dry anymore." So, YAY to Crunchi and YAY to my husband for being skin savvy.

Bethany S. May 28 2019

Cleanse and Hydrate?

I am blown away by the charcoal facial bar! There was truly a difference after one use. My skin felt smoother than it’s felt since I don’t even remember when! I haven’t found it to be drying at all. My skin is fairly “normal” and I occasionally mix in the Replenish soap, just because I don’t have much on my face to wash off. I love them both, but the Cleanse bar, in particular, definitely exceeded expectations!

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Kris M. May 27 2019

Love them

I had no idea I would love the facial bars as much as I do. My skin feels so clean after using them. They smell incredible. What a perfect addition to the Crunchi Collection.

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