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Introducing a New Level of Vegan Brush Performance

Just when you thought Crunchi's award-winning makeup brushes could not get any better, we raised the bar for brush luxury, versatility, and performance.

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“Must Have”

"I cant believe i never tried a brush for foundation until Crunchi. I used to use my fingers which would leave fine lines showing, or a sponge which would soak up all my product. Now i am absolutely hooked on this triple-threaded, vegan, fiber brush which allows the product to sit on top of the brush so I don't waste and applies so beautifully flawless." - Sandra A.

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Incredibly Soft

Our Luxury Vegan Brush line is made with a high-grade synthetic spun bristle. The synthetic fibers are thinly extruded to mimic a natural bristle. Additionally, the tip of each bristle is razor-cut to maximize softness.

Wastes Less Product

Beyond vegan status, synthetic bristles are not as porous as natural animal hair and therefore absorb less product during application, reducing waste and resulting in longer lasting cosmetics.

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Experience The Difference

Luxury Vegan Brushes
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Green Beauty Award

Healing Lifestyles Earth Day Beauty Award Winner for Best Makeup Brushes.

Leaping Bunny Certified

We are Leaping Bunny Certified and are a completely cruelty free company.


Does not contain ingredients derived from any animal or animal by-products.

Toxin Free

Each ingredient was carefully selected for safety and is free from our documented Blacklist

Flawless Application

Pair our Luxury Vegan Flat Top Foundation Brush (ft) with our Beautifully Flawless Foundation for an all-day airbrushed look.

Beautifully Flawless Foundation 

Vegan Brushes
Flat Top Foundation Brush (ft)

Versatile brush that can be used to apply liquid foundation, angled to apply bronzer, and held flat to apply blush.

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Wow! This brush has changed my life. I have used anything from a flat brush to sponges to my fingers . the flat top foundation brush is so easy and applies foundation perfectly. talk about a game changer. added bonus with toxic cruelty free

Meagan C.

Meagan C.

The flat top foundation brush is an absolute must have for any person who applies liquid foundation! I have always used my fingers up until now and cannot believe how easy it is to apply with the brush. love the airbrushed look it gives plus no mess to clean up after application unlike when i used my fingers. this brush is an absolute must!

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