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Brilliant Bronzer

Soft, lightweight and versatile, the name Brilliant Bronzer is an understatement. This mineral powder loose bronzer allows for buildable pigment creating the perfect healthy glow. Your skin will receive all the warmth of a sun-kissed look, without concerning ingredients or the sun’s damaging rays.

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Customer Reviews

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Lindsay C. Dec 03 2019

Just okay.

This is just okay to me. I like the color but I don’t love the tone on me. I’m not a huge fan of loose bronzer wish they would make a pressed version.

Melanie S. Jul 17 2019

Brilliant Bronzer

I’m totally in love with the Brilliant Bronzer! I can do so many things with it! From making my face look sun kissed to using as eyeshadow to using it for contouring it looks stunning and is long wearing.

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Frances W. Dec 06 2018

I'm now a contour queen!

I have NEVER been good at contouring and now, my contour skills are ON POINT. thanks to this bronzer! I am in love! I love how it's got a subtle shimmer to it and leaves me looking like a rock star. It's seriously so good. I cant say enough good things

Holli S. Dec 05 2018


I am a Bronzer newbie, but now I use it almost daily! I love the slight glow it gives my skin and I especially love that this product also looks amazing as an eyeshadow color!

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Catherine N. Dec 05 2018

Summer Kissed Skin all year round

I love this bronzer! It is warm & universally flattering. I love that it is buildable from a light bronzer to a darker glow! Use it to contour as well!

Marilyn J. Dec 04 2018

Great color!

I use this bronzer daily and love the color.

Christine B. Dec 04 2018

Perfect glow

This bronzer provides the perfect glow and I love the light shimmer in it! I especially love contouring with it. And you don't need much, it literally lasts forever!

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Jessica F. Dec 04 2018

Subtle glow

This stuff is so wonderful. Just a little tap in the cap and I can brighten and add a soft glow to my pasty PNW skin. I'm not very skilled at highlighting, but I like to mix it with the finishing powder and dust it over my whole face to add a little color. It's very subtle and doesn't look orange or "fake" in any way.

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Tatiana T. Dec 04 2018

Keeping me tan and happy

The brilliant bronzer gives me a glow that makes me feel tanned and confident. Not to mention it’s toxin free, which gives me reassurance that what I’m putting on my body will be safe.

Alyssa P. Dec 03 2018

Bronzer Beauty

This bronzer is gorgeous! It is the perfect finish to the foundation. I love the gentle contour it provides & it looks gorgeous and eye color too!

Leslie S. Dec 03 2018

Leslie S

Love this multi purpose bronzer!!! I use it all over my face!!! I've even used it as eyeshadow, blush and warmed up the color of my lipgloss!

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Kendra U. Dec 03 2018

You will want this!!

I have never been one to wear bronzer. But Brilliant Bronzer is a must in your makeup bag! It is so versatile I love using it to contour, give me that sunkissed glow, and as eyeshadow!!!

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Kimberly M. Dec 03 2018


I love this bronzer, soft and shimmery to give you a bit of glow without making you look overdone. I also love using this as eyeshadow.

Amanda D. Dec 03 2018

Summer Lovin’ (All Year Long!)

This bronzer is gorgeous. Gives my skin the perfect summer glow with just enough color to make me feel like I just left the beach. Super lightweight and stays on all day!

Marcia  Dec 03 2018

Love the Glow!

I have been very happy with this Bronzer. It’s got the perfect sheen- not too much shimmer but not matte either. I like to wear all year round for a little touch of color/glow.

Caitlin P. Dec 03 2018

So great!

I love this product. I wear it most days of the week and this one tub has lasted me over a year already and there is plenty left still! It’s the perfect touch for my pale skin in the winter months!

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Ashley F. Dec 03 2018


I was not one to ever wear bronzer but this stuff is so nice. I use it almost every day as eyeshadow. A little goes a LONG way.

Stephanie M. Dec 03 2018

Perfect glow

This is by far the best Bronzer I have ever used. It’s the perfect glow for any skin color and just beautiful! Love it!

Elizabeth A. Dec 02 2018


This bronzer has a really nice shimmer (not too much) just enough to add a glow. It also works well as an eyeshadow. The bronzer makes me feel I have warmth in the winter. Never wore bronzer until now!

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Jane B. Dec 02 2018


Crunchi bronzer lights up my face subtle without being over powering. It is light as a feather, yet stays in place all day.

Erika M. Dec 01 2018

Best Bronzer ever!

I am in LOVE with this Bronzer. Not only does it last a long time (a little goes a long way!), but it is so VERSITILE! Use for contouring, adding some warmth to your face, eyeshadow, mix with gloss or lipstick to give it some shimmer. What is not to love?

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Ashley F. Dec 01 2018

Versatile, Beautiful Bronzer!

I have fair skin, so I was a little nervous that this might be too red/brown in color, but it isn't at all. Brilliant Bronzer adds the perfect amount of warmth to my complexion, and I use it as an eye shadow often, too! You don't need much, either, so this container will last you a long time and serve you many uses - so versatile. Love the ingredients, quality, & everything about this product! Thanks, Crunchi (& my consultant)!

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Linda B. Dec 01 2018

I love this bronzer!!

I've tried a lot of bronzers! Most have caused me to break out and cause my face to itch. I feel so good about the ingredients in this bronzer, I don't have to feel guilty getting a nice glow. And it's not orangey or too shimmery which I love!

Katie L. Dec 01 2018

My Favorite Bronzer

Lightweight. The perfect amount of shimmer. This bronzer is my favorite - and I've tried a lot of bronzers!

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Milagros M. Dec 01 2018

So Versatile!

I love Crunchi's Bronzer!!! Leaves me with a beautiful natural glow, I also use it as eyeshadow, and over lipstick as well! It is one of my favorite products that I can't live without!!

Samantha  Dec 01 2018


I love Crunchi’s bronzer! I get a skin kissed look, without a ton of shimmer! I love that it’s layers me and I can build on for more color.

Linda  Dec 01 2018

One size fits all

This bronzer is amazing as bronzer, eyeshadow, or (my favorite) over a little pure lipstick for the perfect long lasting lip!

Alisia  Dec 01 2018


I love the color of this bronzer! I had been searching for a healthy version of this color for so long! I love how it leaves my skin glowing.

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Amanda F. Nov 30 2018

Great Bronzer!

Great for adding color in between seasons and contouring!

Lauren  Nov 30 2018


I love this bronzer!! A little bit goes a long way and it gives a flawless glow!

Cristina C. Nov 30 2018

This one is a winner!

I wasn’t much of a bronzer fan... until now! This bronzer is the perfect color, just the right shimmer, and versatile (use as an eyeshadow!). A little bit goes a long ways, so this will last me a long time .

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Vivien A. Nov 30 2018


This is a great non-toxic bronzer that gives you a just kissed by the sun glowing look! I love applying it to look healthier during these winter months. My favorite brush to use it with is the bronzer/blush brush.

Stefanie M. Nov 30 2018


This bronzer looks beautiful, even on light skin tones. I’ve even tried it as an eyeshadow.

Kayt S. Nov 30 2018


I was always one for matte bronzers but THIS bronzer has become my new favorite! I love the subtle glow with the gorgeous olive undertones. It makes my skin look glowy and effortlessly sunkissed! I also love wearing this bronzer as shadow! It's my favorite dual purpose product!

Kerri W. Nov 30 2018

Perfect amount of glow

I was worried about this bronzer because it looks so dark in the container, but it is perfect!! I get some on my brush tap it in the lid and apply. It gives me a nice glow and I can keep adding to it if I want it a little darker. Wear the bronzer even in the winter!!

Ashleigh B. Nov 30 2018

It gives me life

Who doesn't love the sun-kissed glow without having to damage their skin to get it? I never used to wear bronzer, but this bronzer does wonders. It gives you the perfect glow, and now living where the sun barely comes out it is a total game changer.

Katie L. Nov 30 2018

Sunshine Glow

I received a sample of this to try. I was skeptical as I put it on but I couldn’t believe how little I needed and how natural it looked on me. I got so many compliments on my makeup that day. Now, I can’t wait to finish my current bronzer so I can buy this one because it actually gives me the perfect suntan look.

Cepeda C. Nov 29 2018

Skin Tone Differences

I like the bronzer, but i feel like it sometimes blends a little too much with my skin tone. I think having a darker one would be great for darker skinned ladies. I do love the shimmer and the softness of the bronzer!

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Kelsey P. Nov 29 2018


I love this bronzer! I never used bronzer before switching to Crunchi, but this has a light, sun kissed look. A little goes a long way!

Brianna  Nov 29 2018


I had never regularly used a bronzer before my Crunchi makeover! I loved that it gave the perfect accent to my look - great for work during the day, and evening fun! I also like to use it as an eye shadow for an extra pop!

Alli H. Nov 29 2018

Gorgeous Glow

A little goes a long way with this bronzer. It gives you a beautiful glow with enough shimmer to look like you just spent days on a beach!

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Kelly A. Nov 29 2018


I love this bronzer. During the warm months it helps me look like I've visited the beach, and it gives me just enough glow to add some color back in my face during the winter months!

Kandee F. Nov 29 2018

A little color

I am a huge fan off bronzer and this one is by far my favorite. First a little goes along way! I have paler skin tones and this gives just a hint of color. Little bit of shimmer to it.

Chelsea S. Nov 29 2018


I’ve never been much of a bronzer gal but after seeing my friend with this beauty on her face I had to try it! It’s just the perfect natural suntanned look that I needed. I absolutely love the color and the fact that it stays put all day. Beautiful clean, vegan, cruelty free bronzer!

Elise W. Nov 29 2018

Best Brozer Around

I love love love this bronzer!! Shimmery, not glittery. Olive undertone, not orange. Works with any skin shade and is super versatile! I’m hooked!

Amy M. Nov 29 2018

Summer look all year round!

I absolutely love the bronzer it gives me that sunkissed summer glow all year around! I also use it for eyeshadow and i love it

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Erica U. Nov 29 2018


The Crunchi bronzer is amazing it doesn't give you that orange color so many other bronzers do. It simply gives you the sunkissed glow from being in the sun. It is perfect for contouring as well.

Jocelyn  Nov 29 2018


Amazing product! Sun kissed glow. Builds a great look with the other products in the line or worn alone! I feel so beautiful (a rare occasion) when I wear this product. Even prettier in person- you won’t be disappointed. Definitely recommend the Crunchi brush #3 for application.

LaTasha B. Nov 29 2018

Beautiful glow!

Such a perfect match to the translucent powder! So blendable! So buildable!

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Lilllith B. Nov 29 2018

Just Right

Just the right amount of warmth and shimmer. Bonus... it lasts forever!

Verified Purchase
Donna L. Nov 29 2018


This bronzer is awesome! I’ll say I wasn’t sure about switching from a pressed bronzer to loose, but I really like how this bronzer is so versatile. You can give you skin just a subtle kiss of color or you can build on more color and contour. I like to sometimes wear it as eyeshadow, too!

Holly J. Nov 29 2018

Perfect bronzer

This bronzer is perfect for that sunkissed skin. Doesn’t make you look orange like some bronzers can.

Ashley P. Nov 29 2018


This bronzer gives your skin that perfect glow!! You can use it all over or just for contouring! Love it!!!

Vanessa R. Nov 29 2018

Excellent bronzer

This is the first bronzer I've ever used and I love it! I use it as eyeshadow as well. It leaves such a beautiful tan look. I highly recommend!

Amanda P. Nov 29 2018

Love It!

Really warms up my pale winter skin. Color compliments any shade and the container lasts a long time.

Lily B. Nov 29 2018


Lightweight, airy, subtle shimmer... the PERFECT bronzer! It compliments so many skin tones and truly gives a healthy glow!

Katie S. Nov 29 2018

Sun kissed glow

Talk about glowing! This bronzer is a must in my makeup case! Finishing touch to a glowing sun kissed look!

Katlyn M. Nov 29 2018

Worth every penny!

I was surprised how big the container is!! I absolutely love this bronzer, leave my skin glowing!

Heather L. Nov 28 2018

Fantastic bronzer!

The bronzer leaves you with a natural looking glow. It compliments the foundation nicely.

Jamie J. Nov 28 2018

The bronzer I never knew I needed

This bronzer has changed my life. It makes me look so glowing and beautiful and ready for the day. It makes a great contouring shade and gives just the right amount of glow. Even in the pale of winter, this gives me life.

Lauren S. Nov 28 2018

Sun kissed glow in a bottle

This has the perfect amount of shimmer, and what I really love is that it’s buildable. So you can add as little or as much as you want and it never looks cakey!

Britney B. Nov 28 2018

Best bronzer I’ve ever had!

As a previous makeup artist, I have used many, many different bronzers. Many brands full of nasty ingredients and I have also tried safe brands I did not love. I found one I liked years ago but it wasn’t that clean. When I used crunchi for the first time I knew immediately it was the best bronzer I had ever tried. Bonus was the safe ingredient list! It gives my dry skin the best glow and I use it also as eyeshadow to save time! I will say it also lasts a very long time which is nice.

Melissa  Nov 28 2018

Greek goddess

Want to look like you were kissed by the sun? Like a Greek goddess or a fairy princess? You need this in your life and on your face! I just adore this bronzer, it blends beautifully and lasts all day! Will definitely be purchasing again! Oh and for the record, my skin goes from exceptionally fair to dark tan, and I can use this in all seasons without looking like an Oompa Loompa. ;) The pigmentation is simply beautiful!

Angel G. Nov 28 2018


I was scared of bronzers before this one! I didn’t want to look like a fake tan gone wrong or Brittany Spears on stage. Lol! This is the PERFECT complimentary shade and it lasts FOREVER!!

Thereza  Nov 28 2018


I was given a sample of this bronzer to try and I cannot wait to get my hands on some more, it is amazing and worked well with my medium skin tone!

Verified Purchase
Megan L. Nov 28 2018


I was never a bronzer girl before trying Crunchi bronzer. Now I want ALL the Bronzer!! I love that it gives my skin a healthy glow! Especially during the winter months! I went from a non bronzer wearer to a Bronze-a-holic! This is a staple in my makeup bag and I use it daily! Highly recommend!

Lori W. Nov 28 2018

Wooow! 10+ stars!

Soo if you liked bronzer before you will LOVE this bronzer. The specs of gold give an gorgeous luminosity! I am stuck on this! It also lasted me 8 months!

Jillian M. Nov 28 2018

Bronze and Beautiful!

I love this bronzer! It’s a beautiful tone with the perfect amount of shimmer!

Elizabeth A. Nov 28 2018

Fits everyone!

I love the crunchi bronzer for many reasons. It's super versatile so I can use it as an eye shadow too! It isn't took dark and it's not to brassy. It goes on really easy, & not to heavy so it's buildable. It also blends so well so you don't have distinct lines!

Verified Purchase
Chelsea B. Nov 28 2018

Brilliant Bronzer

This is a MUST HAVE! It warms my face up so nicely and lasts for 12 months.

Marcia  Nov 10 2018

The perfect bronze color!

I haven’t used bronzer in years because it was hard to find a clean product that had the right tint. This shade is perfect and I use it year round. A little goes a long was so excited this jar will last quite a while.

Verified Purchase
Meagan C.

Meagan C.

I am so in love with this bronzer! Even if I don't apply anything else I still put on my bronzer. A little goes a long way and it gives me a perfect sunkissed glow. The bronzer brush is also another fav I couldnt live without!

Verified Purchase
Billie P.

Billie P.

I get that sunkissed glow with out being in the sun all day. You can apply it all over or just above your cheeks. I could not live without this product!



I LOVE The Subtle Shimmer THIS PRODUCT Adds To My FACE. I Know It's MEANT to BE Used In That "Classic 3" Shape (FORHEAD, Cheeks, And chin) But I JUST Can't GET ENOUGH OF That Sun-kissed Summer LOOK, So I put It Everywhere, All Over My FACE!

Verified Purchase
Bonnie S.

Bonnie S.

the secret is out! I love that i can get the jo lo glow without harsh chemicals. This bronzer looks fantastic on every face. I tend to put a light dusting on my entire face even on my neck as winter approaches. Only takes a touch and it lasts so long. THe bronzer brush is also amazing



I remember a bronzer phase of mine about 10 years ago....I wish someone would have pulled me aside then to tell me it wasn't a Good look for me because of the consistency and my application! This bronzer, however, is the best bronzer ever hands down! I am complimented on my healthy glow so much it's crazy but I love every single second of it. Love my bronzer!!!

Verified Purchase
Lauren M.

Lauren M.

the perfect HEALTHY way to obtain that very sought after glow. LIGHTWEIGHT, soft, and subtle with the crunchi Blush/Bronzer Brush you cant go wrong! a Crunchi Must have!!

Verified Purchase
Diana E.

Diana E.

this is the best bronzer i've ever tried! it gives a beautiful glow, and never looks 'muddy"!

Megan M.

Megan M.

I've seen this bronzer on very fair Women and Those with darker skin tones and it looks amazing. If you've been afraid of bronzer you shouLd give this one a try! Lightly brUshing it on the temples and down thRough the cheek bones creates definition and a healthy glow.



I love the subtle shimmer. it gives just the right amount of the sun kissed glow that I long for all year round :)

Verified Purchase
Kathryn J.

Kathryn J.


Adrienne U.

Adrienne U.

i haven't tried many bronzers, but i love this one. adds a nice touch of color without being too overdone.

Sandra A.

Sandra A.

for a perfect sun kissed look everyday this bronzer is a must! It works for all skin tones and it offers a natural glow! its one of my favorite products and I'm confident it will be one of yours too!



I'm so very pale, I could be a vampire. This bronzer gives me a sun-kissed glow. I only do the t of my face and people ask if I've been outside gardening or something. You know you're doing something right if you can fool your friends into believing you're not a vampire.

Verified Purchase
Jessica M.

Jessica M.

This is the perfect shade for everyone! A little goes a long way, my powder has lasted forever. I even use it as eyeshadow!