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Clarilight® Facial Essence

Clarilight® Facial Essence works to tone, hydrate, and revitalize your skin by removing impurities without stripping your skin’s moisture barrier. This powerful essence works to enhance the performance of your skincare, leaving your skin feeling refreshed.

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Customer Reviews

Damian W. Apr 29 2023


I've been using the Clarilight for about 6 months. I really love how it tightens pores!! It's NOT really thin and runny so it doesn't soak up too fast into the cotton pad which seems better so the product isn't wasted in the cotton pad. I've always used toners and this is my favorite I've ever tried. I'm hooked.

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Kristin H. Mar 08 2023

Love this but wish for a translucent bottle

I’ve never really used a toner but now I feel like I can’t live without one. My face feels SO clean! I was afraid of it drying out my already dry face but nope. My only complaint is that I wish the bottle were somewhat translucent because I can’t see when I’m about to run out. Otherwise, I love everything about this!

Ashley E. Mar 08 2023

Beautiful results!

I've been using Clarilight everyday for almost 2 years. It keeps my skin fresh looking and my skin tone is very happy! It has helped keep fine lines nice and smooth. This is a magic potion!

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Katrin F. Oct 13 2022

Shock And Awe

Let me start by saying I am someone who despises toners, so, naturally, I avoided this product for almost a full year. Alas, having fallen madly in love with every other product, I folded, and purchased a Clarilight, and my life is forever changed! Soft, subtle, sweet - there are not enough words to describe this miracle product. Mostly, when used in the AM under moisturizer, I look like I have perfect foundation all day long, and newsflash, I don't even wear foundation. BUY IT. NOW.

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Marissa P. Sep 27 2022

Great Toner!

So far loving this!!! It does leave my skin a little sticky feeling but that's maybe bc I'm putting too much on...my acne seems to be clearing up a little bit !

Tara  Apr 15 2022

Seeing results.

This product has definitely helped to minimize my pores. I also started using it on my teenage daughter’s back acne and have seen some improvement. I do wish it was easier to get out of the bottle.

Lindley M. Apr 09 2022

Do yourself a favor…

Ditch your typical toner and GET THIS! I have always had issues with toners being drying. They always burned and stung when I used them, but not this essence. Oh my gosh it is so hydrating, takes off any make up remnants, and it seriously transforms your skin.

Tiffany  Mar 30 2022


This is my FAVORITE Crunchi product. I first wash my face with the charcoal bar and I’m confident I washed off all the make up but then I go in with the toner and so much more comes off! This toner is absolutely wonderful and removing that last bit of makeup/dirt/whatever it may be, from your face.

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Lara G. Mar 14 2022

Best ever!!

This is my favorite skincare product!! Absolutely love this essence. Feels amazing and has really improved the tone of my skin. I can't live without this stuff!

Alexis W. Jan 17 2022

Bottle/Dispenser could use an update

First off, I do like this product because it has helped my skin, however, the bottle/dispenser doesn't flow and some gets wasted. I also think that the consistency doesn't help either, it tends to sit on top of my cotton rounds and falls off when I go to use it. If the top of the bottle was like one you would find on an old school sunscreen bottle, it would help. I don't think I will be repurchasing because 1 bottle didn't last very long and I can't afford to keep using it.

Alissa B. Jan 11 2022

Glowing and worth the try!

I've never been a fan of toners as they dry me out way too much. But Crunchi has made the perfect product! After proper cleansing and application of Clarilight my face feels so tight but not dry. Add the moisturizer and I'm completely glowing. Highly recommend trying it.

Sarah S. Jan 11 2022

Best Toner Ever!

I’ve never been a fan of toners until this product. It’s super refreshing and helps tremendously with acne. If only I had this product in my teens!

Lori M. Jan 10 2022

Lori M

I have so many Crunchi favorites and definitely found a new one! Clarilight is a must have to your skin care, so refreshing, and hydrating! Love it so much!

Sylvia S. Jan 10 2022

Great Product

So surprised at how much it really does clean and tone the skin but in a gentle and refreshing way! Truly feel it helps reduce pore clogging and adds more vitality to your skin!

Ana B. Dec 27 2021

My crunchi fav!

This is the product that conquer me!!! Make feel my skin so clean and relaxed!!! It is like a toner and serum and one!!!

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Kathrina S. Dec 27 2021

Eczema friendly

I have eczema and during season transitions especially I’ll get a patches near my eyes. My skin overall gets drier and tighter in the winter. The toner paired with daylight/nightlight - fantastic! My skin feels soft and hydrated. Extra perk of reduced lines and wrinkles. My skin has never felt better - now I need a good hand cream and body lotion (hint hint!)

Kelly S. Nov 24 2021

Must have

This is one of the first Crunchi products I tried. It feels amazing. A combination of a toner/exfoliator and an essence (basically a moisture magnet for your skin). This product leaves your skin feeling refreshed, plumped, soothed, and you can really feel the aloe working its magic in there. Y'all this stuff is a must have!

Jess P. Oct 06 2021

Love it

I love how this makes my skin feel and look! Definitely not your average toner type product. The only thing I would change is the bottle because you can’t see how much you have left. Maybe just one small strip of clear glass to monitor the amount so you know when you need to reorder. The product is amazing though!

Stacey  May 12 2021


Ordering my third bottle of Clarilight because I love it so much ! Eye cream is next!!!

Verified Purchase
Justine M. Mar 30 2021

Favorite skincare product!

I've been using Clarilight since it launched in 2020 and it is, hands down, my favorite Crunchi skincare product! My skin feels super hydrated without that tight/stripping feeling like conventional toners. I am currently on my 3rd bottle and my skin feels overall tighter and I've noticed less fine lines. I use it twice a day after cleansing. Amazing ingredients..Obsessed!!

Marilyn J. Oct 03 2020


This was such a much needed and refreshing addition to my skincare routine. Love all the ingredients ??????????

Amie C. Oct 03 2020

Hydration Completion

I thought my skin was adequately hydrated until I started using this. Y’all. My skin has never been softer! It feels like a cool drink of water for my skin on a hot day. My pores look smaller and my skin is overall more tight and smooth. I love Clarilight! It’s the skin care product I didn’t know I needed.

Carly P. Oct 03 2020

Love at first try!

I didn’t think I needed this product but I should have tried it sooner!!!! I love how nourishing it is and how amazing my skin feels!

Carly P. Oct 03 2020

Love at first try!

If I’m honest, I didn’t order right away because I didn’t think I needed it. BOY. WAS. I. WRONG! I now understand the hype! Thanks again for another amazing product!

Iryna  Oct 02 2020

Best product

I just love using Clarilight in the morning and night time. It makes your skin feel so refreshed and smells so good. Hands down my favorite Crunchi product by far!!!

Stefanie K. Oct 02 2020

Great product

Love this stuff! It’s a thicker product but still goes on smoothly and absorbs nicely. I noticed a difference right away how my face felt and looked. Softened up those fine lines around my eyes and it smells great which is a nice bonus.

LAUREN B. Oct 02 2020

Favorite Crunchi Product

Toners have always left my face feeling tight and dry, but Clarilight is completely luxurious and makes my skin feel and looks so hydrated and dewy. I use this morning and night. Love the high quality ingredients and beautiful packaging.

Taylor S. Oct 02 2020

add this to your skincare routine!

I've never noticed such a difference with the addition of a skincare item. In the first two weeks, i noticed smoother skin & a more even skin tone. Love knowing this is pulling so much gunk from my pores!

Nikki S. Oct 01 2020


This is honestly my favorite product! I had never used a toner or essence before trying this. I feel incomplete if I don't use it every morning! It's the product I didn't know I needed!

Sherry R. Oct 01 2020

Unbelievably Clean

I had no idea what this is or that I needed it BUT now, I can never live without it! It’s incredible how it cleans my face and just gives me color and life again! Everyone needs this!!

Verified Purchase
Adriana L. Oct 01 2020

Favorite product from Crunchi!

I have been using this product for about a month now and I have noticed my skin brighter and some acne scars have faded. I have other crunchi products that I love but this one is seriously my favorite. I struggle with adult acne and clairlight has really helped my skin look brighter and stay hydrated. I also love that it lasts long.

Jess  Oct 01 2020


Since using Clarilight my skin is softer, clearer, and more even toned. It is magic in a glass bottle. ????

Laura K. Oct 01 2020

My new favorite skincare essential!

I loveeeee my Clarilight! With consistent use for 1 month, my dark sunspots are lighter, with some even disappearing! Plus my skin isn’t as red and feels so smooth! Literally blown away and won’t go a day without using!

Verified Purchase
Charity H. Oct 01 2020

Absolutely Amazing!

I didn’t have that high of expectations for a toner/essence, I’ve used different ones over the years and they were all ‘ok’ and did the job. So I was completely shocked at just how good my skin felt and looked after using this product for over 2 months, now. I’ve seen my skin tighten, pores diminish, texture is much smoother, brighter complexion and I feel like my moisturizers are working better than before since using this. I cannot recommend enough!! You must get this product!!!

Nicole G. Oct 01 2020

Love it!

Even though I have mature skin I can already feel a difference. I love how my face feels refreshed and not dried out after using Clarilight. I’m a convert! I’m also hoping that this review posts because it is the 3rd time that I have tried.

Tara W. Oct 01 2020

skincare staple

At first I just used the charcoal facial bar, slowly added the daylight/nightlight moisturizers and now the clarilight and my only regret is not purchasing it sooner!

Robyn A. Oct 01 2020

A refreshing boost!

I’ve used Clarilight for over two months now and my favorite thing about it is the clean fresh feeling it leaves on my skin. Different than other products I’ve tried in the past that smell like astringent or have a moisture stripping affect, Clarilight feels like it’s infusing moisture into my skin adding a refreshing boost to my skin care routine!

Hilary J. Oct 01 2020

Magic in a bottle

I am in LOVE with my Clarilight facial essence! I was never a “toner” user and wondered how I would like this product. Well, this gem of a product is perfect in every way! I love that it helped reduce the look of my fine lines and wrinkles, I love that it exfoliates my skin leaving it radiant and glowing! And the scent is so subtle and refreshing. It has a gel like consistency that goes on smoothly and tones, hydrates and removes any impurities onto my cotton round! A must have for anyone!!

Kasidi S. Oct 01 2020

Kasidi S.

This is quickly becoming my favorite product! I use each morning and every night! I love how clean and soft my face feels after using it! Teenager approved! Thanks Crunchi!

Felicia Z. Oct 01 2020

In Love with Clarilight!

I’ve never been a toner girl before but this is a game changer! It doesn’t burn like other toners I’ve used. My skin which is pretty sensitive feels refreshed, not tight, or dry. Almost feels like you could skip the moisturizer. I use it twice a day and bye bye redness! Clarilight girl for life!

Heidi L. Oct 01 2020

Pampering my skin and my senses

As opposed to other toners I’ve used, I can actually see the difference in my skin using this facial essence. My skin is clearer and more even looking. It also smells so good!

Jan H. Oct 01 2020

Clarilight lights up my life

I adore my Clarilight! Morning and evening application leaves my face feeling clean, hydrated and oh, so soft! I never used toners before because they left my skin feeling so dry and tight, so I am so happy to have found Clarilight to nourish and care for my skin!

Shauna G. Oct 01 2020

Diminished pores!

I’m impressed with the new Clarilight! I’ve never used a facial essence before and was surprised that it is thicker and more hydrating than a toner or astringent. I’ve been using for about a month now and have noticed that my skin is smoother, softer and my pores are smaller!

April C. Oct 01 2020

Clarilight fascial essence

I love how it tones and hydrates my skin! It feels so much softer and smoother!

Heather R. Oct 01 2020

Missing part!

Clarilight was absolutely the missing part in my skincare routine! It leaves my face feeling so fresh, clean, and soft. I love the nourishing ingredients and just how well it works to really get the gunk out! Highly recommend!

Lynette  Oct 01 2020

Love it!

I love so many things about the Clarilight! It smells amazing! I love the ingredients: willow, birch, hyaluronic acid and aloha hydroxy acid. To get all this in one product is amazing. That’s why it feels so wonderful on my skin!

Nicole G. Oct 01 2020


I tried this product after my daughter in law suggested it. I love it! Even though my skin is “mature” it does a great job of picking up even more more grime. My face feel# refreshed and clean after using it. I’m a convert!

Nicole G. Oct 01 2020

Awesome toner!

I started using this toner after m6 daughter-in-law gave me som3 samples and I subsequently purchased this toner and other products. Even though my skin is that of an older woman, I love this toner. It is gentle but even after washing my face it still picks up more grime. My skin feels clean and fresh. I’m a convert!

Ashley V. Sep 30 2020


After using this product daily it’s clear my face isn’t always as clean as I think it is! This product makes my fave feel so clean and fresh and doesn’t dry it out like most toners would!

Jamie H. Sep 30 2020


I would always use a toner after washing my face but I’ve changed my skin care routine to Crunchi so I was thrilled when they introduced this product. I love using the new Clarilight. After washing my face with the charcoal bar I use the Clarilight essence and it just makes my skin feel so refreshed and extra clean. Absolutely love this product.

Verified Purchase
Michelle C. Sep 30 2020

Winner Winner!

I love this product! There is so much satisfaction in seeing all the dirt and grime pulled away from my face--even after I have just finished washing with soap!

Verified Purchase
Taylor C. Sep 30 2020

you need this!!!

This is the first skincare product that I've noticed a VISIBLE difference in my skin within the first week of using! My skin was smoother, more evenly toned, and I am always shocked at how much junk it pulls from my "clean skin" ! Trust me - you want this product!!

Verified Purchase
Jennifer D. Sep 30 2020

Amazing product!

I am in love with this product! It leaves my face feeling so smooth and clean. It also smells amazing!

Dianna C. Sep 30 2020

Clean and refreshing!

Absolutely love clarilight! My face feels clean and fresh, most toners dry out my skin but clarilight does the opposite! My skin is brighter and I can see life in my face again!

Alyssa M. Sep 30 2020

In love with Clarilight!!

I’ve been using Clarilight for about 2 months now and I started noticing dramatic results after 3-4 weeks... no more bumpies on my cheeks! My skin is so much smoother, clearer and just overall more supple! This is definitely my favorite skincare product so far!

Rachel S. Sep 30 2020

Facial in a bottle

This is the skincare products I never knew I needed. My skin has never felt softer. I have noticed an overall brightness and glow my skin did not have before. It’s just so glowy! This is truly like a facial in a bottle, Liquid gold!

Kelsey S. Sep 30 2020


I truthfully had no idea what toner was. Then Crunchi came out with Clarilight Essence. I knew it was something I had to try. I know now that I just needed to skip the toner and go straight to the Essence! I personally can notice days of feeling dry after using it, but it is usually due to not keeping up with my skincare routine leading up to it. I notice a clean, fresh feeling and especially perfect when I use with my Daylight and Nightlight!

Jeanine  Sep 30 2020

A must have!

I can’t believe it’s possible that Crunchi has done it yet again! This is a must have in my house now and has become one of my top three crunchi products! My face has never felt better!

Maritza N. Sep 30 2020

Clarilight essence

Love how clean my face feels after I use it. It doesn’t dry it out at all and safe to use daily. I’m happy to invest in products that actually work. As a CoVid nurse who suffers from rosacea my face looks better now than it ever did and I wear a respirator for 12hr shifts!

Alana W. Sep 30 2020


Clarilight Facial Essence is a refreshing luxury for my face. It smells amazing and makes my face feel wonderful. After years of using a high end product, chalked full of ingredients I can’t even read, I’m so glad I made the switch to Crunchi. If you are on the fence about trying it, I encourage you to do it! You won’t regret it.

Becca M. Sep 30 2020

Amazing product

This was a total game changer for me! My face is so soft and glowing before I ever add my moisturizer. Will never not use this! Go ahead and order for all your family for Christmas!

Kate E. Sep 30 2020

Miracle in a bottle

This changed my skincare game! My skim was always lacking something and this solved everything my skin didn’t even know it needed. My skim is softer, more even tone, less pimples, it’s glows. It’s just beautiful. For the first time in years I’m comfortable going out in public without make up on! This stuff is amazing.

Verified Purchase
Allie B. Sep 30 2020

Even better than I though

Look, I ordered this knowing I needed something between my charcoal bar and my moisturizer, and I ordered this on impulse expecting it to be “okay” because I feel like toners/serums have never really done much for me. But this one has visibly made my (PREGNANT) skin softer and more even, and this stuff smell absolutely amazing. I’m blown away!

Pam D. Sep 30 2020


What an amazing difference in my skin!!!!

Jenn S. Sep 29 2020

Loving this

I did not realize how much I was missing without this step! Clarilight makes my skin feel so smooth and hydrated and leaves me glowing. Now I can’t live without it!

Alexa  Sep 29 2020


So refreshing putting this on my face! I can already see a difference

Verified Purchase
Casaday L. Sep 29 2020

Amazing for my acne-prone skin!

I have acne-prone skin and the blemish fighting ingredients in this have greatly improved my skin. I can feel AND see the impurities leaving my skin after using this product—even after double cleansing! It gently exfoliates all the dead skin away leaving my skin baby soft and smooth, fully prepared for the next steps in my routine. It’s a product I didn’t know I needed until I used it and now one I can’t live without.

Katelin C. Sep 29 2020

Game changer!!

There’s so much about this product that I absolutely love. It changed the way my skin feels and looks in just one week of use. I am loving this addition to my skincare routine!!

Sommer R. Sep 29 2020


I stopped using a toner a few years ago because they make your face so tight...but not Clarilight! This stuff is amazing and keeps my skin feeling moisturizer and amazing

Verified Purchase
Jane S. Sep 29 2020

Very gentle

I have very sensitive skin and was hesitant to try this, but after a few weeks of using (mostly just use it in the mornings after Crunchi charcoal bar), I have had no issues and my skin feels clean, fresh and ready for the Daylight. You don't need to use a lot either which I love as well.

Kristy S. Sep 29 2020

Clarilight Facial Essence

I have been using Clarilight for a few weeks. I never had a skin care routine before, so I am loving adding this to my lineup. I love the smell of this product as I apply it to my face morning and night. I have noticed my blemishes disappear and my face feel smoother. I will definitely continue to use this product everyday!

Debra M. Sep 29 2020

The missing piece!!!

Clarilight was the missing piece to my skincare routine. I have always used toners that stripped my face. Not anymore! Clarilight tones and leaves my fave refreshed at the same time. This product has helped the texture of my skin to become more smooth with less redness! Love love love Clarilight!

Lysa D. Sep 29 2020

The perfect skincare addition!

Clarilight is the perfect addition to my skincare regimen. I usually don’t use a toner due to them normally leaving my skin feeling dry, but this leaves my skin hydrated, soft and smooth. Love the feeling! I will definitely be continuing to use.

Madison B. Sep 29 2020

Face feels refreshed!

I have Been using clarilight for about two months now! My face always feels clean and refreshed after using with the charcoal bar.

Courtney R. Sep 29 2020

Sensitive Skin can Rejoice!

I have never been able to use toner. It’s too harsh and really messes up my skin, red blotches, itchy scales patches. THIS TONER makes my face feel soooooooo clean (it gets dirty sweaty gross so fast in FL) it feels somehow soft and hydrated but super clean and dry to the touch. Perfect base to put on my Crunchi makeup

Holly A. Sep 29 2020

Let's "glow" baby!

Have always loved using a toner after washing off makeup to get the residual stuff deep down where a cleanser can't reach but never have liked the "tight" feeling afterwards. Clarilight is so hydrating, so refreshing and literally has me glowing like I'm ????! I ?? this so much!

Kara B. Sep 29 2020

Loving Clarilight!

I absolutely am in love with this facial essence! It makes my skin feel refreshed and hydrated. I use it after I wash my face everytime because it feels so good on my skin!

Caitlin B. Sep 29 2020

Clarilight magic

I’ve been using clarilight for about a month or little longer. I had been using the moisturizers already but adding clarilight to my routine was the best decision! This season of mask wearing has my face so dry and irritated but the skincare from Crunchi has done wonders and I feel so much better! Using these products also has me excited to show off my skin for my wedding in November.

Hannah  Sep 29 2020

Cant live without!

I am in my first month of using this and can see the difference in my skin tone and brightness. But it also helps with my makeup application and I always look "dewey."

Verified Purchase
Alyssa H. Sep 29 2020

Perfect addition to my skin care routine!

I love how Clarilight hydrates and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or tight. I thought my skin was clean until seeing that cotton ball! Now I can’t live with out it!!

Charlotte K. Sep 29 2020

Clean? Yeeessss!!!

After washing my face what I thought was well, I used a small amount of Clarilight on a cotton ball to sweep over it. Much to my surprise the Clarilight had further cleansed my skin! This has happened repeatedly since I started using it. I also think my pores are less evident! Yeah!

Caitlin S. Sep 29 2020

This stuff is amazing!

I have been using this for over a week now and have seen a huge difference. Really love the feel on my skin, it’s very light weight and also makes my crunchi moisture go further plus as a really good smell! Highly Recommend

Christy A. Sep 29 2020

Excited about this product!

I've been struggling with slight facial Psoriasis. A friend gave me a sample of Clarilight to try out. I was so surprised how calming and healing Clarilight felt on my face! Just after two applications, I definitely noticed a difference! My face felt smooth! I'm thinking Clarilight must contain some healing properties because its working for me! I love it!

Chantel M. Sep 29 2020

I admit I was skeptical, but it’s worth it!

I’ll admit that I was skeptical of using a facial essence. Honestly, I had never used anything like this before, so I didn’t think it could make that much of a difference, but I was proven wrong! I use it morning and night and it has helped so much with breakouts, smoothness, redness, dryness, and just health of my skin. I’m so impressed and hooked for life!

Teresa r. Sep 28 2020

Feels like heaven

I have never been a fan of toners. They always dried out my face. I have dry skin to begin with. I love the Clarilight. It makes my face feel so soft and heavenly. Doesn't smell like alcohol. It's the bomb. Love, love love

Nicole T. Sep 28 2020

A must have in skincare

Adding Clarilight to my Crunchi skincare routine has upped the results of clearer, brighter, more even skintones! It sets your skin up for absorbing all the moisture of daylight and nightlight after cleansing. It's a must have product for truly clean skin!

Toni G. Sep 28 2020

Clarilight Facial Essence

Love love love!

Verified Purchase
Brittany E. Sep 28 2020

Refreshing and Smells Incredible

This product is so silky on my skin. Usually toners feel drying, but I find Clarilight feels refreshing as well as “plumping”! It smells like a days spa without the toxins! It has become a nice addition to my daily and nightly skincare routines.

Havah S. Sep 28 2020

Hands down amazing!!!

This product is a life CHANGER!! Wow!! Go go go buy it!!

Roxanne M. Sep 28 2020

Absolutely Love!

Within the first few days I could already see the difference. It seems too good to be true, but it’s true! Love, love how my skin feels after using Clarilight!

Denise G. Sep 28 2020

Clarilight Facial Essence

Love the way my skin feels after using this product! Smells amazing too!

Lindsey P. Sep 28 2020

Great for skin issues

I double wash my face when I wear makeup so I don’t use the clarilight to “clean” my face but rather to help my skin. I actually apply it with my fingers after washing and really feel like it has helped with some of the redness I have been having. It does seem also to be clearing up some of the little bit of acne I have too. I am still new to using it but so far I give it a thumbs up.

Cristina C. Sep 28 2020

Skin game changer!

Like a toner, but so much better! Leaves my skin clean, nourished, and so smooth! This is a missing piece to my skincare routine that I didn’t know I needed!

Verified Purchase
Kristin K. Sep 28 2020


This is a miracle product! It get all the residue off that you thought was gone but looking down at your cleaning pad it’s amazing how much more comes off! My face feels cleaner tighter and lighter! I love it!

Lysa  Sep 28 2020

Clarilight is ever so light and refreshing!

I am brand new to all of the amazing CRUNCHI products ???? Since using this product, I have noticed just how light and refreshing it is and how clean it leaves my face. I have been using it after using the charcoal facial bar and it leaves my face feeling even cleaner prior to applying the nightlight moisturizer. The performance of all of the products, including Clarilight, has made me a huge fan of Crunchi’s products!

Brittany S. Sep 28 2020

Amazing Toner!

I met a Crunchi rep in a virtual vendor fair. I messaged her about my needs for skin care and one of her recommendations was this toner. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks now consistently and I’m in love. It’s clean, lightweight and does exactly what I need it to without leaving my skin feeling heavy. I’ve noticed better elasticity, texture and tone. Love this brand this far.

Sadie H. Sep 28 2020


I got this because my cousin suggested it to me. I was kind of skeptical at first but I bought it and a couple other items. The first time I used it I was so surprised!! My face already looks 10 times better and I’ve only been using it for a little less than a month!! It is a definite must have for your face!!!??

Courtney C. Sep 28 2020

Clarilight Facial Essence

Love how it makes my face glow and my skin feels so fresh and clean! So glad I made the switch! ?? Crunchi!

Rebecca G. Sep 28 2020

Beyond Amazing!!!

I have never loved a product as much as I love Clarilight. It leaves your face feeling so refreshed and soft. Just a couple weeks in and I can see so many improvements to the appearance of my skin!!

Melissa  Sep 28 2020

Will continue to use

Just started this product a couple weeks ago. Not sure I’ve noticed any huge differences in my skin. However, it feels great, is hydrating, and smells good. Excited to see my skin improve with continued use. Be sure to use organic, reusable cotton rounds.

Pam D. Sep 28 2020


I love the way this makes my skin feel!!!

Jessica  Sep 28 2020


Clarilight has helped to transform my skin. The willow and birch has totally redefined my skins texture and made me glow. Can't get enough of adding this into my morning and night-time routine. It's a winner...for sure!

Iryna  Sep 28 2020

This products is a game changer

I’ve never actually used a toner or Essence before and when this Clarilight came out I was dying to try it. Omg I have seen such amazing results from using it just in few days. My skin has never been so smooth, soft and refreshed. This is by far my favorite Crunchi product hands down ???? Everyone women needs to add this to her daily skin routine. Total game changer ????

Molly C. Sep 28 2020

Clarilight is Awesome

Face feels so clean and love the improvement in my skin

Marcia  Sep 28 2020

Essential Essence

This essence really helps clean my skin without stripping my face of moisture. I highly recommend using this before applying your skincare!

Grace S. Sep 28 2020


Wanting a spa-night in? Then you need this ASAP. It smells HEAVENLY and you can almost feel the nourishing benefits of this stuff when you apply it. Honestly, I know you don’t need that much at once, but because it’s so amazing I just want to apply gobs of it. Sometimes I go back for an extra splash on my cotton round just for kicks???? on top of how it feels, I can significantly tell a difference in my skin when I do use it vs. when I don’t. Highly recommended!!

Em W. Sep 28 2020


I didn't think Crunchi's skincare line up could get any better! Clarilight is like a mini spa trip. I love the smell! My pores are basically disappearing, it's amazing. IF I happen to get a pimple a dot of Clarilight dries it out by the next morning. I'm in love!

Megan M. Sep 28 2020

Awesome product!

I have been using this product for about a month now and I love it. It is amazing and kind of crazy how much dirt it removed from my face each day w/ Clarilight, even AFTER I have washed and cleansed my face. Definitely plan to order more !

Erica W. Sep 28 2020


I’ve never really used a toner or anything before, but after using the facial bar, Daylight and Nightlight, I figured why not! I absolutely love this. My skin has been totally transformed. The texture of my skin has really evened out, my redness has basically disappeared. The highlight of my day is my skincare routine!

Korrigan H. Sep 28 2020

My skin loves this!

Clarilight has made a huge impact on how evenly toned my skin is now. I also heard to use clarilight on your skin after shaving, I tried this and WOW. I had absolutely no ingrown hairs or irritation. I would for sure recommended this to anyone with uneven skin as this has made a huge difference for me :)

Nicole K. Sep 28 2020

Love love love this product

I’ve never been a toner girl. I love this product , I only use in the am I’ve noticed smoother skin and I feel like it helps prime my Crunchi foundation for better long wear

Erica S. Sep 28 2020


I’ve been struggling with breakouts from all the extra stress that my family has been undergoing, as well as it being that time of the month. I decided to give this a try, but was very skeptical. Within 3 days of adding this to my skincare routine, I noticed a huge improvement in my skin. I had less breakouts. My complexion was overall more uniform. My skin looked and felt beautiful! I highly recommend it and it’s now a permanent part of my skincare regime.

Brittany I. Sep 28 2020

Perfect blend

Other toners have left me feeling dry and my skin too tight. Clarilight is a perfect mixture of cleansing and replenishment. I am so happy I added this step to my routine!

Erin  Sep 28 2020

Not your average toner

I’ve used some toners and they’ve been okay, but this facial essence is a game changer! Does not strip my skin, leaves feeling soft & moisturized, cleans off leftover makeup and grime, wonderful light smell. Definitely a must have!

Courtney L. Sep 28 2020

Love this product!!

Absolutely love Clarilight!! The tone and texture of my skin has improved dramatically since I started using. One of my favorite Crunchi products!

Kelsey R. Sep 28 2020

Life changing

I use all of the Crunchi things. But, this product took my skincare routine up a huge notch and has changed my skin so much. Clearer complexion, reduced redness, and heals my acne so much faster!

Verified Purchase
Maureen L. Sep 04 2020


Clarilight is a true skin savior! I have very oily reactive skin and spent a long while using toners that were too drying. This balances, soothes, plumps, and clears blemishes quickly. My skin has never felt so happy and the bottle is gorgeous!

Lisa D. Aug 12 2020

Clarilight Review

Where do I begin? Do I want no more breakouts? YES! Do I want smooth skin like a baby's bum? YES! Do I want an even-toned complexion like I haven't had in years? YES! Do I get all of those things with Clarilight? YES!! I love it!

Ashley P. Aug 05 2020

Best thing ever!

I’m very use to reading reviews about how a product was a game changer for other people but I would never have the same results. This essence is amazing! I noticed a difference in my pore size, redness, and inflammation in my skin after using this product for a few days. I am absolutely in love! Finally a product that works with my skin!

Verified Purchase
Joan H. Jul 31 2020

Unique and Effective

This unique product serves two purposes for my 64 year old skin: 1) it removes impurities, and 2) it tones and restores. I use it after cleansing and before moisturizing day and night and am so pleased with the way my face is left feeling - soft and supple. Clarilight exceeded my expectations and is unlike anything I've tried before!

Angel G. Jul 27 2020


Soothing, cooling, cleansing and hydrating all wrapped into one. Oh and in a beautiful glass bottle, yes please!! Another ball hit out of the park!!

Verified Purchase
Lindsay T. Jul 27 2020

Great for guys too!

I have been using Clarilight for a few weeks. As a man, I typically don't pay much attention to the feel of my skin. But...as I have used this product in the morning and night, my face feels fresher and cleansed. I definitely plan on continuing with this product!

Erica C. Jul 27 2020

Exceeded my expectations

I thought this would be a “good” product... but I had no idea how this would truly work! My skin glows even before applying moisturizer! Buy another to keep on hand!