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Customer Reviews

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Christina G. Jan 07 2023


Love this lip gloss. My favs are mauveoulous and the clear peppermint.

Verified Purchase
Marissa P. Sep 27 2022


Love this Color!!!!!!! It's not sticky and it last longer than expected.. Smells good too!!!

Audrey N. Sep 01 2022

The only lip product I need!

My old Lipsticks and glosses failed me time and time again eventually it was not worth the damage it was doing to my lips it would make them burn because they were so dryed out. I was given this gloss from JEANA THURSTON (she is amazing by the way). And This has been the only thing I have used on my lips since. !

Camille B. Aug 27 2022

Vibrant color, smooth application

The hydrogloss was the first product I tried from Crunchi, and it hooked me! I have a difficult time with lip gloss drying out my lips, but this gloss leaves them feeling plump and hydrated. The shades are absolutely beautiful too. Namaste is my go-to for daily wear, and Date Night is perfect when I have a dressier look.

Jennifer  Jun 05 2022

Hydrogloss Lipgloss

I love the lipgloss not sticky on my lips and she a great taste makes my lips so soft!

Danielle  May 18 2022

Hydro gloss

I am in love with the transparency peppermint! It is fabulous. I have all of them and I do love them all!

Marley B. May 18 2022

My new favorite product!!

I grew up a band geek and always had chapped lips, so I was a self-proclaimed addict to lip balm. I never liked lip gloss because it was sticky or messy or tasted gross. Then I met Crunchi. The various flavors are all awesome (I have vanilla, peppermint, and tangerine), and they all make my lips feel delightful. My favorite shade is called Mauvelicious, and I am BEGGING for it to become a regular shade because it is my perfect neutral color! The transparent is my runner-up!

Brianna K. May 18 2022


The lipglosses are amazing. They aren’t sticky and you can’t go wrong with any of the colors!

Verified Purchase
Megan A. Apr 10 2022


I love the consistency of the Crunchi lipgloss. All the colors I’ve tried are beautiful and it never makes your lips sticky! Plus I love the good ingredients! 5/5 stars would recommend!

Tiffany  Mar 30 2022


This lipgloss is dreamy, application is smooth and the smell is amazing! It got the mauvelous and it’s the PERFECT shade.

Verified Purchase
Elizabeth D. Mar 24 2022

Best gloss I’ve ever used!

True mauve is my go to everyday! Date night is perfect for night times out I have gotten compliments on it! They are not sticky and they last a good amount of time! I like how they don’t stain either!

Megan R. Mar 18 2022

LOVE my gloss

I was skeptical at first as I am very much a matte color person but this gloss is wonderful. It's not at all sticky, hydrated my lips and has the best shades! I quickly acquired all of the options available.

Verified Purchase
Sabra D. Mar 12 2022


I cannot express enough how much I love using the hydrogloss. The scents of each gloss is amazing, it feels smooth & creamy while applying it without leaving a sticky feeling like other glosses do. I am in love with not only the hydrogloss but everything that is crunchi. I love that all of the Crunchi products are toxin free.

Verified Purchase
Jennifer T. Feb 15 2022

Peppermint goodness

Love transparency with its peppermint tingle. So subtle

Robyn  Feb 10 2022


The Mulberry Mint is My Favorite Color, Love This an Hope You Keep this Shade????

Verified Purchase
Katrin F. Feb 07 2022

Obsessed is an understatement

Obsessed is an understatement. A big one. Moisturizing, non-sticky, buildable, and flavored with essential oils, I have one in every color in every pocket, purse, and car consol - not kidding.

Beth F. Jan 30 2022

Love love love

The Mulberry Mint is the perfect shade, texture & smell for a beautiful berry lipgloss. I am fair skinned and it looks and feels amazing!!! Highly recommend!

Katelyn S. Jan 10 2022


Love love the color and smell of citrus sorbet hydrogloss!! It’s soo pretty and goes on well by itself or on top of lipstick!!

Linda H. Jan 02 2022

Lip gloss

I love the lipgloss. Not only does it look great by adding subtle color to my lips but it keeps my lips moisturized through out the day. Knowing it is all natural makes me feel good about using it.

Verified Purchase
Megan A. Dec 31 2021


I own two different shades of the lipgloss and I love it! Not sticky, not too thick, and colors are beautiful!

Mollie J. Dec 29 2021

So pretty!

Date night lipgloss is such a pretty natural color! And not sticky at all! I love it!

Ana B. Dec 27 2021

Best lips hydration

I love this gloss color and smell but the best part is how great leave my lips!!! I love it during winter time when by lips needs so much hydration!

Lauren S. Dec 26 2021

Transparency- Hydrogloss is my favorite!

Transparency lipgloss is my go to lipgloss. I love it. I keep it in my purse and on my desk at work. I don’t want to be found anywhere without it. The peppermint just makes this gloss extra sweet.

Erika M. Dec 10 2021

Creamsicle!! Make Citrus Sorbet Permanent

When I received my Citrus Sorbet, I immediately fell in love with the color - perfect for any make up look whether bold or everyday. Then I applied it and was reminded of creamsicle push-ups from my childhood. The blend of Sweet Orange Oil and Vanilla make this shade extra special! Wouldn't it be phenomenal if this was a permanent addition to the Hydrogloss®? family?

Angel  Dec 03 2021

Mulberry Mint

This gloss (as well as the others) is awesome! Beautiful color and love the mint! None of these glosses are sticky but they are moisturizing!

Verified Purchase
Patti H. Dec 03 2021

Mulberry Mint Gloss

Absolutely wonderful product! Keeps CCA my lips hydrated and tingly feeling.

Laurie C. Dec 01 2021

Hydrogloss is the Best!!

I will only use these lip glosses forevermore. I wear the transparent at night to sleep in and my 61 year old lips are so soft and supple. Love the Date Night Color. Goes with everything. I threw away all other lip products

Brielle  Nov 22 2021

Mulberry Mint

Love how moisturizing and how long the color lasts through out the day!

Sheri  Nov 15 2021

New Dark cool colors not flattering on me

The new colors are dark and cool colors. Although I love how they feel on my lips the color is draining to my face. Please return some of your brighter warm shades. Mine are empty and I really don’t want to return to my ore-Crunchi Revlon colors.

Verified Purchase
Lori C. Nov 12 2021

At Last...

I am obsessed with the hydrogloss lipgloss and when the mulberry mint came out, I had to try that color. I finally have the color I have been waiting for! I love it so much, I am ordering two more as spares for when I run out. It is so hard to find the absolute perfect color but this one is it for me! Please don't ever discontinue this color. It is perfect!

Melinda L. Oct 01 2021

Fantastic lipgloss

Love the gloss in date night. Had to buy another one because my 17 year old teen daughter stole it for me.

Jessica M. Aug 16 2021

Vanilla Transparency?

I really like Crunchi lipgloss, but I would love it if they had a Transparency that was vanilla scented. My husband is allergic to mint, so I can’t use the current Transparency around him.

Tammy W. Dec 09 2020

Amazing Lip Gloss

Love the lip gloss!! My favorite color is gone though. Please bring back Summer Nights...once the tube I have is gone, my "shimmer" is gone! So sad.

Veronika w. Dec 01 2020

Love transparency!

Wow, I just love this lipgloss. It’s extremely nourishing, specially during this time where it’s starting to get colder. I love that unlike other lipglosses it is not sticky!! And it smells like Christmas in a bottle.

Carly P. Nov 28 2020

Transparency is LIFE!

When Crunchi added peppermint and stevia to their new transparency lipgloss, it immediately became my FAVORITE! The new formula is not sticky and it tastes amazing! Please never get rid of it!

Verified Purchase
Joan H. Nov 05 2020

Transparency is Pure Peppermint Joy!

Hydrogloss Transparency with organic peppermint is like having a wonderful, little secret as close as a kiss. So uplifting! So refreshing! Perfect alone or as a base or topper to your regular lip color

Ashley R. Oct 21 2020

Where is this gloss?!?!!!!

I love this gloss and have been trying to get it for over a year!! Also most all of the other colors have disappeared. What’s the deal? Is Crunchi going out of business?

L. M. Jun 08 2020

Namaste lipgloss

I have owned so many lipgloss’ through the years and this one is by far my favorite of all time! The vanilla taste reminds me of Cadbury mini eggs and it isn’t sticky at all.

Lacey L. May 08 2020

Great formula

This is hands down my favorite lip gloss formula out there! Nourishing, not sticky , and just the right pop of color. I would give it a 5, but the new glass packaging has some issues. The product doesn’t stay in the tube. I constantly have to wipe around the top of the tube before closing or product will leak out the sides when screwing the top back on.

Kathy L. Mar 06 2020

Love The Lipgloss

Okay. I have never been a lipgloss person. I prefer lipstick. But this lipgloss had been fantastic for my dry lips. So I keep one beside my bed and use it all throughout the day as a lip moisturizer. I love it!

Verified Purchase
Brittany W. Feb 27 2020

Date Night and Transparency

I love, love, love Transparency and am about to order my 3rd tube. So I was quite surprised when I tried Date Night and it arrived in such a mess. I pulled the wand out of the tube and it was completely "gloppy". I cleaned it off, thinking it was something that happened in shipping. But when I went to use it again the same thing happened. It was such a messy, gloppy, MESS that I ended up throwing it out. It was also more pink than I had expected.

Mindy  Dec 11 2019

Good, but not, life-altering

I ordered the shade, Namaste. It’s a my-lips-but-better shade. It feels nice, and the jojoba gives a great slip while moisturizing. At the end of the day it’s just, meh.

Jackie C. Nov 05 2019

BEST lipgloss EVER!

I got Namaste & Summer nights & i just love them both!! It’s awesome that i can wear a product & not have to worry about all the toxins... makes me feel 10x’s prettier(;

Deebee  Apr 19 2019


Tried transparency this go and was sad it doesn’t tase or smell like the other glosses. I loveeee the vanilla of the others. There’s something about a familiar taste or smell that gives the full effect of a product. Other than that it’s not sticky and very wearable

Chani L. Mar 27 2019

Namaste with this lipgloss!!

I'm in love. I was in love with my Thrive Causemetics lipgloss, which I still love! However, this crunchi lipgloss is not sticky at all!! The namaste is such a great color, it looks like my lips, but better somehow. It smells lightly sweet, but not over powering of any scent. My lips feel great even without it and I just got this thing yesterday!! This one is not too good to be true, and I am ordering more colors. Man I hope I like them as much as this one!!

Verified Purchase
Taylor C. Mar 22 2019

Amazing Lipgloss!

Nourishing, moisturizing, smells like a cupcake factory, the color stays and looks amazing! Doesn't feel heavy or cakey on your lips. Need one of every shade!!

Verified Purchase
Amanda F. Mar 06 2019

Review for Clear only

So disappointing the Clear does not smell like the Sangria lipgloss. I wish it would have stated that in the description.

Verified Purchase
Rachel P. Feb 03 2019

Best Lipgloss EVER!!!

I’ve used department store lipgloss all my life. Nothing compares to this! I get more compliments on Namaste lipgloss than any lipgloss I’ve ever worn before. My lips feel extremely nourished and the shade is beautiful!

Linda R. Dec 09 2018

Date Night Lush Lipgloss

This lip gloss feels and looks great! It is easy to apply, too.

Virginia K. Dec 08 2018


I am loving the lip gloss. I started with dummer nights. Wow...goes on do nice. Best part it “tastes” clean. Then it will last me half a day before I need to reapply. So glad to have this in my collection. Will get more for sure! Thanks for such a great product!

Verified Purchase
Jane B. Dec 07 2018


I use Namaste alone everyday as a quick lipgloss that stays most of the day when I want an "everyday" look.

Diane A. Dec 06 2018

Shining lips

Love the lipgloss the way it smells and it makes my lips soft and shiny

Laura  Dec 05 2018

The Best!

Hands down my favorite product! Moisturizing, never sticky, and so many great colors!

Verified Purchase
Guy W. Dec 05 2018


I have never liked lipgloss because it is sticky - but this lipgloss is fabulous! Creamy, smooth, nourishing and smells heavenly. Thanks Crunchi for converting me to a lipgloss lover - your products are amazing.

Tatiana T. Dec 05 2018


I can’t live without this lipgloss! Never sticky, adds color to my (very pale) lips, and keeps my lips moisturized. Literally need it daily, thank you Crunchi!

Alyssa P. Dec 05 2018

Love My Lipgloss

I've never been a lipgloss girl, because I hated the sticky feeling of it. Crunchi lipgloss is in it's own category! It feels smooth & stays on for a long time. I love it!

Stephanie M. Dec 05 2018


This gloss is top notch. It doesn’t leave my lips feeling sticky and my hair doesn’t stick. This is the first thing I grab when I walk out the door.

Verified Purchase
Catherine N. Dec 05 2018

The unicorn of lipglosses

Not only is Crunchi's lipgloss non-toxic, but it's the best quality! It's not sticky, it looks beautiful & it's lightly vanilla "flavored." I would be hard pressed to find a better lipgloss!

Tam K. Dec 04 2018

Namaste LipGloss

So moisturizing and long lasting. Goes with everything.

Verified Purchase
Kelsey P. Dec 04 2018

Love this lipgloss!

LOVE this lipgloss! It comes in so many great shades and pairs great by itself or perfectly with the Lush Lipsticks. It is super moisturizing.

Verified Purchase
Melanie G. Dec 04 2018

Great coverage

I usually have issues with lipsticks and glosses because my lips are very sensitive. This gloss has been great, I just wish the were more subtle colors.

Verified Purchase
Jessica F. Dec 04 2018

I'm in LOVE!

These lip glosses are so amazing!! First off, the smell is so delicious. And I don't understand how they can provide such sheer but pigmented coverage at the same time, but it's absolute perfection. It's glossy, but never heavy or sticky. And it gives such a good, reliable pop of color. I've got one on me at nearly all times and can quickly swipe it on without even looking in the mirror to add some quick color to liven up my lips. Namaste and Date Night are my favorite!

Leslie S. Dec 04 2018

Leslie S

I have never used a creamier lipgloss!! It is so silky and smooth. Like butter, literally, on my lips. Namaste and juxtaposition are great everyday colors for me!

Verified Purchase
Robin G. Dec 04 2018

Lush Lipgloss

I do not leave home without this lipgloss!! I carry most of the colors in my purse and wear it every day!!! Moisturizing, not sticky and smells like cookies!!!

Korina L. Dec 04 2018

Date night lip gloss

Such a cute color. Comes out a little bright for my liking on my tanned skin (I live in Hawai’i) so will pick something a little darker next time. Love how it glides on, not sticky at all. Layering not necessary, it’s perfect on its own with the perfect amount of gloss.

AmberG  Dec 04 2018


I really love the lipgloss. They got it for free after hosting a party and I’m so glad because I would not have bought it otherwise. It is very moisturizing and does not dry out my lips over time like other products.

Kathy N. Dec 04 2018

Lush Lipgloss

Soft, velvwty, creamy. Great colors, smooth. Organic% chemical free, all pluses/positive s.

Christi B. Dec 03 2018

Lush lipgloss

Love the lip gloss! Wear it everyday! It smells and tastes delicious! The color is awesome!

Stephanie D. Dec 03 2018

So hydrating!

The feel of this gloss is the best I’ve ever tried! It moisturizes and also smells great too!!

Jillian M. Dec 03 2018


Namaste is my “go to” shade! It goes well with pretty much anything! I also use it on top of lip color to give it a little gloss.

Megan B. Dec 03 2018

Lush Lipgloss

This is the best lipgloss I have ever worn! I LOVE the non-sticky formula!! Plus it last a long time and smells great. My favorite shades are Namaste and Date Night!

Alisia  Dec 02 2018


These lipglosses are truly more like lip care, but with the added benefit of awesome color payoff. I would purchase these over any other lip product I have ever used. I wish the clear smelled like cupcakes like the other colors.

Verified Purchase
ashley v. Dec 02 2018


This lipgloss leaves my lips moisturized and wanting more!

Verified Purchase
Jean N. Dec 02 2018

Lipgloss is amazing!

Crunchi Lipgloss is so soothing on your lips, never sticky or tacky. What I love most is that, when you use it on top of Luxe Lipstick, the Lipgloss "sets" the color, and my lipstick color lasts for hours!

Veronica C. Dec 02 2018

Lush Lip Gloss

I ordered the lip gloss in Namaste, it is a pretty neutral color that would work well with many skin tones. I love the easy application brush, subtle vanilla scent, and it is glossy without being to shiny. It’s my daily go to gloss!

Verified Purchase
Carly P. Dec 02 2018

I used to not be a lipgloss girl

My first lip gloss was Date Night and I was so impressed with the color and how it looked on. I also love the feel of it. It doesn't dry out my lips, which I LOVE. I will be needing every color available.

Rebecca V. Dec 02 2018

Wonderfully moisturizing, now a makeup staple

This lipgloss is smooth and moisturizing without being sticky or drying. I am completely in love with the Sangria shade! Lipstick is usually way too drying on me and never stays on long, but when I put this lipgloss on over lipstick it stays on so much better without drying out. If you are deciding between Crunchi's lipstick and lipgloss, I say go for the lipgloss - it is a staple for me now and I can't wait to try more shades!

Elizabeth A. Dec 02 2018

Elizabeth A.

My lips use to always be chapped but not after Crunchi's lipgloss! This stuff actually nourishes your lips while giving them a glossy glow!

Darlene T. Dec 01 2018

Wonderful lipgloss

I love this lipgloss!! It feels so good on my lips and stays on really well.

Amy N. Dec 01 2018

Lipgloss that lasts!

I am obsessed with these glosses! They are so moisturizing and smell like cupcakes! Never sticky and you can wear them alone or over the Luxe Lipstick. It’s happiness for my lips!

Lisa D. Dec 01 2018

Lip gloss

My favorite thing about this lipgloss is how creamy and hydrated it leaves my lips. I always have dry, chapped lips in winter and this gloss hydrates them so much, I don't even need lip balm!

Verified Purchase
Linda B. Dec 01 2018

The smell!!!

So first of all this gloss smells SO GOOD! But I love how smooth it is. I'm not usually a lipgloss girl (chapstick addict) but since getting this one I'm hooked!! Its not sticky at all and the colors are so pretty.. I love namaste, date night and sangria the most

Christine B. Dec 01 2018

My favorite lipgloss ever!

All of these are beautiful shades but my favorite are the shimmer ones! They are so moisturizing...And they smell like cupcakes!

Verified Purchase
Monique A. Dec 01 2018


Who knew a lipgloss could be non-sticky ? Definitely not me! This lip gloss is amazing!!! My long hair doesn’t stick to and its soooo moisturizing I use it in place of my regular lip balm. You’ll want multiples in this lipgloss!

Verified Purchase
Ashley N. Dec 01 2018


Namaste is such a perfect everyday color, I wear it at all times and it keeps my lips from drying out!

Audra A. Dec 01 2018

Amazing Lipgloss

I never was a lipgloss user until Crunchi. I love this lipgloss either by itself or combined with the lipstick. It’s not sticky and smells good enough to eat. I use Namaste and Genuine the most, but I love all the colors.

Audra A. Dec 01 2018

Amazing Lipgloss

I never was a lipgloss user until Crunchi. I love this lipgloss either by itself or combined with the lipstick. It’s not sticky and smells good enough to eat. I use Namaste and Genuine the most, but I love all the colors.

Katie L. Dec 01 2018

Love it!

Namaste is the perfect neutral. It's a light brown that adds just enough color to your lips to tie your whole look together.

Lisa D. Dec 01 2018

Lip gliss

I have a lot of favorite things about this lipgloss, but what I love the most is how creamy and hydrating it feels on my lips. I have super dry, chapped lips in the winter, and this keep them hydrated and beautiful even in the cold

Elizabeth F. Dec 01 2018

Summer Nights gloss

I thought Summer Nights might be too glimmery for my natural, no-makeup look: eyebrow gel & blush. but it adds a hint of "fancy" when I'm going out & add lip color & Mascara. This is more of an evening-out gloss though i have worn it with a naked face to morning yoga! It is not sticky & feels lovely going on. It has more of an orange, not pink, undertone.

Aimee  Dec 01 2018

Your lips will live you!

I love the lipgloss! It makes your lips feel so good and the smell is wonderful!

Lauren  Dec 01 2018

So moisturizing

This lipgloss is so moisturizing and goes on so smoothly! The colors are beautiful and they have great staying power.

Verified Purchase
Jane S. Dec 01 2018


Love the smell, the feel and how this looks on me! Just another awesome product by Crunchi!

Missy T. Dec 01 2018

Lipgloss, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways!

If you are searching for the perfect lipgloss-STOP! You’ve found it. The vanilla scent (natural preservative) and the buttery (not sticky at all) feel are To. Die. For! The best part is there is no lipchap waxy hangover (read about that) with these. You aren’t creating a vicious circle of apply, need more, reapply. I love this lipgloss!

T Y. Dec 01 2018

Made for my lips

Wowed by the staying power and the hydration. Felt like it was made for my lips. And absolutely loved the color.

Verified Purchase
Pam B. Dec 01 2018

New Fave for Lips!

I am in love with these lip glosses! They go on smooth & are never tacky, plus you get so much versatility. Wear them alone or pair them with a lipstick for a different look.

Kesha R. Dec 01 2018

Smells like heaven!

I am in love with the Vanilla smell and I love knowing that it is from a natural source. Beautiful color and great feel!

Lauren D. Dec 01 2018

Moisturizing beyond belief!

Not only does this lipgloss provide a beautiful shade for my lips but it moisturizes my lips and leaves them soft. Love my Date Night shade and I wear it daily!!

Kelly S. Nov 30 2018

Absolute best

I have always stayed away from Lou gloss due to the stickiness most glosses leave. The first time trying this product I knew I was in love. I even threw away my chap stick as the lip gloss is better then my chapstick.

Kayt S. Nov 30 2018


I was never a lipgloss person until I tried Crunchi's! I love that it's not sticky and I'm a huge fan of the nourishing ingredients (and so are my lips!). My go-to shade is Date Night!

Verified Purchase
Amanda F. Nov 30 2018

Translucent Pigment, non sticky formula. Feels great on lips! I never realized how sticky my others were until I used this. I would not go back! Would love to see a heavier pigmented red, deep red and pink!

Verified Purchase
Meredith B. Nov 30 2018


This gloss feels great going on. It’s not sticky and doesn’t have a perfumey scent.

Verified Purchase
Emily V. Nov 30 2018

The Best!!

This is one of my everyday go to's. Namaste is the perfect shade to add just a bit of color and when my little asks for some, I have no hesitation to share knowing how incredibly safe and nourishing the ingredients are!

Kendra U. Nov 30 2018

The best ever!!

I am still amazed at how incredibly soft my lips feel after wearing the lipgloss! Namaste is my go to shade!!

Annette H. Nov 30 2018

Lip Gloss

Crunchi is the first lip product that not only healed my lips but has kept them from drying out . The colors are fabulous andi am getting rid of all my other lipstick and glosses !

MJ  Nov 30 2018

Feels great; not sticky

The shine is incredible and it feels so moisturizing.

Catherine K. Nov 30 2018


Love this lip gloss!! Gives the perfect amount of color and fantastic moisture. Doesn’t feel sticky and lasts for hours. Deciding on my next color now!

Kim  Nov 30 2018

Best lip gloss I've ever owned!

This lip gloss is easily the best lip gloss I've ever owned! It's so smooth, the colors are fantastic, and I love the natural vanilla scent!

Regina S. Nov 30 2018


Could never find a lipgloss that could mositurize my lips and feel good on my lips at the same time until now. LOVE the way this lipgloss feels and looks!

Elizabeth A. Nov 30 2018


This lipgloss is so nourishing, not sticky, smells heavenly, & last so long! I love love love my crunchi lipgloss it's the best!!

Megan  Nov 30 2018


I love the lipglosses...I have a few colors. Not sticky and very hydrating!!! Super happy with all the colors as well!

Elizabeth S. Nov 30 2018

One of my favorites!

Every time I bought a lipgloss from the store, it had a heavy, sticky texture that wouldn’t moisturize my lips. I thought this lipgloss was going to be the same. Am I so glad this lipgloss proved me wrong! I received the Ella lipgloss in my Organic Bunny Box and I can’t get enough of it! It is not heavy, smells good and a little goes a long way. My lips never felt this good! I look forward to trying the other colors.

Katie L. Nov 30 2018


I am a lip gloss snob! This is not sticky at all. It is smooth. My fiancé doesn’t wipe it off after I kiss him. Namaste is a good neutral. It puts just enough color on my lips without washing them out.

Verified Purchase
Mary P. Nov 30 2018

My favorite!

Hands down my absolute favorite lipgloss ever! Beautiful shades, they last a long time, and the smell is amazing!

Jaime  Nov 30 2018

Date Night

I love this lipgloss. It smells amazing and is hydrating. The best part is knowing all the ingredients are safe, even for my seven year old who likes to steal my gloss!

Wendy B. Nov 30 2018

Best Lip Gliss Ever!

I keep a couple of these in my purse at all times!These are rich and creamy glosses. My favorites are Genuine and Namaste.

Verified Purchase
Angel G. Nov 30 2018

Smells as good as it feels

I am LOVING this gloss! Summer nights & Ella are my every day go tos! They are so moisturizing and smooth. I especially love that the ingredients are safe enough to kiss my babies with!

Verified Purchase
Marilyn J. Nov 30 2018

Hydration, hydration, hydration

Love how hydrating and non sticky these lipgloss's are. Plus the colors are super fun. Namaste is my top fav.

Lisa H. Nov 29 2018

Ooo Yeah!!!!

I’m not much of a lipgloss wearer, allergic reaction issues, this gloss keeps my lips moist and yes, I’m reaction FREE - product as advertised-awesome!!!

Tammy  Nov 29 2018

The best lips gloss Ever!

Finally! Bravo Crunchi! This feels Amazing, not sticky, smells like cupcakes not chemicals. Love date night and namaste, the colors are lovely on my Fair skin. Love that when my 9 year old with super sensitive skin wants to wear gloss, this doesn’t phase her skin a bit! We Love the gloss! Thank you- In Love with lipgloss again

Kelly R. Nov 29 2018

L O V E!!

This lipgloss is the best!! It feels velvety smooth without that dreaded sticky or goopy feel like all the other lipglosses I’ve tried in the past. I wear it every single day. I’m obsessed!

Brianna  Nov 29 2018


I love the namaste and transparency for an everyday look. I earned the Sangria as a host reward - it was a little too dark for my taste, but it's absolutely perfect as a cheek stain blush!! I use it every single day and it gives the perfect shade and stays all day!

Kara  Nov 29 2018


This lipgloss smells SO good! Love how moisturizing it is too- can’t wait to add more colors to my collection.

Erin M. Nov 29 2018

Love love love

I'm obsessed with my lipgloss. I wear it all the time and have to say, the vanilla scent just makes it even better. The coverage is great and it really lasts a long time! Not sticky at all and it's very moisturizing.

Kylee B. Nov 29 2018

Great Lip Gloss

I love the performance of this lip gloss. Ella is my favorite shade as it provides a nice neutral look for everyday wear.

Kandee F. Nov 29 2018

Fuller Lips

I swear that my lips look fuller No plumpers in it but i think it is all the moisture they are getting. Namaste is my favorite. Not sticky like other glosses

Amy G. Nov 29 2018

Gorgeous Gloss!

Excellent lip gloss! Pairs well with the Luxe Lipsticks and smells good too!

Dana M. Nov 29 2018

Lipgloss Love

Love this lipgloss! It is very moisturizing, and not sticky at all. The color lasts too. I definitely recommend!

Jess R. Nov 29 2018


Best lipgloss I have ever used! Love the rich colors, non sticky feeling and the vanilla scent! Toxin free lipgloss never felt so good!!

Maya C. Nov 29 2018

Namaste Lipgloss

I don’t wear makeup everyday ( I save it only for special occasions) but I love putting this lipgloss on daily just because it is so moisturizing and the color is so pretty and it smells so good. I have Namaste, but the other colors are on my wishlist too!!!

Ashley T. Nov 29 2018

Best lippy ever!

I absolutely adore Crunchi gloss! Not only are all of the colors beautiful & perfectly pigmented but it lasts a while and it so nourishing on your lips. I have always struggled with chapsticks & lipglosses but this leaves my lips feeling so hydrated, which I LOVE. Shade 'Namaste' is my JAM but I have almost every other color too, & they're all beautiful!

Verified Purchase
Jaime D. Nov 29 2018

BEST Lipgloss

I have tried 1,000 lipglosses...Crunchi has THE BEST lipgloss. Not sticky, beautiful color and goes on smooth! This will be the ONLY lipgloss I buy for now on. Plus...it's good for you!

Dawn G. Nov 29 2018

So moisturizing it's essentially a treatment for the lips.

I'm the girl who had a Chapstick in every bag, every room, every car, etc. Little did I know that all those chemicals were actually drying out my lips. I just love my namaste lip gloss. Not only is it neutral enough to wear anywhere but it has moisturized my lips tremendously. Long gone are the days of Chapstick. Thank you, Crunchi, for giving my lips what they've been craving all these years!

Charlotte W. Nov 29 2018

Actually moisturizes

Not only is the lipgloss pretty, but my lips feel more moisturized when the day is through. I add my devious eye shadow to my namaste gloss when I want a richer, browner lipstick look. I love the lipgloss!

Jess F. Nov 29 2018

Soooo Yummy!

These glosses do not disappoint! I have Sangria and Date Night and love both shades. In CRUNCHI style, these glosses are incredibly smooth and soft. The flavor is great and best of all, they are not sticky or greasy feeling on your lips. Love them both and will be buying additional shades!

A. D. Nov 29 2018


OMGeee LOVE these lipglosses! They smell amazing & feel luxurious on! Not sticky but nourishing.

Verified Purchase
Lindsey W. Nov 29 2018


This is THE BEST lipgloss!! It does not have the tacky, sticky feel that a lot of similar products contain and it sooooooo moisturizing!!! You can't go wrong with any of these amazing shades either!!! I love gifting the lipgloss to friends who love lipgloss and didn't know there is such a healthy product available!!!!

Desha L. Nov 29 2018

The best lip gloss EVER!

I just recently purchased this lip gloss! Girls...….my lips.....so soft, and I was surprised at how long it lasts before having to reapply.

Dina R. Nov 29 2018


I absolutely love this lipgloss. My favorites so far are Juxtaposition, Summer Nights, and Namaste. Date night is a little dark for me, so I mix it with Jux, and it’s perfect. I usually mix Namaste and Jux/Summer Nights, as it looks so pretty. Ella alone is too pink for me - it’s a “classic” pink. But I love that just mixing it with another color makes it great!

Verified Purchase
Erica U. Nov 29 2018

Lip gloss

I absolutely love this lip gloss. The color stays on my lips for longer than I expected. It also, hydrates my lips better then the lip balm I was using, plus it is not sticky like so many other lip glosses available on the market.

Verified Purchase
Caitlyn D. Nov 29 2018

Date Night

I love my Date Night lip gloss! It goes on so well and creates the perfect amount of color. My lips feel moisturized and smooth after wearing. I typically only wear makeup for special occasions, but since receiving this lip gloss I have wanted to wear it every day. I am looking forward to getting the other colors in future orders!

Jocelyn  Nov 29 2018

Best product!

I have tried several Crunchi lipgloss shades and honestly love them all in their own ways, with my favorite being Namaste. (I wear foundation shade 3.) They make my lips stay soft, great hint of a taste, not sticky. Can’t wait to try one in each color! I won’t wear another brand ever again!!

Heather A. Nov 29 2018

Best lipgloss ever!!

I absolutely love these glosses! They aren't sticky, the color can adjusted to be lighter or darker by just applying it thicker, and every color I've tried is super flattering! And, I've tried 4 of them! Plus, the sweet vanilla flavor is a great reminder of how safe it is for my body. Thank you, Crunchi!!

Verified Purchase
Jennifer K. Nov 29 2018

so moisturizing!!!

This is hands down the best lipgloss I have ever used. I no longer need lip balm underneath and my lips are so soft and moisturized. Namaste and Juxtaposition are lovely neutral shades that I wear daily.

Courtney  Nov 29 2018


This stuff is SO good. It smells like cupcakes & leaves your lips feeling amazing!

Verified Purchase
Taylor L. Nov 29 2018


Namaste is my favorite lipgloss ever!

Gabrielle  Nov 29 2018


This lipgloss is great! It feels amazing and is not sticky! It’s the perfect amount of color and shine! I’m constantly getting compliments on my lips!

Verified Purchase
Lilllith B. Nov 29 2018

One In Every Color Please

I've never been a huge makeup person, but I've always been a lipgloss junkie! These are so moisturizing and apply perfectly. I love that they have clean ingredients and aren't sticky. I own Namaste and Summer Nights, but am definitely on a mission to own all of them!

Kate S. Nov 29 2018

FINALLY the perfect gloss

I am a lipgloss addict and always have been, but finding one that was not sticky, stayed on, didn't taste weird and was safe was like looking for a needle in a haystack. Until this Crunchi's Lush Lipgloss. Hands down the BEST gloss I've ever owned and I haven't found a shade yet that I don't like. You'll find at least 4 in my purse on any given day. #obsessed

Verified Purchase
Bridget H. Nov 29 2018

Smells good - Looks fab!

Summer Nights is my favorite daytime gloss! Gives enough color and sheen for work and great for date night too. I especially love the sweet smell it has without added fragrance. Have to try more shades!

Katie E. Nov 29 2018


I love how moisturizing this lipgloss is. Adds a light shimmer touch to my going out look!

Traci A. Nov 29 2018


My lips love this gloss!! Its not sticky and smells amazing! My lips feel and look great!

Stacie R. Nov 29 2018

Moisturizing & not sticky!

I have always been a chapstick girl and never liked lipgloss due to its heavy and sticky feel! This lipgloss is perfection! It is not sticky at all, is super moisturizing, and is high performing! It’s lasts so long. I’m a chapstick girl who’s officially converted!

Vanessa R. Nov 29 2018

My lips feel great!

My lips stay moisturized all day with this gloss! I own juxtaposition and namaste. They are very natural-looking shades!

Cristina C. Nov 29 2018

Can’t leave the house without one!

I seriously can’t leave the house without one! I love that this lipgloss is creamy and moisturizing. Namaste is my daily favorite and Date Night is a close second.

Verified Purchase
Savannah K. Nov 29 2018

Date Night every night

Nothing about this lipgloss is sticky or gross. It is so smooth and lovely. And Date Night is the perfect berry neutral that I can't stop wearing! Even around my house...

Lily B. Nov 29 2018

My favorite!

Definitely one of my favorite Crunchi products! The shades are gorgeous, the ingredients are divine, and I love the light vanilla scent!

Katie  Nov 29 2018

Favorite Lip Gloss Ever!

This color just adds a deeper shade of my natural lip color with shine so it’s perfect for an every day look. It is so smooth and hydrated my lips safely. I don’t have to worry about accidentally licking my lips and being harmed.

Jennifer D. Nov 29 2018

Lipgloss in Namaste

Absolutely love how moisturizing this lipgloss is! My lips no longer get chapped during the winter season! I never leave home without it!

Verified Purchase
Leah N. Nov 29 2018


I have not been a fan of lipgloss since before high school. It's always been sticky, goopy, and leaves my lips peeling and drier than before I applied it. But Crunchi lipgloss has surprised me immensely!! Not only does it smell like you've walked into a cake bakery, this stuff hydrates, hydrates, hydrates without that stickiness and dryness. I've even taken to using the Transparency (clear) around bedtime to help with overnight hydration. It's a bonus that I love every single color!

Julie Y. Nov 29 2018

I tried the sample, and had to buy!

I got a sample of Namaste in a sample pack, and had to buy it! It’s the perfect every day color.... and I loveee that it’s not tacky at all!

Kortney s. Nov 29 2018


I love this lipgloss! I got the summer nights shade and it is very shiny. Not sticky at all like other lip glosses and leaves your lips feeling mositurized. I also don’t feel bad about leaving kiss marks on my son since it’s non toxic unlike all of the other stuff out there!

Abby C. Nov 29 2018

Abby C.

Love my Crunchi lipgloss! It goes on smooth and smells so yummy, just like vanilla cupcakes! It's so hard to decide which shade is my favorite, if I HAD to decide, I would have to go with Namaste!

Katlyn M. Nov 29 2018

Best Lipgloss

This lipgloss isn't sticky like other I've tried! Beautiful colors as well!

Tracy  Nov 28 2018


All TIME best lipgloss!!! Great colors and your lips are not sticky!!! Feels like heaven!!!

Paula  Nov 28 2018

Lush lipgloss

I love this lip gloss. I use this instead of chap stick. And it smells so yummy.

Alli  Nov 28 2018

Not love at first sight

I will be honest, I didn’t love the lipgloss the first time I used it. It was thicker than what I was used to and reminded me of something I would have played with when I was younger. However, it is my absolute favorite. I’ve found less is more, the colors are gorgeous and my lips feel so smooth for so long even after the color wears off! Namaste is definitely my favorite shade!

Katie G. Nov 28 2018

My favorite thing!

The lip gloss is my absolute favorite Crunchi product!! It's not sticky and makes my lips feel moisturized and soft!

Cortney W. Nov 28 2018

Shiny Gloss

I loved the gloss in combination with the lipstick I purchased. It wasn't sticky like most glosses I have tried.

Verified Purchase
Kelley M. Nov 28 2018

Date Night Lip Gloss

This lip gloss is such a gorgeous color! It glides on the lips with a soft brush and leaves a gorgeous shine with NO stickiness. It lasts hours and it makes me feel so great wearing it because its good for me and the environment, not tested on animals and has no harsh ingredients. I need one of everything from Crunchi.

Verified Purchase
Kimberly M. Nov 28 2018

Love this lipgloss!

I had given up on lipgloss until I found this amazing product!! Highly pigmented, moisturizing, and not sticky. I couldn’t love this stuff more!

Verified Purchase
Megan L. Nov 28 2018

Best Lipgloss EVER

I love this lipgloss so much, I had to buy all of the shades!! It is so smooth and hydrating on my lips! I love the way that it feels and the beautiful pop of color they have! I can't leave home without it!! LOVE the lipgloss!

Hannah L. Nov 28 2018

Great color

I love the color and that this is so natural. It just feels a bit stickier than I would like.

Thereza  Nov 28 2018

Lip gloss love!!

The ONLY lip gloss I have ever used more than once and I love it!! No sticky feeling and it actually lasts for more then 10 minutes, score! This is the first product I tried with Crunchi and it made me a believer in their products!

Crystal B. Nov 28 2018

The best lipgloss ever!

I consider myself to be a lipgloss junkie and by far this has become my favorite! It moisturizes while giving my lips color for hours at a time. I’ve actually broken up with my chapstick because of crunchi lipgloss!

Mariah  Nov 28 2018

By far my favorite lipgloss!

This lipgloss is phenomenal and I can’t get enough of it!! It is not sticky like most lipglosses. It goes on so smooth and it’s very moisturizing especially in the cold months!! I would recommend this product!

Lori W. Nov 28 2018

Game changer!

Ok soo I HATED lipgloss before using this. Most lipgloss is very sticky, but not yours! It’s so hydrating and I LOVE it!! I am hooked!

Verified Purchase
Lori K. Nov 28 2018

Love my Crunchi lip gloss!

In years past, I've always gravitated to lipstick instead of gloss...until meeting Crunchi. I love the gloss so much I have bought several colors and carry them all with me in case I feel like one over the other for the day! I feel that the gloss just has a natural elegance that compliments my total look without looking made-up. It feels good, not sticky like some I've used. I can't say enough good about it.

Andrea H. Nov 28 2018

Mmmmm smells like perfection

This was the very first Crunchi product I bought and I was not disappointed! First off is smells Amazing! And finally a lipgloss that is not sticky, it is long lasting and truly help heal my dry lips. Because I fell in love with the lipgloss I bought more Crunchi products!

Marcia  Nov 10 2018

Perfect dose of moisture!

This is a must have for my lips especially during the winter months. Transparency is perfect for wearing on top of my lipstick too!

S J. Oct 13 2018

Gentle and does not dry my lips out

This is a great lipgloss. My suggestion would be if they could eliminate the beeswax and carnuba wax for a vegan alternative. Also would be great to get some of the other ingredients a little cleaner since this goes on your lips. The colors are beautiful. Usually even so called natural lip gloss will leave my lips dry and chapped hours after I use them...almost like a reaction. Does not happen with Crunchi. I am hoping they can use the helpful comments to improve the product.

Jessica D. Aug 29 2018


Love this so far.. not sticky and smells and feels great. Love the color. It doesn't stay on very long and needs reapplied but I think that's pretty typical. Also i love that a product so close to my mouth is made with non toxic ingredients. <3

MacKenzie M. Jul 25 2018

Cupcakes & Lipgloss

Smells like cupcakes, I love the lipgloss so much! I have a few shades and can't wait to get them all!

Jacquelyn  Jul 24 2018


Love Namaste lipgloss - This is for my EVERYDAY look! I am your typical forensic scientist who loves sparkly and shining things - I LOVE this lipgloss, every lady needs it so you won't regret this purchase. PLUS (besides not being sticky - yay!) my lips are so soft hours after application.

Val N. Jun 19 2018

BEST lip gloss ever

I am in love with this lip gloss for so many reasons- the clean ingredients, the way it makes my lips feel- smooth and luxurious, the way it smells, and the color - namaste is AMAZING!!! I have been telling everyone I know about this and now this color is SOLD OUT!!!

Bonnie S.

Bonnie S.

I am obsessed with this lipgloss. It is moisuturizing and i have found over time my lips feel so good. The colors are amazing and they stay on the lips without being sticky. LOVE!

Verified Purchase
Meagan C.

Meagan C.

Love, love, love this lipgloss! It makes my lips feel amazing and is not sticky like other brands. It also smells like vanilla! Highly recommend. My favorite shade is Namaste.

Verified Purchase


As WITH MANY of crunches products, I AM OFFICIALLY a CONVERT! Prior To THIS LIPGLOSS, I Could NEVER FIND one That actually Moisturized my Lips, looked Natural, and smelled Wonderful. Namaste WAS THE one I STARTED WITH AND now I ADD A SWIPE of SANGRIA on TOP for A touch MORE sass. Beautiful PRODUCT, beautifully Made. Thank You!

Verified Purchase
Laura B.

Laura B.

Juxtaposition is my FAVORITE one so far! its the perfect amount of shimmer! I also love date night for a slightly darker look

Verified Purchase
Billie P.

Billie P.

I was always a ChapStick girl. This lipglpss is amazing. The perfect amount of color But with the moisturizer of a ChapStick.



I have never been a lipgloss girl. Crunchi has changed my mind! These lip glosses are so smooth and create the perfect plump lip look. Best part is they are never sticky they are so smooth and don't skimp on pigment. I love that they are safe and free from things like Mineral oil so I never have to worry about eating with my lip gloss on. xoxo!

Verified Purchase
Kris M.

Kris M.

I never wore lipgloss before because I couldn't stand the stickiness. Crunchi lipgloss is not only beautiful but smells so good. plus no stickiness!! It keeps your lips moist. love it.



I Seriously Cannot Get ENOUGH Of This Lip Gloss. It is Hands Down MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE. In Fact, I'd Even Call It Essential. I Won't Leave Home Without It! I LOVE How Moisturizing It Is Without That Gross Sticky FEEL. I'm Obsessed With How Good It Smells Too... THAT VANILLA SCENT Makes ME Want TO Eat It (Wait, Maybe That's Not SO Good!) Honestly Though, I LOVE This Product SO MUCH That I Bought EVERY SINGLE Shade! (Namaste Is MY Number one Go-to)

Verified Purchase


This lipgloss is the best! It smells wonderful, has just the right amount of color and shine, is not sticky, and moisturizes too. best of all, it's free from harmful chemicals! I love Namaste, date night, and sangria and I want to try them all!



This is my favorite lipgloss!! It gives me a soft, subtle pop of color without the annoying stickiness that other glosses tend to have!! AND it smells fabulous!!

Kim C.

Kim C.

okay seriously this stuff is the best! So addicting. I love Namaste and Date night!

Verified Purchase
Lauren M.

Lauren M.

never have I found a hydrating, non-sticky, natural looking lipgloss... till NOW!!! this lip gloss is a must have! plus its toxin free so you dont have to be concerned if it gets in your mouth. picking a favorite is hard. NAMASTE is my every day natural look, DATE NIGHT is a perfect pop of a darker pink when you feel like standing out (it really has the perfect name for the color), i find myself wearing ELLA during the days on the weekends. Each color is perfect in its own way and i will never be able to wear another lipgloss! crunchi you have out did yourself with this perfect Lip saver Lip gloss!






great color, great scent, just great great great. I love sangria for a night out and DATENIGHT for everyday.

Verified Purchase
Kathryn J.

Kathryn J.


Adrienne U.

Adrienne U.

I was never a real lip gloss gal, but this is the best one I have tried by far. smells lovely, very moisturizing, and the colors are just lovely. they look much more muted than they do online. just love these.

Sandra A.

Sandra A.

I love. love, love the Crunchi lip gloss. the colors are beautiful for day or night. they are so moisturizing and the smell is delicious. non sticky so my hubby loves my crunchi kisses!

Verified Purchase


The best thing about this lip gloss is you don't need a mirror to apply it and it smells like vanilla. All the beautiful women at my last party loved sangria. It gives just enough of a sexy red lip. Everyday look I like date night it's got some pinkish mauve to it. I'd call it a semi nude. No Sticky feel either it's like a glossy cream.

Verified Purchase
Megan M.

Megan M.

I love the feek of this lipgloss. It is never sticky and feels so good on my lips. I have Naturally dark lips and have to wear a darker color and Sangria is perfect for me. A light layer and it looks like a shear pink, AnOther sWipe and it looks like a darker red gloss. So perfect!

Verified Purchase


I like to layer the lipgloss over the lipstick. Ella over pure. Genuine over spontaneous. Made for each other. Goes together like peas &amp; carrots. (Or ... Tim &amp; faith!)

Verified Purchase
Karen F.

Karen F.

I am a lip gloss girl! I love the colors, the rich MOISTURIZING oils and no stickiness. I especially love not worrying about having Toxic chemicals On my lips or in my mouth. I do not leave home without my Crunchi lipgloss.

Verified Purchase
Christa K.

Christa K.

I am a lipgloss girl. this is by far the best lipgloss I have ever used. The color lasts long, it is not sticky, makes my lips smooth and smells like vanilla! The minute my girls see me pull it out they beg to put some on! And I am ok with that knowing there are no harmful toxic INGREDIENTS in Crunchi lipgloss.

Verified Purchase
Liz S.

Liz S.

CrunchI lipgloss is Extremely moisturizing and healing to dry lips without being sticky and the shades are gorgeous! Namaste is my favorite a and I have a tube with me at all times! It smells and feels amazing and i love not worrying that my makeup on my lips May contain harmful chemicals because i kNow it is completely safe!

Verified Purchase
Julie M.

Julie M.

I got "Genuine" because it looks bright red online but it's actually very light and about the same colors as my lips. It feels great and is very moisturizing but Crunchi needs to redo their photos because they appear much brighter than they actually are.