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Everluxe® Lip Crayon

Everluxe® Lip Crayons are formulated with the perfect blend of nourishing organic ingredients that leave the lips hydrated and deliver safe, color-packed pigment that lasts. Everluxe® glides on smooth for a beautiful satin finish that will keep the lips looking luscious. Everluxe® Lip Crayons deliver the performance of a lipstick in a sustainable, sharpenable wooden pencil to minimize packaging waste. Available in 5 gorgeous shades.

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Customer Reviews

Kim G. Jul 29 2023

No Bleeding

Have three shades and love them all. I'm 68 and have wrinkles above and below my lips. These pencils don't bleed in my wrinkles like others do

Elon C. Jul 28 2023

My new favorite!

I’m a low-make up gal, but middle aged and on zooms all day can be a waning look. I put this on and it makes me feel ready to face whatever’s next. Lipstick is my favorite mood altering substance.

Terri S. Jul 28 2023

Love the feel and look but….

I absolutely love how beautiful these are and they are so smooth! But, for me, they are gone within an hour or sometimes even splotchy which is probably worse. It isn’t practical to throw them in a purse each day to refresh constantly. Also wish there was a better alternative for sharpening them. Color - 5 star!! Feel - 5 star!! Value - 2 star. Staying power - 0 stars. Sadly disappointed.

Kristen K. Jun 06 2023

Plum Kiss all the way!

The Plum Kiss Crayon was the perfect color for my lips and skin tone (light-olivey skin). It stays on well and feels nice on the lips. In fact, I wore this during my wedding!

Kim C. Apr 12 2023

Lip Crayons

I have two shades and love them both. They apply easily and are long lasting. We ride a Harley motorcycle and the color holds up well in the wind and heat. Would love to see a name or number on the pencil so I can tell others what color I'm wearing.

Kim C. Apr 12 2023

Lip Crayons

I have two shades and love them both. They apply easily and are long lasting. We ride a Harley motorcycle and the color holds up well in the wind and heat. Would love to see a name or number on the pencil so I can tell others what color I'm wearing.

JMcGee  Feb 08 2023

L <3 V E

Love Letter is, hands down, the best lip crayon shade. This needs to be a permanent option!

Priyanka A. Jan 29 2023

Pigmented But Not Long Wearing

I find these to have good pigment and smooth application, but they are not long wearing. After about an hour or two, I seem to have to reapply because the color definitely fades. It is hydrating but I just wish the performance was better. I will use up what I have, but will not be repurchasing.

Hannah  Nov 17 2022

Savvy is cool toned

I have loved every purchase from Crunchi except this one. Very disappointed. It’s described as a neutral nude color but it reads very cool on my skin. Very unflattering.

Jenny  Nov 16 2022

Excellent Product

Long lasting, beautiful shades, no foul taste or smell, comfortable on the lips (matte but not too matte).... this stuff lasts through my cup of coffee and stays on for hours. HUGE improvement over the former lipsticks. Well done on the formula: gorgeous and very wearable. My only suggestion: make them bigger and sell a sharpener for them.

Verified Purchase
Hannah H. Nov 04 2022

LOVE! So smooth!

I have never loved lip colors/stick until I met this lip crayon. It's so easy to apply silky-smooth and beautiful. It needs improvement on staying on for longer but other than that it's perfect.

Ashtyn C. Nov 02 2022

Won't buy again

This lip pencil doesn't stay on very well and its too wide to even sharpen. The retired form was better. This format is too high maintenance and less quality. I won't be buying it again.

Verified Purchase
Mary H. Oct 31 2022

I’ve fallen in love with this!

I have fallen in love with my new lip pencil! I purchased the Rosewood color. I put it on before heading out for the day wondering how long it would last and was surprised when I got home and it was still on! That was a seller for me. I love the creamy texture. I sometimes wear one of the glosses on top, but mostly like the matte look.

Verified Purchase
Kim C. Oct 19 2022

Long Wearing

Love this lip pencil. Doesn't smear or bleed on my upper lip.

Verified Purchase
Sandra J. Oct 17 2022

Lip crayon

I love the lip crayon tried it this pass weekend for pictures. It last long and go with the hydro gloss. May I also suggest putting the name on the pencil

Sophia A. Oct 08 2022


I got this not really knowing what to expect and not willing to get my hopes up TOO high in case I was let down.. I got it specifically for a choral event since I am a singer. It was gonna be a long-wear event type deal, and let me tell you how amazed I am with this formula. It lasted so long!! And it was comfortable even after all that wear time! I wore it for the choral event, and also again for the next day when I performed a solo for a recital! I wore it from about 10 am to midnight. Happy!

Eryn C. Sep 06 2022

great lip liner and lip stick combo!

I love how this product is a 2 in 1 and stays in place! Savvy is the PERFECT nude to make your lips "pop" just a bit more than normal.

Verified Purchase
Sylvia G. Sep 03 2022

Crunchi has done it again

I just love the Lip Crayons. You cannot have just one. I love to carry one in my purse. So easy to use and a great way to complete your locate.

Tami  Aug 29 2022

New favorite

The Everluxe lip crayons go on so creamy. I love the multi-purpose use as both a lip color and a lip liner. And also that they are so light and easy to carry when on the go.

Cindy  Aug 28 2022

Lip Crayon

I honestly was not excited when I heard there was a new lip crayon coming out because I’ve never been a fan of lipstick (I’m a gloss girl) but I love this product! The shades are so pretty and it goes on so soft and smooth. This is my new favorite and I love the idea of the crayon!

Verified Purchase
Amy N. Aug 28 2022

Everluxe Lip Crayon

I absolutely loooove the lip crayons! Colors are beautiful, nicely pigmented, long lasting and when i add the gloss it makes my lips feel even better! There is a shade for every occassion to match our clothes and i love using the darker colors as a lip liner. They are multi functional and i love them. Thank you for making these wonderful lip crayons!

Verified Purchase
Araceli R. Aug 27 2022

Lip Liner and Lipstick Oh My!

Finally a lip product that does bleed! Plus, the colors are so universal and velvety smooth. IN LOVE!

Verified Purchase
Robin N. Aug 27 2022

Plum kiss is the perfect color

I've been looking for the perfect everyday color for me and plum kiss is it! This color will be fabulous for all seasons. It's just enough pink to make your lips pop without stealing the show. I love the texture and longevity of the crayon as well! Way to go crunchi!

Nicole  Aug 27 2022

Surprisingly creamy

I was surprised at how creamy this lip crayon was. It does glide on smooth and offers the perfect shade pop!

Erin G. Aug 27 2022

So smooth

I just received my Everluxe Lip Crayon in Rosewood. It goes on so smooth and lasts! Now I just need more colors!

Verified Purchase
Monica S. Aug 27 2022

New Favorite

The lip crayons wear very well. Until now my favorite lip crayon has been the Clinique Chubby Sticks. The Everluxe crayons wear thicker and less emollient than those, but they are more nourishing. I even put these on slightly chapped lips and they didn't make them any more dry. I'm impressed. Decent staying power too for how nourishing and not drying they are.

Verified Purchase
Monica S. Aug 27 2022

Quality Product - New Favorite

I'm pretty picky on lip products - I like buildable color, nourishing, and staying power is a big plus, however typically nourishing and staying power don't coexist well. Clinique Chubby Sticks were my current favorite. But even those leave my lips slightly dry after a while. These crayons, however, are great. They wear thicker and with less emollience than the Chubby Sticks, but they aren't drying. I even wore my everluxe on slightly chapped lips and it didn't make them dry - AWESOME product!

Cassie L. Aug 27 2022

Creamy Pigmented Goodness

I’ve never been a lip pencil woman. They’re always hard, hurt a little to apply and leave your lips feeling AND looking dried out. NOT THESE. I was reluctant to try them but Crunchi hasn’t failed me yet, so I took a chance. It glides on smooth, is ultra creamy and the color is buildable! As a makeup minimalist, I’ve also applied some to my cheeks for a cream blush. So easy to toss in your purse and go. I love it!

Jen R. Aug 27 2022

Great product

Love the new colors and pencil!

Lynne G. Aug 27 2022

Love it!

I really like how this goes on. It’s a nice matte finish to give me a burst of color, which I then pair with my normal chapstick. I do wonder how long it will last in the format it’s in though…

Gabriella V. Aug 27 2022

Possibly my FAVORITE Crunchi product (so far!)

I’m am so in love with the Serendipity lip crayon - the color, the formula and the sharpen-able crayon applicator! These lip crayons are a must have, I’m so SO happy with this purchase. I will definitely be buying additional colors!

Verified Purchase
Jeremy K. Aug 27 2022

Plum Kiss is my favorite

I bought Plum Kiss, Rosewood, and Savvy. I love them all. Easy application!

Kathy  Aug 27 2022

LOVE the Açaí Everluxe Lip Crayon!

These lip crayons are awesome! Great color and staying power! Easy to apply and sharpen. Go light or heavy, add a smidge of lip gloss if you want more shine. Get one…or five!!

Jen F. Aug 26 2022

Best crayons ever!!!

I love the lip crayons even more than I thought I would! They go on so easily. I have all the shades and I like changing up and adding HydroGloss over the top of the crayon to create even more different looks! My current favorite is Rosewood lip crayon under Namaste gloss for everyday. The crayons work great as lipliner too! I haven’t tried using it as blush (yet!)

Erica M. Aug 26 2022

Rosewood is the fall lip color

The rosewood lip color is gorgeous! This color is THE fall lip color. Highly pigmented and long wearing. It reminds me of MAC Velvet Teddy but better and non toxic lippie.

Sarah G. Aug 26 2022

New FAVORITE Crayon!

As a former elementary art teacher, I appreciate a good crayon and this one is the best! On top of being full of safe ingredients, I love the thoughtful packaging. It can easily be sharpened (a must!) and it’s “chubby” design is perfect to hold (even my 6 year old daughter can have precise application). The wood packaging helps me reduce my plastic exposure and waste. Did I mention it’s long-lasting?! I will happily color my lips with any of these gorgeous shades!

Meghan  Aug 26 2022

The best lip crayon!

First, I love the color. Second, the formula is amazing and creamy which I also love. I have braces and I do think it stays on pretty well. I also use it as blush sometimes when I’m in a hurry and love it! 10/10 will continue getting more colors!

Nichole M. Aug 26 2022

Line & fill in lips!

I am so happy I found this product! It lines and glides on smooth for a full lipcolor that can be worn alone or with gloss. I love Rosewood.

Ashleigh  Aug 26 2022

Perfect formula

This product is my dream product for lips! I tend to stay away from lipsticks because of wet textures, but this product gives me great color and it feels like I'm not even wearing it!

Lisa D. Aug 26 2022

Love this lip crayon!

I’ve never used a Lip Crayon before so I didn’t know what to expect, but this creamy, long lasting and highly pigmented formula exceeds all my expectations! I’ll never go back to regular lipstick!

Verified Purchase
Kim O. Aug 26 2022

Lip pencil and lipstick in one!

This is a perfect non toxic replacement for a lip crayon I have been using since the early 2000s. It's creamy enough to use as an all over lip color, yet sturdy enough to give your lips shape and use as a lip liner. It's non drying on my lips. I have all the colors and they all look great! I have a hard time finding colors that look good on my skin tone so it's great that I can just buy any color and I know I can pull it off. Love that they go perfectly with the Crunchi gloss colors.

Verified Purchase
Debbie S. Aug 26 2022

Super Great!

I love these new lip pencils! They apply smoothly with no waxy taste. I have a hard time keeping color on my lips for an extended period of time, and these are the best yet. I also like that there is no waste, since they are in pencil form The colors are great too! I love all of the Crunchi products!

Verified Purchase
Melissa L. Aug 26 2022

These are AMAZING!!!

It doesn't matter which lip crayon I use, I'm obsessed! They go on easily, last for hours and you can feel how great the quality is. The best part is knowing that they are truly toxin free since we inevitably swallow some of our lip products when they are applied. I love that with Crunchi I never have to worry about toxins. I highly, highly recommend these products. I can't even pick a favorite because they are all amazing.

Judy P. Aug 26 2022


I have very thin lips, and now that I am seventy-five years old...my lips look even thinner. I have always tried to compensate by using a lip pencil to outline a bit larger and filling in. After a while, my lips would almost disappear. I would find somewhere to quickly apply lip pencil and lip plumper again. I had my 57th high school class reunion this week. Guess what?! No need for lip liner or plumper any longer! 'Goes on like butter without greasiness- Love this product! - Finally!

Michelle D. Aug 26 2022

Beautiful Color and Creamy Texture

I love the feel of these lip crayons and they go on like a dream. The color lasts well and they are not drying even though they are beautifully matte. They are on the smaller side though so I can see they won’t last long and I’d really like to see more colors to choose from.

Danielle B. Aug 26 2022

Great lip crayon

Love my Everluxe lip crayons! They go on so smooth and the color stays for a while even when eating and drinking! Can be used as a liner or for the whole lip! Great versatility.

Tammy M. Aug 26 2022

Love the new lip crayon

I only wear lipstick on Sundays and special occasions. So, a new lip product was available and I got to see all the colors up close and couldn't wait to try it. I was honestly impressed with the feel and the way it looked. Crunchi products have been a game changer for me. And this lip crayon is awesome!!!

Bonnie R. Aug 26 2022

Creamy Dreamy

Everluxe lip crayons are so creamy, easy to sharpen & apply. I have all 5 colors, & sometimes mix 2 shades, use 1 color as a liner, or even as a creamy blush! Stays on a couple hours for me.

Stephanie  Aug 25 2022

Lip Crayon in Plum Kiss

The plum kiss is beautiful. I love it!

Whitney V. Aug 25 2022

Lip Crayon

I really love this product & the pinky shade I picked for my skin tone. It applies well & looks phenomenal on! I gave it 4/5 starts only because I wasn’t impressed by its last time, lasts like a standard lipstick for me personally, however it does wear well! Never flaky or drying, a very natural wear left behind.

Crystal Z. Aug 25 2022

Everluxe Lip Crayon

I love the smooth easy way the lip crayon glides across my lips. The color is Rich and lasts. It isn’t heavy.

Marcia S. Aug 25 2022


I absolutely love my Ever life lip crayon! For the first time ever I can wear color on my lips without it getting on my teeth. It's very light going on no heavy waxy feeling at all. It's long lasting and for the first time my make up is complete.

Melissa S. Aug 25 2022

** user friendly **

I love the idea of using a pencil and less plastic etc. I just wish they were a bit bigger and had the colors name on them!

Sue J. Aug 25 2022

Small but awesome

They apply well, they smell great, they are pigmented perfectly! They are small for their price and you lose a decent amount of product when sharpening :/

Susan B. Aug 25 2022

..:: c r e a m y & dreamy ::..

Love the formula! I wish savvy wasn’t a bit darker; other than that - executed beautifully!

Mairead C. Aug 25 2022

Love these!

I love the consistency of these lip crayons! They go on effortlessly! One improvement would be to add the name to the pencil. Thank you Crunchi for creating a fab lip color product that lasts!!!

Rachel S. Aug 25 2022

The lip color I never knew I NEEDED

I'll be honest when I heard their was a lip 'crayon' coming out, I did not think I would be into it at all. However, I am OBSESSED. It's like a lip liner, lip stain, lip stick, in one! It works to line the lips even when it isn't freshly sharpened, but if you prefer a very thin defined line you also have the option to freshly sharpen. When I want a lip stain, I apply clarilight to my lips and then use the lip Crayon and follow up with a dusting of the translucency powder and it lasts all day!

Nicole L. Aug 25 2022

Everluxe Lip Crayon

I am OBSESSED with Everluxe lip crayons! I have never used a more nourishing and buttery soft lip crayon in my life!! Every single color is gorgeous and the staying power is incredible! You can layer a couple different colors at one time. The hardest part will be which one you want to use each day. I can’t recommend the Everluxe lip crayons enough!!

Alicia F. Aug 25 2022

Long lasting clean beauty!

I’ve only worn lipgloss for years because I couldn’t find a clean beautiful lipstick that stayed put until now. I never knew a lipstick crayon could be so moisturizing. These are so easy to use, beautiful colors that you can layer, and long-lasting! Crunchi just keeps knocking it out of the park with new products!

Verified Purchase
Isabella W. Aug 25 2022

Everluxe in Plum Kiss

This is hands down my favorite lip crayon! I got mine in the Plum Kiss shade and it is the perfect color for my skin tone. It is easy to blend and put on. I love to top it off with chapstick or my Peppermint Hydrogloss. I sometimes use it as a lip liner as well. I do wish the crayon was a bit bigger for the price and a sharpener along with it would be worth it too. Easy to apply especially on the go/for a quick pop of color!

Leah N. Aug 25 2022

Gorgeous, creamy, luscious lips are at your fingertips!

These lip crayons take the cake. I usually avoid lip products altogether, lipsticks included, because they feel sticky, gummy, or don't stay on well - and they usually make my lips peel like crazy. With Everluxe I'm enjoying how creamy and smooth these lipsticks apply, how beautiful they are without feeling like you're wearing goop, and how little they transfer even after just applying them. I really love how Crunchi has protected the product with the eco-friendly wood pencils too!

Rachael  Aug 25 2022

Love it!

I hardly ever wear anything on my lips and I bought the color rosewood of the ever luxe lip crayon and have been wearing it ever since it came in the mail! It goes on smooth, stays on, and the color is gorgeous! Can’t wait to try the others.

Lindsay  Aug 25 2022

Everluxe Rosewood

I never wear lipstick but decided to give this a try. I purchased Rosewood and I absolutely love it! It is so smooth and creamy. I topped it with Hydrogloss lipgloss for a shinier look. I don't know of any product on the market like this one!

Shea B. Aug 25 2022

Everluxe is awesome

I love how smooth it goes on. I don't get the "lipstick teeth". It's just over all goes on smooty.

Danielle C. Aug 24 2022

Everluxe Lip Crayon

The lip crayons are beautifully pigmented. They glide on easily, provide great coverage, and wear well. Smaller in size then I anticipated. Unsure if I will like having to sharpen them. Like having an alternative to Hydrogloss and the ability to layer the 2 products for a different look.

Verified Purchase
Shealyn R. Aug 24 2022


I have tried multiple matte lip colors over the years and this one is great! It stays on throughout the day and the color is bold but also not too much. I can’t wait to try other colors!

Karen S. Aug 24 2022

Everluxe lip crayon

Love the smoothness of the lipstick and it sharpened great only objection is no way of knowing the color I bought without looking. I would love a label on the end some way.

Beverly H. Aug 24 2022

Creamy & Beautiful

I’m in love with these toxin free & gluten free lip crayons. They apply like a dream and are oh so beautiful! They do not dry out my lips and add beautiful color to my lips. I love how I can even make a lip stain with the darker shades. Or I can lighten it up with a pop of CRUNCHI’S hydrogloss over it. I’ve been using mine everyday for a month and still haven’tu had to sharing it! ????

Jan E. Aug 24 2022

Soft & Creamy

I like how this feels as most lipsticks make my lips feel irritated & dry. This product feels very soft & creamy, assuming having to do with the its purity. The color I purchased, Serendipity, is good & I use it for day to day but next time I’ll try ordering the darker color, Acai, as well. Sometimes you just want to dress it up with something darker. It doesn’t stay on long but other products that do are too drying. So, this works well for me. It also sharpens very well.

Rachel T. Aug 24 2022

Goes on like butter!

I have all 5 shades of the lip crayon and they are all beautiful! They literally go on like butter. So smooth! I like to put my Crunchi lipgloss over them sometimes for a different look. You can apply the color lighter or darker. My only heads up is that they sharpen differently than normal pencils. I think this is due to the fact that there is ZERO plastic in these lovely crayons. So I just have to make sure after I sharpen them I brush off the wooden flakes. Highly recommended!

Carol w. Aug 24 2022

Love the lip crayon ????

I bought 4 colors and they are absolutely Beautiful ! They are long lasting , the shades are amazing and my lips feel so soft and moisturized Not too shiny ?… highly recommend ?

Emily  Aug 24 2022

Everluxe Lip Crayon- Rosewood

WOW.. I am truly amazed by this lip pencil. I just recently made the switch to Crunchi. I decided to try the Everluxe lip crayon in the color Rosewood. I was shocked when I tried this for the first time. It is so lightweight and is actually long wearing!!! Usually long wearing lip products are dry on the lips.. but this one applies smoothly and leaves your lips feeling soft. I love the shade Rosewood but I am excited to try the others!

Dawn M. Aug 24 2022

Everluxe Lip Crayon is the best!

Cut to the chase--I have lips that peel-ALL THE TIME. I thought it was just me. BUT, ever since I began using the Everluxe Lip Crayon, my lips haven't peeled. They are smooth and soft. I love it!

Andria V. Aug 24 2022

Crazy moisturizing

I love how smoothly the lip crayons glide on. The color is highly pigmented and so very moisturizing. It lasted a good while and left my lips feel good.

Sharon  Aug 24 2022

Easy application and comfortable wear.

I love how easy & well this product applies. It's not waxy like I'm accustomed to with traditional lipstick. It's so weightless that I forget I'm wearing it. It has virtually no flavor/smell. The color is nice (plum), though I think it leans a little more of a purple hue than I prefer for my lips. If it were a little more light pink, I think it would compliment my complexion better, but it's not always easy to find your shade when picking colors online. I'd love to see a sharpener come with it.

El  Aug 24 2022

ForEver(luxe) using

I’ve been building a makeup/skin care routine for awhile and haven’t been able to commit to any lipstick brands until now :) With my constant hormone imbalances and my acute awareness of what toxins were putting into our bodies, I’m so relieved to have found these. It works wonderfully for a little cheek color too

Verified Purchase
Tiffany H. Aug 24 2022

Absolutely love them!!!

I got the whole set and love them so much!!!! They glide on so good and last for a long time. The colors are amazing too. I will definitely recommend them to my friends and family.

Vanessa V. Aug 24 2022


I like the thickness and length of the crayon because it is so much easier to carry in my purse. I also like the smooth texture of the lip crayon. Most of my other lip crayons become flaky and Everluxe does not. The shades are great and my lips stay hydrated.

Emily R. Aug 24 2022


I am not a frequent lip wearer as it always feels TOO much and never looks just how you want it. The lip crayon is truly fabulous. It goes on smoothly, I love how you can sharpen it to get the exact point you need EVERY TIME! My lips feel so smooth! Plum kiss is the perfect color!

April  Aug 24 2022

Glad I made the switch to Crunchi!

I absolutely love the color Savvy! It is such a neutral color and goes with anything! Can dress it up or down. I highly recommend this color

Tammy M. Aug 24 2022


Lovin’ the beautiful lip crayons!! They’re so easy to apply and the color lasts. I prefer the lighter colors with a pop of HydroGloss to make a beautiful shine!! I highly recommend these amazing lip crayons!!

Char N. Aug 24 2022

Plum Kiss

Really great color! Wears nice feels like I have nothing on. Love it!

Heidi  Aug 24 2022


I absolutely love the wooden lip crayon! It goes on so smooth and lasts a long time. I really love to use it as a lipliner! The colors are also amazing!! They pair really well with the Hydrogloss lipgloss.

Robin K. Aug 24 2022

Everluxe Lip Crayon

Let me preface this review by saying that I do not wear makeup. Like, ever. But I decided to try out this lip crayon and it is amazing. It goes on so smoothly and just feels soft on my lips. It lasts for about 4-5 hours which is perfect for me. Great color and it didn’t dry out my lips.

Verified Purchase
Melissa S. Aug 23 2022

Surprised how much I like these

I was at first skeptical about a "crayon," but once I tried it, I really liked it!! It goes on really creamy and soft, doesn't dry out my lips at all (I have a lot of problems with dry lips generally), and for me stays on REALLY well, like even after a meal well, which I've not had success with before - including with other toxic brands. So, so happy to have these! I am not a fan of the savvy color, it just looks washed out on me, but I love Rosewood so much!!!!

Verified Purchase
Amanda O. Aug 23 2022


I like the easy application and pop of color. I tried rosewood, but looking forward to trying the rest.

Verified Purchase
Lindley M. Aug 23 2022

Lipstick what?

If you are a lipstick wearer like me this is a game changer! So much smoother and easier to apply and is hydrating! Savvy is my favorite and add namaste hydro gloss over top and it’s gorgeous!!

Brandi W. Aug 23 2022


Literally the best lip investment I’ve made in a long time. The creaminess of the application is what dreams are made of. I can apply a color before going out to dinner for the evening and it’s still on well after I’ve eaten and drank through a straw and I usually have to wash it off. That’s super important when shopping for a clean long lasting lip!

Maddie S. Aug 23 2022

Lip Crayon

These lip crayons are AMAZING! I won a contest and got 12. These last forever too! I put it on and ate/drank throughout the day and it was STILL on. Not to mention, these colors are absolutely stunning. I will definitely buy more after I run out!

Alisha W. Aug 23 2022

Best lipstick by far

I have tried many lip products over the years and have never been a fan of lipsticks…until now. The Everluxe Lip Crayons are smooth and creamy going into. They do not dry my lips out like lipsticks typically do. Also, the shades are fun to mix and match. AND want a softer look- use it as a liner and add gloss! Bonus for duel purpose product!

Lorrie  Aug 23 2022


Until receiving my first Everluxe Lip Crayon, I’d never worn a lip stick of any kind. I much preferred a lip balm or a gloss. But, wow! Are these Lip Crayons AWESOME! They have been added to my daily skin care and makeup routine! I LOVE THEM! They’re perfection on my lips!

Martha  Aug 23 2022


I love the colors but wish they were more pigmented. I have Rosewood and layer with Wanderlust for more shine and pop of color.

Verified Purchase
Melissa B. Aug 23 2022

Love the new lippies!

I absolutely love the Everluxe Lip Crayons, particularly Plum Kiss. I wasn't sure that I would like this color as I am not a huge "plum" fan. However, it's quickly become my favorite! The colors blend pink, plum (mauve) and nude all rolled into 1 fabulous lippie. I also like to outline my lips with Savvy Lip Crayon with Transparency Hydrogloss for an easy, everyday lip.

Kellie  Aug 23 2022

Great Lip Pencil

I really like how smooth this goes on. I use it with the lipgloss.

Sheryl K. Aug 23 2022

Everluxe Lip Crayon

These lip crayons go on so smooth and feel so creamy they are fabulous !! I love all of the colors to choose from so much so , that I bought them all !! They make my lips feel hydrated and look so great . Thank you all so much for making them , they are the best I’ve ever used in the clean cosmetic world. ??????

Verified Purchase
Nicole H. Aug 23 2022


These lip crayons are the creamiest "lipstick" I've ever used. They are long-wearing, brightly pigmented, and sharpen beautifully. I love having one product that doubles as a lip liner and lip color! I am SO obsessed with this creamy formula and color, that I now use the Plum Kiss as a blush and as an eyeshadow!

Verified Purchase
Jasanna M. Aug 23 2022

Love it

I really like this LIp Crayon. It goes on smooth and lasts long. It is my new favorite blush also. It gives a nice pop of dewey color on my mature skin.

Jennifer F. Aug 23 2022

Lip crayon

I bought one to try. I like the color but it seems very dry. I add the lip gloss for some moisture.

Cathy  Aug 23 2022


I am happy and so are my lips! The color goes on smoothly and stays. I’m looking forward to getting more colors.

Rachel S. Aug 23 2022

Definitely going to buy more!

When I heard the word “crayon” I thought the tip was going to be hard and didn’t really sound appealing to use on my lips. But it is completely the opposite! The tip is so smooth and soft and glides effortlessly across my lips! The pigmentation is great; whether you want a soft touch of color or a rich, vibrant look, you can achieve both. It’s amazing how versatile this product is! I do wish they had the color listed on each lip crayon for easy referencing, but other than that, 100% ?? it!

Shaina M. Aug 23 2022

Sooooooo smooth!

Luscious lips, smashing smooch, holy moly I have never loved lipstick, but these are so, SO smooth, I can’t stop wearing them!! I even glide some on when I want to wear gloss because I just LOVE the feel of these! I love that I can use them as lip liner, and I have NO lipstick teeth!! I cannot believe it, but Crunchi has converted me yet again!

Allie B. Aug 23 2022

Creamy goodness!

These lip crayons are so creamy and apply so smoothly! The pigment is incredible as well. These are for sure a new favorite of mine :)

Verified Purchase
Beth F. Aug 23 2022

Beth F..

I love the creaminess of these lip pencils and all the colors. I especially love layering them with Crunchi's glosses and creating additional colors. Best of all I feel good about swallowing the ingredients all day as opposed to those of others on the market!

Monique  Aug 23 2022

Lip Crayon

I have never loved a lip product more in my entire life! It goes on so buttery smooth and the performance is amazing! I’m so glad I got all 5 colors, because I love them all!

Verified Purchase
Renate W. Aug 23 2022

Everluxe Lip Crayon

Love all colors. It goes on so smooth. You can use it as a liner and/or a lipcolor. It stays on a good while. Much better than the old lipsticks. Love it!

Janay W. Aug 23 2022

Creamy Pencil glides on smoothly

I was expecting the typical lip pencil, but was very surprised. The lip crayon is so hydrating. It feels creamy going on and glides on so smoothly leaving rich, even pigment behind. No dryness, no hopping and skipping as you go around your lip. It lasts for hours and the Acai color looks so good on my melanin rich skin! I want more!! Layers perfectly so the Hydrogloss lip gloss.

Kim  Aug 23 2022

Lip crayon

The lip crayons are very moist but they don't stay on very long. The colors are pretty but I'm not sure if they are worth the price.

Jennifer b. Aug 23 2022

Love this lip crayon!

This is a silky glide on lip crayon ! Rich and natural looking color that feels like your lips but better. Has better staying power than I expected . Doesn't come off on straws . Love this crayon!

Deni R. Aug 23 2022

So in LOVE!!

I typically don’t wear lipstick or lipgloss, but the Everluxe Lip Crayon goes on so smooth and creamy and is so easy to apply that I have been using it every day! Rosewood is my daily go to but I love all the colors!

Verified Purchase
Lara G. Aug 23 2022


The application of this lip crayon is sooo smooth and creamy!! I still can't believe it's a pencil! Crunchi hit this one out of the park! Oh, my fave is Rosewood- the shade is ahhmazing!

Hattie B. Aug 23 2022


I’m loving my açaí lip crayon. The color is literally perfect and non drying. My lips look like I just ate an açaí bowl????

Laura S. Aug 23 2022

Great color

The plum kiss is an amazing color and looks great as a lip liner. I love wearing golden lipgloss over the savy.

Cari  Aug 23 2022


I love these lip crayons. These isn’t a color O have tried that has disappointed. Finally, something, non-toxic, long lasting AND it looks amazing! How on earth these bring fullness to the look of my lips? I don’t know. But I am obsessed!

Amy T. Aug 23 2022


I’ve never found a lip crayon or lipliner that I actually liked. They are all dry and tricky to apply. Decided to give the Everluxe a try, and wow- amazing! It glides on so smooth and so moisturizing! Will definitely buy more!

Rebekah A. Aug 23 2022

Smooth and well pigmented!

I ordered 2 shades (Rosewood and Serendipity) and have enjoyed them both! They go on veryyy smooth! I’ve used them as lip liner and as all over color! The times I’ve worn them they lasted about 2-4 hours depending on if I was eating/drinking. So far I’m loving them! They also look great layered together or with the transparent lipgloss!

Heather D. Aug 23 2022

Lips are BACK!

I have been dying for lipstick to come back to Crunchi, so when they announced the release of these lip crayons I literally squealed! I'm a lipstick/lip crayon person all the way and am in love the colors are so flattering across the board and include everything from bold to nude. They are so luxurious to apply and nourishing to the lips. My lips do not feel crunchy or crusty after a few hours like I often feel with other lipstick and they're such a fun addition to my makeup bag! 10/10 recommend

Carrie B. Aug 23 2022

So Smooth!

These are the best lip products i’ve ever used! They go on so smoothly and the colors are beautiful!

Erica S. Aug 23 2022

Lip Luxury

A shade for ever personality! With a color that makes you feel like you, and a soft crayon application. I personally love how buildable the color is and how easy the application is. Does not dry my lips out!

Jen M. Aug 23 2022

Newbie advocate review ????

Got rosewood with me subscription! Natural everyday wear color! Went on smooth and has like a matte finish to it. Just wore it for first time but love that it’s a wooden pencil style!

Shannon B. Aug 23 2022


Love this crayon. Goes on nice and smooth and the color stays. I have the Plum Kiss and it’s sooo pretty. On girls day out it’s a must!

Jodi K. Aug 23 2022

Long wearing & nourishing

The easy application lip crayon makes application a breeze. So nourishing and long wearing color stay makes it a win for me!

Laura R. Aug 23 2022

Love My Everluxe Lips!

What’s not to love?!?!?! The colors are great! I love outlining my lips so it doesn’t bleed when I fill in my lips. It feels great, looks lovely, and lasts!

Kristina  Aug 22 2022

Smooth & Vibrant

I have serendipity and LOVE the color. Goes on smooth and doesn’t look dry which I love. Doesn’t stay on as long as I’d hope when eating, drinking out of a can, etc so it ends up looking like lip liner after a while because the color wears off in the middle.

Connie S. Aug 22 2022

Incredible Product!

I bought the Everluxe Lip Crayon in Plum Kiss, and I was very impressed with the product! I didn’t know what to expect, but the color is beautiful, it lasts, and does not dry out my lips. I’m definitely going to buy more shades!

Amy F. Aug 22 2022

Lip Crayon

Love the look and feel of this lip crayon! It has staying power and a nice matte finish. I’m not sure how it will do with sharpening. May be a little pricey for amount of product you get.

Brianna K. Aug 22 2022


These are so smooth! Every color is beautiful!!

Lisa M. Aug 22 2022

Great product

The new lip crayons have such a smooth texture and wear well. I like blending shades and using CRUNCHI glosses with them.

Verified Purchase
Georgina B. Aug 22 2022

My new favorite lipstick!!

I ordered the Rosewood and now I need more colors. I absolutely love how it goes on and wears. This is definitely my new favorite lipstick! Feels yummy on!!

Peggy S. Aug 22 2022

Reviewing lip crayon

Best lip crayon ever. Goes on smooth and last very long. Lips stay moist! Love it. Glad I switched to Crunchi

Cassandra L. Aug 22 2022

My New Favorite Thing!

After beginning my journey to switch out my luxury-brand makeup for clean makeup, I was still left without a go-to lipstick. I loved the lipgloss that Crunchi had, but it just wasn’t the same. I was tempted to go back to my old lipstick, but then the Everluxe Lip Crayon came out and I’m in love! The color is rich and exactly as seen online. It lasts well and is so easy to apply. As a professional HR consultant, I talk to people everyday and the Everluxe Lip Crayon is my go to for look.

Danielle  Aug 22 2022

Lip crayon

I absolutely loved the everlux lip crayon! My advocate/consultant let me test all the colors. Each lip crayon had beautiful color, went on so smooth and felt wonderful on the lips! The color/texture was rich and of course love the design and packaging of the product as well! CRUNCHI did wonderful with this product!

Madison C. Aug 22 2022

Phenomenal product!

I absolutely LOVE the new Everluxe lipstick. The formula is super creamy and doesn’t dry out my lips. I personally have Plum Kiss. The color is gorgeous and is perfect for a simple every day looks, and makes a statement at night! I getting use to the wooden packaging but adore that it’s not packaged in plastic. I’m happy to know that when it’s gone I did my best to choose a product that was consciously packaged 10/10 recommended!

Cynthiana L. Aug 22 2022

Love the colors

Love the idea of these my biggest issue is the sharpening and it doesn’t last long.

Connie S. Aug 22 2022


I absolutely love the Everluxe Lip Crayon. I’m not that person who wears lipstick all the time and when I do I always need a mirror to be sure I’m getting it in the right place. With these lip crayons, it goes on so smoothly, I don’t need my mirror and it lasts quite awhile!

Verified Purchase
Janet H. Aug 22 2022


I actually purchased the Everluxe Lip Crayon to use as a blush and so far I'm loving it and it seems to stay put.

Madie M. Aug 22 2022

Exceeded Expectations

Looks great alone or with crunchi’s lipgloss on top- so versatile!! Excited to buy more colors.

Ashley  Aug 22 2022

All shades are perfect!

Seriously all the shades are gorgeous and look good on every skin tone. HOW?? I also love how moisturizing they are. If I kiss my daughters cheek, she deff has a lipstick mark, but my lips don’t look like they lose any color for hours! I also love how it doesn’t bleed onto teeth!! Love them so much

Shayla F. Aug 22 2022

I’m a convert

I don’t wear lip color ever. I bought this cuz I love Crunchi products. I got the rosewood shade and completely love it. It feels and looks so natural not goopy or excessive color! Love it

Christine R. Aug 22 2022


I LOVE Savvy and Plum Kiss and just ordered Rosewood. These are creamy, moisturizing & such beautiful colors! Love, love, love ??

Verified Purchase
Danielle D. Aug 22 2022

Smooth, lasts well

I haven't worn lipstick in a long time due to concerns with conventional ingredients. I really like how smoothly this applies, and it lasts pretty well considering how often I lick my lips (due to not being used to wearing lipstick). It is a bit pricey for a small lip crayon, but it will last me a long time so I'm happy with it. The pigments and finish are gorgeous.

Verified Purchase
Alyssa R. Aug 22 2022


Absolutely love! They are beautifully pigmented. The color lasts. They don’t dry out your lips. And they pair amazingly with the lip gloss.

Wendy D. Aug 22 2022

I like them!

I enjoy the matte finish and enjoy the fact that I can use the hydrogloss with them to make them shiny, for options. I would like to see the color name imprinted on the stick. I know that the colors are all different, however, when I modeled them for my husband, he thought they were all the same shade. I also like that I can mix them together to make my own shade.

Verified Purchase
Kimberly Y. Aug 22 2022

Love it!

The new lip crayon is really easy to apply and looks beautiful! I love the color and my advocate was really helpful in suggesting a color. I put the transparent hydrogloss on top and the color lasted all evening!

Ashley H. Aug 22 2022


It worked great and i loved the color.

Verified Purchase
Cassidy W. Aug 22 2022

Love the color

Plum kiss is just the right shade of pink! Even tried using as a blush while I wait for the restock, but might have to go with a darker shade for that.

Verified Purchase
Jessica R. Aug 22 2022

Flattering and Smooth

The crayon glides across your lips so smoothly and with such precision from the pencil like applicator. I have all the shades and honestly love every single one. They are all so flattering and can even be mixed to create new tones. The formula is silky enough, I have even used Plum Kiss as blush and it looked beautiful. Love how moisturizing and versatile this product is. I can't say enough great things about the Everluxe Lip Crayons.

Bridget M. Aug 22 2022

Acai lip pencil

Once again Crunchi has delivered a beautiful lip crayon that makes my lips stay moisturized all day!

Korie D. Aug 22 2022

In love ????

I’m absolutely in love with this lip crayon! It is so smooth and conditioning I just love love love it!

Wilhelmina M. Aug 22 2022

Everluxe Lip Crayon

Love the crayon's performance! It has a nice creamy texture that is easy to apply. I do wish the name was added onto the pencil. I am looking forward to trying more colors!

Verified Purchase
Brooke O. Aug 22 2022

Love this Lip Crayon!!

Love this Lip Crayon!! So Smooth and Creamy! Feels like a lip balm or conditioner and not lipstick. Not tacky or sticky or dry feeling, but very moisturizing. Love that it is a crayon and you can also use it a a lip liner. I've got All the colors and I cannot even pick my Fave because I love them all! Can't wait for more colors to add to my collection. Also the REAL Wood!! Awesome!! Love the Crunchi went the extra mile for this! Just shows how much they care. Thank You!!!

Holli  Aug 22 2022


I love love love the color Açaí! I’m new to lip crayons, but I’m quickly becoming a fan of how easy they are to apply!

Korie D. Aug 22 2022


This is amazing! It looks beautiful! It feels like a lip conditioner. It is wonderful!

Becca W. Aug 22 2022

The best!

I am the pickiest when it comes to lip sticks. I find a lot of natural brands to be too thick & clumpy. A lot of other natural brands don’t stay on well, leaving you looking like a clown as the day goes on and it slowly runs off your lips. These lip pencils are absolutely the best I’ve tried! They’re smooth & creamy, yet not heavy. I have gotten at least 4 hours out of one application. They will fade a bit with drink/food, but still give you that pop of color even after some fading. 10/10!

Courtney M. Aug 21 2022

The PERFECT lip stick/crayon ever!

I absolutely love this lip crayon! I’ve never liked lipstick, but once I tried this crayon I fell in love and it’s a literal dream! It’s not sticky at all and stays on so you don’t have to keep reapplying! I also really love that the pencil is made from REAL wood and of course toxin- free ingredients!! Thank you, Crunchi yet again!!!

Wereflyn  Aug 06 2022

Goes on easy

This lip crayon goes on easy and covers with a nice Matte finish. Unfortunately it doesn’t stay on very long and is a much smaller quantity than the lipgloss and retired lipsticks. Very expensive for what you receive and I am not sure it will sharpen well.

Joan H. Aug 04 2022

Rich Color! Creamy Texture!

I love how these lip crayons perform - like the creamiest, longest lasting lipstick. The colors are fun to layer or use as both a lip liner and lip color. The only improvement I would suggest would be to have the shade’s name written on the wooden part of the crayon. I used a metallic permanent marker to initial them myself.