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Daylight Facial Cream

Safe skin is in! Your skincare routine just got a whole lot cleaner with the introduction of Crunchi Daylight. Powerful sea kelp extract plumps and firms the look of your skin for an ageless appearance. Daylight's ingredients work together to restore hydration on contact and throughout the day, giving your skin a recharge just when you need it most. Lightweight, nutrient-rich organic jojoba, sunflower, avocado and sesame oils soften and moisturize skin promoting true harmony. Antioxidant-packed organic acai, goji, thyme and rosemary help protect from environmental stressors, and organic sweet orange oil provides a subtle, uplifting and refreshing scent. Daylight’s formula is designed to layer perfectly under Crunchi’s Iconic Smart Primer and Beautifully Flawless Foundation to result in pure complexion perfection.

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Customer Reviews

Sherry C. Jul 06 2018



Lindsay T. Jul 12 2018


I've used a lot of skin creams on my face which is prone to eczema outbreaks. With Daylight my skin felt smooth all day without any harsh reaction. Between the amazing fragrance and awesome feel, I am hooked.

Eliana D Jul 13 2018

Hydrating, Light & Amazing!

Daylight is the absolute perfect start to my morning. My skin feels so quenched, and hydrated. Yet, it absorbs quickly and efficiently so I can start with my Smart Primer and Foundation for the day. The sweet orange scent, followed by the delicious vanilla scent of the foundation, makes for my daily morning Creamsicle treat!

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