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Clear Brow Gel

Our Clear Brow Gel defines, sculpts, and tames your brows with a soft, flexible hold to ensure your brows stay on point no matter what the day brings.

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Customer Reviews

Dee D. Jul 25 2020

Love it

Love how it tames my brows & keeps them in place all day!

Julie W. Jul 24 2020


Easy to use, stays all day and makes my ever lightening brows more visibly defined. . Also love as topper to brow pomade on full make up days.

Allie M. Jul 24 2020

Must have!

I have never used brow gel before Crunchi’s and I must say it was a product that I never knew I needed!! I’m absolutely in love and can’t go without it now.

Brooke O. Jul 24 2020

Great product

Love everything Crunchi and this does not disappoint. I use it everyday

Michelle C. Jul 23 2020

Yes, please!

Gives my brows a nice shape with long-lasting results!

Allie M. Jul 23 2020

Love it!!

Completely in love with this brow gel!! A must have product!

Emily W. Jul 23 2020

Brows for days

Love this brow gel! I've been using it to tame my brows, as primer on my lashes, and even a little on my hair to help with those fly aways! It literally has so many uses! So happy I found this stuff

Jill T. Jul 22 2020

Who knew?

Who knew this redhead needed to keep my light brows tamed? Crunchi did! (Even my kids love using it...and I’m OK with that!)

Iryna G. Jul 22 2020

Obsessed ????

I have never used a brow gel before until now and wow can I just say that I am so obsessed with this product. Not only do I use it for my brown but also for my crazy baby hairs and it works perfectly? And the fact that it’s toxin free doesn’t get any better ????????

SherryR  Jul 22 2020

My eyebrows stay in place!

Love this product! It’s something I never knew I’ve always wanted????

Allie M. Jul 21 2020

In love!!

A must have product for everyone!! I have never used brow gel before and honestly I didn’t think I needed it. Oh goodness was I wrong!! This brow gel has been a total game changer and I cannot live without it now!

Verified Purchase
Lindsey T. Jul 21 2020

Highly Recommend the Brow Gel

I recently became a Crunchi Advocate and could not be more impressed with a company and product line! I've been using the whole line from the charcoal soap, to primer, foundation, mascara, and of course brow gel. The products feel amazing on my skin but the brow gel is one of my favorites. Brows shape your whole face and enhance your look. The brow gel combined with the pomade makes your brows look AMAZING! The color is long lasting and the gel helps you achieve the perfect shape. LOVE! <3

Verified Purchase
Jaime D. Jul 21 2020

Be “gel”ish...

I was skeptical bc I’m very basic when it comes to makeup. But this is a neat little product. Very easy to use. I apply a little brow pencil (or not) and use this to keep it all in place. It stays all day (and I’m oily). You will notice you actually have brows. Try it. Another one of Crunchi’s great products.

Jaime (. Jul 21 2020

Be “gel”ish...

I was skeptical bc I’m very basic when it comes to makeup. But this is a neat little product. Very easy to use. I apply a little brow pencil (or not) and use this to keep it all in place. It stays all day (and I’m oily). You will notice you actually have brows. Try it. Another one of Crunchi’s great products.

Hilary J. Jul 21 2020

The product I never knew I needed

I am in love with the clear brow gel! Anyone who says they “don’t need brow products”, needs brow products! My brows are tam and still so soft when using it! My husband even tried it and is loving it too! Definitely will keep this product on hand!!!

Shadley C. Jul 21 2020

Toxin-free and flawless!

I absolutely love that I’ve found a toxin-free brow gel that isn’t “crunchy”. It keeps my brows in place all day, and it’s clear which is so nice!

Jan H. Jul 21 2020

Love, love, love

This is a game changer for my thin brows! I put this on before using the Brow Pomade, and the pomade just glides on so easily! My brows are so happy!

Alyssa M. Jul 21 2020

Never knew I needed a brow gel!

This brow gel is AMAZING and has sooo many purposes... I love to use it for flyaway hairs, a mascara “seal,” the hubby’s stray beard hairs, and my crazy long brows! So glad this stuff found its way into my life!

Verified Purchase
Megan L. Jul 21 2020

The product you didn’t know you needed but totally do!

First time I tried the Crunchi Clear Brow Gel, I knew immediately this was a product I needed, but I didn’t know I needed it until I tried it. It holds my brows perfectly in place all day. I love it paired with the Nutrient Brow Pomade! I also use the Clear Brow Gel to tame my flyaway hairs. This is now in my makeup bag daily must haves!

Lovely P. Jul 21 2020

Lovely brow

This is the first Brow Gel I have ever liked! You won’t be disappointed!

Jodi K. Jul 21 2020


I’ve never given a lot of attention to my brows but with the clear brow gel it makes it so easy to shape & define with just a few strokes & it stays in place all day long. Quick & easy bit game changing.

Nikki  Jul 21 2020

Tames my curly unruly brows

I have curly thin balding eye brows.... I love the brown highliner & the brow gel ... together they make me look like I have eyebrows again!!!

Janaa  Jul 20 2020

A product I never knew I needed!

Love it!! Has tamed my wild eyebrows and is nourishing atthe same time.

Amie D. Jul 20 2020

Love it!

This brow gel keeps my brows so neat and tidy. I love it! I also love it’s ingredients and I make sure to wear it everyday so my brows don’t miss out on all the great nutrients.

Crystal S. Jul 20 2020

I’ve struck GOLD!

I’ve been using crunchi since April 2020 and this is in my top 3 FAVORITE list. When I was nursing my child around 3-4 months in, I started loosing hair around my forehead. My baby hairs are all over the place now. This brow gel works to tame frizzes also! BONUS! It’s lasts all day too! I literally don’t leave the house without it! Not to mention it perfecting my eyebrow look. This paired with the brow pomade is phenomenal. Thank you Crunchi for amazing products that I can feel good about.

Charity H. Jul 20 2020

I never knew I needed this!

I have quite the full, bushy eyebrows and struggle with random, unruly hairs. Once I tried the Clear Brow Gel I was amazed at how well it kept my eyebrows in place, and it didn’t dry crispy but instead felt soft to the touch. But they stayed in place ALL DAY LONG! My husband uses the Clear Brow Gel too and loves how it tames his unruly brows too. It’s the product I never knew I needed, but now won’t be without!

Angela  Jul 20 2020

What I didn’t know I needed

Brow gel newbie here and I’m impressed! The hold this gel provides is amazing. My little one likes to play with it (yay, toxin-free) but I was beyond impressed with how well it held up even after a toddler nap! ????

SherryR  Jul 20 2020

Love it!

Never tried a brow gel before although I’m prone to pesky flyaways... I tried this and was pretty happy to see that it keeps brows looking great! Highly recommend!

SherryR  Jul 20 2020


This is the first time I’ve ever used a brow gel or even thought to although I get flyaways all the time! Pretty incredible and it keeps everything in place!

Sofia G. Jul 20 2020

Clear Brow Gel

My eyebrows are super thick, and this clear brow gel keeps my eyes brow hairs in place and you can’t even tell it’s there! With the super subtle application, your hair will stay in place all day and you won’t be able to tell you’re wearing it!

Tiffanie W. Jul 20 2020

The best product I didn't know I needed!

I received the brow gel in my Transform Kit, or I probably would not have ordered it or ever tried it. Thankfully, I did get it and try it right away and ohmygoodness!! My "Brooke Shields" brows have never looked better! It dries nice, no sticky residue and it locks those brows in place ALL. DAY. LONG.!!!

Allie M. Jul 20 2020

Much needed product!

The product that I never knew I needed! Crunchi’s brow gel is pure perfection, do yourself a favor and grab one!!

Courtney L. Jul 20 2020


I love this product. It locks your brows in place all day without being crunchy or stiff.

Kelsey S. Jul 20 2020

New to brow gel

I have never tried brow gel before. Honestly, I had never heard of it. It is absolutely amazing! I have been impressed with the long lasting hold, especially during a time where I'm unable to go get my brows done. I match it with Crunchi's brow pomade and it's a perfect pair!

Megan M. Jul 20 2020

Love this- essential!

I love the brow gel! It’s goes on so smoothly and keeps my brows looking tamed and put together! Another use for this product is to tame my hair flyaways. This is one product I cant live without!

Maureen K. Jul 20 2020

Everything my brows needed plus more!

This brow gel is everything! It holds my brows in place and isn’t sticky or crunchy in a bad way - it is crunchi in the best way! Lol. Seriously it’s a game changer. My brows are more tamed and healthier since using this!

Nichole T. Apr 23 2020

I love this product!

I have never used a brow gel before but I am so glad I gave this a try! I love it for my taming and keeping my brows in place. I have also been applying one coat to my lashes before applying my mascara and it is life!!! It adds extra length to my lashes, separates them and keeps my mascara on all day!

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