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Everluxe™ Lipstick

Each beautiful shade of our vegan Everluxe™ Lipstick is the perfect blend of nourishing organic ingredients and safe, color-packed pigment. You can rock every shade knowing you no longer have to compromise your health for gorgeous-looking lips!

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Karen G. Dec 14 2020

Acai & Rosewood Lipsticks

I LOVE these lipsticks! First thing that stood out to me is there's NO chemical aftertaste! My husband is especially a BIG fan of these for that exact reason! Second, these two lipstick colors are so versatile and flattering. I've even used them as a creamy blush with great results. Third, these lipsticks leave my lips feeling great, not dried out and flaking like the toxic lipsticks I've been used to wearing. SO glad I tried these!

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Heather E. Dec 02 2020

Love how long Lasting it is!

I love that this lipstick lasts and the shade is beautiful and I feel good about using a clean product on my lips!

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Courtney M. Nov 16 2020

New color Acai & new formula is extremely disappointing

I am extremely disappointed to find my favorite color, Pomegranate, to be discontinued. Usually I buy in bulk and keep them around the house and in various purses. This time I ordered three Acai thinking this new color would be similar but sadly, it is waaaay too brown and, the new formula, a bit dry. Even more disappointing is the return will only get me a store credit which, not sure what I would want at this point. I sincerely hope Pomegranate comes back. For now, I am back to BeautyCounter.

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Lara G. Nov 01 2020


I don't usually like lipstick, but this new formula, I L.O.V.E. Especially the Rosewood. Goes on so smoothly and feels so nice and stays on!

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Heather P. Oct 24 2020


i love it! goes on smooth, stays on- awesome ingredients too.

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Hallie B. Oct 16 2020


Rosewood is like a warm welcome for my face! A light layer blends perfectly into my own dark-mauve lip complexion, and an extra layer or two really makes my lips POP without ever making my teeth look yellow. And it feels like a smooth buttery coating of LOVE to nourish my lips! Chapstick on chilly, windy days is no longer necessary when I've got my trusty EverLuxe in my bag!

Stacy  Oct 14 2020


I loved the previous version of lipstick in serendipity! I tried the new version in plum kiss and they really mean cool mauve. I look totally washed out. It’s lighter than my natural lip color. The consistency is too thick and it’s hard to apply. Adding the lip gloss in date night helps. Please bring back the old lipsticks. :)

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Sandra B. Oct 05 2020


Disappointed with the new lipstick. Color (plum) is dull. Feels dry. Miss the color (Serendipity)and smooth feel of the old lipstick.

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Maureen L. Sep 29 2020

Perfect matte lipstick!

I have struggled for years to find a matte finish lipstick that doesn’t look chalky or suck the moisture from my lips. Thank you Crunchi for making a gorgeous, moisturizing lipstick to achieve the matte look I have been dreaming of without any toxins or issues with finish or dryness!