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Daylight® Facial Cream

Safe skin is in! Your skincare routine just got a whole lot cleaner with the introduction of Crunchi Daylight®. Powerful sea kelp extract plumps and firms the look of your skin for an ageless appearance. The ingredients in Daylight® work together to restore hydration on contact and throughout the day, giving your skin a recharge just when you need it most. Lightweight, nutrient-rich organic jojoba, sunflower, avocado and sesame oils soften and moisturize skin promoting true harmony. Antioxidant-packed organic acai, goji, thyme and rosemary help protect from environmental stressors, and organic sweet orange oil provides a subtle, uplifting and refreshing scent. Daylight® is formulated to layer perfectly under Crunchi’s Iconic Smart Primer and Beautifully Flawless Foundation to result in pure complexion perfection.

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Customer Reviews

Sherri A. Jan 21 2023

Product Excellent Availability Poor

I love this but am always having to buy a substitute since it is never in stock.

Verified Purchase
Brenda A. Aug 07 2022

It's OK but just not enough moisture

I live in an area with very little humidity and while I really like the lotion, it is just not enough moisture for me. I have to apply it 2-3 time a day to keep my skin from feeling dry. I'm going to switch to the night cream for day use and see if that makes a difference.

Jennifer  Jun 05 2022

Facial cream

Love using this it makes my skin feel so soft and makeup goes on great. No irritation like I have had before with other products from different companies.

Verified Purchase
Monica B. May 25 2022

Daylight is my absolute favorite Crunchi product!

So calming! I didn’t think a facial cream could have this affect but this is my favorite part of getting ready in the morning. You can feel Daylight working and I feel so much better after I put it on. Mornings are crazy and this is my calm. Plus I love what it does for my skin!

Melissa  May 18 2022

Love it!!

I love the way my skin feels after using this product. So soft.

Lori K. May 15 2022

Daylight Facial

Love the feel on my skin!

Jennifer S. Apr 18 2022

Daylight Facial Cream

I love the smell ! It works so good I was happy with how great my face feels after I put it on.

Amy  Apr 09 2022

Love the product. Hate the bottle

I absolutely LOVE the moisturizer. However, with the narrow neck of the bottle you are left with at least five days worth of moisturizer (same with foundation, primer, and sunlight) at the bottom that is near impossible to get out. I would love it if the bottles were more like the night light screw lids so I can use all of the product.

Rita  Mar 06 2022

Lovely mosturizer but terrible Dispenser

I buy this cream for its clean non toxic ingredients. I like that it’s light and smooth. The smell doesn’t bother me but the dispenser leaves A LOT to be desired. The pump does not work effectively and it’s very difficult to get the product out of the jar - especially when you get to the bottom. I also sent one back because an air bubble in the middle of the bottle was taking up all the room so there was only half of the product in the bottle. Crunchi did replace it.

Trista J. Mar 01 2022

Light and Lovely!

Living in FL with heat and humidity, this face cream is perfect! It’s lightweight and smells just heavenly, not heavy just perfect for me! So amazing to have healthy, toxin free products!!

Cherity M. Feb 17 2022

Light weight

Love this lotion! Not too thick or oily. A little goes a long way not to mention what it does for my skin!

Rita B. Feb 03 2022

Nice cream but terrible Dispenser

Love that the moisturizer itself is non-toxic, light, but effective. However, the dispenser is very ineffective and I have had to find ways to dig out the cream when still not down to the bottom. Had to send one bottle back because of an air bubble that filled half the bottle, instead of product. . Crunchi did replace it right away. I do hope that they find a more efficient way to dispense this product. Maybe put it in a jar like the night cream.

Dawn  Jan 12 2022


I have very dry skin and my face feels so uncomfortable after washing in the mornings. Daylight soothes it instantly.

Katrina  Jan 11 2022

The Best Moisturizer!!

This is so light and feels so good on my skin!!

Tami S. Jan 09 2022

Daylight facial cream

This product is one of my favorite parts of my morning routine. The very slight orange smell is so good and refreshing and the cream is light and cooling on my skin. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling heavy or greasy either. During the long year of 2020 I want great about my daily facial routine and noticed my skin going downhill but once I started doing at least the skincare portion even if I wasn’t putting on makeup my skin improved and now I get compliments on my skin when I go out.

Laura S. Jan 05 2022

Light and refreshing

I love putting daylight on my face. It’s so refreshing and light. I feel energized for the day just from putting on my daylight. Just enough moisture to feel my skin hydrating but not too heavy or oily. And I love the smell.

Verified Purchase
Angela M. Dec 31 2021

This product is amazing

I love this lotion! It is lightweight yet moisturizes my skin wonderfully.

Connie  Dec 25 2021


Been using Daylight for close to 2 yrs .. I love everything about it .. it has cleared up my face when I develop dry spots or just about anything . Forgot it when we went on vacation to the beach and had to buy something else .. boy was I sorry! Won’t forget it again

Natalie  Sep 26 2021

The Smell is overwhelming!

The cream seems fine, but the floral smell is so strong I just can’t tolerate using it any more. I honestly wish I hadn’t given it the chance I did because now I can’t send it back for a refund.

Tricia L. Mar 16 2021


As an older woman I take care of my skin. I found this and I love it. It not only works and does not leave my skin oily but just feeling soft and moisturized but the smell is amazing too!

Kristen H. Nov 20 2020

Really nice moisturizer

It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling perfectly moisturized. I also love how it smells. As others have mentioned, it's very difficult to get the last bit out of the bottle. The cream is expensive enough that I'm not sure I'll repurchase as a result. I hope this issue is fixed because it's a good product that I'd like to continue using.

Kristen H. Nov 20 2020

Really like this cream

It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling moisturized but not greasy. I also love how it smells. As others have mentioned, it's very difficult to get the last bit out of the bottle. The cream is expensive enough that I'm not sure I'll repurchase as a result. I hope this issue is fixed because it's a great product that I'd like to continue using.

Kristen H. Nov 20 2020

Really like this cream

It absorbs quickly and leaves my skin feeling moisturized but not greasy. I also love how it smells. As others have mentioned, it's very difficult to get the last bit out of the bottle. The cream is expensive enough that I'm not sure I'll repurchase as a result. I hope this issue is fixed because it's a great product that I'd like to continue using.

Verified Purchase
Cheryl D. Oct 14 2020

Really nice facial cream

The good: This cream absorbs quickly and without any residual greasiness. I only need a small amount to cover my face. It feels really nice and the smell is light, fresh and citrusy. I do like the fact that Crunchi's products are in glass containers. The not-so-good: I wish it was a slightly larger volume, especially for the price. The dispenser bottle is not designed well, as getting the last of the product out of the bottle is extremely challenging. A jar would be a better choice.

Armando  Aug 06 2020

love it

love the daylight cream. It helped with my oily skin and it even helped to even out my skin tone. My freckles lightened up a lot!

Carley S. Jun 06 2020

Great product, but scent is strong for me

It applies effortlessly and keeps my skin moist a supple. As a person who has respiratory issues, the scent is a little overwhelming. I would prefer a more mild scent or unscented.

Verified Purchase
Sonda N. May 14 2020

In love with this facial cream!

I just received this cream in the mail today and absolutely love the way it smells and how light it is. My face was really red after putting on a bentonite clay mask, and this cream made the redness go away. I love how the cream sunk right into my skin and wasn’t greasy feeling. My skin feels soft and smooth. It is wonderful knowing that the cream is toxin-free!

Danielle  Mar 14 2020

Love the product, not the packaging

I enjoy using this lotion on my face year round. I don't like a lot of scent in products - this has a nice citrus-y scent when applying, but I'm not smelling it all day. As a few others have said, it's very hard to get the last bit of lotion out of the bottle. I agree it would be nice to put in a jar like the night cream.

Wendy G. Feb 25 2020


I switched over to Crunchi from another brand I was using that I liked. However, I love Crunchi’s Daylight. I don’t miss a day using it. I feel like I’m at a spa. The scent is light with a slight citrus scent. The formula is light and a half pump is all I need to have my skin feeling nourished. I have to wear moisturizer and this is the first for me to feel like something so light is working so great. My skin is looking so great after a month of regular use.

Verified Purchase
Greg H. Feb 17 2020

Daylight facial cream

Been using daylight about a month now was told by family my skin looked glowing and healthy. Yay so happy. That's the best compliment i can ever get. Thankful for crunchi products

Nancy C. Feb 14 2020

Never use another moisturizer!!!

As a "mature" (in age only) woman, I have used several moisturizers throughout the years. This will be my last! It is amazing and does the job instantly with no greasy feeling. The added benefit is that it is toxin free. I feel so good about it that my teenage daughter is using it as well.

Verified Purchase
April R. Nov 18 2019

Bottle could be better.

Love the product, but the bottle & pump are not very effective. For the cost of the product and amount you receive, you want to be able to use all the product and not have to find something to dig product out of the bottle. Not sure why it doesn’t come in a larger glass pot like the night cream? Would like more product for the price.

Jillian H. Nov 05 2019

Not moisturizing enough

I wanted to love this product, but I don’t. I have dry skin and this just isn’t moisturizing enough, even if I use a lot, which I have to. So then it doesn’t last me very long. Also I’m only half way through my bottle and already no more comes up out the pump, so I have to remove the lid every time and scrape it. Been using about 2 months, and I don’t visibly notice or feel an improvement in my skin- skin is still really dry, lots of fine lines, uneven, and acne.

Julie  Oct 24 2019

So good, but so little

I love this moisturizer so much. For sure the best I've ever tried. But I get so frustrated by the small amount you get for the price. The bottle/pump design doesn't help....I feel like I'm getting robbed of at least $5 because I can't get it all out. Maybe a jar would be better. Anyway, I know it's good for my skin and you pay for what you get, but I can't spend this money every month while leaving unused lotion in the bottle.

Jennie R. Jul 29 2019

Bottle makes it very hard to get the last little bit of product

You know when there's just a little bit of lotion in the bottom of the bottle and you shake it hard to get the last little bit out? You know that satisfying feeling that you used *every little bit* of the expensive product? You won't feel that with this packaging. I LOVE this product but get so FRUSTRATED with this bottle!

Susan  Jul 27 2019

Love but strong scent

I love almost everything about the daylight cream. Love the mission of Crunchi also. Goes on very smooth. I slather moisturizer on my face and neck and it absorbs nicely. Could use a larger size or a refill package. Unlike others, I find the scent very strong and floral upon use and through the day. I am scent sensitive so this may prevent me from another purchase, unfortunately. Would love to purchase again if it could truly be " fragrance free".

Sarah R. Jun 24 2019

Love this lotion, but pricey

The daylight facial cream is great, leaves your skin soft and with a wonderful texture. I also love all the harmful junk that is not in the product and my sensitive skin seems to do well with it. The reason I gave it 3 stars instead of 5 is because it is very pricey for the small amount. I am used to using expensive everything and am a firm believer you get what you pay for, however, this is one of this priciest. Plus what is worse is that I can never get all the product out of the bottle.

Kiki  May 09 2019

Love Love Love

I love this facial cream. I've got oily skin and anything I've ever used, made matters worse. Not this. Just a tiny bit goes a long way. Within a week, I noticed my skin looked better and I had a certain glow. I'll be back for more. I'd love to see this in a bigger bottle or at least an auto-delivery. Hint Hint.

Kelsey  Apr 13 2019

In Love!

I use this every. single. day. LOVE!

Pamela B. Mar 26 2019


I have never been able to wear any type of moisturizer before, I have weird skin that starts out dry and ends up being extremely oily so no matter what kind of moisturizer I tried I felt like my face was drowning in oil by the end of the day, which of course led to horrible and painful breakouts. Not this one!! Omg my face is soft and NOT oily at all!! I honestly cannot stop taking about this product!

Laci H. Mar 21 2019

Love this product!

I love the scent and feel of this product! It is amazingly light, but still feels moisturized, but not too heavy. And the scent is so fresh!

AmberG  Dec 06 2018


The daylight and night light cream are my absolute favorite! They smell awesome, moisturize without being too oily, don’t cause irritation, they are really just perfect in every way!

Verified Purchase
Rachel G. Dec 05 2018


Perfect moisturizer. Works great with the primer!

Stephanie M. Dec 05 2018


I love the citrus smell and that it’s not greasy at all. It gives my face a fresh start to my day! I have seen significant improvement in my fine lines.

Verified Purchase
Catherine N. Dec 05 2018

Daylight Skin Bright

I love the Daylight moisturizer! My skin has been so calm. It's taken away some of my redness and I feel that is has soothed over some old acne scars. I love the way it smells too! It gives me an extra boost in the morning!

Danita  Dec 05 2018


Love using this every morning! Face feels great and smells amazing!

Verified Purchase
Melanie G. Dec 04 2018

You need this!

The day cream feels smooth going on, smells great, and lasts all day. You know it lasts all day because you can smell it when you get your face wet away the end of the day!

Verified Purchase
Jessica F. Dec 04 2018

Glowing skin!

My skin absolutely loves Daylight. It just drinks it in and feels so well-hydrated and moisturized each morning after I apply it. The scent is so pleasant and energizing as well. Honestly, I wish they would make this in a full-body lotion because it feels so good that I want to lather it everywhere!

Marilyn J. Dec 04 2018

The perfect morning moisturizer.

My favorite part is that you can combine with the foundation to make the perfect dewy skin tinted moisturizer. I still recommend using the flat top brush for the perfect finish, but it makes for a nice option if you want the dewy look.

Holly K. Dec 04 2018


I have been using this for a week now and love it. I apply it every morning. I absolutely love the smell (kinda smells like orange to me). It’s so refreshing and moisturizing.

Meredith  Dec 04 2018


I have dry, sensitive skin with rosacea. This cream works wonders with my skin!

Verified Purchase
Allie M. Dec 04 2018


Finally my face doesn't feel like a desert! Loving this!

Verified Purchase
Vicki S. Dec 03 2018


I love the Daylight! I am in my late 50's and have started to get creases in my face, nice way to say wrinkkles. After using the Daylight, I have noticed the lines lightening! Could not be happier with the lightweight lotion!

Christine S. Dec 03 2018

Facial Cream

The daylight facial cream is a game changer. I have very dry skin and this product keeps my face moisturized all day! The light fragrance is an added bonus!

Verified Purchase
Allie M. Dec 03 2018

Loving it!

Loving this! I just got it in today but OMG it feels amazing!

Elizabeth A. Dec 02 2018


Daylight has such a refreshing smell! In the summer I wear half a pump of daylight with half a pump of foundation for more of a tented moisturizer!! Leaves my skin moisturized but not greasy such a plus.

Verified Purchase
Cristina C. Dec 02 2018

Perfect start to my day

My skin soaks up this goodness! It is lightweight and smooth and smells pleasantly of heavenly citrus. I was impressed that after day one my skin felt and looked better!

Danyele  Dec 02 2018


This day time moisturizer is absolutely amazing! This is my HG moisturizer paired with the foundation is just wowzers. Sometimes I don’t reach for my primer and with just this you could never tell makes a beautiful skin canvas.

Mili M. Dec 02 2018

Tinted Daylight with SPF?

I love the moisture I get from Daylight! I would love to see if we could have a Tinted Daylight with SPF! That would be a dream come true!

Jennifer E. Dec 02 2018

Delicious Daylight Cream

How I love this moisturizer . I apply it before I apply the primer. It makes my skin so soft and helps my foundation look better too!

Verified Purchase
Nancy E. Dec 01 2018

Best moisturizer I have ever tried!

I have super sensitive skin to the point where almost all moisturizers would burn and turn me into a red blotchy mess that would take weeks to clear up! My skin loves Daylight! I have tried many, many Vitamin C serums and moisturizers, including Rx, to clear up my dark spots from sun damage and dullness to my skin. Nothing worked! I am seeing results with Daylight! I love how it smells! Can you please make a body lotion out of Daylight?! I would totally use it!

Sue W. Dec 01 2018


I finished my chemo treatments in February and my skin looked terrible. I have used Daylight everyday since being introduced to it in May and my skin looks amazing. I have received many compliments on how great my skin looks and how healthy I now look. For the first time in a very long time I am actually looking healthy and my skin is amazing. I would recommend this product for all women.

Verified Purchase
Ashley M. Dec 01 2018


This moisturizer feels so light on my face and I have noticed an improvement in my blotchy patches.

Kendra U. Dec 01 2018

This is legit!!!

This is THE BEST facial cream I have ever used! So lightweight and non greasy and it smells so wonderful!!!

Shaina Y. Dec 01 2018


I just received my Daylight facial cream and I’m already in love with it!! The smell adds to it!! Will be purchasing more!!

Verified Purchase
Stacy V. Dec 01 2018


my deep brow wrinkle is so much less prominent after using my daylight! I won't go a day without it.

Zeidy  Dec 01 2018


This moisturizer is amazing, it is hydrating and very lightweight. A little bit goes a long way. Cannot wait to try the night cream!

Lauren D. Dec 01 2018

Talk about healing and moisturizing!

I have had extremely dry skin my entire life and have used different daily moisturizers with little success. This product has started healing my dry skin and I only have to apply it once a day! It smells amazing too!! Not a sticky lotion or a greasy lotion; perfect for my daily moisturizing needs.

Verified Purchase
Amanda F. Nov 30 2018

Great moisturizer

I have oily skin and not everything works well. The ingredients are great and this is perfect on my skin.

Verified Purchase
Amanda F. Nov 30 2018

Great moisturizer

I have oily skin and not everything works well. The ingredients are great and this is perfect on my skin.

Kate C. Nov 30 2018

My favorite moisturizer!

Daylight is such a wonderful moisturizer! It feels light, but lush on my skin, and it smells phenomenal!

Verified Purchase
michelle U. Nov 30 2018

Sensitive Skin

I have sensitive skin and usually have a rash when trying new products. I have been using Daylight for about 6 months and love the product. I use 2 pumps in the morning before I use my Primer.

Verified Purchase
Sheryl A. Nov 30 2018

Clean and refreshing feel

I recently started using the CRUNCHI daylight facial cream and love the clean feel and fresh scent of the product. It is non greasy, yet leaves my skin feeling bright and refreshed.

Verified Purchase
Jane S. Nov 30 2018


I have tried so many different products over the years. I have very sensitive skin and Daylight has never given me any issues. Makes my skin feel hydrated and smooth and I have noticed improvements in my tone as well. Such a wonderful product!!! HIGHLY recommend!

Regina S. Nov 30 2018

Facial cream

This is the best daylight facial cream!! I’ve always had really dry skin, but this stuff keeps my skin feeling moisturized all day! Love the smell and the way it feels on my skin!

Phyllis K. Nov 30 2018

Sr Advocate

I absolutely love daylight. Light, smooth as a baby’s behind, helps hydrate the skin. Toxic free! Won’t ever use anything else!

Kelsi b. Nov 30 2018

New favorite

Used to love our primer the most, but now I find myself using it interchangeablely with the daylight as my makeup wears just as nice :) great smell, plumps my skin, solid product.

Verified Purchase
Meagan C. Nov 30 2018

LOVE this product

I was hesitant to try the Daylight moisturizer because I "thought" I was already in love with another brand I was using. I decided to try it anyways and well my face sure is glad that I did. My face feels and looks truly moisturized now. I only need 1 pump to cover my whole face. I use this product every single day even when I am not wearing make up. I was not a fan of the scent at first, it does not smell like orange to me. I don't notice it much now I am used to it.

Alyssa P. Nov 30 2018

Daylight Cream is Amazing

I've tried lots of different facial creams & lotions. I love how light the Daylight Cream is. It makes my skin feel smooth.

Wendy B. Nov 30 2018


Daylight smells amazing, Feels amazing and I love having a toxin-free, hydrating start to my day.

Beth M. Nov 30 2018

Loved it

Loved the smell, the feeling of my face after using the product, and how long it lasted!!! Can’t wait for my purchase in the mail from Ashley!

Leah N. Nov 30 2018

Dry Skin Banished!

I've got super sensitive skin and have tried a lot of different skin care systems that are popular. Most of them either itched, burned, felt greasy, or simply didn't feel like anything, and I often still suffered from dry skin even with them on. When I first put on Daylight, I was amazed at the gentle but pleasant tightening that I kept experiencing 30 min in, 2 hours in, 6 hours in! And I have yet to add any additional moisturizers to this product. Highly recommend it!

Erin M. Nov 29 2018

Skincare snob SOLD

I'm a skincare snob and never buy the same product twice, even if I love it. However, I will definitely be buying this again when my bottle is gone. Let me say, I bought this end of August and it's still just under half full! That's amazing. Especially for the price. This is the best day moisturizer I have ever used. I've noticed my skin where I have lack of collagen is plumping back out and my skin is so soft and clear. Again, so impressed. Please make more skincare!!!

Adriana I. Nov 29 2018

Only 4 stars because I'm sensitive

This daylight cream felt so hydrating & amazing! The ONLY reason I'm not giving it five stars is because I wish it was fragrance free. I'm extremely sensitive to scent & use all fragrance free products, especially on my skin. If crunchi ever makes a fragrance free lotion I will probably buy a case of it!!!

Kandee F. Nov 29 2018

I could go on forever

No real way to describe how amazing this is. It is an instant ahhhh when you put it on your skin.

Verified Purchase
amber c. Nov 29 2018

Amber C

This moisturizer is fantastic! I finally found something that is slowly but surely improving my wrinkles without making me break out! I have super sensitive skin. Love it!

Verified Purchase
Rebekah J. Nov 29 2018

Tear Free and works all day!

As I was applying this cream one morning, I accidentally got a small amount in my eye! I wiped as much as I could away and waited for the irritation and burning to start, but it never did! My eyes didn't even begin to water, and they water very easily! We live in Alaska and heat with wood, so our house is VERY dry, In the past I have always had to apply moisturizer or lotion several times a day to my face, so far I have not had to do that once, it keeps my face feeling soft all day!

Laura  Nov 29 2018

This product saved my skin

I was 11 months postpartum when I broke out with some eczema. THIS product saved my face. My face healed quicker and it wasn't as bad as the rest of my body, thanks to Daylight and Nightlight moisturizing my skin. It's just so light, airy and refreshing in the mornings. I can't go back to any other products and I'm not wasting money trying many different products.

Jillian M. Nov 29 2018

Game changer!!

Wow! I have never loved a moisturizer so much! It is moisturizing but not oily and smells wonderful! Being a mom of 4 littles, I feel like I add a new fine line each week :-) My fine lines were noticeably diminished in less than 2 weeks of using Daylight! My new dentist told me the other day she thought I was 20!! :-0 (I’m 34!)

Vicki S. Nov 29 2018

Love it

Awesome facial lotion! It got rid of my redness!

Jess F. Nov 29 2018

Game changer

This moisturizer is a game changer for me! Come the dry, cold winter months, I always had really dry/flaky skin no matter how much lotion I used. My makeup would crease and smear but now that I've found CRUNCHI and all the amazing products, my skin in supple and beautiful! All CRUNCHI products have helped me clear up my acne, which is the best part!!

Desha L. Nov 29 2018

My wrinkles are disappearing!

I have been using this since September 15 (I wrote the date on the bottle to see how long it would last), and I still have a half of a bottle left. WOW! I can really tell a difference in my skin lately. Especially with my wrinkles! Goes great with the nighttime cream!

Katie C. Nov 29 2018

I can't recommend this enough

Once I started using Nightlight, I was hooked. It made my skin soft, smooth, AND started healing the acne scars I had had for years. And then I found out about Daylight? Sign me up! It's the perfect way to start my morning routine, keeps my face soft and hydrated throughout the day, and it an amazing product in general. I can't recommend this enough!!

Verified Purchase
Alex R. Nov 29 2018


Until hearing about Crunchi, I was horrible about using moisturizer on my face. Now I don't go a day without it! This is by far the best facial cream I've ever used. It's very light but at the same time it feels so refreshing and nourishing - without feeling thick, sticky or oily! Since I've started using it, I have noticed a brightness in my skin that wasn't there before. I can't say enough good things about it!

Nichole N. Nov 29 2018


After years of trying different moisturizers I have finally found the one! A little bit goes a long way. So fresh and light.

Jess R. Nov 29 2018


Can’t say enough about this product! The combo of this with the nightlight facial cream has improved my skin drastically!! Love this product!!

Niya I. Nov 29 2018

True Love

The positive changes I’ve seen in my skin since using this are simply amazing. I’m kicking myself for not taking a “before” photo. I’m 42 & I DO NOT look it!

Verified Purchase
Trisha B. Nov 29 2018


This daylight is amazing, makes my skin so soft and has helped clear up my acne!!!

Verified Purchase
Mercedes L. Nov 29 2018

So fresh and light weight

You guys, this day time face cream is the BEST. Its SO light weight and the light citrus orange smell is heavenly. It is so light weight so it pairs with the primer and foundation perfectly! Cant go a day without these three!

Mandi  Nov 29 2018

This is amazing!!

I absolutely love the daylight cream. I’m going on my 3rd bottle & I wake up looking forward to putting it on. The smell is heavenly also!!

Jen  Nov 29 2018

Already see/feel a difference in my skin!

I’ve been using Daylight for close to a month now, and I already see and feel a difference in my skin. My skin is clearing up, and I love the way of feels all day after moisturizing with Daylight!

Verified Purchase
Lilllith B. Nov 29 2018

So In Love

I've been on the search for a clean moisturizer that would help my skin battle both the dry climate of Utah and the fact I'm turning 40 soon. (18 days! Yikes!) The search is over. Daylight Facial Cream is like a refreshing drink of water for your face. My thirst is quenched!

Evelyn  Nov 29 2018

Yes, Please can I have more of the daylight!

For years now I have been looking to find a cream that doesn't make me too oily and makes me brake out. It's been years since I've stopped using makeup and was hasitant to start using anything on my face because most things out there I know are not safe. But my mama always told me to lotion up my face from an early age. Oh oh. At 30s, this mama can refreshed while keeping my skin soft/ looking young for years to come! Thanks to Crunchi, I can feel confident again. No more asking me; you tired?

Ciara K. Nov 29 2018

Daylight Facial Cream

Oh my goodness! I started using Crunchi Daylight Facial cream a couple months ago, and I can't believe the results I've seen! I'm 26 years old, freckles all over my face, and a couple wrinkles on my forehead from sun and when/how I smile! I didn't know if this cream would really help or not, but oh my gosh those two forehead wrinkles I had are GONE! I can't wait until my husband says it's ok and I can purchase the night cream, because lord only knows what other results I will see/experience! :)

Katie S. Nov 29 2018


Refreshing, smells great, and gives your skin an amazing glow!

Ashley P. Nov 29 2018

Wrinkle and scar eraser

I love this moisturizer!!! My skin has never looked better. Previous scaring from acne and fine lines are disappearing!!

Brittany K. Nov 29 2018

Daylight is Perfection!

This is the lightest moisturizer I have ever used that still succeeds at providing all day moisture without any greasy finish!! Has helped clear up my hormonal problem skin in just a couple short months. I am forever hooked!

Vanessa R. Nov 29 2018

Noticeable difference

My face feels amazing all day! Feels very light on my face. Works well with the night cream.

Lyndy K. Nov 29 2018

Didn’t Know What I Was Missing

I have always had to use medicated skincare due to my skin history. I’ve tried natural products to have them absolutely destroy my skin. I didn’t even know it was possible?! But it was for me so back to the medicated route I went. Although it has worked wonders, I’ve always wished I could nourish my skin with a product that I could actually pronounce the ingredients in. I was able to try this in a sample and fell in love. Sample emptied & ordered a full size. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

Lyndy K. Nov 29 2018

Didn’t Know What I Was Missing

I have always had to use medicated skincare due to my skin history. I’ve tried natural products to have them absolutely destroy my skin. I didn’t even know it was possible?! But it was for me so back to the medicated route I went. Although it has worked wonders, I’ve always wished I could nourish my skin with a product that I could actually pronounce the ingredients in. I was able to try this in a sample and fell in love. Sample emptied & ordered a full size. Can’t wait for it to arrive!

Brianna B. Nov 29 2018


I have been using this moisturizer for 3 months now and love it. I put it on every morning and have had less issues with my skin/blemishes. I love the refreshing citrus scent. I also like that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily. Definitely worth every dollar!

Cathy C. Nov 29 2018


Love this moisturizer- feels silky and smells wonderful too!

Verified Purchase
Savannah K. Nov 29 2018

Décolletage Woes

I am a chesty woman, and sleep on my side mostly. I'm only 31, but I have been noticing quite the wrinkle developing on my chest when I wake in the morning. Enter Daylight. Ten minutes after applying this only my face, neck and chest, the wrinkle is SIGNIFICANTLY decreased. And I've only been using it for a week. Really looking forward to what long term use will do for that area:)

Lily B. Nov 29 2018


The most lightweight and incredibly hydrating moisturizer I’ve ever used!! It layers perfectly with Smart Primer and Beautifully Flawless Foundation!

Stephanie W. Nov 29 2018

Amazing daylight

I've been using the daylight moisturizer for about 4 months. I love the silky smooth feel it gives me all day and the lemony smell is heavenly. It gives me a little boost every morning when I'm applying my face! And it lasts forever!

Samantha H. Nov 29 2018

Love Daylight!!

I have super oily skin and daylight is the moisturizer that I’ve found that gives my skin the moisturize it needs without leaving an oily aftermath! I use it everyday!

Meredith K. Nov 29 2018

Soaks in wonderfully!

I am VERY picky about my moisturizer because my skin is oily in the summer yet dry in the winter. This moisturizer, no matter the season, has provided the best moisture without being oily. It soaks in quickly with a semi-matte finish.

Verified Purchase
Amanda B. Nov 29 2018

Hands down best face cream ever!

This day cream has literally saved my skin! My red cheeks are no longer red, this stuff works and when I put it on I feel like I'm at the spa! Thank you Crunchi for making such wonderful safe high performing products!

Barbie D. Nov 29 2018

Easy and effective

Skin care has always been a struggle for me...until Crunchi. Daylight is the perfect moisturizer. Not too heavy, not too light, and not oily. It provides the perfect amount of moisture, while improving my skin with its wonderful ingredients!

Catherine S. Nov 29 2018

Fantastic product!

I have been using daylight for 2 months now and my skin is glowing! I love the fresh orange scent! I also used Daylight on my daughter while fighting a staph infection on her face, the ointments and antibacterial soaps we had to use to fight the infection made her skin red, irritated, and dry, using Daylight helped alleviate the irritation and I was glad to be putting something safe on her face after so many antibiotics.

Katlyn M. Nov 28 2018

Love it!

It's so light, but so moisturizing!! This is the best facial cream Ive tried!!

Jahnis  Nov 28 2018

I love Daylight

The Daylight moisturizer is so smooth and I feel like I am doing something good for my skin. I have noticed my dark spots are lighter and when I'm out all day, my face doesn't seem sun burned or dry. I have hardly any breakouts and when I do, the moisturizer and good stuff in Daylight seems to help heal my face. I have been using it for 4 months now and I would have a very hard time using anything else or what I used before. Thank you Crunchi and Becky for the great product.

Kaeri  Nov 28 2018

Super hydration

I have extremely dry skin and this is the best moisturizer for hydration. I usually end of having dry patches by the end of the day but since I’ve switched to daylight, dry patches are GONE!

Peggy D. Nov 28 2018

Wonderful for old skin!

I am pushing 70 and have just discovered Crunchi through one of your advocates, Mary Whaley. I have not been using the Daylight Facial Cream, but I can already see and feel a difference in my skin, much smoother and softer that without this product. Thanks for being concerned for older skin.

Stacey S. Nov 28 2018

Daylight Facial Cream

I am not one to leave my house without makeup. Since I have been using the Daylight I actually reached out to my advocate and said “ I’m leaving the house with just My Daylight and my Primer. Who knew I would ever get to that point!” Amazing product!

Emilia g. Nov 28 2018


I started using crunchi about a month ago and I have revived so many compliments on my complexion . My skin is glowing and feels amazing everyday . I have used Lancôme , perricone and Rosen fields . All high end pricy morning cream and none have compared to how my skin has taken Crunchi . So excited to continue to transition the rest of my makeup to crunchi .

Lauren S. Nov 28 2018

Best moisturizer I’ve ever used.

My acne has improved, my face stays moisturized all day long, even in the harsh winter, and it makes my make up look great! No greasy feeling, no oiliness.

Laci H. Nov 28 2018


The scent of this moisturizer is so intoxicating! It smells so fresh and clean! I have sensitive skin and picky about just the right moisturizer... not too heavy, not too light, or greasy or oily. It’s just right!

Verified Purchase
Megan L. Nov 28 2018

skin transformation

My skin has transformed since I started using Crunchi Daylight and Nightlight. I love putting the Daylight on in the morning, I love how light and moisturizing it is. I love the sweet citrus scent that gives me a boost in the morning. I have seen my dark spots lighten up and my wrinkles and fine lines are fading!! Love this product! I wear it daily!

Sharon W. Nov 28 2018


This product has been a lifesaver for me! I have struggled to find a day cream that I don't have a reaction too and is non toxic. I am happy to say this has worked - no reaction. I love the smell and my skin is improving with use. Thank you Crunchi!

Crystal B. Nov 28 2018

I’m amazed!

I skeptically tried the new daylight skin care and was amazed at the results! It leaves my skin feeling incredible and has improved the tone and texture 100% better! I have people asking me what my secret is and of course I tell them Crunchi!

Janet H. Nov 28 2018


I have tried so many things for my sensitive very dry skin to keep it moisturized, especially during the winter months. "Daylight" is just fantastic! There is no oily feel, I have had no reaction, and the smell (kind of like fresh oranges) is really nice! It makes my skin feel so nice.

Tammy F. Nov 28 2018

Daylight Cream

This cream is amazing. I use it every morning and it makes mine skin feel good and look amazing. It has a nice citrus smell too.

Aimee  Nov 28 2018


I’ve loved this since the first time I tried it! It really soothes my dry skin and I love how it feels.

Lori W. Nov 28 2018

Works wonders!

This day cream is the best I have ever used! It’s very moisturizing without making my face greasy. It’s also helped a ton with eliminating the appearance of sun spots! Yay!!

Verified Purchase
Wendy D. Nov 28 2018

I’m obsessed with the smell!

I LOVE the smell of the sweet orange in the morning, my mother (who isn’t one for complements) tells me my skin looks like I’m glowing! I love how it has hydrated my skin. I’m prone to getting dry patches on my cheekbones in the winter, but not any more!

Elizabeth  Nov 28 2018


I love this day time moisturizer because it doesn't feel greasy! It really penitrates my skin and doesn't leave a film on top so my makeup goes on so well!!

Stacie K. Nov 28 2018

If only this came in a gallon size!

Daylight has been my lifesaver! I've been SEARCHING for a safe toxin-free moisturizer everywhere, having reactions to certain ingredients in others I've tried along the way. Since using Daylight for only a month, my skin elasticity has improved so much. I'm genuinely excited to wake up each morning to see what healing has taken place! Next on my list is Nightlight!!

Meier M. Aug 01 2018

Lightweight, nourishing perfection!

This has been a game changer for me! It’s lightweight, yet nourishing & perfect for day wear and under makeup. My skin has been drinking it up and I’ve noticed my dry areas are disappearing. The smell is a light citrus fresh and really enjoyable. My skin has been loving Daylight!

Alex  Aug 01 2018


Daylight is exactly was I was missing when it came to my daily regimen! I’ve searched for years for a good moisturizer that doesn’t leave me greasy and this is the winner!

Jenya R. Aug 01 2018

Daylight, a breath of fresh air!

I’ve looked high and low for the perfect moisturizer and tried so many products. Daylight is leaving my skin feeling nourished, moisturized, and silky smooth for hours! I absolutely love this product and cannot see myself going without it from this point forward! If you like moisturizers that don’t feel caked on, greasy, and core clogging- this is definitely for you!

Sarah K. Aug 01 2018

I love Daylight

Y’all ... Crunchi’s Daylight has been a total game changer for me. Well, technically I should say for myself and my husband because I totally caught him stealing some of my stash. This is the FIRST toxin free moisturizer that I have found that I can visually notice an improved apperence of my skin. I am so thankful to finally find something that is so clean and performs so well. Don’t tell my husband I told you, but he would agree and loves it as much as I do.

Verified Purchase
Kelly R. Aug 01 2018

My skin has never been happier!!

Hoy buckets, this daylight moisturizer is incredible!!! I’ve been searching and searching for a moisture that would give me some serious hydration without being heavy and greasy...and Crunchi has definitely delivered! This moistizer is light weight, deeply hydrating and leaves my skin feeling amazing!

Fatima P. Jul 31 2018

Simply amazing

I was very excited for the skin care line to launch and couldn't wait for Daylight to be finally available! I am head over heels for this moisturizer! I've been waiting for something so lightweight yet very moisturizing! My face used to be so dry but with everyday use of Daylight, my face seems to be getting hydrated and some days I can go without moisturizing! My mind is blown and my skin is happy!

Katie N. Jul 31 2018

Light & Fresh! My new go to!

Love Crunchi's Daylight Facial Cream! It's light, airy and smells so amazing. The citrus is subtle but makes me feel awake in the AM. My face stays moisturized and never looks greasy! Since using Daylight my face has been less red. Great for sensitive skin!

Holli S. Jul 31 2018


Daylight smells like the perfect blend of citrus and flower! I cannot wait to apply it every morning!

Sandra M. Jul 31 2018

Daylight Facial Cream

Having oily skin, I usually didn't use a moisturizer, but WOW! I love how it just absorbs right in your skin and doesn't make my face feel oily! Don't go a day without it now. My face sure did need this extra nourishment...no more dull face!! And that SMELL!!!

Linda M. Jul 31 2018

A huge game changer!

I have very oily skin, and I’ve always battled skin care products to find the right one...and here it is! It’s moisturizing and hydrating, but so lightweight! I’ve just been using it for a few weeks and can already see a noticeable difference in my skin! It isn’t as oily and it feels so soft! Plus, I love the orange scent! I wash my face with a gentle cleanser, tone with witch hazel, then apply Daylight, and it works like a charm!

Verified Purchase
Linda H. Jul 31 2018


Heavenly! I have been using Daylight for three weeks now and my skin has never been happier! I have noticed smoother texture, less fine lines, and a brightening all over. My combination skin is evening out! Citrus has always been my favorite scent and I can finally enjoy it with the organic sweet orange oil. Best way to start my day!

Stephanie L. Jul 31 2018

Definitely was missing out before having this moisturizer in my life!

I absolutely LOVE the lightweight feel and subtle orange scent of this moisturizer! It never leaves me feeling greasy and yet it goes on so smooth and my skin soaks it up immediately! My face feels so much better after using it daily this past month and the texture has improved a ton without the use of harsh complicated regimens. I have even noticed lightening with my acne scarring and more rapid healing of blemishes. Truly in love!

Brooke C. Jul 31 2018

Out of this world

Simply amazing! Daylight is so light weight, yet super hydrating. I actually look forward to washing my face each morning so I can apply the cream.

Asheley S. Jul 30 2018

LOVE Crunchi Daylight!!!

Coffee used to be what I looked forward to every morning. Now I’d say that’s a TIE with my Crunching Daylight Face Cream! The sweet orange oil scent is soooo refreshing and the Sea Kelp plumps my skin in AMAZING ways reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Seriously can’t live with out this product!

Verified Purchase
Lisa M. Jul 30 2018

Loving this magic formula!!

My husband and I each have a bottle of this magic formula on our counter! We love the way it hydrates and freshens our skin, fine lines and wrinkles appear diminished and we are thrilled that it is toxin-free and made with certified organic ingredients!

Rochelle  Jul 30 2018

Fast Absorbing

It is an ideal moisturizer for wear under the Primer and BFF foundation because of it's quick absorbtion. It's not quite as hydrating as I anticipated though and definitely needs followed in the evening with a more hydrating night cream to keep skin from looking dry. I also purchased this for my mother with more mature skin, and she discontinued using it because it wasn't hydrating enough for her.

Verified Purchase
Tonya W. Jul 30 2018

Yay for Daylight

I was on vacation at the beach and during snorkeling trips we were not allowed to wear sunscreen products. Needless to say I had a red face. Each morning and night I applied Daylight consistently and my face had seemed to heal without a repercussion that sunburns can cause. When Crunchi says “Nourishing” they got the ingredients right! My skin is even toning and tightening! Yay for Daylight!

Verified Purchase
Milagros M. Jul 30 2018

Daylight is amazing!

This cream is so amazing! Due to menopause, my skin got so dehydrated and dull, but using Daylight has given my skin the needed moisture to look plump and radiant throughout the day! And I love the citrus smell! It helps me wake up in the morning!

Erica D. Jul 30 2018

Daylight up your life into trying it out!

I haven’t found a moisturizer that I love, until I squirt the first pump of Daylight into the palm of my hand! The vision of a fresh glass of Florida orange mimosas as I sip it on the beaches in West Palm Beach; while indulging, with no shame, on a lightweight magical bowl of açaí!!!! The ingredients are just amazing & it pairs perfectly with the Smart Primer & Foundation. Thank you for making products that take me to a magical place with every layer applied!!!

Verified Purchase
Melissa O. Jul 30 2018

Daylight Facial Cream

Daylight has made my face feel softer and smoother than it has in years. I love how lightweight and not greasy it feels on my skin! I can't wait to try Nightlight soon!

Lara G. Jul 30 2018

So light yet works wonders!

I’m loving this day cream! It’s so light and not sticky at all! My skin feels fresh and smooth! Oh and the smell of oranges is amazing!

Verified Purchase
Roxanne U. Jul 30 2018


The search is finally over for a daytime moisturizer I can trust and that feels like pure heaven on my face. It has already made such a difference in the overall texture of my skin in just a couple weeks. I am in love!

Marlen O. Jul 30 2018


I have been using the daylight cream for about 2 weeks now and I'm loving it. Its so airing and refreshing when you put it on and my skin is feeling smoother and brighter each day.

Gina L. Jul 30 2018


I had been using the Mad Hippie facial set for about 6 months now and recently switched to DayLight. I noticed improvements in my skin within the first couple of days! I would LOVE a scent-free option as my pregnancy has made me super sensitive to smells....even ones I used to love.

Danielle J. Jul 29 2018

THE Best!

A safe natural alternative that WORKS!

Verified Purchase
Kelly A. Jul 28 2018


This facial cream couldn't arrive at a better time! I received it the day before I left for the beach, and it has totally revived my sun-soaked skin!! I am in LOVE!

Verified Purchase
Meghan D. Jul 27 2018

I’ve finally found my perfect match!

I’ll be turning 40 this year and after many years of trial and error with face creams, I have finally found the perfect one. Daylight soothes my skin, hydrates without feeling oily and I love how I can feel it working!

Verified Purchase
karen f. Jul 27 2018

Invigorating Daylight!

I feel energized every morning from the orange scent! There was a noticable change in my smile lines and forehead fine lines after the very first application!!!!

Katrina  Jul 26 2018


I love the way daylight hydrates and smoothes my skin. It’s light, refreshing and high performing. I’m a HUGE fan!

Verified Purchase
Brooke M. Jul 26 2018

It’s arrived!

Oh my goodness, where do I even start?! DayLight is a exactly what I’ve been looking for. The smell, hydration, performance & completely toxin free ingredients have me shouting from the rooftops. Not to mention how flawlessly it pairs with my Smart Primer & foundation application. I’m in heaven with this moisturizer, I promise it won’t disappoint.

Verified Purchase
Danielle M. Jul 26 2018


I stopped using face cream years ago because EVERYTHING made me break out. Then I found Crunchi! This cream is light yet nourishing and my skin feels incredible. No breakouts. And the smell is super uplifting!

Natalie B. Jul 26 2018


Absolutely in love with Daylight. It has become part of my daily routine providing the hydration and nourishment that my skin has been lacking. I love their revolutionary standards and this is just another product that's a grand slam. HIGHLY Recommend!

Verified Purchase
Kris M. Jul 25 2018

The best!!

Such a perfect compliment to our already amazing cosmetics. My dry skin is being nourished by the perfect blend of ingredients! I have been on the hunt for so long for a good skincare line that is safe but works. Happy to say it is here.

Verified Purchase
Jennifer K. Jul 25 2018

FINALLY a clean moisturizer that I LOVE

I have been searching for a completely clean moisturizer that was lightweight enough to wear under my makeup, yet moisturizing enough for my combo skin. I am completely OBSESSED with DayLight!!!! The scent, the feel, the compatibility with my Crunchi primer/foundation..the list goes on and on. I can already tell my forehead lines are diminished with only a few weeks' use.

Wendy B. Jul 25 2018

So light and nourishing!

Finally! This is the perfect balance of hydration and nourishment. It is so light, breathable, and loves my face with amazing ingredients that make my skin feel protected, useful, and truly nourished!

Verified Purchase
Marilyn J. Jul 24 2018


I have been using the Daylight for a couple weeks now and am loving the feel and performance of it. Keeps my face looking and feeling great all day. The perfect base for all the Crunchi makeup.

April B. Jul 24 2018

OH MY!!!

I’ve used quite a few moisturizers in my life and I have to say that I am SUPER impressed with Daylight! It smells amazing and goes on light and smooth. After using for a few weeks, my skin LOOKS better! My fine lines on my forehead and neck are less prominent already! Yes!!!!

Verified Purchase
Amy W. Jul 24 2018


I have never loved a facial cream as much as I love Daylight! The citrus scent is so refreshing in the morning. It keeps my face hydrated all day and I can already tell a difference in my fine lines after using for only two weeks.

Jacquelyn  Jul 24 2018


I am REALLY enjoying this facial cream! I'm excited to find a product that is not only safe but also performs well! I am totally hooked; if you're on the fence about trying it, I definitely vote for go it! It has a nice citrus scent and has a light texture to it.. Lastly, it leaves my face feeling so soft and healthy.

Tatiana T. Jul 23 2018


I’ve been looking for a toxin-free moisturizing day cream for ages, and I’ve finally found my skin soul-mate. Crunchi’s Daylight is a lifesaver! Dry, red blotches have calmed in a matter of days. Skin is clear and moisturized, plus when this magical cream gets to my face I am instantly hit with a calming, natural scent that soothes my skin. Protects me all day as well as light weight enough to go hand-in-hand with my Crunchi primer and flawless foundation. How did I ever live without this?!

Verified Purchase
Heather S. Jul 23 2018

Rejuvanation in a bottle!

Obsessed! From the feel to the smell! Hand down the BEST facial cream I've ever used. Both the scent and cream are so light and clean!

Ginny E. Jul 22 2018

Light and just right!

I’ll be completely honest and say I quit using daytime moisturizers in the summer months because temps get in the triple digits where I live. The last thing I want on my face is something thick or greasy, but this Daylight moisturizer is anything but that! I’m amazed that I can hardly feel it after applying, but it gives my skin the hydration it needs!! Not one bit greasy and definitely not too thick- even for these hot summer months. Thaaaaaaank you!! Could not be happoer with this purchase!

Kendra  Jul 22 2018


Loving the daylight moisturizer! I have combination skin, if I go without a moisturizer I usually see more breakouts and flakiness. Most moisturizers I have used in the past leave me feeling oily, increase breakouts or leave me wanting to reapply in a few minutes for more moisture. Daylight does it all! I use a small amount, hydrates and does not feel oily! and have not seen an increase in breakouts either!

Verified Purchase
Casey C. Jul 21 2018

Game changer

I have combination skin with red patches that get redder when I’m really hot or cold. I’ve been using Daylight every morning for 2 weeks and not only does my face feel insanely hydrated and silky soft, but I can actually see the redness fading! I have been literally only wearing Daylight and Primer most days.

Tami H. Jul 20 2018

Love this Moisturizer!

I love that my face feels soft but not greasy after using this. I've used it for a week now daily and my face looks & feels so much better! I have ruddy areas on my cheeks that have already lightened after using it just a week. Can't wait to see results after continued use!

Verified Purchase
brooke L. Jul 20 2018


My skin has never felt so hydrated! I’m in love with the scent, it is an amazing product.

Verified Purchase
Melissa W. Jul 20 2018

DayLight review

I am in love with the DayLight. If fills in my fine lines and my skin feels so smooth!

Kendra U. Jul 20 2018

Absolutely in love!!

I have been using Daylight for 7 days now and can already see an improvement in my forehead wrinkles! I absolutely love the ingredients and the refreshing orange scent! My husband is even using it on his head after he shaves(he shaves his head daily)!! This is definitely going to stay in my daily routine!

Verified Purchase
Elizabeth A. Jul 20 2018


Daylight is very moisturizing without feeling like your face is caked on with oily lotion. It is a great amount before applying makeup! The scent is so refreshing and light! This will be a staple in my skin care routine :)!

Jodi  Jul 20 2018

Great product

I’ve been using this product for about 10 days after trying one product after another. My skin feels and looks healthier. My husband even asks to use it.

Megan M. Jul 19 2018

Another stellar product!

Wow! Crunchi has done it again! I love how nourishing yet light Daylight is. I can immediately feel it working and I love how it smoothes my skin and reduces the redness I often get on my cheeks and chin.

Verified Purchase
Chelsea B. Jul 19 2018

Smells Amazing!

I love the DayLight Facial Cream. It smells amazing and glides on easy. I am over the moon that it has sea kelp in it. I am thankful for a CLEAN product!

Verified Purchase
Linda B. Jul 19 2018

The moisturizer search is over!

Finally! I have used many different skincare products and was never blown away by the performance. Well, I was totally hooked on this moisturizer from first use! I struggle with drinking enough water which results in a dull complexion. This moisturizer is seriously a miracle in a bottle! I immediately feel and see a huge difference in my skin. It's super hydrating without feeling heavy or greasy. Plus my makeup looks flawless since using this skincare! I am in love!

Verified Purchase
Beverly H. Jul 19 2018

The BEST facial cream

This is absolutely the best facial cream I have ever used! The toxic creams out there leave my face swollen, red, and itchy due to the use of formaldehyde and formaldehyde releasers. The natural facial creams I’ve used can’t hold up to the performance of Crunchi’s Daylight. The natural scent in this is amazing! My skin is thanking me for using it! It makes my skin feel super soft my skin tone look even. I love this facial cream and I can’t wait to try more of the Crunchi Skin collection!

Verified Purchase
Trudy S. Jul 19 2018


From the second I opened my bottle, I knew I was in love! The sweet orange scent is amazing. Better still is how yummy it feels on my skin! I have only been wearing it a little over a week now and can already tell a difference in the texture and brightness of my skin. My fine lines are looking so much smoother! Sounds crazy, but I kind of look forward to getting started in the mornings now so I can treat myself and my skin to this amazing facial cream!

Lisa D. Jul 19 2018

Loving Daylight

Bye bye 25-year struggle with rosacea! 4 days using Daylight and my rosacea is GONE. Redness has vanished and my acne rosacea has disappeared. And my skin is smooth and glowing. Never, EVER going back.

Annette B. Jul 19 2018


I am in love with Daylight. Not only does it smell fresh and clean, my skin is so soft all day long. It even makes my foundation look better. I find myself touching my face during the day because I can't believe how awesome it feels.

Verified Purchase
Tiffanie R. Jul 19 2018

Daylight review

Seriously, if Oprah tried this it would EASILY make her “Favorite Things” list for 2018. It’s truly that fabulous!!! Crunchi has made a universal moisturizer for all skin ages and types...using only wholesome ingredients. I’m gobsmacked! Treat yourself and loved ones to this luxury, confident that it is money well spent!

Verified Purchase
JoAnn S. Jul 19 2018


I can't even tell you how much I love this moisturizer! My skin was very dull and now it actually stays hydrated all day!! I have a glow to my skin now! I can also see that my fine lines and wrinkles are less noticeable and my skintone is evening out in just a few days!! My husband is even using it and loving it! I will not be able to be without this!! Keep it coming!!

Verified Purchase
Erika M. Jul 19 2018

Game Changing Skin Care

I’ve been using Daylight for three weeks now. My skin is looking brighter, more evenly toned, and my fine lines appear smaller. The subtle sweet orange scent is heavenly and the moisturizer goes on silky smooth, blending with my skin. Just like the primer and foundation...this cream has the magical property of being a heavy-weight performer with a barely-there feeling. Your skin will thank you!

Emily S. Jul 19 2018

Safe and Beautiful skin is in!

Always searching for a better face cream, I've tried them all. Daylights stands out above the rest. My face feels smoother, and looks bright and revived. This is super important to me as a breast cancer survivor who was forced into menopause three years ago cause whoah nelly did that do a number on my face. Thanks for an amazing day cream!

Megan L. Jul 19 2018

My skin has never been happier!

My face has never felt a product so smooth as Daylight. From the moment I put it on my face it was love at first application. The refreshing citrus scent is uplifting and a great start to my morning routine! My skin has never been happier!

Britney B. Jul 19 2018


Words cannot describe my love for Daylight already! I have extremely sensitive, acne prone, dry skin. Finding products that work for me aren’t easy. For years I have added oils to my moisturizer to help hydrate and soothe my skin. Since using daylight I have not used any added oils! I am blown away! My skin actually looks and feels hydrated on its own! I am so pleased with this product and would recommend it to absolutely everyone.

Verified Purchase
Claire M. Jul 19 2018

New Favorite!

I could NOT believe the results I was able to see after just THREE DAYS of using Daylight! It is the perfect consistency for a daily moisturizer and the sweet orange smell is AMAZING! My absolute new favorite Crunchi item!

Stephanie M. Jul 19 2018


I have dry skin and can’t even tell you how many moisturizers I have tried, and still had never found the one, UNTIL I tried Daylight!! I noticed my skin basically change before my eyes. Seriously. My lines were less noticeable and my skin has never felt so hydrated. I am so glad to FINALLY, after years and years of searching, have found a moisturizer that actually works!!

Amanda N. Jul 19 2018

Perfection in a Bottle!

I am absolutely in love with Daylight! It truly is lightweight and is not greasy at all. I always shied away from lotions versus oils because my skin was never hydrated enough, but Daylight is the first to keep my skin hydrated all day! And my makeup application looks even more flawless now with Daylight underneath. Plus, Daylight smells amazing! You can’t get any better than this!

jessica  Jul 19 2018


I have always struggled with having very red cheeks. Not like rosacea but just constantly red. Redness has reduced significantly in 4 days, 4! Thanks crunchi for making the safest and most effective products ever!!!

Verified Purchase
Abby G. Jul 19 2018

The best moisturizer I've used, EVER!

I've never used a moisturizer before, and Daylight has blown all expectations I had. I have never been able to find that answer in my skin routine that controls the oil in my skin, but also moisturizes the dry skin (normally around my mouth) until Daylight! Not only does it moisturize my dry skin, but no access oil is created throughout the day, and I've noticed my face by the end my face isn't oily at all! I am so incredibly impressed by Daylight's performance while being toxin free!

Jenna D. Jul 19 2018

Life changing!

My skin has always been super sensitive with redness and uneven texture from rosacea. After switching to Crunchi makeup, my skin started to look and feel so much better! But it was taken to the next level by incorporating Daylight into my routine! My skin looks amazing!! My redness has significantly diminished and my skin is even and so soft! Daylight is so light and hydrating! My makeup also goes on smoother and more even! This product is a game changer!

Kelsey P. Jul 19 2018

Love it!

Daylight Facial Cream is amazing! I haven't been using a moisterizer for quite some time because I could not find the right one. It is extremely lightweight and sets my skin up perfectly for the Smart Primer and Flawless Foundation. I cannot wait to try the Nightlight!

Cora S. Jul 19 2018

The best moisturizer I’ve ever used!!!

1st the smell is incredible!! The way it feels on my face is flawless! It has reduced the redness on my face and I’m so happy about that!!!! Thank you Crunchi for making safe skin care I can use on my whole family!!!

Alyssa R. Jul 18 2018


I absolutely love this stuff!!! I cannot get enough. It makes my skin so hydrated and soft. My skin looks so radiant and beautiful!

Verified Purchase
Mercedes L. Jul 18 2018

Daylight is AMAZING

I am SO SO happy that Crunchi has created new skin care products to compliment their amazing primer and foundation. Not only is the Daylight moisturizer nourishing and amazing by itself, it also compliments the makeup on top of that. Also my fine lines from being in the sun to much are less noticeable now. Last but not least the ingredients are incredible and I dont have to worry about harmful toxins on my skin.

Laura  Jul 18 2018

So Good!

I have very reactive skin and allergies and I am absolutely loving Daylight! The scent is refereshing and does not bother my allergies! I love how light this feels and the way it complements the primer and foundation! The perfect trio!

Verified Purchase
Taylor L. Jul 18 2018

I'm never going back!

I can count on one hand the breakouts I've had since switching to Crunchi make-up a year a four months ago, but this Daylight face cream is an absolute game changer. My skin tone is evening out and giving my skin the moisture it needs. Just after 3 days I started to notice big changes in my skin! I'm so excited that I can stop searching for a toxin-free moisturizer that WORKS!

Kayt S. Jul 18 2018

Crunchi Daylight Review

Crunchi Daylight is the Holy Grail of a daily facial cream. I have spent so much time and money trying to find a hydrating daily moisturizer that doesn't feel greasy and heavy or irritate my sensitive skin. It is fast absorbing and leaves my skin feeling so soft and smooth! I've even noticed my red tones and fine lines and wrinkles diminishing after just two weeks of application, so I'm actually using LESS of my Beautifully Flawless Foundation! I HIGHLY recommend this product!

Verified Purchase
Charity H. Jul 18 2018


Ok so I’ve used quite a few clean skincare products, but I never expected to see such an improvement in my skin texture and firmness as I’ve seen with Daylight! My skin is tighter, more youthful, fine lines disappearing, and beautifully moisturized! Plus it just smells fabulous, I love putting this on every morning and knowing I’m doing something great for my skin!

Alicia R. Jul 18 2018

Oh, the hydration!

I am in love with this facial cream!! I have always struggled to remember to put on moisturizer even though I know my skin needs it. When I got Daylight, I no longer had to "remember" because I wanted to put it on! The smell is delightful and bright. My skin is loving the fact that I'm taking better care of it. I no longer have the dry, flaky spots from before I started using it. I'm also noticing those little worry lines across my forehead much less!

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Bethany J. Jul 18 2018

Love, Love, Love!

I LOVE this cream! After just a few days I have noticed significance decrease in redness. I am really struggling with breakouts from hormones and this has helped reduce so many of those bumps. I am feeling so thankful for this amazing product!

Stephanie  Jul 18 2018

A Perfect Daytime Moisturizer

I switched to Daylight from another toxin-free moisturizer, and the difference is amazing! I have sensitive skin, and my last 2 moisturizers from other brands have made me break out. By day 3 of using Crunchi's Daylight, my skin had cleared up. Where the other brand's cream was sticky and gritty, Crunchi's is smooth and silky. I have noticed the constant redness in my cheeks start to calm down and go back to their natural color. I couldn't be happier with this smooth, non-greasy, moisturizer!

Maggie W. Jul 18 2018


Ingredient list is so CLEAN! I just wish it had SPF in it...

Verified Purchase
Whitney B. Jul 18 2018

DayLight Review

I have always had super oily skin and never thought I needed a moisturizer…little did I know how amazing my skin would feel after using DayLight! I love that DayLight is lightweight and hydrates my skin without making it shiny. So thankful for the organic nutrient rich oils that keep my skin balanced and happy! Love Crunchi’s New Skincare DayLight!

Laura O. Jul 18 2018

So refreshing!

Daylight is amazing! I love how late it feels, but still gives me the moisture in my face daylight is amazing! I love how late it feels, but still gives me the moisture my face mean needs. The scent is light and refreshing. I highly recommend!

Liv  Jul 18 2018


So happy to finally have a skincare routine that is safe for my skin and works amazing!

Ashley C. Jul 18 2018

Worth every penny!

Y’all!! This face cream has rocked my world. I love how light it feels but how soft my skin is after I apply. I love that the smell isn’t over powering. My complexion looks smoother and dewyer!! Total win for me. Will purchase this for life!!

Marcia  Jul 18 2018

Great addition!

I used the primer and foundation for quite some time. I wasn't sure how the Daylight would work with my routine. I am so pleased with how the Daylight compliments my other products. It provides a nice drink of moisture for my skin and within minutes I can see my wrinkles begin to fade. It lays so nicely under the primer and foundation as well. I have found I do not have to use as much primer since my skin is already well moisturized. This is a MUST have for your Crunchi beauty routine!

Christine B. Jul 18 2018

The BEST face cream in the world!

I've been searching for a holy grail moisturizer for a LONG time and finally found it!!! I can't get enough! My complexion has never looked or felt better! The bonus is that it is made to go under the foundation and they work amazing together! So in LOVE!!!

Jamie J. Jul 18 2018

SMOOTH as glass!!

This moisturizer goes above and beyond. I can’t express how much I love it! Makes my face feel so soft and pretty. The best part is that my skin is no longer dry! Would definitely recommend (:

Verified Purchase
Samantha L. Jul 18 2018

Daylight Review

I am completely obsessed with this daycream. I have never been a real skin care junkie...and i bought this one based on how much the makeup here has improved my skin. But man alive! Light, airy, hydrating..and has really helped the redness i have obtained after thyroid removal. I am in heaven.

Verified Purchase
Erin S. Jul 18 2018

I've got my glow back!

I have been dealing with some dull, dry skin and redness lately. Daylight has helped SO much! My skin appears brighter and my healthy glow is back. I love it so much that I've been using it at night while I patiently waited for Nightlight to be released. I have never been brand loyal before. I always cherry pick what works from different lines. Crunchi just keeps knocking it out of the park, and I'm finding myself comparing every other line to Crunchi's standard. Crunchi always wins.

Verified Purchase
Jennifer P. Jul 18 2018

My skin feels amazing!!!!

My skin has been through the ringer the last 6 years. Fertility treatments. Hormones. 3 babies and 3 postpartum skin freak outs! I have been hunting and searching for a safe day cream that works and I finally have found it!!!!! I have been using Daylight every morning for two full weeks and my blotchy, red, hormonal skin has calmed down. My skin feels so smooth and silky. For the first time in YEARS, I have bright, glowing and hydrated skin!!! Love Daylight!

Kelsye B. Jul 18 2018

Love this stuff!

I absolutely love this stuff for my combination skin. After only using it for a week, I can already see improvements in my overall complexion and skin tone. The orange citrus smell is amazing and is a great refreshing scent for the morning. The moisturizer glides on like velvet and leaves my skin with a healthy looking glow all day long.

Maria P. Jul 18 2018

Love it!

I have been using it for two weeks, and I can see and feel the difference on my skin, Thank you!

Eliana D. Jul 13 2018

Hydrating, Light & Amazing!

Daylight is the absolute perfect start to my morning. My skin feels so quenched, and hydrated. Yet, it absorbs quickly and efficiently so I can start with my Smart Primer and Foundation for the day. The sweet orange scent, followed by the delicious vanilla scent of the foundation, makes for my daily morning Creamsicle treat!

Lindsay T. Jul 12 2018


I've used a lot of skin creams on my face which is prone to eczema outbreaks. With Daylight my skin felt smooth all day without any harsh reaction. Between the amazing fragrance and awesome feel, I am hooked.

Sherry C. Jul 06 2018